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To the West Calder & District Darts League for their financial support on the upkeep of this web site.
At the delegates meeting there were many teams who came with financial support. However at the meeting it was proposed by the captain of the Murray bar Nomads Mr John Bruton that perhaps the league should pay for the subscription costs. This was passed unanimously and so thanks to the generosity of the Monday night league this web site stays open.
Jim M.

So dart players if you have news from league matches, cup games, in-house competitions, Charity event, Players getting hitched! Or perhaps a player being crowned your player of the season drop a line and let’s gives credit where credit is due! anything which involves the art of dart throwing please send in your reports and we and I did say we will do whatever we can to report  these facts and events as they happen throughout the area.

Murray bar Open Saturday 18th April
Hope to see you all there!


Pre-Summer Independent Classic!
Once again it is proposed that a Friday night league would run from the Doo Club in East Calder
(Sponsored by Doo Club).
Same format as the last ones (Winter & Spring leagues) each match 5 x 501. Looking for 24 players!

If enough interest is there we would have two leagues again with players playing everyone in their respective leagues and the top eight would then progress to the Grand Finals. The last 16 would play off for monetary prizes. £200 guaranteed to the winner. Looking to start on Friday 25th April finishing on Friday the 6th June.
So if anyone would like to enter please leave your name in the guest book just like before. Cheers
Jim M

Players names
1/ Jim Mitchell. 2/ Colin Robertson. 3/ Stephan Colthart.4/ William Harraughty. 5/ John Kirk. 6/ Martin Deegan. 7/ Billy Davidson. 8/ Chris Dodds. 9/ Rex Brady. 10/ Graham Borland.11/ Gordon Bruce.12/Derek Penn. 13/Jimmy Woods.14/Billy Stirling. 15/Graeme Bird. 16/Derek Bird. 17/Stephan Morrans.18/Scott Livingston. 19/ Davie Jamieson.20/ Bob Hall 21/Sean Hanlon 22/Ryan Little 23/ Kevin Galbraith24/ Paul Weir 25/Craig Hume 26/ Callum Wilkinson/27?/ 28?/
Anyone else interested!!!!


Mr Jamie Fleming (sponsor)
Jim Mitchell 2014 Champion

Mr Jamie Fleming with Grand Finalist's
John Somerville & Jim Mitchell

George Fleming Memorial Trophy
The second annual running of this event was held in the Murray bar in Polbeth, And once again the good and the optimistic came to take part in this competition which included no fewer than twelve current or former county players in the mix which was played over 5 x 501 in the early stages then as the competition progressed the matches became longer with 7 x 501 in the semi finals and 9x501 in the grand final.
Players making it to the last eight and now in the prize monies with each match now earning them more of their share in the prize fund saw the scores are as follows.
John Somerville 3—0 Wullie Burns. Jim Quinn 3-2 Jim Aitken.
William Harraughty 3-0 Colin Robertson. Jim Mitchell 3-2 Davie Aitken.
The semi fians saw John Somerville 4-2 Jim Quinn, Jim Mitchell 4-3 William Harraughty.
With Mitchell winning the grand final and claiming the George Fleming Trophy along with the first prize of £150 getting the better of his opponent John Somerville 5-0 in the final though John did take home a well earned £80 for his gallant efforts.
Other players earning monies saw William Burns, Jim Aitken, Colin Robertson
and Davie Aitken each receive £10 apiece,
Semi finalist collecting £40 each were
Jim Quinn of Harthill and William Harraughty from Whitburn.
Top games recorded on the day saw William Harraughty, Colin Robertson, Colin Hamilton,
Jim Quinn, Neil Dempsey all firing in maximum 180’s.
Top finishes came by way of William Harraughty 87-100 and a cracking shanghai on the twenties for a 120 game shot. Colin Robertson finishes of 106 and 117 to his credit.
Jim Aitken finishes of 75 and 97 take outs. Polbeth’s Colin Hamilton cracking 76 and a
superb 133 finishes. Neil Dempsey from Greater Glasgow fired in a superb 123 game shot
via 57-34-32 superb shooting. Mitchell 80-81-85 and 101 game shots.
Quick games with darts being used having to be under 20 arrows or less saw,
William Harraughty 17-18-18-19 darters, Colin Robertson 15-15-20-20 dart games,
Colin Hamilton 2 x 18 darters. Whitburns Callum Wilkinson rock solid 19 dart game,
Harthill’s Jim Quinn 19 darter, Polbeth’s top arrow smith Davie Aitken 19 and 20 dart games,
Mitchell 14-15-16-17-18 dart games.
Once again big thank you to the Murray bar from Polbeth for hosting this annual event, and of course the Fleming family for putting up the memorial shield in memory of Mr George Fleming a well respected member of the community and business man in the local area.


Bathgate Friday Night Singles Championship.
The prestige’s men’s title went to Alan Chuck Norris from the Crown Bar in Bo’Ness in the final he overcame his team mate Ian Robertson. The Ladies championship was won by Deans Village lady player Alison Duncan who got the better of Michelle McLay from Green Rigg in the grand final.

Congratulations to both Alan & Alison their championship victories,
Commiserations to Ian & Michelle.

Four Person Teams Update.
Well the league held it’s four’s competition on Monday night and some superb accuracy was shown throughout the evening as the top arrow flingers in the league went head to head.
This competition is run on the same format as a league match but with a slight twist!
Teams consist of 4 singles matches of 3 x 501 then 2 doubles matches once again 3x501 however should
the score stand at 3-3 after these matches a single leg of 1001 team match would
decide the eventual winner.
On the night we had four teams qualifying for the finals night next Monday
and they are, Doo Club Flyers, Murray bar Nomads, Paraffin Lamp Brigands and
the Volunteer Highway Men.
Players firing in maximums were Colin Hamilton 1x180. Martin Deegan 2 x 180. Martin Balfour 1 x 177 (remember any score over 171 stands as maximum in this league as we have nineteen players!)
 John Brett 1 x180. Kyle Gilmour 1 x180. John Kirk 1 x 180. Mitchell 2 x 180.
Top finishes were recorded from Peter Hastings from the Highlanders with 85 & 89 game shots.
Jamie Fleming from the Nomads of Polbeth 83 game shot. Mitchell 100 &130 finishes.
But the top game shot of the night belonged to Martin Balfour from the West Calder Rebel's
with a superb 135 game shot.
Fast games recorded in 20 arrows or less fired in by Colin Robertson 17 & 19 darters.
John Charleston 17 darts. Martin Balfour from the Rebels of West Calder cracking 15 dart game.
Kirk Gordon 19 arrow game from the Cawburn Highlanders. Uphall Station player John Brett 16 dart game. Kyle Gilmour finishing in 19 arrows. Derek Bird two cracking games going out in 17 &18 arrows.
Mitchell 2 x 18 darters.

So next week should be a cracker with some of the top players from throughout the county lining up against each other, could be fireworks who knows!

Bathgate Friday night league

The 5 Person team event was held and the finalist saw the Crown bar from Bo’Ness take the title from the 32 Club from Shott’s. Winning team players were Alan Kerr, Davey Kerr, Brian Donaldson, Ian Robertson, and Scott McLeod. The runners up from the 32 Club were Jimmy Graham, Alan Gardener, Wullie Glen, Jocky McLaren, and Spencer. Final score saw the Crown winning the title 3 games to 1.

W.C.D.D.L. Rough Guide not exact but pretty close!
Volunteer Highway Men2222015246+10644
East Calder ‘A’ Flyers2216612672+5432
Murray ‘C’ Nomad's2215711484+3030
Uphall S.B.C. Chalkers2215710692+1430
Parry Lamp ‘A’Brigand's22101288110-2220
Cawburn Highlanders2241876122-468
Almondale Pirates2231966129-638
CentralBar Rebels2231963135-726
Tower Bar Knights1917212150+7134
Brucefield Farmers1913610180+2126
Stirrup ‘A’ Cowboy's181279873+2524
Stirrup ‘B’ Indians199109180+918
Murray ‘B’ Juniors209119090+018
East Calder ‘B’ Fanciers1951457114-5710
Parry Lamp ‘B’ Oilers1711638115-772

Scottish Dart Averages taken from the official B.D.O. web site.
Men's County 'A' Teams positions. For this season.
1West Ayrshire66005517126780
5East Renfrewshire62133339538-5
8West Lothian60062547025-51

Men's County 'B' League positions.
1West Ayrshire6510306114152
3East Renfrewshire62311818725-7
7West Lothian60331422317-22

Ladies 'A' Team Positions.
3East Renfrewshire6321231383123
5West Ayrshire632120168281
8West Lothian600623402-79

Ladies 'B' Team Positions.
3West Ayrshire631213117202
5East Renfrewshire613211135160
8West Lothian601551916-26

From the B.D.O. rankings of 150 men players in the Scottish South section
West Lothian players positions and their dart averages etc only. Mens 'A'.

16Michael RiceWest LothianSSA43625.9628.96
19James MitchellWest LothianSSA65623.8528.85
41John CharlestonWest LothianSSA64622.6626.66
53Graeme BirdWest LothianSSA64621.5225.52
58Steven ScottWest LothianSSA63622.3925.39
68Graham BorlandWest LothianSSA63621.7624.76
82Martin DeeganWest LothianSSA62621.6523.65
108William HarraughtyWest LothianSSA50621.6221.62
109Alan HenryWest LothianSSA20621.6021.60
119Douglas ForrestWest LothianSSA10621.0521.05
127James MacMillanWest LothianSSA41619.4220.42
128Derek LovelockWest LothianSSA20620.4120.41
134Alexander McPheatWest LothianSSA10620.0720.07
136Colin RobertsonWest LothianSSA40619.8019.80
144Colin HamiltonWest LothianSSA50619.1019.10
145John KirkWest LothianSSA50618.8918.89

Ladies 'A' players positions from the top 100
44Margaret BryceWest LothianSSA52612.8114.81
49Denise BirdWest LothianSSA60613.5813.58
54Connie BamberryWest LothianSSA30613.0913.09
58Isi KayWest LothianSSA10612.4412.44
59Jillian SpeirsWest LothianSSA10612.3712.37
60Christine McIntoshWest LothianSSA40612.2812.28
64Michelle McLayWest LothianSSA10611.8311.83
66Amy WhyteWest LothianSSA40611.6411.64
67Janet LeggatWest LothianSSA20611.6111.61
68Karen WhyteWest LothianSSA30611.5011.50
69Avril BirdWest LothianSSA40611.2611.26
70Fiona ClarkWest LothianSSA20610.7710.77

Men's 'B' Positions from top150.
37Alan HenryWest LothianSSB42620.6122.61
62Callum WilkinsonWest LothianSSB42618.9320.93
68Derek LovelockWest LothianSSB31619.4220.42
72William BorlandWest LothianSSB42618.3120.31
74Sean RobertsonWest LothianSSB32618.2320.23
78James MacMillanWest LothianSSB11619.0320.03
82Mark WeirWest LothianSSB11618.5619.56
83Alexander McPheatWest LothianSSB21618.2319.23
93Gary ChristieWest LothianSSB40618.5118.51
94John SomervilleWest LothianSSB21617.4918.49
99Colin HamiltonWest LothianSSB11617.0818.08
120William BryceWest LothianSSB30615.5315.53
121Hugh RiceWest LothianSSB30615.1415.14
122David CrawfordWest LothianSSB10615.1115.11

Ladies 'B' positions from top 75.
29Karen WhyteWest LothianSSB31612.3013.30
33Avril BirdWest LothianSSB10612.9612.96
39Michelle McLayWest LothianSSB61611.7112.71
41Jillian SpeirsWest LothianSSB21611.3312.33
43Christine McIntoshWest LothianSSB10612.2912.29
45Isi KayWest LothianSSB21611.1612.16
52Catlin BorstWest LothianSSB10611.1811.18
55Janet LeggatWest LothianSSB20610.7710.77
57Mags ScottWest LothianSSB10610.4910.49
61Fiona ClarkWest LothianSSB2069.899.89
62Amy WhyteWest LothianSSB2168.899.89
63Margaret ScottWest LothianSSB1069.099.09

Dates for the diary!

13th April Inverclyde Open
14th April W.C.D.D.L. Four Person competition
19th April Murray bar £300 Open Polbeth West Lothian 2pm toe ocky.
19th April Westsider Darts Open 2 West Side Plaza Edinburgh EH14 2SW £200 in prize fund 12.30 registration
21st April W.C.D.D.L. Four Person competition final
25th Independent Friday Singles League Doo Club begins
26th April West Lothian home to Ayrshire
28th April W.C.D.D.L. League matches resume!
2nd May Independent Friday Singles League Doo Club
3rd May Fife Open Glenrothes
4th May Fife Open Doubles and Youth competitions Glenrothes
7th May W.C.D.D.L. Delegates Meeting 7.30 for 8pm League trophies to be returned for engraving (please)
9th May Independent Friday Singles League Doo Club
10th May Super League
11th May Marie Curie Open Singles Sponsered by the Doo Club East Calder venue Doo Club £500 prize fund
16th May Independent Friday Singles League Doo Club
17th May West Lothian Youth Open (Youth tour event) Upstairs
17th May Scottish Masters Qualifier Doo Club Downstairs
23rd May Independent Friday Singles League Doo Club
24th May Race Night Doo Club 7.30 for county funds
25th May Airdrie Open Working Men’s Club
30th May Independent Friday Singles League Doo Club
31st May County Friendly match T.B.C.
6th June Independent Friday Singles League (Final) Doo Club
7th June Independent W. L. Grand Prix Paraffin Lamp 1.30 roll call
12th July Angus Youth Open
July, Independent W. L. Grand Prix event Murray bar date T.B.C.
August, Independent W. L. Grand Prix Doo Club date T.B.C.
September Independent W. L. Grand Prix Volunteer Arms date T.B.C.
October Independent W.L. Grand Prix Murray Bar date T.B.C.
8TH November Independent W.L. Grand Prix Paraffin Lamp 1.30 roll call

Monday night results 7th April
Player of the Week award!
Now some people think that it is the same old players who fire in the big shot's but this week a lady player for the Doo Club Fanciers was on target with not one but three high scores as follows (108-119-125) hats of to Fiona Laird this weeks player of the week.

Cawburn Highlanders 3 v 6 Doo Club Flyers
3-3 after singles but Doo Club guys stronger in doubles top scores and games by way off
Graeme Borland 16&`8 darters plus a 180. Graeme Bird rock solid 80 take out.
Former county star Paul Weir on form with an 18 darter plus a maximum 180 as well for the Flyers.
Matt Purdie one of the leagues most seasoned campaigners firing in a 17 dart game for the Highlanders. Borland & Weir 18 darter in the doubles but stars of the show had to be the partnership of Bird & Bird as Derek and Graeme fired in 16 and 18 dart legs.

Doo Club Fanciers 1 v 8 Brucfield Farmers
Monday night’s game score was after the singles Fanciers 1 Farmers 5, Special mention going to Chris Bilby wining his fist league match of the season (congratulations nice to get that first win under your belt) Craig Forrest cracking 17darter, James Banks 126 check out via s19 t19 Bull. Farmers closed the match out by winning all three doubles.
 With James Banks firing in a maximum 180. The match was much closer than the result suggests with most games going to a third leg.

Central bar Rebels 4 v 5 Murray bar Nomads
The Rebellious ones who have started to find their way! At last after last season’s championship win came agonisingly close to making it three victories on the trot however John Bruton’s Nomads from the Murray in Polbeth just piped them for the points in a real tight match up. Top games coming from Colin Hamilton with a superb 15 dart game with a 76 game shot. Davie Aitken no slipping up from this Polbeth Hit Man who fired in an 13 arrow game last week was back firing on all cylinders this week as well with a 18 darter and a magnificent 132 game shot. Also on target for the Nomads it saw Harthill darts ace Jim the Mighty Quinn with a rock solid 78 take out. For the home side it was Sean Hanlon who was their top protagonist firing in a brace of twenty darters. Top doubles match saw the Pairing of Aitken & Quinn record a very impressive 17 dart game in their pairs match.

Stirrup Stane 4 v 5 Murray bar Juniors
Once again a very tight match up as the score line reflects and it saw the Juniors make it a double celebration on the night for the Murray bar of Polbeth.

Stirrup Stane Cowboys 3 v 6 Tower bar Knights
The Craigshill Knights continue their domination of this league and unless the unexplainable happens! They will be playing in the Premier League next season another excellent result and two more points to add to their already impressive tally for the
season so far.
Top score coming from
Stuart Dodds with a majestic maximum 180.

Uphall Station Chalkers 1 v 8 Volunteer Highway Men
Much closer than the score line suggests with both teams firing out the big shot’s only the finishing power of the Highway Men the difference in this match up. Top game coming from John Charleston with a 16 arrow game plus a 104 take out, Martin Deegan also firing out the ton plus finish with 107 game shot. Fasr games recorded for Brian Mairs and Gary Finlayson with 16 dart games.Top doubles saw Shaun Robertson and Mitchell finishing in 15 darts last two scores seeing Robertson firing in a 174 and his partner taking out the required 80 left the old fashioned way 48-32!

Almondvale Pirates 3 v 6 Paraffin Lamp Brigands
Two players on target with maximums in this match up Stevie Duncan with a cracking 171 via three treble nineteens for a 171 for the Pirates. Craig Agnew the more convential 180 score on the twenties for him.

Charity Donation
First prize in raising funds for worthwhile causes ones again go’s to the Cowboys of Craigshill.

While running their annual in-house competition the Ethel Grieve Trophy the Cowboys raised the sum of £60 pounds which has been donated to the St Andrews Hospice. Once again first to help out others are these range riding dart throwing players off the Stirrup Stane. Well done and on behalf of the league we are all very much in awe of your hard work in helping out local charities. Well done again.
Jim M.

UPDATED on Sunday 13th April at 16.00 hours
The Fast Games league table which is 20 darts or less along with the High Finishes league table 75 or above and of course the Maximum league table scores from 171-180 are now more condensed. The reason is simple if you are a member of the Monday night league as in W.C.D.D.L. your scores finishes etc will be added , But if you were a member of the league your name will still be there for prosperity! The reason I have given up on trying to get everyone in the area on them is simple the information just does not get sent in so as of now you have to be a player in the W.C.D.D.L. TO BE ON THEM . However all the competitions in the area will of course be reported with winners names etc etc but once again you really need to help out if you have information , so go on be a devil and send it in, won’t cost much just a few moments of your time!

Anyone with high finishes , maximums missing from league tables please drop me a line and will add a.s.a.p.
Thank You.

Tower bar Knights v West Lothian Youth Academy
The Knights off Craigshill in Livingston challenged the Youth Academy to a darts match with he matches being the best of 3 x 501 as the same format as used in the local leagues, the scores and results are as follows.
With the Knights names first as the home side.
Stuart Mitchell 1-2 Lewis Lyle. John McDonald 1-2 Callum Little (180). Ian Gilmour 2-0 Calvin Fleming.
Rodger Baron 2-0 Caitlin McBee. John Grant 1-2 William Borland. Joe Devlin 1-2 Ciaran McNeil.
Michael Conway 2-0 Lewis Gurney. B Patterson 2-1 Sophie McLay. J Stewart 0-2 Kieran Bird (17 darter).
I Gilmour 0-2 Andy Fallon. Bob Hall 2-0 Jamie Banks.
And on that note the youth academy held a 6-5 lead after the singles.
It was then decided that a pairs should be played and  these are the results that followed.
Gary Christie & Stephan Colthart 0-2 William Borland & Aiden Bird. Chris & Joe 2-0 Lewis Laird & Kieran Bird.
Barry & Rodger 2-0 Scott Livingston & Callum Little. Ian & Andy 2-0 Jamie Banks & Ciaran McNeil.
So with a little help of some league players in the old days would have been classed as (ringers!)
the Tower bar Knights came out just slightly ahead with a final score of 8 games 7 to the home team but once again another good performance from the academy players,
and thanks to the Tower darts team and friends! For inviting the youths this is all very valuable experience for these stars of tomorrow and as in any sport new players coming through is the life line to the future.
(And the future looks bright)

Grand Prix League Table Updated

West Lothian Grand Prix
The second in this seasons of eight competitions rolled into the Volunteer Arms in Uphall this week end and a very mixed crowd of combatants came to try and claim not only the cash on offer but those very valuable points which go towards being crowned Grand Prix Champion at the end of the year.
With a mixture of experience from Scottish Internationals and county players from central Scotland to youth Academy players the mix was right for some excellent match ups once the draw was done by Mr Stephan Colthart.
Results from the last 16 were with winners names first.
G Borland 3-2 J Mitchell. S Tinto 3-2 K Gilmour. W Harraughty 3-2 R Brady. K Bird 3-0 A Edwards. 
M Deegan 3-2 J McGeary. G Bruce 3-2 C Robertson.  G Scott 3-2 W Borland. C Menzies 3-0 G Bird.
And so to the quarter finals where the prize monies started and the matches staying the best of 5 x 501
the same format as a senior county match.
Graham Borland 3-2 Stuart Tinto. William Harraughty 3-0 Kieran Bird (youth academy).
Gordon Bruce 3-0 Martin Deegan.  Cameron Menzies 3-1 Gary Scott (a battle of International players both having worn the Scotland shirt with pride)
So to the semi finals.
William Harraughty 3-0 Graham Borland. Cameron Menzies 3-1 Gordon Bruce.
The final saw the top two players on the day give the spectators a dart show of the highest calibre with
some exceptional show of marksmanship.
Cameron Menzies winning the final with 15-18-20 dart games and the gallant runner up who had two darts at double twenty to claim the title himself finishing his two winning legs in 18 and 18 darts. A terrific battle congratulations to Cameron Menzies on winning and congratulations also to William Harraughty who played superbly all day as well.
 But on the day had to settle for the runners up position. 
Top shots from the day saw 7 maximums being recorded these were hit by way off, Arron Edwards, Gordon Bruce, Cameron Menzies, Jim Mitchell, and Graham Borland. Martin Deegan.
High shot outs and there were many classy finishes by way of
John Charleston 77 game shot on the bull’s eye, William Harraughty games shots of 86-90-92-112 to his credit.
Rex Brady 106 game shot. Martin Deegan 80 take out via double twenty double twenty.
Gordon Bruce 100 and a superb 154 game shot. Stuart Tinto 98 finish.
Graham Borland cracking 152 game shot but the top accolade went to former Scotland star Gary Scott with a massive 156 game shot via 60-60-36.
Fast games and these have to be with a dart average of 25 per dart which means games must be finished
in 20 darts or less!
William Harraughty 15-17-18-18-19-19-19-19 deadly arrows used. Martin Deegan 17 darter.
Gordon Bruce 14-14-16-17-18-19 dart games. Stuart Tinto brace of 17 darters. Mitchell 15 darter.
Colin Robertson 17 darter. Cameron Menzies 15-16-16-18-19 dart games.
And a superb afternoon of darts with special mention going to youth academy player Kieran Bird making it into the quarter final superb marksmanship from this rising star of the darts ocky, and he may now just have done enough to make the county selectors sit up and take notice! Time will tell!
Many thanks to our hosts the Volunteer Arms for their support and sponsorship

Jim Mitchell (organiser W.L.G.P. Circuit)

Updated League Table
from Monday 31st March

BUT not in tablets of stone until John Kirk Match secretary verifies the results.

Central Bar Rebels 6 v 3 Cawburn Highlanders
Rebellious ones are at it again for the second week another senior team has been defeated by these young guns from West Calder. Top game coming from Ryan Little with an excellent 15 dart game and a cracking 114 game shot.

Tower Bar Knights 6 v 3 Brucefield Farmers
The Craigshill Knights turned on the style once again in defeating one of their nearest rivals in the race for promotion from the Championship to the Premier league this week. Top game shot coming from a Farmer though with James Banks firing out a cracking 114 game shot via 60-14-40.

Murray Bar Nomads 8 v 1 Paraffin Lamp Brigands
Nomads keep up the pressure in the race for the top two spots in the Premier league with an emphatic victory over the Brigands from the Paraffin Lamp. Top game on the night saw Polbeth darting ace Davie Aitken taking out a superb 13 dart game

Murray bar Juniors 6 v 3 Doo Club Fanciers
Top game by way of Kevin Murphy, with 18 & 20 dart games and a magical maximum 180.

Volunteer Highway Men 9 v 0 Doo Club Flyers

Not what was thought would happen when the top two teams in the league face up against each other. But the Flyers did not have a full team and decided to give the match to the Highway men 9-0.
So not a lot to be said!

Almondvale Pirates 3 v 6 Uphall Station Chalkers
Top shot's by way of John Brett with a 76 game shot,
Gary Finlayson 16 darts & 90 take out for the Chalkers and a man starting to make a name for himself Steven Carty from the Pirates with a rock solid 84 game shot.
Steven Carty 84 check

Stirrup Stane Cowboy’s 8 v 1 Paraffin Lamp Oilers
Singles Matches with Cowboys names first,Allan Howie 2 C Shiach 0. Mark Patterson 2 K Eytle 0. Gary Christie 0 Mark Currie 2. Chris Fawcett 2 P Manlon 0. Stephen Colthart 2 S Hanlon 0. Ian Brown 2 Frank Crook 1. So after the singles the score stood at 5-1 to the the Cowboys who were firing on all barrels!

Doubles matches went to the home team as well so final result 8-1 victory for the Craigshill Range Riders. Special mentions Mikey O’Neil 140, Mark Currie 140 and 19 darter, Stephen Colthart 79 checkout.

Well another Sunday afternoon with the county’s newest recruits and once again it was a doubles competition with more senior members of the darting fraternity also taking to the ocky alongside the academy players.
Scores and names as follows from the quarter finals onwards. 
Stevie Scott & Lauren Cumming 2-1 William Borland & Darcy Laird.
Kieran Bird & Calvin Fleming 2-1 Calum Little & Stephan Colthart.
John Kirk & Jamie Borst 2-1 Graeme Bird & Lewis Laird.
Jamie Banks & Caitlin Borst 2-1 Carol Anne Speirs & Scott Livingston. 

Kieran Bird & Calvin Fleming 2-0 Stevie Scott & Lauren Cumming.
Jamie Banks & Caitlin Borst 2-1 John Kirk & Jamie Borst.

So to the final and it saw Bird & Fleming take the winners plaudits with Jamie Banks & Caitlin Borst
who were runners up in last week’s competition having to settle for second place again,
 but these two county stars of the future are starting to become a very good doubles team with two finals
in two weeks testament to their darting prowess.
Also on that note Caitlin Borst also made her debut on the county stage at the week end playing for the West Lothian Ladies team and I am sure it will only be the start of a very promising career in the county ranks for this new star of the ladies darts scene. 

Champions on the day Graeme Bird & Calvin Fleming
runners up Jamie Banks & Caitlin Borst.

Scottish Inter Counties League
Well West Lothian travelled through to our nearest and dearest this month and the venue was the Fir Park Social Club in Motherwell home off the Lanarkshire county team.
The ladies ‘B’ got the matches started with each match the best of 3 x 501.
Scores with Lanarkshire names being first as befitting the home side.
Dart averages in brackets alongside names.
Kirsty Lewis (9.55) 1-2 Amy Whyte (9.10).  Anne Truesdale (11.39) 2-1 Caitlin Borst (11.78).
Jean Simpson (8.40) 2-1 Jan Leggat (8.93). Diane Walsh (14.11) 2-1 (Michelle McLay (13.74).
So a loss of 3-1 for the ladies with Amy Whyte claiming the Lady of the Match award for W.L.

So the men’s ‘B’ And the matches were now a six aside team event with each match the best of 5 x 501.
Craig Johnstone (21.58) 3-1 Callum Wilkinson (17.66). Kriss Ross (19.02) 2-3 William Borland (20.18).
Hugh Taylor (19.52) 3-0 Hugh Rice (15.42). Alan Hopskins (18.50) 0-3 Jim MacMillan (19.03).
Alan Taylor (21.48) 3-2 Gary Christie (19.16). Peter McDonald (14.79) 0-3 Colin Hamilton (17.08)
So a very close encounter with Colin Hamilton of Polbeth securing a point by winning the last match
to make the score 3-3.
However Man of the Match went to our youth ranked number one player William Borland.

And so to the Ladies ‘A’ and once again a six aside match with matches best of 5 x 501.
Janet Higgins (15.34) 3-0 Christine McIntosh (13.88). Jackie McLauchline (12.02) 3-1 Karen Whyte (12.04). Jillian Shaw (15.27) 3-1 Denise Bird (14.96). Jackie Shaw (14.20) 3-1 Margaret Bryce (12.38)
Angela Farrell (11.28) 3-1 Fiona Clark (11.12). Margaret Graham (13.07) 3-0 Avril Bird (11.83).
So unfortunately a 6-0 defeat on the cards for the ladies 'A'.

So now the men’s A match a contest of 12 games once again 5 x 501 being the format.
 And with the Lanarkshire team boasting no fewer than five either current or ex internationals in there line up this was always going to be a baptism of fire.
Once again Lanarkshire names first with dart averages in brackets.
Stuart Tinto (19.49) 0-3 Jim Mitchell (28.36). William Kirkwood (21.10) 3-2 Graeme Bird (22.13).
Arron Edwards (25.09) 3-1 Graham Borland (21.33). William Stallard (24.17) 3-2 Allan Henry (21.79).
James McGeary (25.85) 3-2 Stevie Scott (22.89). James Simpson (21.25) 3-2 William Harraughty (23.09).
Ernest Brown (25.37) 2-3 Micky Rice (25.97). Phil McBride (19.57) 2-3 John Charleston (20.79).
Derek Cunningham (28.36) 3-0 Martin Deegan (20.31). John Robertson (28.90) 3-0 Colin Robertson (18.25). Gary Swann (25.27) 3-1 John Kirk (17.28). James Browen (26.84) 3-0 Sean Robertson (15.67)
So final analysis a 9-3 loss but with three of the matches being 3-2 losses it could have once again been so much closer just those elusive final leg doubles not going in!
Ah well back to the drawing board who knows one day may we may have some good fortune
only time will tell.

Ladies ‘B’ Match award went to Amy Whyte (9.10) of Breich.
Men’s ‘B’ Match award went to William Borland (20.18) of East Calder

Men’s ‘A’ Match award to Dedridge‘s Jim Mitchell (28.36)

Monday night results
Doo Club Flyers 4 v 5 Murray bar Nomads.
Big match with both teams firing in the big scores.
Top games coming from Jim Quinn with 18 & 20 darter games which included a maximum 180 and two cracking finishes of 88 and 74 top marksmanship from the Harthill sharpshooter.
Polbeth’s Davie Aitken also target with a superb 114 game shot. Also firing out the big finishes was Kyle Gilmour with a 90 take out for the travelling Nomads.
Derek Bird for the home side fired in a 20 darter and Stephen Morrans was also on target with 18 darter plus a maximum 180. Top doubles match saw the Bird partnership of Derek and Graeme rattling in a rock solid 15 darter.
Callum Wilkinson along with team captain Tam Laird firing in two rock solid 20 dart games in the doubles as well for the Flyers. Wilkinson keeping his good run of form going as he was also on target with a maximum 180 and a 120 shanghai finish on Saturday at the play offs.

Paraffin Lamp Brigands 3 v 6 Volunteer Highway men

Central bar Rebels 8 v 1 Almondvale Pirates

The Rebels fired out the big shots and the Pirates had to go home with out the treasure this week (two points)!
It has been on the cards for a while now and at last the Rebellious ones from West Calder were firing as a team.
Martin Balfour 76 game shot, Sean Hanlon maximum 180, Andy Price maximum 180, and for the Pirates one of the Three Person team league championship winning players Stevie Carty also firing in a maximum 180 for the Almondvale
. But one thing for sure the Almondvale team may have been beaten on the night but like true sportsmen and women they applauded their opponents in true sportsman like spirit. Well done to both teams.
Credit to the league and themselves.

Chalkers 5 v 4 Highlanders
Very close game with the home team from Uphall Station just edging it by the odd game in nine.

Top shots coming from Brian Mairs jnr with a maximum 180 and team captain Alan Wilson firing in a 20 dart game for the Chalkers. Top game from the visiting Highlanders saw John Kirk with an 18 darter and a cracking finish of 115.

Brucefield Farmers 2 v 7 Stirrup Stane Indians
The Farmers may now drop out of the running for the Championship race with this defeat from the Indians of Craigshill. With a six point gap now opening up between first and second time way run out for the Farmers to come back at the Knights who are riding high at the top of the Championship league table. Only high light being a cracking maximum 180 from the evergreen Bunny Forrest of the Farmers.

Stirrup Stane Cowboys 5 v 4 Doo Club Fanciers

The Cowboys keep their hopes alive with a narrow victory over the Doo Club Fanciers and it looks like a two horse race now for the title in the Championship league race for promotion with the Towe bar Knights having the advantage but only just!

West Lothian Youth Academy
The youth academy ran an open doubles competition this week end with the matches the best of 3 x 501.
And the results from the competition are as follows quarter finals onwards.
Jamie Banks & Caitlin McBee 2-0 Darcy Laird & Graeme Bird. Lewis Gurney & Scott Livingston 2-1 Lewis Lyle & Michelle McLay. William Borland & Jamie Borst 2-1 Aiden Bird & Stevie Scott. Kieran Bird & Sophie McLay 2-0 Ciaran McNeil & Katie Christie.
So the semi finals and some terrific match ups,
Jamie Borst & William Borland 2-0 Kieran Bird & Sophie McLay. Jamie Banks & Caitlin McBee 2-1 Lewis Gurney & Scott Livingston. The final was a nip and tuck affair with both teams playing solid arrows but it was the team of
Borland and Borst who came out the eventual champions by the tightest of margins
winning 2-1 over Jamie Banks and Caitlin McBee.
Also on that note with the new Scottish rankings just published it has seen East Calder’s William Borland move from
 number 7 in the Scottish under 18’s rankings up to the top of the tree and is now Scotland’s number 1 under 18’s youth player.

Also in the mix it has three other boys players from the Youth Academy in the Scottish placed in the top 20 and for the girls we have three players ranked in the top 8,
With Sophie McLay the number 6 ranked player in the girls with Caitlin McBee and Jamie Borst just behind her in the standings.

Murray bar Open
Saturday saw an open draw tournament take place in the Murray bar Polbeth and what a turn out there was with no less than 11 West Lothian county players in the mix and alongside them it saw Lanarkshire county players and five players from the Scottish International ranks including twice Scottish Masters champion Derek Cunningham.
However once the chalk dust had settled there was a line up of absolute top quality arrow players left standing
in the quarter finals the results are as follows with winners names first.
Jim McGeary 3-1 John Robertson. Colin Robertson 3-1 Derek Cunningham. Rab Townsend 3-2 Arron Edwards.
Cameron Menzies 3-1 Gary Swan.
The semi finals became the best of 7 x 501 results are.Jim McGeary 4-1 Colin Robertson. Cameron Menzies 4-1 Rab Townsend.
And so to the grand finale with the matches now being the best of 9 x 501.
And it was current International player Cameron Menzies who came out a superb 5 games to 2 victor over a gallant runner up in Jim McGeary, Champion Cameron Menzies of Armadale.
Special mentions saw well almost a history maker when Menzies just missed a nine darter firing in two maximum 180’s
back to back having to settle for an 11 dart games excellent shooting.
Other players firing in maximums saw Jim McGeary 4 x 180’s. Jim Mitchell 2 x 180’s. Calum Wilkinson 1 x180.
Gordon Bruce 1 x180 Cameron Menzies 5 x 180’s.

Top marksmanship from some superb players.


The league Triples was held and in this format of the game a team plays one game of 1001 all in, followed by a doubles match of 701 once again  just one leg, and if need be a singles match of 501 to decide the winner. Well long overdue but finally it has happened the Almondvale Social club from Craigshill in Livingston who’s team name are the Pirates swept all before them leaving the sometime more prominent teams in the league floundering in their wake.

Led by former county captain Stevie Duncan along with Steven Carty and Derek Carmichael who were crowned champions (well deserved).
The gallant losers were the Paraffin Lamp Brigands with Stevie Scott, Gordon Bruce and Colin Kelly.


This week end it saw the annual pilgrimage to the border town of Berwick upon Tweed for the Berwick darts competition. And with over 500 players in attendance the atmosphere and the arrows thrown were of the highest calibre. Top player in the men’s singles for West Lothian was Whitburns William Harraughty who made it through to the last 16 of the men’s competition no mean feat with 375 entries in the men comp. The men’s doubles saw Colin Robertson and Jim Mitchell winning their board final and progressing to the quarter finals before bowing out the fifth time these two have made it that far but unfortunately no further. The man of the moment however has to be William Borland of East Calder who once again showed his class coming through a quality field to make it onto the big stage however he had to settle for the runners up position in the under 18’s competition but a cracking performance from one of the counties rising stars.

Jim Mitchell wondering who he can upset next!
Highway Men from Uphall have the unenviable task of looking after him next, Will he behave who knows

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