The Penny Waddle, Charity Trophy.
Sunday 26th October, Venue Fisons in Bo'ness, registration at 12 noon toe the oche 1pm prizes for winner and runner up....entry fee £5.00 any one wanting to donate a raffle prize will be appreciated.
(information supplied by Stevie Duncan)

Open Darts Tournament
Peebles EX -Servicemen's Club, Saturday 11th October
registration by 12.30, toe the ocky 1pm.
£200 guaranteed prize fund plus entries £5 to enter.
(01721 721136) for more information

Forth Coming Attractions

If you’re a darts player that is!

September 20th W.L. County K.O.Cup this will be played as a 5 person team, as you know the super league is now a singles competition as in the Grand Prix events so players get their own points for entering and winning etc. So here is your chance to team up with your mate(if you have any and enter a team event)! 12.30 for 1pm start. Entry into this competition is quite important as dart averages will be taken, and your new team captain will be looking to see who is on form etc for the forth coming county match.
September 21st West Lothian County Meeting Ridge Hotel, 12.30 -2pm
September 21st West Lothian Youth A.G.M. All interested parties to attend please! 2.30pm
September 27th West Lothian Grand Prix Venue Volunteer Arms Uphall, date to be confirmed
October 4th W.L. County travel to West Ayrshire
October 11th Singles tournament, Peebles EX-Servicemen's Club, Register for 12.30 toe ocky 1pm, £5 entry
October 18th Scottish finals Mens & Ladies doubles in Glenrothes.
October 19th S.D.A. Meeting in Perth
October 24-26th Wick Open week end

October 25th West Lothian Grand Prix Venue Murray bar Polbeth,
October 25th Bentswood Open Singles, Stoneyburn 12.30-1.30 registration!
October 26th Charity Singles, Venue Fison's club in Bo'Ness, 12 noon registration toe the ocky 1pm. £5 entry
November 1st  W.L. County home to Lanarkshire
November 7-9th Berwick week end
November 8th West Lothian Grand Prix Venue Paraffin Lamp Livingston,
(oops Berwick Week end) will speak to Diane !
November 15th Youth Open in Clackmannonshire
November 22nd Scottish Mixed Triples finals
Novemebr 29th  W.L. County travel away to Ayrshire
January 18th  W.L.County home to Borders
February 7th W.L. County travel away to Lothians
March 28th  W.L. County host Renfrewshire
 April  25th W.L. County travel away to Greater Glasgow date

Wednesday Night Pairs League

We have 11 entries so far for the Wednesday night pairs league to be played at The Cawburn Inn starting 17th September. I hope there are a few more of you who would like to play, if so e-mail Kirk on, or message Kirk through Facebook. Format will be a standard league system with 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss. It will be 8 legs per game with all 8 legs to be played, we are hoping to play 2 games per night each, and depending on entries hope to run over 8-10 weeks. There will be one week to play any games that cannot be played due to holidays that folk may have. If however one or both players do not show up to play their fixtures, these will NOT be held back to play on the extra week, they will go down as a 4-0 loss against you. We are trying not to have a fixture pile up at the end of the league system. We have at the moment a £200 prize fund with potentially another £220 with the 11 entries, so with the entries the prize fund is £420.
Dont Be Shy Folks, Get Yer Name Doon

Pairs Entries
1. Graeme Bird & Graham Borland
2. Paul Weir & Stephen Morrans
3. Callum Wilkinson & Tam Laird
4. Kirk Gordon & Paul Gausden
5. Pete Hastings & Lorne Mitchell
6. Stevie Colthart & Frank Crook
7. Chris Forsyth & Davie Nisbet
8. Jim Mitchell & Willie Harraughty
9. Sean Hanlon & Ryan Little
10. Jimmy Wood & Rex Brady
11. Derek Ull & Kev

Westersider Open Singles

Saturday 13th September saw two of West Lothian county players Jim Mitchell and Colin Robertson

Travel the short distance to Edinburgh to enter this competition. One reason they were there was simple the Scottish qualifiers for men’s and ladies doubles were being held in the Ridge Inn for local county players however Mitchell if he managed to qualify would not be able to take part in the Scottish finals as holiday commitments would not allow it! On October the 18th as he would not be back in time, and I believe if you don’t go to a final that you have qualified for you can be fined or left out of the next Scottish event!

Anyway onto the darts news from the West sider Open, A very strong field of players with county and local league players taking to the ocky and with matches being the best of 5 x 501 up to the quarter finals where they became 7 x 501 then the grand final 9 x 501.

Colin (the Marshall) Robertson made it through to the semi final stages where he came up against his travelling companion Old Man Mitchell and though the score of 4-0 for Mitchell looks good Robertson had his chances. Mitchell made it to the final where he came up against Lothian county star Joe Bata and in an superb match where Mitchell started to miss doubles it saw Joe take a 4-1 lead with no games over 20 darts, however West Lothian grit came into being and the next three legs won in 16-15-14 for the old man saw the score levelled at 4-4, Joe had the advantage of throwing first in the final leg courtesy of winning the bull up! And with Bata sitting on 76 after 12 darts and Mitchell on 106 after 12 darts it saw Joe hit 5-51- and wire the double 10, so pressure shot was now on and Mitchell took a step back then walked to the ocky and hit 60-14-32 to claim the title and the first prize a superb match up with no leg longer than 20 darts from the 9 legs played. This was a superbly well run competition and a cracking set up with three boards in use and a practise board apart from the match boards, very well organised and one I would suggest players if they get the chance they should go to.

This for information was Old Man Mitchell’s eleventh single’s final in the past 12 months and his ninth win, giving him just under £,2000 in prize monies collected, So here is one of West Lothian’s longest serving players and some may think he is well worth the old tag! Still managing to get lucky, SO come on you West Lothian county players get out there and grab some titles if Old Man Mitchell can do it SO CAN YOU.

Colin Robertson recorded on the day’s darting scores of 1x180, 1x171, and games finished in 17&18 darts. Old Man Mitchell fired in 3x180’s and 10 games finished in under 20 arrows with legs finished in 2x14,2x15,16,17,2x18,2x19, top finish being 106.

Warm up matches continue!
This Monday past it saw the Volunteer Highway Men give a warm invite to the Golden Oldies from the Deans Bowling Club who have recently joined the W.C.D.D.L. on a Monday night.
Always nice to see players returning to the fold as in Rab Somerville from a good few years ago now, Also the man who is trying to put gingham cloth back in vogue yes the man who bought the last roll of the material from the set of that famous western adventure Little House on the Prairie, Matt Purdie wearing what can only be described as perhaps curtains!!!!But there again we all have our standards! One thing though it did not affect his ability to rattle the treble twenty bed Mr Purdie recording a magical maximum 180 good shooting from this old timer.
Final score well not sure if anyone kept score but a cracking night and I am sure the return match next week will be just as entertaining.

Report from Stephan Colthart
Stirrup Indians vs. Parry Lamp Oilers, Singles scores Ronnie Lappage 2 Kevin Kytle 1 Eddie  0 Stephen Hanlon 2, Mark Passfield 1 Lewis Palmer 2, Fred Hamilton 2 Stephen Colthart 1, P Hanlon 0 Chris Shiach 2, Daren 0 Frank Crook 2, singles was 2-4 to the Oilers, Doubles saw Ronnie & Mark 0 Kevin  & Stephen  2, Eddie & Fred 1 Stephen & Frank 2, and final match was Paul & Daren 2 Lewis & Chris 0, final score was Indians 3 Oilers 6, Special mention goes to Ronnie Lappage with a cracking maximum 180. Who is member number 183 of players from our Monday night competitions to get his name on the maximum league table congratulation’s.

Rebels V Juniors

Getting ready for the forth coming season it has the Rebellious ones who reside in the Central bar in West Calder putting out the welcome mat for their nearest and dearest well the Murray bar from Polbeth!
Scores with home team names first are,
 Chris Dodds 2-0 Derek Yule, Garry baker 2-0 Calvin Fleming, Scott baker 2-0 Davie Gray, Graham smith 2-0 Michael Meek,
 Andy price 2-0 Ben Robertson, Ryan little 2-1 Chris Size, Sean hanlon 2-0 Jim Purse, Chris Dodds 1-2 Jason Rae,
 Doubles Games saw, Garry and Scott baker 2-0 C Fleming and D Gray,
 Andy Price and Sean Hanlon 2-0 Chris Size and Jason Rae, Graham Smith and Ryan Little 1-2 Ben Robertson and Jim Purse,
 Garry Baker and Chris Dodds 2-0 M. Meek and D.Yule,
 Special mentions go to in the singles Garry Baker 17 darter, Scott Baker 15 and 17 darters, Ryan Little 2x19 darters,
Sean Hanlon 180, Ryan Little 171, Chris Dodds 86 c/o,
 Doubles Garry and Scott Baker 19 darter and Sean Hanlon and Andy Price 19 darter Match was played in Great Spirit,
as friendly should! lol 
And a return leg will be played at the Murray next week, an maybe a different outcome.


After a summer sabbatical it saw the county youth players take to the ocky once again in that darting place of excellence the Doo Club in East Calder.

And it was decided on the day to hold a Jumbo pairs tournament round robin format.

And with so many top youth players in attendance it was not wonder that not one team went without at least losing one match quite simply there was no quarter asked for and none given when these youngsters toed the ocky. Some excellent finishing saw Scott Livingston rattling the double twenty bed twice with two darts to help his team cross the line in second position, Calvin Fleming brought the house down when with 64 required checked out on double 16 double 16.

Well with teams so evenly matched here are youth top five finishing places.

Calvin Fleming & Jim Mitchell W3 L7  -4

William Borland & Stephan Colthart W4 L6  -2

Lewis Gurney & Jamie Banks snr W6 L5  +1

Scott Livingston & Graeme Bird  W6 L4  +2

Jamie Banks & Kieran Bird W6 L3  +3


So Kieran and Jamie take the plaudits for the first youth competition of the season.

Information Next Saturday will see the qualifying competition for the Scottish Men’s and Ladies pairs take place in the Ridge Hotel in Blackridge 12.30 registration for 1pm toe the ocky.

Sunday 21 st September has a West Lothian county meeting at 1pm then followed by a youth county A.G.M at 2.30 so all interested parties who so wish may attend. See you there!

Monday 8th September 
In the build up to the new league season a few teams are trying out their line-ups in some very competitive but good natured friendlies.
Murray C played hosts to the Brucefield Farmers this week in the first of 2 matches.
Disco Aitken 1-2 Craig Forrest, Jim Aitken 2-1 Bunny Forrest, Jim Quinn 2-0 Colin McMorrin, John Brett 2-1 Keiren Bird, Jamie Flemming 2-0 Rab Craig, Ducket Aitken 2-0 Chris Bielby, Kyle Gilmour 2-1 Jamie Banks Jnr, Colin Hamilton 0-2 Billy Stirling, John Bruton 2-1 James Lock.
7-2 after the singles
Disco Aitken & Jamie Flemming 1-2 Bunny Forrest & Keiren Bird, Jim Quinn & Jim Aitken 1-2 Craig Forrest & Jamie Banks Jnr, Kyle Gilmour & Ducket Aitken 2-1 Colin McMorrin & Billy Stirling, Colin Hamilton & John Brett 2-1 James Lock & Chris Bielby.
2-2 in the doubles and an overall victory of 9-4 to the Murray C but in truth a lot of the games were very close.
Stats for the night Disco Aitken 115 check, Jamie Flemming 81 check & 18 dart leg, Ducket Aitken 19 dart leg.  

Grand Prix League table updated

The web site motto is.
A Day Without Laughter is a Day Wasted!


Back by popular demand some good old Scottish music!

Exhibition night 16th February
(Information a wee bit away)
This season will be the 11th time we have hosted an exhibition night in the league, And in the past we have had some superb players who have come to strut their stuff on the ocky, The likes of,
Tony O’Shea, Daryl Fitton, Ted Hankey, Gary Robson, Gary Anderson, Jamie Harvey, Alec Lister, Peter Manley , Chrissy Howett, Martin Adams, Chuck Norris, Andy Boulton, Robbie Green,
Now usually we have a double act so that there are always darts matches being played, This season as we now have 17 teams and hopefully each team will have at least two players who would like to take on the Pro’s! The format has slightly changed, we now have three players coming to entertain us and they are.

Deta (the Dark Destroyer ) Hedman, Alan (Chuck) Norris, Andy (X Factor) Boulton.

Chuck and Andy were here a few years ago and were absolutely outstanding as a double act, and with Deta joining them I believe we well have a superb night of darting action to talk about for a long time to come!
And I do believe that Deta and Alan are now ranked number one players in the W.D.F. rankings.
So on the web site on the left hand column I have put some of these players successes etc for your information, So hopefully when the night comes round we will see you all there!


Another friendly match this time the Murray B were the visitors to the Brucefield Farm and what a great match this was results were as follows farmers names first Jamie Banks (WLYA) 1 Jim Purse 2, Kieran Bird (WLYA) 2 Chris Size 0, Billy Stirling 2 Ben Robertson 1, Colin Mcmorrin 1 Michael Meek 2, Chris Bielby 0 Derek Yule 2, Bunny Forrest 2 Calvin Fleming (WLYA)0, Craig Forrest 2 Jason Rae 0so 4 games to 3 to the Farmers after the singles all of the games were very close doubles results were Bunny Forrest & Jamie Banks (WLYA) 2 Calvin Fleming (WLYA) & Michael Meek 1, Colin Mcmorrin & James Lock 1 Derek Yule & Ben Robertson 2 , Craig Forrest & Kieran Bird (WLYA) 2 Jim Purse & Chris Size 0so the Farmers wining the doubles 2 games to 1 these games were also very closer and could have went ether way final score was Brucefield Farmers 6 Murray B 4

To Mr & Mrs  John Somerville on their wedding,
Fantastic venue fabulous company and a wonderful night.
On behalf off all the dart players and their partners who were invited I would like to say
thank you for inviting us to share your special day.
(photo's to follow)


Shirt sizes to be given to Michelle McLay by the 20th September,
So that we can have them for the first match of the season!
leave your sizes etc either on Michelles Face book or in the guest book on this site,
Guest book for those who dont know is on the bottom of the page.

All top check outs -Maximums-Fast Games- from all leagues are updated. 
Wednesday at 16.00pm ok 4 o'clock for those without the 24 hour clock bit!
The Fast Games league table which is 20 darts or less along with the High Finishes league table 75 or above and of course the Maximum league table scores from 171-180 are now more condensed. The reason is simple if you are a member of the Monday night league as in W.C.D.D.L. your scores finishes etc will be added , But if you were a member of the league your name will still be there for prosperity! The reason I have given up on trying to get everyone in the area on them is simple the information just does not get sent in so as of now you have to be a player in the W.C.D.D.L. TO BE ON THEM . However all the competitions in the area will of course be reported with winners names etc etc but once again you really need to help out if you have information , so go on be a devil and send it in, won’t cost much just a few moments of your time!

West Calder & District Darts Meeting
Monday 1st September 7.30 for 8pm, in the East Calder Doo Club.
Please remember to bring your team registrations and players registration monies thank you.

New Season

Can I say on behalf of the county committee, we would like to wish all members of the county all the very best for the forthcoming season, Also if you fancy your chances at representing the county there are numerous competitions and super league matches etc in the pipe line so please don’t be shy! You are all welcome.

Jim Mitchell


Saturday 30th August saw a small band of Darts enthusiasts make the trip across the water to the Kingdom of Fife for the first outing of the Winmau Scottish Classic held in the CISWO Club, Glenrothes.

Although not a high entry list for this inaugural event there was certainly a top quality field on show.

First saw John Skippy Charleston take on former World Champ  Martin Wolfie Adams in a high scoring encounter with Wolfie just edging it 4-0 in 11, 2 x 15 and 14 darts with a 106 check thrown in for good measure.

Next up saw Stephen Colthart going down battling 0-4. Then we had Martin Penfold Deagan a bit out of sorts and going down 1-4.

Some good news for travellers was to follow with first Gary Melman Christie winning 4-3 and 4-2 before losing out in a tight match  0-4 against Alan Chuck Norris along the way Gary hitting 15, 18 and  20 dart legs and 104 and 156 checks as well as not 1 but 2 x 180's and both against Chuck Norris.

Last up of the band of saw Colin Hamilton winning 4-0and 4-0 before missed doubles at the crucial moment saw him go out 1-4. Along the way Colin hitting 3x18 and 2 x 17 dart legs with finishes of 76, 84 and 146.

well done to all on the day with Gary and Colin reaching the last 32.

the Grand Final saw Alan Chuck Norris overcome Tony Martin 6-2 and claim the title to add to his impressive list for this year.  



There is going to be a pairs league at The Cawburn Inn Pumpherston, starting Wednesday 17t September. £20 per pair, Format is going to be the traditional league system with 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss. All games will be 8 legs each. We hope to run the league over 8 -10 weeks with each team playing twice on the night, but all this is dependant on entries. There will be one week only before finals night to play catch up games. We will only play fixtures as catch up games where it has been agreed by both teams to play at a later date. We will not be re-arranging fixtures where one or both players do not turn up without prior agreement, this will go down as a 4-0 win to your opponents. All legs will count as a For and Against, so any teams level on points, leg difference will count. I will post a more accurate account of the rules etc shortly. 

Any folks wishing to play, please e-mail Kirk on Could you please e-mail your entries by Monday 15th September, this will give us time to get the league or leagues drawn.


Teams are now gearing up for the season ahead which will start very shortly, and with teams strengthening themselves and other teams bringing in new players, Also players moving it should make for some very exciting times on the ocky in the months ahead. And with absolutely nothing between the top teams it looks to be a very enjoyable campaign ahead. And with the Volunteer who were last season’s champions starting to struggle to bring in new players as two of last season’s players are injured Jimmy Woods (arm) and Shaun Robertson (back) Rex Brady also leaving later in the season to emigrate to the land of the Kangaroo’s it might be an uphill struggle for the defending champions this season. So perhaps looking to capitalise on these turn of events the Murray bar Nomads along with the Cawburn Warriors would be my bets if I was a betting man for the title this season and the Brigands from the Lamp also making inroads in the transfer market they certainly cannot be ruled out. And let us not forget the Rebels from West Calder who started to find their darting prowess again towards the end of the season last year and the newly promoted Tower bar knights should be some terrific tussles ahead in the Premier league this time round and I predict that no team will go the distance undefeated.

As for the Championship title well the Brucefield Farmers have certainly strengthened their squad with the players from the youth academy signing and remembering they were last season’s runners up in their league they will be looking to go one better themselves this season, however the Almondvale Pirates who were relegated last year may well be in with a shout remembering they won the league triples last season so have some exceptionally good players in their mix. And the Juniors from the Murray bar can’t be counted out either, and with new combatants the Deans Bowling Club now also joining the fray this league could be the one to watch for thrills and spills, one thing for sure the league’s this season will not be boring! On that I would put one of my waistcoats on!

Monday 25th August Brucefield Farm
(From the pen of the Brucefield scribe!)
ok Mr James Banks snr.
Friendly match between the Brucefield Farmer’s and the Paraffin Lamp Select results as follows farmer’s names first.Bill Stirling 2 Kevin Galbraith 0, Craig Forrest 2 Steven Colthart 0, Jamie Banks (WLYA) 0 Gordon Bruce 2, Kieran Bird (WLYA) 0 Aran Edwards 2, Chris Beilby 0 Steven Scott 2, James Banks 2 Sandy Coulter 0, Colin Mcmorrin 0 Frank Begley 2, Billy Stirling 2 Stewart Tait 0, so four games each after the singles doubles results were Billy Stirling & Craig Forrest 2 K Galbraith & Steven Colthart 0,Chris Bielby & Colin Mcmorrin 0 Gordon Bruce & Arran Edwards 2, Jamie Banks (WLYA) & James Banks 1 Steven Scott & Sandy Coulter 2, Kieran Bird (WLYA) & Jamie Banks (WLYA) 2 Frank Begley & Stewart Tait 0 final score Brucefield Farmers 6 Paraffin Lamp Select 6 highlights of the night was some superb darts from Gordon Bruce and Paraffin lamps new signing Arran Edwards and from the Brucefield Farmer’s Kieran Bird and Jamie Banks from the West Lothian Youth Academy playing great darts and winning the all important last game of doubles to get the farmers a draw well done to Kieran bird playing his first match for the Farmer’s.

This was a great night of darts in the Brucefield thanks to the boys from the Lamp for giving us this game and we are all now looking forward to the start of the new season.

West Lothian Grand Prix Report
(league table for g.p, points updated later this week!)
Saturday 23rd August saw the travelling road show in East Calder for the sixth G.P. of the season.
And a quality field of players reported in for this event quite simply if you were a betting person anyone could win it the quality of players on show was from the top drawer of dart players in central Scotland.
Reports from the last 16 onwards with winners names first, all matches 5 x 501 with bull up to decide who would
throw first in the odd legs.

Gordon Bruce 3-2 John Robertson, William Harraughty 3-1 Stevie Duncan, Stevie Scott 3-2 Jim Quinn, John Charleston 3-0 Rex Brady, Micky Rice 3-2 Martin Deegan, Gary Swann 3-2 Stephan Colthart, Jim Mitchell 3-0 John Somerville, Colin Robertson 3-2 Callum Wilkinson.
Q/F/ Report, Gordon Bruce 3-1 William Harraughty, Stevie Scott 3-1 John Charleston, Gary Swann 3-1 Micky Rice, Jim Mitchell 3-1 Colin Robertson.
S/F Report, Gordon Bruce 3-1 Stevie Scott, Gary Swann 3-2 Jim Mitchell.
Final saw Gordon Bruce 3-0 Gary Swann.

So Gordon Bruce cements his place as the number one seed for this seasons Grand Prix Shirt and remember there is only one shirt made each year to the specifications of the champion. However darts can be a fickle sport and if one of the chasing pack were to win both of the remaining competitions and Gordon were to fall at the early rounds positions could change only time will tell!
On the day 5 maximum 180’s were recorded, Stevie Duncan, Jim Mitchell, Stevie Scott, and Gay Swann with 2 x 180’s.
Top finishes came by way off, William Harraughty 96 g.s., John Charleston 80 g.s., Gary Swann 117-125-128 finishes, Gordon Bruce 109 g.s., Callum Wilkinson 120 g.s.,Stevie Scott 111 g.s.

Fast games which were finished in 20 darts or less recorded by, Stevie Duncan 14 darter,
William Harraughty 16-17-3x18-19 dart games, John Robertson 14 darter, John Charleston 18 darter,
Jim Mitchell 2x16-17-2x19 dart games, Gordon Bruce 15-16-19 darters, Colin Robertson 18-19-20 dart games,
Callum Wilkinson 20 darter, Stevie Scott 2x18-19 dart legs.

Sunday at Airdrie.

A small travelling band of West Lothian players made the short trip along the M8 to Airdrie working men’s club for the European Open competition and met with mixed results.

Micky Rice from Whitburn falling at the first round but in a cracking match by 4 games to 2, Stephen Colthart got a by through the first round but then went down 4-1 in the next, Gary Christie from Craigshill at 2-0 up looked a good bet however wheels then fell off the wagon and a 4-2 loss was on the cards, William Borland from East Calder made the trip through with his travelling companion Wullie Wilson but both also went out in the first round. Jim Mitchell did slightly better winning 4-0 , 4-0 , 4-1 before losing out in the board final 1-4, on the day the Old Man Mitchell fired in 3 x 180’s along with games finished in less than 20 darts on seven occasions, 15-15-16-17-17-18 -20 dart games . And a couple of decent finishes of 96 & 85 however it just was not enough so back to the practise boards for these gentlemen of the west Lothian darting fraternity.

From the Craigshill ranges where both the Indians & Cowboys reside news has come in by way of Pony Express that Arron (Arry) Edwards has won the Stirrup Stane Summer League, Congratulations to this former Scottish youth International who though living in West Lothian plays his county darts for Lanarkshire. However news has come in that Arry will be playing for the Brigands this season, who ply their darting skills from the Paraffin Lamp in the Livingston Centre. Congratulations again.

West Lothian Youth Continue to Impress.

William Borland from East Calder & Jamie Banks from West Calder both played on Saturday 16th August in the Scottish under 18 youth singles a Scottish Winmau World Masters qualifier which was held in Glenrothes, Jamie got to the quarter finals beating Stuart McMeechan 3 -0 with a cracking 17 dart leg to round the match off with he then got the better of Gordon Souter by the score line of 3-1 which included a 19 dart leg, before getting beat by Ross Black 3-1 at the quarter final stage another superb performance from this emerging force in youth darts in Scotland. William Borland beat  Liam Mitchell finishing in style with a fabulous 151 game shot via 60-51-40 check out for a 3-1 win, he then got past  Craig Johnston firing in a 20 darter on the way, His next opponent in the semi finals was John Gallazzi where he recorded a fine 3-0 win, And so to the final where he went 2-0 up with games finished in 16 & 17 darts however double trouble then ensued and his opponent Graham Hamilton took the next 4 games to take the final by 4 games to 2, but once again a superb performance from both these West Lothian dart players.


West Calder & District Dart League had their annual meeting on Monday night past, the committee is still the same as status quo was proposed and there were no objections!
So Mr John McDonald – League secretary, Mr John Kirk – Match secretary, Jim Mitchell – Chairman/Treasurer.
Now after a very indeed sometimes heated debate it was decided on that the two leagues would still be in place,
with 8 teams in the Premier, and 9 teams in the Championship league.
Also we would now only play each team twice in the season and not four as last season. Also reinstated was the old format of the first rounds of the K.O. Cup being played home and away.
It was also agreed that the league would once again hold an exhibition night on the Monday after the Scottish Open in February.
League chairman finding out about players availability etc.
The next meeting will be on the 1st September in the Doo Club where the draw for the K.O. Cup will be done. Could teams please bring their registration monies etc please!
Each team registration is £25 and player registration is £3 per player.
Joining the league this season is the Deans Bowling club from Old Deans village, also the Doo Club Flyers are now defunct! And have flown the coup and are playing from the Cawburn so a new name will be needed as the Highlanders also play from this venue (ideas) anyone!
However the Doo club Fanciers are going to make up two teams this season as they have an abundance of players
so a name also need there as well! Mmm.

Also as the league is expanding it has seen two new darts correspondents take to the web site in Kirk Gordon and Colin Hamilton, there will be one more name to add to that very soon as Scott Begley from the Almondvale Pirates has agreed to also send in reports etc, this will happen once Scott and myself get together for the procedure of logging on etc.
Now that four of us now going to be reporting between us we should just about be able to cover everything that is going on in the area so hopefully better reading for all of you readers!!!!

On a more serious subject I on behave of the committee would like to wish all teams in the league both old and new all the very best for the forth coming season ahead, Speak to you all on the ocky or at the bar.

Jim M Chairman  W.C.D.D.L.

Week End Report
Well what a fantastic night! When the Brucefield Farmers dart team held their annual presentation night, And it was also a first for myself as chairman of  West Lothian county and a great pleasure to be asked to, present their trophies. The Farmers who play in the Monday night league in the West Calder & District league are an exceptional team in many ways. They started up roughly two seasons ago and this season they just missed out on promotion being runners up in the championship league where the Tower bar Knights just piped them for promotion. However the Farmers team has a great mix of players from seasoned players from years ago in the form of James Banks senior who for many years was a member of the Commercial team in West Calder when they ruled the roost in this dart playing area, Also a man who represented the county on many occasions and I believe is the only player to have won the Bathgate singles title twice on consecutive years back in the 1980’s is seasoned veteran Bunny Forrest.

And of course there are the new players to the league who have taken to it like ducks to water. Also in their ranks is a certain young man Jamie Banks who is earning himself a fearsome reputation on the ocky and quite simply has a tremendous future in the sport if he keeps at it and I am more than positive he will. And another player also playing well is Craig Forrest who made  through to the semi finals of the C.O.C competition this season and what a darting pedigree he has with his dad Bunny playing in the same team! Billy Stirling a man who enters just about every competition he can in the area and has already made many finals nights himself. Alan, Chris, Paul,James, and there are more my apologies if I have missed you out! It is not intentional. However shortly there will be a Brucefield page on the web site with photos from the presentation night for you to browse through at your leisure. Once again many thanks to the Farmers for inviting myself and partner Gillian along, Great night and don’t know about you but we had a great time. Thank You.

Jim Mitchell
Chairman West Lothian County.

Flash News
1/West Lothian are reverting to their origanal team colours, Black & Red shirts!
I realise most of you will really miss the Purple!
2/Maybe Yes Maybe no! looks like the mens county 'A' teams will be playing 7 x 501 this
is being decided at the next B.D.O. committee meeting this week end coming!the other teams will still play same format as before.
3/ Be Bad Mitchell is no more? reason is very simple last week  two different bar staff asked when he was approaching the bar if it was pensioners rates!! I ask you! so Old Man Mitchell is now on line.

Travelling West Lothian darters.

Week end just gone saw a cracking band of intrepid county players both junior and senior members of the county make the journey to take part in the Granite City Open, and here are a few of the facts from this adventure. First off congratulations to Jamie Banks jnr making it to the semi finals of the under 18’s and receiving a envelope with cash which I know he will of course spend on his parents by treating them to a meal! OK truth be told it’s his and he earnt it well done Jamie Banks.

Other players from the youth saw Calvin Fleming just being edged out 1-3 in his match but he had shots at finishes so a close match.

However certainly making a statement was William Borland firing in 4 x 180,s plus a superb 13 dart game as well, he may not have got to the finals but he let people know he is not to be under estimated in any competition he enters.

Stephan Colthart and Mitchell both managed a more modest one maximum 180 as well.

Colin Hamilton 18 and 20 dart games before bowing out to Alan Small of Fife (international)

Colin Robertson going through his first round match with consummate ease before finding double trouble in his next game! Mitchell just edged out Ronnie Sharp of Ayrshire 4-3 before finding trebles easier to hit than doubles in his next match and that was his singles competition at an end. John Charleston perhaps the player with the best shirts fared not much better and that was that for the singles competition. The pairs on the Sunday saw William Borland and Stephan Colthart make the last 32 and when you consider the calibre of players in the event that was good going. The old pairing of Robertson and Mitchell made it through to a fourth match with results being w3-0 w3-2 w3-1 L2-3 at the last 16 stage.

Top finishes from the week end Colin Robertson 116 finish, Mitchell 154 via 60-54 40.

But on a more important note darts can be serious and also fun to play perhaps in the opposite way round to what I have said, but people are more important and at the moment we have two west Lothian players who are not to well to put a finer point on things.

So on behalf of all of us in the sport of darts we wish Shug Rice and Shaun Robertson both hopefully a full and speedy recovery! At times we may all fall out and not see things the same way, but we are all part of the dart family hope to see both of you at the ocky sooner rather than later.

Jim Mitchell

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Train Times from Livingston North to Blackridge (county venue)
This is the train line from Edinburgh to Glasgow

Train Times for Blackridge if travelling from Livingston North (example).
Two trains an hour and the journey time is only a few minutes etc.
Also returning back the times are roughly every 30 mins right up to the witching hour!
Price £6.40 Return, and when you consider from Livingston bus station to Uphall costs £2.90 single
 and I can vouch for this as that is what it costs for me to go to the Volunteer where I played darts
for last season it is not bad is it!
Saturday time table
Leave Livingston North 8.44 arrive Blackridge 8.57, journey time 13minutes
Leave Livingston North 9.10 arrive Blackridge 9.26, journey time 16minutes
Leave Livingston North 9.45 arrive Blackridge 9.58, journey time 13minutes
Leave Livingston North 10.09 arrive Blackridge 10.26, journey time 17minutes
Leave Livingston North 10.42 arrive Blackridge10.56, journey time 14minutes
Leave Livingston North 11.10 arrive Blackridge 11.26, journey time 16minutes
Leave Livingston North 11.42 arrive Blackridge 11.56, journey time 14minutes
Leave Livingston North 12.09 arrive Blackridge 12.26, journey time 17minutes

Leaving Blackridge every 30 mins right up to last train which is 12.08 am for a return journey!

West Lothian County Officials

For 2014-2015

Ladies vice Captain, Karen Whyte

Ladies team Captain, Denise Bird

Men’s vice Captain, Davie Crawford

Men’s team Captain, William Harraughty

County Treasurer, Mary Walker

County Secretary, Karen Whyte

County assistant co-ordinator, Connie Bamburry

County co-ordinator, Michelle McLay

Vice Chairman, Johnny Walker

County Chairman, Jim Mitchell

New sponsors of the West Lothian County team
The Ridge Inn, Blackridge.

This new venue has sponsored the county a substantial amount of funding for the season ahead.
And on behalf of the committee and players in the county we say thank you for the sponsorship and look forward to playing in our/your venue.

Also on that note I personally would like to say a huge thank you to our sponsors for the past two seasons The Doo Club in East Calder who were our sponsors for the past two seasons. Who were extremely good hosts and always made the home team and visiting county team most welcome.

Remember folks if you see a name missing or can help with any dart related news. There are three web masters, Colin Hamilton from the land that time may have forgot (Polbeth) Kirk Gordon from somewhere North of the (Universe) the Livingston centre! Jim Mitchell who if he keeps going the way he is, will be living on the internet! So feel free to drop any of us a line. t.y.


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