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All top check outs -Maximums-Fast Games- from all leagues are updated. 
Thursday 18th December at 17.50 or 5.50pm for those with no 24 hour clock !
The Fast Games league table which is 20 darts or less along with the High Finishes league table 75 or above and of course the Maximum league table scores from 171-180 are now more condensed. The reason is simple if you are a member of the Monday night league as in W.C.D.D.L. your scores finishes etc will be added , But if you were a member of the league your name will still be there for prosperity! The reason I have given up on trying to get everyone in the area on them is simple the information just does not get sent in so as of now you have to be a player in the W.C.D.D.L. TO BE ON THEM . However all the competitions in the area will of course be reported with winners names etc etc but once again you really need to help out if you have information , so go on be a devil and send it in, won’t cost much just a few moments of your time!

Forth Coming Attractions

If you’re a darts player that is!

December 20th Volunteer Arms in Uphall, Singles £5 entry plus £100 added, registration for 1.45 toe ocky 2pm
December 27th Open competition Bilston Glen Miners 1pm registration 2pm toe the ocky
December 27th Pennies Bar Falkirk, annual Xmas open Time.........11am for 12pm start, (enter on the day)
December 27th Gladstones in Leith Singles competition
December 27th C.I.S.W.O . Club in Glenrothes four person team plus singles competition.
January 2nd  Tap 'O' Toon singles competition 1pm registration toe the ocky 2pm £5 entry
January 10th West Lothian Super League Singles second comp,Ridge Inn, 12.30 for 1pm toe the ocky
February 13th Dont forget Old Man Mitchells Birthday! ( dont feel you have to spend to much on pressies!)
January 18th  W.L.County home to Borders
February 7th W.L. County travel away to Lothians
February 21st West Lothian Super League Singles third comp, Ridge Inn, 12.30 for 1pm toe the ocky
March 7th West Lothian Super League fourth comp, Ridge Inn, 12.30 for 1pm toe the ocky
March 7th Aberlady Bowling Club open tournament
March 28th  W.L. County host Renfrewshire
April 11th West Lothian Super League Singles fifth comp, Ridge Inn, 12.30 for 1pm toe the ocky
 April  25th W.L. County travel away to Greater Glasgow date

Open Tournament in the Volunteer Arms
Christmas Open George (Jukebox)Thorburn co-ordinating.

Some excellent players came to the Volunteer in Uphall to try and annex the Christmas singles open.

Players from the professional ranks alongside players who have represented their country and of course inter county players plus league players.
When the chalk dust had settled the last eight who were to battle it out for the title it saw,
Peter Hastings edge out George Thorburn 3 games to 1, Garry Scott just getting past county captain William Harraughty by 3 games to 1, This year’s West Lothian Grand Prix champion defeating Edinburgh and Lothian county player Charlie Burns by 3 games to 0, Jim Mitchell edging out his good friend and team mate Martin Deegan 3 games to 0.
And so to the semi finals and it saw in the first semi final match up former Scottish International Gary Scott defeating Peter Hasting from the Cawburn Highlanders in a cracking high scoring match up 3 games to 0. The second semi final saw Jim Mitchell getting the better of Gordon Bruce by 3 games to 1 with both players firing in maximum 180,s in this superb high scoring encounter. The final saw two players in top form face off against each other in the shape of local man Jim Mitchell who represents West Lothian and Gary Scott who represents Lothian in the Scottish Inter counties league, It was Mitchell who took the title with a 3games to 1 victory and with both players receiving a very boisterous round of applause after the final was played.
On the day some terrific scoring and here are a few of the statistics that were recorded.
Gordon Bruce 2 x 180’s plus an 87 game shot. Martin Deegan from Dechmont firing in 16-18-19 dart games.
Rex Brady of Pumpherston a maximum 180 plus a 15 dart game. County captain William Harraughty maximum 180. Andrew Davidson from Edinburgh 17 darter. Colin Robertson of Uphall cracking maximum on the treble 19’s
with a 171 score. International and semi professional player Gary Stone 13 darter. Whitburn player and a man making a name for himself on the ocky in recent tournaments Callum Wilkinson with a maximum 180 plus a 20 darter. Former International player Gary Scott highest finish of the day a magnificent 151 game shot. However on the day the eventual champion Jim Mitchell recorded 2 x 180’s plus games finished in 13-15-15-18-18-19-20 darts to claim the title and the £100 first prize. Once again many thanks to the sponsors the Volunteer Arms in Uphall.

Other snippets of information.

The Bo’Ness Friday night league saw Mitchell of Livingston winning 11-1 with games finished in 19-18-17-15-12 darts plus a maximum 180 alongside some top finishing with game shots of 121-114-92 and 80. Now that may seem pretty impressive but it does not stand up to professional player Alan Chuck Norris who the previous week in 24 games of darts remembering that each match is 12 games of 501 Alan recorded no fewer than 21 games finished in either 18 darts or less! Now that is darts of the highest standard and I know that all the local darting community will wish him the very best in the forth coming B.D.O. darts world championship where last year he was the runner up, so come on Alan we are all behind you let’s see your name on trophy this year!

The Chalkers from the Pumpherston Station bowling club recorded a convincing 7 games to 2 win over the Tower bar Knights who were last season’s Championship winning team in the Monday night West Calder & District darts league.


4th January
West Lothian Youth Academy starts back
The Doo Club in East Calder 1pm toe the ocky.

Monday 15th December

Murray bar Nomads 4 v 5 Paraffin Lamp Brigands

As always a very tight affair between these two teams.

C. Hamilton 2-0 C. Agnew, J. Aitken 0-2 F. Begley, J. Flemming 1-2 G. Bruce, Ducket Aitken 2-1 S. Scott, Disco Aitken 0-2 A. Edwards, J. Quinn 2-0 B. McMillan and all square after the singles 3-3.

J. Flemmin & Disco 0-2 G. Bruce & A. Edwards, Ducket & K. Gilmour 2-1 F. Begley & S. Tait, C. Hamilton & J. Quinn 0-2 S. Scott & C. Agnew.

final score sees the Parry Lamp run out 5-4 victors.

J. Flemming 180, G. Bruce 21 darts, A. Edwards 16 darts, 90 check-out.

Brucefield Farmers 6-3 Almondvale Pirates
Top of the table clash and what a match scores are as followsSingles with the Farmers names first.
Colin Mcmorrin 1-2 Scott Bryson. Bunny Forrest 0-2 Wullie Jack
Craig Forrest 2-1 John Tannoch. Jamie Banks (WLYA) 2-0 Steve Carty
James Banks snr 2-1 Davie Smith. Billy Stirling 2-1 Scott Begley.
So four games to two for the farmers after the singles doubles results as follows
Colin Mcmorrin & Billy Stirling 1-2 Wullie Jack & John Tannoch
Bunny Forrest & Jamie Banks jnr 2-0 J Bryson & Derek Carmichael
Craig Forrest & James Banks snr 2-0 Mark Currie & Ian Carmichael
So final score Farmers 6 Pirates 3
Match highlightsJ Bryson taking out a brilliant 153 byway of 57 -60-36.
Jamie Banks (WLYA) 17 dart leg.Farmers
Man of the match goes once again to Jamie Banks (WLYA) playing some superb darts
winning both his singles and doubles 2 nil and also hitting an unbelievable 11 x 180’s
on the practice board before the match and during the break.
Now that is a player on fire in any league.

Volunteer Highway Men 5 v 4 Cawburn Highlanders
Well as close as it gets the Highlanders came with a game plan and it was attack attack attack and somehow
the Highway Men managed to close out the singles at 3-3. So quite simply it was thinking time now
for the two team captains, and it was the home side who just edged it in the end taking the first and second doubles matches to claim the points on the night, however the travelling Highlanders took the last doubles of the evening
and this was a match which could have gone either way close game and well played in a proper manner,
boisterous at times but respect shown when players toed the ocky. Well played both teams.

Monday Night Darts

The Four Person Team.

This competition has a few intricate twists to it, when playing what happens is that two players play one game of 501 and then the two players who did not play in the singles play a doubles match once again one game of 501 then the two players who played in the singles come back and play a doubles match as well, should the score then be two games apiece the teams will play a four man 1001 game so simply put first to three is the winner.

Now on the night the weather was freezing outside however the darts were absolutely sizzling inside the Doo Club in East Calder the home and the sponsors of the Monday night league.

Maximum 180’s were recorded by five players with Arran Edwards rattling in 3 x 180’s, this was followed very closely by Graham Borland who registered 2 x 180’s, Other players on target on the red lipstick were Stevie Morrans, Gordon Bruce, and Craig Agnew, Another top shot saw Rex Brady firing in a superb 174 score. Top finishes were hit by Jim Aitken of the Nomads from Polbeth with a 90 game shot, Jim Purse from the Juniors in Polbeth a cracking 128 game shot, From deepest darkest Mid Calder we had John Two Hands Hanlon finishing a cracking 121 game shot, Gary Finlayson rock solid 86 finish, Paul Gausden from the Cawburn Highlanders shanghai on the twenty bed for a 120 take out, Fast games were in abundance as well with Gordon Bruce finishing two games in 15 & 20 arrows, Craig Agnew 20 dart game, Graham Borland 17 darter, Jim Mitchell with the fastest of the evening with a 13 darter via 59-140-140-130-32 plus a 16 arrow game.

Now the night saw some tremendous tussles on the ocky but when all said and done the last four teams left standing were, Cawburn Highlanders v Volunteer Highway Men and the Paraffin Lamp Brigands verses the Cawburn Assassin’s. Some close match ups but it was the Highway Men and the Assassins’ who went through to the grand final.  The final saw the score tied at 1-1 after the two singles matches however the Cawburn team made no mistakes in the doubles and came away worthy winners by 3 games to 1, Congratulations to the Assassin’s and commiserations to the Highway Men. Once again a well run tournament thanks to League secretary Mr John MacDonald and Match secretary Mr John Kirk who kept the games going all night so no one was left waiting on a match. Also many thanks once again to the Doo Club for hosting this event a big thank you to the committee of the Doo Club who sponsor the league.

Premier League W.C.D.D.L. (including 1-12-14 matches)










5 5 0 31 14 +17 10


5 4 1 29 16 +13 8


5 4 1 29 16 +13 8

Highway Men

5 3 2 30 15 +15 6


5 2 3 19 26 -7 4


5 2 3 17 28 -11 4


5 0 5 17 28 -11 0

Championship League W.C.D.D.L.










5 5 0 37 8 +29 10


6 4 2 35 19 +16 8

Golden Oldies

5 4 1 28 17 +11 8


5 4 1 27 18 +9 8


6 3 3 28 26 +2 6


5 2 3 18 27 -9 4


5 1 4 19 26 -7 2


5 1 4 10 35 -25 2


6 0 6 13 41 -28 0

Better LATE than NEVER!

Sorry being a word I try not to use to often! The reason for the late results from last week ends county match is simple I usually rely upon the good grace of the ladies who fill in the programs with all the results and averages etc, however this time it did not happen and I never gave it a thought! (Oops)

Last week end the county team had to play against Ayrshire on a Sunday the match which should have been on a Saturday was put back by request of the home team who play from the Box House at Cumnock in Ayrshire.

And with work commitments for many players this caused a shortage of available players for selection the ladies I believe had eight players to select from and with four for the B team and six for A team it does not a mathamatician to relalise how short of players the county was, but well done to those ladies who in the run up to Christmas came along to play for and support the county, and then there was the men’s team captain who had an abundance! of players, with eighteen players needed to fill both A & B teams it saw county captain William Harraughty have nineteen players in attendance.

So players who in the past may have been on the peripheral edges of team selection were given the opportunity to stake their place for the next county game in January,

1.       Kathy Henderson was the only winner for the ladies with a dart average of 13.07 and so claiming the Lady Player of the Match.

2.       For the men’s ‘B’ team it saw Kieran Bird take to the ocky for his second outing in the counties colours and an excellent match winning performance with a 21.78 dart average and men’s ‘B’ Player of the match. Other winners in the B team were Chris Fawcette with his first outing for the team, and the old soldier for the county Davie Crawford turning back the clock and showing he still has what it takes!

3.       Men’s ‘A’ the result does not show it but there were some very close match ups however only two winners for the men’s A team county captain William Harraughty with a 25 plus dart average, Jim Mitchell with a 27.26 dart average taking the player of the match award.

4.       Final results were Ladies B 0-4

5.       Men’s B 3-3

6.       Ladies A 1-5

7.       Men’s A 2-1

Monday 1/12/14
Murray bar Nomads  v Tower Bar Knights

A great night of darts between two teams up for the challenge and normally it is a close encounter, however the Murray edged this one 7-2 although the score doesn't tell the whole story.

C. Hamilton 2-0 S. Mitchell, J.Flemming 2-0 P.Duff, J.Quinn 0-2 J. Grant, J. Aitken 1-2 J. Devlin, Ducket Aitken 2-0 J. Galloway, Disco Atken 2-1 R. Barron and 4-2 for the home side after the singles.

J. Flemming & Disco Aitken 2-1 v S.Mitchell & J. Grant, Ducket Aitken & K. Gilmour 2-1 v J. Devlin & M. Conway, C. Hamilton & P.Grieg 2-0 v J. Galloway & A. Gilmour and the home side take all 3 doubles.

Stats for the night J. Flemming & Disco Aitken a fine 15 dart doubles leg but top performer on the night has to be J. Devlin with 2 x 180's and a 20 dart leg.

Cawburn Assassin’s v Volunteer Highway Men
Well a close match 3-3 after the singles, but when the chalk dust had settled the Assassins were worthy winners quite simply they wanted it more! And with their captain Tam Laird having a superb squad with no less than six county players in attendance one of the hardest jobs he has to do is select his team! Graeme Bird, Kieran Bird, Graham Borland, William Borland, Callum Wilkinson, and let us not forget the county captain
William (be good) Harraughty! And with former county stars also in the mix Paul Weir being one of them and a man certainly on form, they are without any shadow of doubt the form team at the moment! They might just take a bit of stopping!

Final score 5 games to 4 for the home side.

Crown Inn Winter Singles LeagueWeek 2 results.
Group 1

Graham Borland 10 v 2  Danny McGowan
Billy don 11 v 1 Arron Vaughan
Duncan Hastings 9 v 3 Graeme Bird
James Adams 5 v 7 Billy Don
Group 2
Ryan argent 3 v 9 Graham Cummings
Jim Mitchell 11 v 1 Dylan Johnstone
Gordon Hastings 4 v 8 Ian Robertson
Mark Cameron 8 v 4 Graham Cummings

Group 3
Ronnie Vaughan 2 v 10 Grant McCormack
Colin Mclean 2 v  10 Jagie Norwood

Group 4
Davy Kerr 9 v 3 Paul Paterson
Stewart Stirling 7 v 5 Andy Bell 5
Scott McLeod 9 v 3 William Harraughty

Top games and scores recorder are as follows,

Billy Don 15,20,17,15,19 dart legs-2x180 and 120 finish x2
Graham Cummings 19,18,17,18 legs 5x180 and 106 and 93 finish
Andy Bell 19 dart leg
Grant McCormack 18 dart leg 180x1
Ian Robertson 18,18,18,20,20 legs 180x1 and 105 finish
Duncan Hastings 19,17,18,20,17,17 dart legs 1x180
Davy Kerr 19 dart leg
Gordon Hastings 17,20
Graeme bird 20 dart leg
Mark Cameron 16,19,29,18,16 180x4
Scott McLeod 18,16,16,19,20,16,18
Jagie Norwood 17 dart leg
Graeme Borland 18,20,19 3x180
Jim Mitchell 19,18,19

Practise in progress! for the start of the G.P.

Someone tell Stuart Tait the dart board
is on the other wall! the rest have it sussed!

Final Grand Prix of 2014

Mitchell wins double header!

The last in a series of eight grand prix events was held in the Paraffin Lamp in Livingston this week end. And though the championship was already decided at the penultimate stage with Gordon Bruce having accrued more points than his nearest rivals there was still a lot to play for on the day.
It was decided that there would be a double entry so simply put if you were lucky enough to win both sections of the competitions you could quite possibly meet yourself in the final and claim both the winners and runners up purses!

Some superb performances on the day from many players results are a follows from the last 16 stages with winners names first remembering that some players were in the last eight of both sections!
J Mitchell bt G Bruce, R Brady bt P Size, I Campbell bt J Hanlon, M Rice bt W Harraughty ,

M Rice bt  D Allan, G Bruce bt I Campbell, W Harraughty bt W Borland, J Mitchell bt R Brady.
So the quarter finals with players now in the money stages saw some superb matches taking place results are,
G Bruce bt M Rice, J Mitchell bt W Harraughty, M Rice bt I Campbell, J Mitchell bt R Brady.
And so to the semi finals with Jim Mitchell in both sections of the draw after some very hard fought matches it saw him first edge out Gordon Bruce and then Micky Rice and so it was that Jim Mitchell claimed both the winners and the runners up prizes on the day.
Top games and scores are as follows,
Gordon Bruce game shots of 103 and 126 plus games finished in 16-18-18-18-20 darts.
Kirk Gordon 18 and 20 dart games plus a cracking 108 game shot. Rex Brady maximum 180 plus a 78 game shot.
Graeme Bird 105 game shot and games finished in 17 and 18 darts. Micky Rice 16 darter.
William Harraughty finishing games in 18-18-19 darts plus 98 and 84 game shots.
John Hanlon maximum 180 plus a 20 darter.
William Borland cracking 120 game shot plus maximum 180 and two games finished in 14 and 19 arrows.
Ian Campbell a maximum 180.
However on the day the man who took the title Jim Mitchell fired in a maximum 180 and game shots of 144 via 60-60-24 plus a 76 game shot but more importantly 16 sub 20 dart games
with them being 15-16-17-17-18-18-18-18-18-18-18-19-19-20-20-20 dart games .

So on the day it saw £210 being paid out with Mitchell receiving £130 for the grand final.

But without a shadow of a doubt the best player over the whole season of the Grand Prix competitions was
Gordon Bruce
Congratulations go to your West Lothian Grand Prix champion for 2014,
 Gordon Bruce.
And once again many thanks to our sponsors over the season with The Doo Club in East Calder, The Murray bar in Polbeth, The Volunteer Arms in Uphall and the Paraffin Lamp in the Livingston centre. Without theses sponsors this event could not have happened so on behalf of all the dart players who participated many thanks go to these publicans you made it happen and without your support this event now in its sixth season could not have happened,
Thank You.

West Lothian Grand Prix champion for 2014
Gordon (THE ) Bruce

County captain William Harraughty asking for help
which end of the chalk do I use!


K.O. Cup Final

Well after two months of darting action on the ocky’s it saw the final four teams converge on the home of West Calder darts the Doo Club in East Calder.

And with three of the main contenders for the league this season plus last season’s league winners in the mix there was certainly no place to hide on final’s night!

And with the format now changing from 3 x 501 which was played on a home and away bases upto this point with aggregate score deciding who would progress through the rounds now it was a different matter the matches would be just 1 x 701 for the singles and doubles with six singles matches and three doubles first to five the winner simple really!

The first semi final saw the Murray bar Nomad’s were up against the Paraffin Lamp Brigands and the results are as follows.

Colin Hamilton 1-0 Frank Begley, Jamie Fleming 0-1 Gordon Bruce, Jim Quinn 0-1 Craig Agnew, Paul Grieg 1-0 Colin Kelly, Kyle Gilmour 0-1 Brian MacIntyre, Disco Aitken 1-0 Stuart Tait. So 3-3 after the singles and the doubles next,

J Fleming & D Aitken 1-0 S Tait & B MacIntyre, P Grieg & K Gilmour 0-1 G Bruce & C Agnew, C Hamilton & J Quinn 1-0 F Begley & C Kelly. So the Nomads just edging this match by the tightest of margins 5 games to 4 for John Bruton’s Nomads from Polbeth.

The other semi final saw Volunteer Highway Men up against the Cawburn Assassins and the results are as follows,

Jim Mitchell 1-0 William Borland, Shaun Robertson 1-0 Callum Wilkinson, John Charleston 0-1 Graham Borland, Jimmy Woods 1-0 William Harraughty, Rex Brady 1-0 Graeme Bird, Martin Deegan 0-1 Paul Weir. So 4-2 for the Highway Men and to the doubles, J Mitchell & S Robertson 1-0 G Borland & P Weir,
and the Highway Men went through by 5 games to 2.

And so to the grand final, The Murray bar Nomads v the Volunteer Highway Men.

K Gilmour 0-1 J Mitchell, C Hamilton 1-0 S Robertson, P Grieg 0-1 J Charleston, J Quinn 1-0 J Woods, J Fleming 1-0 R Brady, D Aitken 0-1 M Deegan. 3 games each and down to the doubles and the Murray bar got it right taking the first two pairs to claim the title with wins for Kyle Gilmour & Paul Grieg over Mitchell and Robertson plus taking the title it saw Jamie Fleming and Disco Aitken edging out Charleston and Woods good match few missed doubles by the Highway Men and then it was over the Murray Bar Nomads were crowned champions. A well deserved victory after two hard months of Knock out matches and quite simply the best team on the night took the trophy home (Murray)

And as I said a month or two back the three teams that I thought would be fighting out for the league title this season were all in action in the semi finals of the cup (Murray bar Nomads-Paraffin Lamp Brigands-Cawburn sports bar Assassins) and the team that I said might be the team that decide where the title ends up last year’s winners the Volunteer Highway Men, so let’s see if my prediction is wrong all the chasing pack have to do is prove me wrong! Go on go for it.

Congratulations to the Champions of the league K.O. Cup the Murray bar Nomads, Commiserations to the runners up the Volunteer Highway Men. Well played to all four finalists.

Doo Club Flyers 6 - 3 Stirrup Stane Indians
Equal share of singles gamesDoo Club do the usual and get the pairs in order and win all games 2-0.Nobody really hitting the heights in a close match 

Central bar Rebels 2 - 7 Murray bar Nomads
Only players from the home team winning a chalk were Scott Baker getting the better of county player Colin Hamilton and Andy Price edging out Kyle Gilmour.Top shots coming from Scott Baker with an 88 game shot, Jamie Fleming 19 darter, Jim Aitken and Davie Aitken firing in a 20 dart pair’s game. 

Stirrup Stane Cowboys 4- 5 Doo Club Fanciers
Always going to be a close match and once the ladies (only ladies team in the league) started finding their range, and that they did. Finding themselves 4 - 2 up after singles games with (Jan Legget, Gillian Bell, Daisy Heeps and Christine MacIntosh) all winning their games.The home team saw Chris Fawcett beating Connie Bamberry and Eddie Grieve beating Kath Henderson to keep their hopes alive, JUST. However the ladies secured the first doubles match and it saw them cross the winning line by 5 games to 4 and record their first win of the season. 

 Brucefield Farmers V Paraffin Lamp Oilers
The Paraffin Lamp Oilers were the visitors at the Brucefield Farm this week in the league with a strong pull of players and led under new captain Stephen Colthart results were as follows (Rab Craig 2-0 C Shiach) (Craig Forrest 2-0 L Palmar) (Billy Stirling 2-1 D Livingston) (Bunny Forrest 2-0 Frank Cook) (Jamie Banks WLYA 2-0 S Russell) (James Lock 1-2 Stephen Colthart)So five games to one to the Farmers after the singles the doubles results are as follows (Craig Forrest & Rab Craig 1-2 Frank Cook & S Russell) (Bunny Forrest & Jamie Banks WLYA 2-0 Stephen Colthart & K Etyle) (Billy Stirling & Colin McMorran 1-2 D Livingston & D Gibson) So the oilers getting the better of the farmers in the doubles by two games to one final score on the night though went the way of the home side.
Match highlights saw Billy Stirling record a maximum 180, Bunny Forrest 17 Dart leg, and in the doubles it saw the pairing of Bunny Forrest & Jamie Banks record a cracking 19 dart leg. The Brucefield Farmers man of the match award going to Wee Banksy wining both his singles and double two nil, two nil, and his first league singles win of the season.

Tower bar Knights v Paraffin Lamp Brigands
The Knights of Craigshill welcomed the visiting Brigands from the Paraffin Lamp this week and here are the results with the home side names first.John Grant 2-0 Frank Begley. Paul Duff 1-2 Craig Agnew. Joe Devlin 1-2 Stevie Scott.John Galloway 0-2 Gordon Bruce. Michael Conway 0-2 Arran Edwards. Bob Stewart 2-0 Colin Kelly.So after the singles the visitors held the upper hand by 4 games to 2. And now to the doubles,John Grant & Stuart Mitchell 2-1 Craig Agnew & Gordon Bruce, Ian Gilmour & Bob Stewart 1-2 Stevie Scott & Arran Edwards, Paul Duff & Joe Devlin 2-0 Stuart Tait & Colin Kelly.So a titanic tussle but the points went back to the Paraffin Lamp after a tremendous game of arrows. Some top shots from the night were recorded by Arran Edwards 180 plus a 19 darter, two darts quicker it saw Gordon Bruce record a rock solid 17 dart game.

Volunteer Highway Men 6 v 3 Uphall Station Chalkers

Very little to choose between these two old adversaries, Both teams sharing the matches in the singles so at 3-3 it was all to play for in the doubles. And perhaps with a bit of luck on their side it saw the home side take the three doubles matches (only just) to come away with a fighting 6 games to 3 win. This Was a new look team from the Highway Men from with only Martin Deegan and Saun Robertson toeing the ocky on the night from the team that dominated the league just a short while ago, Colin Robertson out with a shoulder-back injury and Skippy Charleston also out with illness it certainly gave the other players the chance to stake a claim to having their names on the team sheet on a Monday! Night and perhaps they might just have done enough, at least it gives the captain room for thought come next week’s final of the K.O. Cup!

Crown Inn Bo’Ness,
Winter Singles League.
(Alan Kerr, Organizer)
Week one results, there are four groups of seven players, however with other commitments only a few matches were played this week, The league will see all players play each other twice with each match up being 12 games of 501 all legs to be played, the top four in each group will then go into a grand final, with players not making it into the final playing in a Losers Plate tournament.
Here are the results so far!
Week 1 results
Group 1
Danny McGowan 10 V 2 Arron Vaughan
Danny McGowan 4 V 8
James Adams
Group 2
Mark Cameron 9 V 3 Jim Mitchell
Mark Cameron 12 V 0 Ryan Argent
Group 3
Jagie Norwood 10 V 2 Ronnie Vaughan
Alan Kerr 1 V 11
Grant McCormack
Thomas Frickleton 8 V 4 Colin McLean
Group 4
William Harraughty 10 V 2 Stewart Stirling
Paul Paterson 8 V 4 Andy bell
Scott McLeod 10 V 2 Davy Kerr
Fast games and stats from Friday night matches.
(more to follow)

William Harraughty of Whitburn firing in 5 sub 20 dart games plus a maximum 180 on his way to a 10-2 win, Travelling companion Mitchell lost 3-9 but did record a 14 darter plus a maximum 180, Mark Cameron 10 sub 20 darters in his two matches on the night which included a superb 12 dart game, a 13 darter and finishes of 106 & 121,
Alan Kerr 3 x 180's in his match up.However the game of the night has to go to Scott McLeod who narrowly missed treble 19 when shooting for a 9 darter and had to settle for a fabulous  11 dart game fabulous marksmanship in any league anywhere.

Captains Claim Title

The grand final of the Cawburn Sports Bar Wednesday night league came to a conclusion this week.

After many hard weeks of dart play the final eight teams lined up to play for the first prize of £200 which was sponsored by the Cawburn bar. Organiser of the event Mr Kirk Gordon got the proceedings under way by making an open draw which would also happen in the next round as well, this was to add some extra spice to the proceedings as you did not know who you would be drawn against!

Once the quarter finals were played the last four teams left standing it saw William Harraughty & Jim Mitchell up against top county players in the shape and form of Graeme Bird & Graham Borland this was a classic match with all four players representing the county in the inter counties league there were very few mistakes and when chances came round they were taken the final score saw Harraughty & Mitchell take the tie by 5 games to 3. The second semi final saw the East Calder duo of Stevie Morrans & Paul Weir with Paul being another top county player (retired) up against Peter Hastings’s & Lorne Mitchell a close affair with both teams firing out the big shots but it was the East Calder pair who just did enough and crossed the winning line by the tightest of margins in this best of nine encounter 5 games to 4. So to the Grand Final and with the match being the best of 11 x 501 the standard was extremely high from the moment the first arrow hit the dart board. Weir & Morrans took the first leg against the darts only for Harraughty & Mitchell to do the same in the second, The next four legs were shared so with the score at 3-3 it then saw a surge from the pairing of Harraughty & Mitchell and they came away 6 games to 3 winners in a very hard but well played final against two excellent opponents with only the doubling out being the difference in this match up. So champions and claiming the title it saw West Lothian’s county captains William Harraughty for this season and last season’s county captain Jim Mitchell take the title. Top maximum hitter on the night was Paul Weir with 3 x 180’s also William Harraughty 1 x180 and Stevie Morrans with a magical maximum as well. Top finishes saw Mitchell with 112 plus two game shots of 93 and 90 for the highest finishes of the evening. A big thank you to Kirk Gordon for running the tournament and a special mention to the Cawburn for sponsoring the event without the Cawburn support this event could not have happened, and one final note thank you to our long suffering barman Kenny see you at the next comp!

(hopefully in one piece!)

Yes those intrepid dart players from West Lothian would have started to make the arduous journey north after a week end of darting extravaganza in the olde English town of Berwick upon Tweed.

Now a few facts from the week end apart from everyone enjoying themselves were players who scored on the dart board!

Stevie Duncan with a maximum on the nineteen’s 1 x 171, Jim Mitchell 3x180’s along with some reasonable fast games 5 in under 20 darts, Colin Hamilton a nice round figure finish 90 game shot, Pete Hastings’s 1 x 180, Arran Edwards also on the maximum trail 1x180 plus a cracking 14 dart game,

Now all the darting stuff aside there were perhaps two memorable things that came to ones attention Yes Big Gary Christie can dance as he wandered his way with his partner round the dance floor to win a bottle of champagne (well done)

Now the other piece of knowledge is one I would not recommend any of you to do!

Martin Deegan thought this one up, Why not if you want to charge your phone and not lose it, we’ll just pop it into the microwave! Perhaps this is one idea we should not try.

Anyway hope everyone got back safe and sound, and as the saying goes, see you at the ocky if not the bar!

Only news of interest from the ocky is I believe Michelle McLay got to her board final in the ladies tournament!

Jim Mitchell made the quarter finals of the men’s tournament.

Ballroom Open 2014-11-02

(Formerly Riley’s Edinburgh)

This event was in Morningside in Edinburgh and a collection of county and top league players entered to try and annex the first open competition and get their non de plume on the trophy always nice to be the first name on a perpetual trophy!

West Lothian players Graeme Bird and Jim Mitchell entered the fray and they met in the last 16 in a titanic tussle which saw both players missing doubles Mitchell in the early games and Graeme in the final legs of this best of 7 x 501 encounter it saw Mitchell progress by the tightest of margins 4-3.

The semi final draw Mitchell then edge out Joe Bata a Lothian county player by 5 games to 1 in the semi which was an extremely high scoring encounter. The final saw Edinburgh player Scott Gardener take a 3-1 lead over Mitchell in a race to 6 in this a best of 11 encounter, However Mitchell pulled it back to 3-3 and then went on to annex the championship by a final score of 6-3 to collect the trophy and the first prize of £200. An excellent run competition which had Ralph Hirst making sure that once again the competition ran smoothly. A fabulous venue with four boards in use and one I would recommend for players to go to if future competitions are on the go!

Mitchell on the day recorded games finished 10 times in fewer than 20 darts but more importantly finishes of finishes of 92-96-96-107-116-121 along with 3x180’s.

Have heard that Ian Robertson & Alan Chuck Norriss representing the Crown bar have won the Bathgate pairs on Friday night congratulations to both players.
Also top finish on the night came from Dougie Hogg a long standing member of the 32 Club in Shott's with a superb 153 game shot via 60-57-36 cracking finish.

Stoneyburn Open 2014 championship

The Bentswood Inn held their annual open championship on Saturday and the quality of players who turned up was from the top drawer, with players who have represented their country from both North and South of the border in attendance, along with more county players than you can shake a stick at! Quite simple with three boards in use and a practise board in the lounge for those having to await their turn at the ocky where ever you looked there were some amazing contests on the ocky taking place.

Setting the standard early doors it saw Jimmy Johnston from Whitburn firing in finishes of 86 & a superb 157 via 57-60-40. However that stood only for a short time before Davie Sharp went even better firing in a fabulous 160 game shot via 60-60-40 and when you consider his opponent Dougie (Boss man) Hogg was on a double and the match was 2-2 this was a superb effort form Mr Sharp.

Also on form on the day was local West Calder man from the Murray Bar Nomads in Polbeth who was living up to his nickname of (Fire) Jamie Fleming firing in finishes of 95-92 twice and a classic 12darter superb game along with 2x20 dart games, His team mate and good friend !!! Disco Aitken finishing with check outs of 92 and 86 however friend ship had to be put on hold as in the last 16 it saw Disco take a 2-0 lead in the race to 3 but the man on fire took the next three legs to book his place in the quarter finals cracking match. Calum Wilkinson from west Lothian’s county team firing in a brace of 19 dart games however double trouble was his down fall!

East Calder man Graham Bird nice 17 darter and a maximum 180 to add to his tally for the year. Fra Smith from Stoneyburn an excellent 138 game shot doing it the way that former world champion Keith Deller made famous via 60-54-24 cracking finish.

And so after 6 hours if intense play from an original field of over 60 battle hardened players who travelled from the Borders and the central belt of Scotland we were down to the semi finals. First semi final saw Uphall’s Colin Robertson up against Scottish International Harry Todman from Edinburgh and what a classic encounter this was with the match going the distance it saw Harry just edge out Colin by the odd leg in 7 by the tightest of margins 4-3 both players receiving a well deserved round of applause Colin on the day recorded the highest finish of the day with a magnificent 164- via 60-54-bulls eye, Colin the man they call the Marshall also fired in for the records a magical maximum 180 along with games finished in no less than 9 sub 20 dart games on the day and they were finished in 14&15&16&2x17&2x18&2x19 darts.

The second semi final saw mine host of the Bentswood Inn big Fra Smith who had gone about his business on the day with rock steady darts and never once looking flustered as he showed that he has lost none of his class which made him such a deadly opponent a few years ago facing him across the ocky was one of the counties more senior players who first donned a West Lothian shirt in the county colours back in 1982-83 season so to say his youth full years were behind him might not be an understatement Old Man Mitchell was Big Fra’s opponent, a rock solid match with neither player making many mistakes both annexed maximum 180’s however it was Mitchell who claimed the tie 4-0 with no double being missed with more than one arrow!

So seven hours of captivating dart play and the final two players took to the ocky Scottish International Harry Todman and Livingston man Jim Mitchell, things looked rosy for Mitchell at the start the bull hit to have the honour of throwing first in the odd legs a always a bonus and a treble twenty with the first dart thrown unfortunately some plan’s just don’t work out and once you see Harry in action you understand why he plays for the Scotland team superb accuracy on the treble twenty bed and finishing of the highest quality Harry on the fired in at least 8 x 180’s and so many sub 18 dart games as to make the game look almost to easy throughout the days play, The final score saw the Stoneyburn Open Championship go to the best player on the day Harry Todman a superb champion and quite simple without a shadow of a doubt the best player on the day by the score line of 4 games to 1. Mitchell can consol himself with 3 x 180’s hit on the day and 12 games finished with stats of 17&2x18&4x19&2x20 and finishes of 76 and 88.

A superb competition run well and with good prize monies Champion picking up a cool £300, r/Up £100, £50 for the semi finalists, £25 for the quarter finalists, Look forward to the next one!

Your Champion Mr Harry Todman, (well played)
Some stats from the days play top games fired in by Jamie Fleming 12 darts, Davie Sharp 13 darts, Colin Robertson 14 darts,
Maximums galore Harry Todman with the most say no more, Big finishes Colin Robertson 164, Davie Sharp 160, Jimmy Johnstone 157.
Now I realise some stats will be missing and I do rely on players giving me information so if you are not on this report it is not done on purpose just with three boards on the go can only report on what I see or hear!
Jim M

Intrepid Enthusiasts!
Well a small but very eager group of West Lothian darters travelled to the beautiful gem of the Borders! Yes we were at Peebles for the Open darts tournament held in the Ex-Service men’s club in the heart of the town. And a top class field turned out for this the first running of the Open competition which was being run and organised by Mr Ralph Hirst and well run it was with five boards in use and everything running smoothly it was a joy to take part in. Here is the way things panned out for your roving darts ambassadors for West Lothian.
Whitburns favourite darting son William Harraughty fell at the last 16 going down 4 games to 3, on the day William fired in a superb 174 score to leave a finish also quick games finished in 3x16 & 19 darter.
Uphall’s peace keeper Colin the Marshall Robertson went one round better making it through to the quarter finals on the way the Marshall fired in a maximum 180 along with games finished in 16&2x18&20 darts.
Mitchell who has had a some success of late fought out a tremendous semi final where he just managed to get through by the tightest of margins with a 5-4 victory. In the final he faced Lothian county player John  (Fat cat) McCafferty who also went through his semi finals by 5 games to 4, so in a best of 11 x 501 contest to see who would claim the title,

John went into a 5-3 lead and it looked curtains for Mitchell until a 129 game shot via 57-36-36 brought him back into the game and with throw in the next leg it saw the final sitting at 5-5 and to the deciding leg of darts it went John throwing first having secured the throw at the bulls eye at the start of the match was going to prove decisive, Mitchell on 61 left after 12 darts must have though got a chance, however John McCafferty proved what a superb marksman he is taking out a superb 127 game shot via 60-17-bulls eye to claim the title by 6 games to 5.

Mitchell fired scores in on the day of 111 g.s. 129 g.s. 86 g.s.,maximum 180, 3x18 darters unfortunately no one was keeping score of the rest but hey ho such is life!
Superbly run competition and an excellent venue, so big thanks to Ralph and his team for making this a very well run competition indeed.

From the Craigshill ranges where both the Indians & Cowboys reside news has come in by way of Pony Express that Arron (Arry) Edwards has won the Stirrup Stane Summer League, Congratulations to this former Scottish youth International who though living in West Lothian plays his county darts for Lanarkshire. However news has come in that Arry will be playing for the Brigands this season, who ply their darting skills from the Paraffin Lamp in the Livingston Centre. Congratulations again.

Travelling West Lothian darters.

Week end just gone saw a cracking band of intrepid county players both junior and senior members of the county make the journey to take part in the Granite City Open, and here are a few of the facts from this adventure. First off congratulations to Jamie Banks jnr making it to the semi finals of the under 18’s and receiving a envelope with cash which I know he will of course spend on his parents by treating them to a meal! OK truth be told it’s his and he earnt it well done Jamie Banks.

Other players from the youth saw Calvin Fleming just being edged out 1-3 in his match but he had shots at finishes so a close match.

However certainly making a statement was William Borland firing in 4 x 180,s plus a superb 13 dart game as well, he may not have got to the finals but he let people know he is not to be under estimated in any competition he enters.

Stephan Colthart and Mitchell both managed a more modest one maximum 180 as well.

Colin Hamilton 18 and 20 dart games before bowing out to Alan Small of Fife (international)

Colin Robertson going through his first round match with consummate ease before finding double trouble in his next game! Mitchell just edged out Ronnie Sharp of Ayrshire 4-3 before finding trebles easier to hit than doubles in his next match and that was his singles competition at an end. John Charleston perhaps the player with the best shirts fared not much better and that was that for the singles competition. The pairs on the Sunday saw William Borland and Stephan Colthart make the last 32 and when you consider the calibre of players in the event that was good going. The old pairing of Robertson and Mitchell made it through to a fourth match with results being w3-0 w3-2 w3-1 L2-3 at the last 16 stage.

Top finishes from the week end Colin Robertson 116 finish, Mitchell 154 via 60-54 40.

But on a more important note darts can be serious and also fun to play perhaps in the opposite way round to what I have said, but people are more important and at the moment we have two west Lothian players who are not to well to put a finer point on things.

So on behalf of all of us in the sport of darts we wish Shug Rice and Shaun Robertson both hopefully a full and speedy recovery! At times we may all fall out and not see things the same way, but we are all part of the dart family hope to see both of you at the ocky sooner rather than later.

Jim Mitchell

Exhibition night 16th February
(Information a wee bit away)
This season will be the 11th time we have hosted an exhibition night in the league, And in the past we have had some superb players who have come to strut their stuff on the ocky, The likes of,
Tony O’Shea, Daryl Fitton, Ted Hankey, Gary Robson, Gary Anderson, Jamie Harvey, Alec Lister, Peter Manley , Chrissy Howett, Martin Adams, Chuck Norris, Andy Boulton, Robbie Green,
Now usually we have a double act so that there are always darts matches being played, This season as we now have 17 teams and hopefully each team will have at least two players who would like to take on the Pro’s! The format has slightly changed, we now have three players coming to entertain us and they are.

Deta (the Dark Destroyer ) Hedman, Alan (Chuck) Norris, Andy (X Factor) Boulton.

Chuck and Andy were here a few years ago and were absolutely outstanding as a double act, and with Deta joining them I believe we well have a superb night of darting action to talk about for a long time to come!
And I do believe that Deta and Alan are now ranked number one players in the W.D.F. rankings.
So on the web site on the left hand column I have put some of these players successes etc for your information, So hopefully when the night comes round we will see you all there!

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