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First Saturday competition in a series of eight starts this Saturday 4th April.

Venue the Volunteer Arms in Uphall. register for 1.30pm all these comps are on your doorstep

so hopefully might see a few of you there!


April 4th

W.L.G.T. Volunteer Arms Uphall, £5 entry £110 to winner plus entries paid out, toe the ocky 2pm   

  April 4th 

Geordie Murphy Memorial Trophy, Old Wine Store in Shotts, no PDC players!

April 5th

Inverclyde Open Singles register 1pm toe ocky 2pm, Royalle Club.

April 5th

Gardeners Arms Haddington names for 1.30pm £5 entry plus £100 added to pot.

April 11th

Westsider Open Wester Hailes, 12.30 registration toe ocky 1.30 £200 plus entries £5 entry

April 18th 

W.L.G.T. Cawburn Sports bar Pumpherston, £5 entry £110 to winner plus entries paid out, toe the ocky 2pm

April  25th

W.L. County travel away to Greater Glasgow 

May 2nd

W.L.G.T. Doo Club East Calder, £5 entry £110 to winner plus entries paid out, toe the ocky 2pm

May 2nd

Fife Open CISWO Club

May 9th

George Fleming Memorial Open Competition, Commercial Inn , West Calder, 1pm registration

May 9th

George Thorburn Memorial Open Competition (darts & Dominoes) Gladstone’s bar Leith. 1pm registration

May 16th

W.L.G.T. Brucefield Farm Bellsquarry, £5 entry £110 to winner plus entries paid out, toe the ocky 2pm

May 23rd

W.L.G.T. Cawburn Sports bar Pumpherston, £5 entry £110 to winner plus entries paid out, toe the ocky

May 23rd

Inverurie Open Singles, £8 entry £250 to winner £125 r/up register by 1pm

May 30th

Raymond Smith Memorial Competition, Gladstone’s bar Leith, £5 entry. 1pm -1.30

June 6th

W.L.G.T.Doo Club in East Calder, £5 entry £110 to winner plus entries paid out, toe the ocky 2pm

June 13th

W.L.G.T. Brucefield Farm Bellsquarry,£5 entry £110 to winner plus entries paid out, toe the ocky

June 13th

Scottish Classic, 10am start £15 men’s entry, £10 ladies entry

June 20th

Ayrshire Open , Box House Cumnock

June 21st

Bentswood Inn Stoneyburn Open Darts comp, 1pm registration!

June 27th

W.L.G.T. Volunteer Arms Uphall, £5 entry £110 to winner plus entries paid out, toe the ocky

July 4th

C&K White Memorial Singles , (SIMBA) CHARITY EVENT, 1-2-PM Murrayfield Sports Bar.

August 3rd

Inveresk Bowling Club Open Singles, £5 entry, 12.30 for 1pm


Portland Open, Triples-Doubles-Singles. Starts Thursday night finishes Sunday evening, cracking tournament, good week end away!!!!



The Cawburn Sports Bar

(Looking to try and start 11th April) 

There will be a new Singles League in the Cawburn in Pumpherston starting shortly if enough interested dart players are willing to enter!

The format is simple if 24 players can be found there will be four leagues of six players each player will play their opponents twice; each match will be 12x501 with all legs to be played.

Three points for a win and one point for a draw. The top four in each league if enough players enter will then go into a final K.O. competition. The format is slightly different from those run in the past, there will be no points for turning up so should you have to miss one or two weeks through work or family commitments there is no penalty! However common sense must prevail and you could not turn up on the last week and expect to play say four matches! So if if players could not make a week they could talk to their opponent for that week and organize their postponed match for a following week!

Also for the finals night a Friday night when all the players would be available would be chosen as stated earlier players do have work etc so common sense hopefully must prevail!

  The cost of this event would be £30 to enter that equates to £3 a week over a ten week period however the entry fee to be paid within a month of starting. The reason for this is simple in the past players who could not qualify sometimes did not bother to fulfill their matches and it caused other players to lose out.

  The prize structure would look like this (roughly) £200 winner/£100 runner up/ £70 x2 semi finalists/£60x4 quarter finalists/£50x last eight.

  Now hopefully this event would generate enough interest to get 24 players involved however this competition could start if only 20 players entered however that would then become two leagues of ten! Also for players not making the cut on the finals night the management of the Cawburn Sports bar would put up a cash prize for a consolation tournament!

  Along with the prize monies that has already been agreed for the main competition.

  So if you fancy a game on a Friday night here’s your chance, a cracking venue 6 boards to play on and within easy travelling distance for most local players!

  Drop me a line if interested either by email or in the web sites guest book t.y.

  Entries so far are

(Tam Laird/ provisional) Derek Bird.Chris Dodds.Jimmy Woods. Rab Craig .Jim Aitken.Ryann Little.Jimmy Johnston. Jamie Banks jnr.William Borland. David Livingston. Stevie Duncan. Gary Christie. Jim Mitchell. Rex Brady. Shaun Robertson. Stephan Colthart. Jim Quinn. John Somerville. Frank Crook. Martin Deegan. Andy Price. Stephan Morrans. Kieren Bird. Graham Borland. Alan Galbraith. Graeme Bird. Kevin Galbraith. Callum Wilkinson. William Harraughty. (Any more?) 30 players so far the more the better! 

Will be at least 2 leagues of 7  and 2 leagues of 8 at moment, and if more would like to enter even better, the draw will be done by Malky at the Cawburn, what I will do next week (Friday) is ask him to draw names from hat into the leagues, obviously if more enter they will be added, so PLEASE if you fancy a throw at the dart board on a Friday here's your chance! 

Nomads 3 v 6 Rebels

Almost like last season the Rebels from the Central bar are having a cracking time of it once again at the latter end of the season, claiming the bragging rights on West Calder main street with a fine 6 games to 3 win over their nearest and dearest the Nomads who are now playing from the Commercial Inn.

Some excellent shooting from both teams here are the ones I know off,  Shaun Hanlon excellent 16 dart game and a cracking 115 finish, Martin Balfour 19 darter, Disco Aitken 92 game shot, Davie Aitken 18 dart game and a 102 game shot, Colin Hamilton and Ryan Little both firing in 20 dart games.



Oilers 5 v 4 Farmers 

Singles matches saw  S Colthart 0-2 C Forrest, D Livingston 2-0 G Christie, S Russell 2-0 R Craig, L Palmer 0-2 B Forrest, C Shaich2-0 C McMorran, F Crook 1-2 B Stirling.

Good match with the score tied at 3-3 after the singles it was now down to the nitty gritty and the pairs would decide the outcome. 

S Russell & S Colthart 2-1 G Christie & C Forrest, D Livingston & F Crook 2-0 B Forrest & R Craig, 

 D Gibson & C Shiach 0-2 C McMorran & B Strirling. So final score was a hard fought 5 games to 4 victory

for the Paraffin Lamp Oilers.

Top games saw S Russell and B Stirling record 19 darters, S Colthart 123 game shot via 57-38-28, B Stirling 132 take out via 60-60-12. Cracking match by all accounts..


Highlanders 1 v 8 Assassin's

Couple of top shots in this match which saw the  Highlanders one player short! Maximum hitters on the red lipstick were Paul (Ranger) Weir and Graham (Birdy) Bird. Top finish came from Birdy as well with a cracking 130 take out via 60-20-bulls eye.



Chalker's v Highway Men

Well a game of two halves plenty of high scoring going on with Alan (Zoko) Wilson, Brian (Quiet Man) Mairs and The Stoneyburn (Wizard) Stewart Russell all on the maximum 180 trail for the home team, The man they call the (Marshall) Colin Robertson hitting his sixth 171 on the treble nineteen's so far this year and (Old Man) Mitchell with an 180 for the visiting Highway Men. However it was the home-side who chalked up the most points coming away with a well deserved 5-4 victory and who may well have dented any outside chance the Volunteer team had of perhaps and I say outside chance of taking the league title on the blind side! Well done the Chalker's. 


 Champion of Champions play off, (John Bruton's Nomads!!) is it Murray or Commercial now? 

J. Fleming bt J. Somerville, C. Hamilton bt Disco Aitken, J. Quinn bt K. Gilmore, J. Aitken bt J. Bruton,

semi- finals C. Hamilton bt J. Fleming, J.Quinn bt J. Aitken,

and J. Quinn bt C. Hamilton in the final.

Some great games of darts on the night with a few mentions

Jamie Fleming 19 & 20 darts, 180.

John Somerville 20 & 18 darts 103, 104 & 80 checks and from Berwick, 20 & 19.

J. Quinn 14, darts, 180, 80 & 74 checks.

C. Hamilton 20,20,18 & 18 darts, 180, 105 check





 Crown Bar Singles League Final

Report from Alan Kerr 

Well done to Mark Cameron on winning the crown inn Friday night singles league after 15 weeks of play.

Mark is our new champion also big well done to James Adams in winning the consolation tournament
Last 16
Duncan Hastings 6 vs Davy kerr 2
Jim Mitchell 6 vs Billy Don2...

Scott Mcleod 6 vs Graeme Bird 2
Grant Mccormack 6 vs Ian Robertson 1
Alan Micheal Norris 6 vs Gordon Hastings 0
Graham Borland 6 vs Nickie Adamson 2
Mark Cameron 6 vs
Thomas Frickleton 1
Jagie Norwood 6 vs William Harraughty 2
Last 8
Dunc Hastings 3 vs Jim Mitchell 6
Scott Mcleod 6 vs grant McCormack 3
Alan Norris 6 vs graham Borland 1
Mark Cameron 6 vs jagie norwood 4
Last 4
Jim Mitchell 6 vs Scott McLeod 3
Alan Norris 4 vs mark Cameron 6
Jim Mitchell 5 vs Mark Cameron 6

Consolation final
James Adams 5 vs
Dylan Johnston 0


Crown Inn Singles League.

Cracking night of arrows with some terrific darts being thrown at the cisle on all four boards.

However when all the chalk dust had settled there were two players toeing the ocky to try and annex the title. Mark Cameron & Jim Mitchell.

Mitchell won the bull’s eye and had the honour to throw first in the odd legs in this best of 11x501 showdown. And at 5-0 to Mitchell you might think it was all plain sailing however truth be told Mark had missed tops and tens twice so realistically the score should have read 3-2. Then the tide turned Mark took advantage of a missed double by Mitchell and then went on a superb scoring spree rattling off 3 x 14 dart legs starting with a maximum 180 in each of them so 5-4 and Marks darts and now it was 5-5. Mitchell had the throw and with 151 on the board he recorded 20-60-39 to leave double 16, Mark was sitting on 83 and once the treble 17 was hit he securely put his third arrow straight into the heart of the double 16 to claim the title. Great match and one even though beaten, I actually enjoyed playing in. So Crown Bar Friday night Singles Champion Mark Cameron (well played)

Thanks again to the organiser Mr Kerr for running this tournament and hopefully will meet most of you again at the ocky if not the bar!!

Man on Form

Just been informed that Gary Christie in his three matches in the singles on Saturday at Berwick recorded no fewer than 4x180's, along with finishes of 112-103-96-85 that is impressive stats, and his five winning legs were recoded in 15-15-16-16-18 darts. 

(Many thanks to Stephan Colthart for the information, will add to league tables at next update)

Championship Race

The match between two of the top teams in the Championship saw some fabulous arrows being played report is as follows.

Brucefield Farmers V’s The Stirrup Indians

Big match as both the teams as they are still fighting for a playoff place in the championship league singles results as follows Farmers names first

  Bunny Forrest 2 Ronnie Lappage 1

  Gary Christie 2 Ian Mitchell 1

  Billy Stirling 2 Mark Pasfield 0

  Rab Craig 1 Bob Wallace 2

  Jamie Banks (WLYDA) 2 Fred Hamilton 0

  Craig Forrest 2 Alan Blair 0

  So five games to one to the Farmers after the singles doubles results were as follows Farmers names first

  Colin McMorran & Bunny Forest 2 R Lappage & M Pasfield 0

  Gary Christie & Billy Stirling 2 I Mitchell & Alan Blair 1

  Craig Forrest & Jamie Banks  2 B Wallace & F Hamilton 1

  So Farmers tacking all three doubles games final score on the night

  Brucefield Farmers 8 Stirrup Indians 1

  Match Highlights Indians Ian Mitchell 180 and a 20 dart leg, Farmers Jamie Banks 19 dart leg 113 out shot by way of T 20 S 17 D 18 and 127 out shot by way of T 20 S17 Bull the wee man still on fire after a great performance in Berwick at the week end. Farmers man of the match goes to Billy Stirling who was playing some fantastic darts and almost back to his best form.


Stirrup Stane Cowboys 4 v 5 Doo Club Flyers
Stane having only 4 players was gonna be hard fight for them to get anything from match
( C.Fawcett 21darter with 20 darter under scrutiny ?????   + 180 )
Doo Club Flyers 5 v 4   Murray bar Juniors

C.HUME             0-2       D.BLACK
B.CAMERON     2-0       D.GRAY
J.KIRK                2-0       B.ROBERTSON
D.BIRD               2-1       D.YULE
S.HUME             2-0       J.RAE
G.BIRD              0-2        J.PURSE
C.HUME/D.BIRD            1-2        D.BLACK/D.GRAY

All finding it bit of a struggle but Doo Club finding the doubles first in most games and get through in the end. Top of league .


  Report from Berwick

  Young Jamie Banks playing some awesome darts from the Youth Academy in West Lothian fired in some top shots from the week end here are the stats that have been recorded. A cracking t 15 Darter and 85 Check also a 113 check out at Berwick against his Doubles partner Connor Todman in the youth Singles Jamie winning two games to nil. Jamie and Connor teamed up in the doubles and also played in the Men’s Doubles and played Fantastically well  Beating I Bauchop & D Branks 2 games to one,  then beating S Gallaher & F McDonald two games to one, before finally losing to B Blair & J Stewart two games to one, they had a dart at double 16 to win the match there must have been at least seventy people watching them play at one stage the control desk had to announce for people to stand back as there was so many watching the two youths playing and they both played fantastic last 32 for a thirteen and fifteen year old not bad going. Awful lot of senior players would have been proud of that darting display! (Would they not!)



AS FROM 6th.March(including 2nd.March.) 2015 MATCHES













Cawburn Assassins










Volunteer Highway Men










Parry Brigands










Murray Nomads










Uphall S.B.C. Chalker’s










Cawburn Highlanders










Central Rebels










Tower Knights


































Deans B.C.

Golden Oldies










Doo Club Flyers










Almondale Pirates










Brucefield Farmers










Stane Stane Indians










Murray Juniors










Parry Oilers










Doo Club Fanciers’










Stane Stane Cowboys












Family Borland Sweep the Board!


The annual 301 Double start double finish singles competition was held on Monday night.


And the league’s elite turned out to do battle to try and lift the title of D Martin 301 championship. And what a field of players with over 80 players putting their name into the draw the competition was to say the least fierce with no quarter given and none excepted. 

And once the chalk dust had settled the two men left toeing the ocky were the Graham and William Borland from the Cawburn Assassins dart team who are sitting top of the league table. It was the more senior one of the brothers who took the title but quite simply a fabulous achievement to have two siblings in the grand final. Graham Borland a top county player for the men’s A team and William Borland who last year in the under 18’s was ranked at number one in Scotland for the youth tour.


Well played both men and congratulations to you both. Once again a an extremely well run competition with from the League and Match secretaries (Mr John Kirk & Mr John MacDonald)

at the helm , And a big thank you to our league sponsors the East Calder Doo Club.

Thanks to John Kirk for match stats. 

   C.AGNEW      BEAT       K.BIRD

                          W.BORLAND    BEAT       K.GORDON
                          G.BORLAND    BEAT       R.BRADY
                          A.EDWARDS    BEAT       J.QUINN

semis         G.BORLAND       BEAT        A.EDWARDS          W.BORLAND     BEAT       C.AGNEW

Cracking final,fast and furious checking in ,great scoring,markers delight

G.Borland ( 180....120c/o.....116c/o.....12d......9d......8d.....)
P.Hastings ( 112c/o )                 S.Morrans ( 110c/o......9d  ) 
A.Edwards ( 87c/o ......12d .....12d .)
J.Quinn ( 72c/o )
M.Balfour ( 100c/o .....94c/o .....76c/o )
K.Gordon ( 126c/o .....101c/o ......78c/o ......9d )
J.Mitchell ( 160c/o .....9d )
S.Baker ( 119c/o )
G.Bruce ( 116c/o .....174 score )
C.Hamilton ( 99c/o )
S,Coulter ( 94c/o ......12d .....12d. )
G,Baker ( 11d .)
W.Borland ( 104c/o .)


Aberlady Bowling Club, Darts Open Doubles

Saturday 7 March

Good venue and this competition certainly brought out some of the finest talent from round and about with five pairs from West Lothian in attendance the local area was well represented.

Format was 5 x 501 for the early rounds with the final 7x501. The winners on the day were Ryan Murray and Gary Watt from Edinburgh who took the title by 4 games to 1 over Colin Robertson and Jim Mitchell from West Lothian. It was closer than the result shows with Colin and Jim both missing doubles and as we all know that is the part of the game that gets you over the winning line!!!!

Well played Ryan and Gary commiserations to Colin and Jim.

An excellent run tournament with very good prize monies with the s/f picking up £50 per team r/up £130 and winners a lot more!!!!!

A good day out by the seaside was had by all.

Final League positions Bo'Ness Friday night singles league.

Darts News!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well after a busy week end on the darting circuit it has seen county captain William Harraughty add the prestige’s Bathgate League 301 double start double finish competition to his impressive c.v.

Also on the winning trail it saw the pairing of Colin Robertson & Jim Mitchell on their travels, these two doubles partners made the journey down to North Berwick and came away with the Open Pairs title which was held in the Auld Hoose in North Berwick, Colin and Jim both recording maximum scores on the day with Colin on the treble nineteen’s and his partner in crime on the more traditional way!

Now for something completely different.

After many years of playing within the B.D.O. &  S.D.A.  Codes, I have decided enough is enough.

Over the past year or so I have become very disillusioned with the way darts has been run by these organisations,

a simple three plan guide to my decision reads like this.

1/ I missed my allotted time slot for the Scottish Open and was quite rightly disqualified for being late to get to the control desk. However when at the next Scottish sanctioned event imagine my feelings when a player was not in the hall when the mixed triples event started and was allowed to play even thought he was 50 yes fifty minutes late, when I questioned this I was told well it is not the Scottish open is it, however it is the same Scottish committee! Rule for one as the saying goes.

2/ Last year at the World play offs in Hull I was representing the county of West Lothian, and the doors of the venue where the play offs were to take place opened at 8am with play commencing at 10am, I was there at 8.15 am however was told my name was not in the draw, but if I waited for a while they would see what could be done! So after one hour and ten minutes I was allowed into the venue and was told be at your control desk for 9.50am as you are on at 10am sharp, this is after having the indignity of having to watch everyone else being allowed into the venue , while I stood like a criminal (shoplifter) waiting for the police!

3/After these events I decided that perhaps a back seat approach from myself was the way forward as in if I could I would still do some work as in darts for the county, And I agreed to run the West Lothian Super League, now for those in the know the Super League was cancelled last time out , two weeks ago, and I only found out because a gentleman from the Bathgate Royal British Legion club told me it was cancelled, at the time I did state that can’t be because I’m running that competition. It would look like it was cancelled by other persons, and for some unknown reason the information did not get to myself.

So as of now I will for as long as the W.C.D.D.L. Monday night league want me I will continue to be their chairman and of course try to promote and support darts in that league, However as of now after over thirty seasons (First played for the county in the 1982/83 season) I will only be playing in Open tournament where prize monies are involved and not Scottish ranking events.

And on that note I wish all of you all the very best for the future in Scottish competitions. And the county is in good shape with so many youth players now coming on to the scene the future looks bright and I will repeat that the future really does look bright for the county in the years ahead with these new players on the scene.

Yours in sport Jim Mitchell.

P.S. (got to have a p.s.)

Of course I will still be running open competitions in the local area and hopefully I will see many of you at these events, and of course this fledgling web site will continue to try and keep you all up to date with information of what is happening around and about so if you have information please feel free to drop me a line and we will try to get it out there for the masses!.


W.C.D.D.L. Four Person Team Finals.

Well the semi finals of the league Fours saw some superb action as the four teams involved were trying like gladiators of ancient Rome to win the laurel leafs ok (the trophy)

Cawburn Sports Bar Assassins, Paraffin Lamp Brigands, Volunteer Highway Men 1&2. 

On board one we had the Volunteer Highway Men (1) up against the Paraffin Lamp Brigands. And this was a match that ebbed and flowed one way then the other! Colin Robertson edged out Craig Agnew to put the men from Uphall 1-0 up but back came the Brigands with two excellent wins with Gordon Bruce and Stevie Scott getting the better of Jim Mitchell and Gary Scott, so 1-2 for the Paraffin Lamp Brigands, Last game of the singles saw Martin Deegan coming out by 2 legs to 1 over Arran Edwards in superbly high scoring encounter and so after four singles matches score stood at 2-2. The first doubles pairing saw the Brigands team of Gordon Bruce and Arran Edwards winning 2 legs to 1 over Martin Deegan and Gary Scott, so with a 3-2 advantage it was now or nothing for the men from Uphall and it saw the pairing of Robertson and Mitchell keep the match alive edging out Scott and Agnew to take the match into overtime. Now it was a four man 1001 leg which would decide who claimed a grand final spot. And quite simply with absolutely nothing between the teams it saw a double six annexed for the Highway Men which saw them through to the final by the tightest of score lines 4-3.

The semi final on board three saw the Volunteer Highway Men (2) up against the league leaders at the moment from the Cawburn Sports bar or known as the Cawburn Assassins.

Once again a cracking match up which saw the team of Rex Brady, Stevie Duncan, John Fulton and Shaun Robertson taking a 3 games to 1 lead in the singles over William Borland, Paul Weir, Graeme Bird and William Harraughty. A fight back looked on the cards however the match was decided in the final pairs with the Highway Men taking the tie by 4 games to 2.

So the final saw the two teams from the Volunteer line up against themselves, needless to say the Volunteer Highway Men were crowned League Fours champions. So congratulations to Colin Robertson, Jim Mitchell, Gary Scott, Martin Deegan, John Charleston, Shaun Robertson, Rex Brady, Stevie Duncan, John Fulton. To the team from the Volunteer Arms on both teams making it through some tough matches well played the Highway Men from Uphall.

  Some top shooting from the night saw Maximums recorded by Arran Edwards of the Brigands, Stevie Duncan and Gary Scott from the Highway Men, and Colin Robertson with a cracking maximums score of 171 on the treble nineteen bed. Good finishes came from Stevie Duncan superb 121 via 60-11-bulls eye, William Borland with 114 and 77 game shots for the Assassins, Rex Brady 110 game shot, Martin Deegan rock solid 75 take out. Fast games came by way of Colin Robertson 19&20 arrows, Stevie Duncan 18 darter, Stevie Scott 18 dart game, Martin Deegan 17 &20 dart games, Mitchell 19 arrow leg.

  Once again many thanks to the Doo Club our sponsors of the W.C.D.D.L. and Mr John McDonald our League secretary for overseeing the proceedings on the night.


With the Four Man Team competition finals underway at the DooClub in East Calder 26 players from 4 teams, Brucefield Farmers, Murray Young Guns, Murray Nomads and Central Rebels descended on the Commercial Inn for an impromptu Best of 3 competition.

After the initial rounds had taken place the last 8 looked like this.

Jim Purse bt Clavin Flemming, Colin Hamilton bt John Sommerville, Ducket Aitken bt Jamie Banks, Kyle Gilmour bt Gary Baker. Somto the last 4,- Colin Hamilton bt Jim Purse, Ducket Aitken bt Kyle Gilmour. With Ducket Aitken claiming the winners prize beating Colin Hamilton in the final. A great night of darts with some good check-outs and high scores from upcoming players.

Ducket Aitken 180, 86 & 111 check-outs, Jamie Banks 98 & 112 check-outs, Kyle Gilmour 180 and 95 check-out, Jamie Flemming 180 and a 15 dart leg, Ben Robertson 180, Colin Hamilton 2 x 20, 19 and 18 dart legs.



Royal British Legion Bathgate

Open Singles on Saturday 21st February.

Quite simple from the central belt of Scotland they came Glasgow in the West and Edinburgh in the East and all points in-between. Quite simply put an exceptional strong field of arrowsmiths came to try and annex this prestige’s event and there were some fabulous games from the start from when the first toe touched the ocky when players took up their stance!

                                Here are the last 32 names etc

G Bruce bt G Scott. G Anderson bt J Cummings. F Quinn bt D Thomson. S Clow bt L Hayhurst.

D Jamieson bt D Burt. C Hendry bt M Duncan. J McGeary bt A Whyte. M Deegan bt Helen! D Morton bt A Hayhorst. S Carty bt J Johnston. A Jamieson bt W Tarr. J McMillan bt M Duncan. J Charleston bt Irene McInnes. G Thorburn bt M rice. D Innes bt J Kennedy. J Mitchell bt W Borland.

And so to the last 16.

Gordon Bruce bt Graham Anderson. Frank Quinn bt S Clow. David Jamieson bt C Kennedy. Jim McGeary bt Martin Deegan. David Morton bt Stephan Carty. Alan Jamieson bt Jim McMillan. John Charleston bt George Thorburn. Jim Mitchell bt D avie Innes.

And the Quarter Finals read like this with all the remaining players more than capable of lifting the title!

Gordon Bruce bt Frank Quinn. Jim McGeary bt Davie Jamieson. David Morton bt Alan Jamieson. Jim Mitchell bt John Charleston.

Semi final line up results is as follows.

Gordon Bruce 3-2 Jim McGeary. Jim Mitchell 3-1 David Morton.

Grand Final the best of 7x501

Saw a fabulous high scoring contest between two old adversaries’! And it was Mitchells finishing power that took the title with a 4-0 win Mitchells dart average for the final was 29.45 with games won in 15-16-16-21 darts which included highest finish of the day a 160 when Gordon was sitting on a double! Ouch double ouch.

Congratulations to both finalists as they fought themselves through some very hard matches and a very high calibre of entries, and of course nice that though they came from all along the corridor of the M8 it was two local West Lothian players in the final.

Well done the organisers, well run tournament everything ran like clockwork with never a an empty board, Also a very BIG THANK YOU to the Royal British Legion in Bathgate for putting up the Perpetual Shield plus the prize monies on offer a cracking club with friendly bar staff and I personally hope they continue to run many more such tournaments, an excellent venue. T.Y.

Some of the reported top shots from the days play will be many more missing but can only report on the ones mentioned!

Jim McGeary 2x13 darters plus games finished in 15 & 17 darts on the day! Also for good measure no fewer than 4 yes 4 maximum 180’s hit by this top Lanarkshire county captain. David Jamieson from that darting family dynasty firing in a cracking 15 darter plus a 143 game shot. Frank Quinn one of the county’s top youth players back in the day! Showing his class on the ocky is still there 15 darter plus a maximum 180. John Charleston Uphall’s favourite darting son maximum 180. Gordon (THE) Bruce 124 along with 115 and 96 game shots and games finished in 15-16-18-18-18-18- darts rock solid arrow chucking a man on form without any shadow of a doubt. Jim (Old Man) Mitchell 2x180’s along with games finished in 14-14-15-16-16-18 darts and finishes of 80-102-160. As stated there will be more top games but if players don’t tell the organisers at the control desk not a lot anyone can do about reporting them is there and I know that Michelle and Johnny did try to keep informed of all the top shots, so darters it really is up to you to keep them informed!

Prize monies paid out on the day went down to the last eight, q/f £10 each, s/f £20 each, r/up £80, winner £150.

And special prize to furthest lady player of £50 to Carol Kennedy...


Cawburn Sports Bar = Not the Scottish Open championship!

Ladies champion Denise Bird, Runner up Jillian Speirs. 

Men's champion Colin Robertson, runner up Pete Hastings.

more info will follow when it gets to me!!! 

Notes from the ocky!!!
Players finding form in the past week which includes the Bo'Ness league are

John Charleston Uphall’s favourite darting son 2x180's, Callum Wilkinson of Alloa infamy 2x180's
Graeme Bird from East Calder 1x180 as did Mitchell with a maximum as well. Good finishes of note Graeme Bird 82 game shot Mitchell 90-82-76 finishes. Ian Robertson firing in not one but three 80 game shots in the Bo'Ness Friday night league. Quickest games saw William Harraughty 16-17-18 darters in the Friday night singles league also on target was Graeme Bird with 3x18 plus a 17 dart game, Mitchell 6 sub 20 arrow legs finishing in 2x16-2x17-18-20 darts. Ian Robertson 7 sub 20 arrow legs finished in 17-18-18-19-19-19-20 plus a maximum 180. Mar Paterson 15 and 17 darters.
Now there will be more good shots out there from the past weeks darts but unless someone wants to drop me a line canny report them so please if you have information why not send it in always nice to give credit where credit is due!

Bentswood Open Tournament

Stoneyburn (Saturday 31 January)

X Factor takes the title!

Some of the finest exponents in the art of darts came to try and claim the title of Bentswood Open singles champion, They descended upon the Bentswood Inn in Stoneyburn from as far afield as Ayrshire in the West, Berwickshire in the south and from across the water! (The Forth) plus a host of local west Lothian players came to try and annex the title of Bentswood Open Champion.

And with Professional and International players alongside top county stars and of course the one night a week player the standard was red hot right from when the first arrow hit the flock of the board!

Maximum 180 hitters were plentiful and here are some of the recorded 180 hitters, Darren Walls 3x180’s, Other players recording one maximum apiece were Richard Baillie, Calum McKay, Andy Ovens, M Cowe, Dougie Hogg, Andy Boulton, there will be more but without the information getting to me I can’t report it can I!

Fast games came thick and fast and recording them were, Graeme Bird 14 darter, Darren Walls 17 & 20 dart games, John Donaldson 13 dart game, Calum McKay 14 darter, Mitchell 17&19&4x20 dart games, William Harraughty fired in no less than seven sub 20 darters 2x14 &16 & 2x17  2x19., Andy Boulton also in superb form recording 2x13 & 14 &16&17& 19 & 20 dart games and in the final he recorded a plus 30 per dart average superb form from a man who is definitely on top form.

Top finishes came from Ross Black (youth) with a cracking 121 game shot, Mitchell 100&98 finishes. Alan McDonald 83 game shot.

However the top two players on the day were without question William Harraughty and Andy Boulton who made it to the final. Congratulations to the man they call the X Factor Andy Boulton and also congratulations to William Harraughty who made it to the final well played both players.

W.L.G.T. Competitions!
Answer to a question that has been posted on the web site Why did I select four public houses to have open competitions in!

Reason is simple for over ten years now from Summer Leagues to Grand Prix events Winter Classics, Spring Classics, Pre Summer Classic competitions I have taken the competitions to many different venues, some teams I have played for and others that I have not. This time round I have brought in two brand new premises the Brucefield and the Cawburn and why not!
Also the Doo Club sponsors our Monday night league so that should explain their two venues! And of course the team that I play for usually has two events as well thats why the Volunteer has two venues because well I play for them! Think that is reason enough!
Now over the past decade I have gone out of my way to have competitions in other public houses in the region as well. However I also realise that other darting people also run competitions and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that a perfect example is the Summer League many years back I had seven men’s divisions and one ladies division battling it out over the summer months, now there are three other summer leagues being run by other people and so my vision which I thought would be good to have everyone playing in one big Summer league has sort of dissolved as more and more people have started their own competitions , And yes that is a good thing because it gives us the darting public more choice and many more opportunities to play where and when we want!
Signed a hard working dart enthusiast.
Jim M




The West Lothian Grand Prix event is now extinct, quite simply after six years of competitions spread over a ten month period it has run its course. And in that time we had three very worthwhile champions crowned, Rab Townsend, Colin Robertson and Gordon Bruce.

HOWEVER this does not mean that there will be no more competitions run by yours truly!

Having asked the question of how to improve a series of competitions like the G.P. there were a number of ideas put forward and I have decided to take one of them onboard and to put things simply into the new competition which will be played over a much shorter time period. Starting in April and ending before the summer holidays start. There once again will be four public houses involved with each of them supporting this new venture.

Each pub will asked to sponsor each competition to the sum of £120 this amount is because the new venture will be called The West Lothian Guineas Tour!

At each event the winner on the day will receive 100 guineas ok to you not old enough to know what a guinea is it is 21 shillings! So first prize £110 the other £10 will be put into a separate envelope and after the eight events the eighty pounds in this envelope will be split down into three prizes £40 to the winner, £25 to the runner up and £15 to the player in third position after the eight events are completed. So much like the G.P. of old points are available for every time you enter plus every match you win, but instead of a shirt there will be a money prize at the end of it.

Also all entry monies will be paid out and as per usual the entry fee will be £5 per person on the day and hopefully with enough entries the prize fund will be paid down to the last eight as per usual in these events.

So at the moment I have two dates confirmed and six more which hopefully will be conformed this evening So please check out the dates on the web site, all competitions are a Saturday afternoon, Now I realise there are lots of tournaments out there these days the reason for these ones is simple they are in the county and it keeps travelling costs to a minimum also it gives YOU the dart player the opportunity to put your darting skills against other players.

The West Lothian Darts Youth Academy
Report from Mr James Banks snr Chairperson W.L.Y.A.
The youths were back in action yesterday for the first time in around six months as a team a big thank you to the East Calder Doo Club C team for giving us a match we played the match upstairs in the doo club we played the match in the same format as a Monday night league match with six singles and three doubles the results were as follows WLYDA names first
Calvin Fleming 2 Kathy Henderson 1
Dean Craig 2 Jan Legget 1
Jamie Banks 2 Connie Bamberry 0
Kieran Bird 2 Denise Bird 0
Callum Little 2 Daisy Heeps 0
Lewis Gurney 1 Steven Cloltard (Guest) 2
So five games to one after the singles doubles results are as follows
Kieran Bird & Aiden Bird 2 Denise Bird & Kathy Henderson 0
the two Bird boys going home to cook there own dinner after beating mum twice in the one day
Jamie Banks & Ryan Fair 2 Connie Bamberry & Jan Legget 0
Callum Little & Lewis Gurney 0 Daisy Heeps & Steven Coltard (Guest) 2
So the final score and the first win of the new youth season goes to the WLYDA seven games to two WLYDA man of the match although he lost both his singles and doubles Lewis Gurney played some very good darts yesterday steady scoring and had plenty of time to win the match two nil and again two one but kept hitting the wire of the doubles great improvement from last season well done Lewis special mention to two new member of our academy Dean Craig playing his first ever competitive match and winning and to Ryan Fair playing his first match winning two nil in the doubles match Jamie Banks checked in his singles match 104 by way of treble 16 single 16 double 20 there will be no youth academy for the next two weeks this Sunday coming is the Central youth open a Winmau qualifier in the Bannockburn Miners social club 36 Morrison Drive Bannockburn FK7 0JA registration 11am till 11.45am competition starts 12 noon

Monday Night darts
The Quiet Men take the Title and the rest of us chalk the board!

Well with the second half of the season now underway it saw the normal league matches stop for a week, not that meant there were no darts being played Monday was the staging of the leagues Two Person Pairs competition the Match play doubles this is a competition where it is played over five legs of 501 with each player in a team playing the members of the opposition and should the score be 2-2 after the four singles legs a sudden death leg of 501 doubles would decide the outcome!
Now this competition is highly regarded to be one of the toughest competitions on the darting calendar to compete in.

Well 44 two person teams turned up to register and so with six boards in use for over three and a half hours the standard was to say the least explosive with many players turning on the style.
Big finishes which are the main stay of all good players were being recorded by many of the league’s top arowsmiths and here are the ones that were recorded on the night,

Jamie Fleming 92 game shot, Jim Quinn from Harthill 113 game shot, Mid Calder’s John Hanlon 98 take out, East Calder Hit Man Stevie Scott rock solid 78 game shot, Craig Agnew finding form with two good finishes off 75 & 80 match shots,
Rex Brady from Pumpherston 80 take out, Gary Finlayson cracking 102 kill, Brian Mairs one of the most underrated dart players in the league cracking 109 take out and a player you must take very seriously indeed.
Darters finding the red lipstick of the treble twenty saw Saun Robertson, Sandy Coulter, Gordon Bruce along with
Rex Brady firing in maximum 180’s also finding a maximum was Kirk Gordon with a superb 171 via the treble nineteen’s.

Now games finished in extra quick time saw some superb efforts put in and here are the ones reported!
West Calder’s Martin Balfour rock solid 20 darter, Scott Cameron (welcome back)! And Stevie Scott also with 20 darters however Stevie then went 3 better and fired in a nice 17 arrow leg, Rex Brady just one adrift of that score with a fine 18 arrow game, Brian Mairs 19 darter, Arran Edwards three excellent legs of darts 2x16 darters and a 19 leg game, Gordon Bruce 2 x14 dart games and a 15 darter, Saun Hanlon nice 18 arrow game, Mitchell a 15 darter.

Well once the first couple of hours of intense competition on the ocky were over we had eight worthy quarter finalists lined up and here are the results!

B Mairs & G Finlayson bt S Scott & C Agnew, The Fabulous Baker boys (brothers) bt M Deegan & R Brady.  S Duncan & S Robertson bt G Bruce & A Edwards, G Borland & G Bird bt J Devlin & J Grant.
Semi finals saw S Duncan & S Robertson bt G Borland & G Bird, B Mairs & G Finlayson bt The Baker Boys.
And then to the final which saw the pairing of Gary Finlayson and his long time darting partner Brian Mairs who represent the Uphall Station Chalkers from Uphall Station claim the title over the team of
Stevie Duncan & Saun Robertson of the Volunteer Highway Men from Uphall.

Congratulations go to the team of Brian and Gary this seasons Match Play Champions, commiserations to Stevie and Saun well played both teams.

For information we have at the moment teams picking up trophies at our end of season bash we have the
Cawburn Assassins, Volunteer Highway Men, Uphall Station Chalkers, Paraffin Lamp Brigands all on the trophy list and with the league so tight in both divisions and with so many teams now having extremely strong teams anyone from the top four in each league could quite simply put take the titles! And remember the teams just outside these positions will have a lot to say who and where the silver ware will end up come the final round up, should be some very exciting times ahead on a W.C.D.D.L. Monday night darts events!

Uphall v Nomads Monday 19/1/15
A close encounter between 2 old adversaries with neither team really producing their best darts but it was the Uphall Station Chalkers who held their nerves and claimed the points.
S. Russell 2-1 J.Quinn, J. Hanlon 1-2 J. Flemming, J. Brett 2-1 J. Bruton, Zokko Wilson 2-1 Disco Aitken, B. Mairs 2-1 C. Hamilton, Garry 2-0 J. Aitken.
5-1 after the singles in favour of the home side.
B. Mairs & Garry 2-0 J. Quinn & J. Bruton, S.Russell & J. Hanlon 2-1 J. Flemming & Disco Aitken, J. Brett & Zokko Wilson 0-2 C. Hamilton & J. Aitken.
and a deserved 7-2 overall victory to the Uphall Chalkers.
S. Russell 18 dart leg, 116 check-out, Zokko Wilson 20 dart leg, B. Mairs 180, 14 dart leg, J. Bruton a nice 85 check via 10, 25, bull. Disco Aitken 80 check.

Maximum 180 hitters saw Craig Agnew and Gordon Bruce of the Brigands finding the red lipstick on the night. Top finishes were recorded by John Tannoch from the Pirates of Craigshill with a cracking 100 game shot, other players finishing in style were John Charleston Uphall’s favourite darting son with not one but two 100 game shots, Arran Edwards on target with a 117 take out, Mitchell with a solid 86 game shot. Fast games in the past week were recorded by Martin Deegan 2x17 dart games, Colin Robertson 18 darter, John Charleston 17 and 18 dart games. But fastest game by far was the man from Pumpherston married life must be suiting him as he fired in yet another 12 dart game his second in to weeks Graham Borland once again recording the top game. Other players knocking in solid 20 darters were William Harraughty with 2x20 dart legs and John Two Hands Hanlon also with a 20 darter.

Paraffin Lamp Festive Open Singles Competition

Well what a turn out with players looking for a game of darts, arowsmiths from many of the leagues teams descended on the home of the Brigands who ply their darting skills form the Livingston centre, they came from the Almondvale Pirates, Uphall Station Chalkers, Doo Club Flyers, The Highlanders and Assassins form the Cawburn, Volunteer Highway Men along with the Cowboys and Indians from the Stirrup Stane in Craigshill, From the west they came from the Murray bar Nomads in Polbeth and the Rebellious ones from the Central Inn of  West Calder fame and notoriety and of course the home teams of the Brigands and the Oilers of the Paraffin Lamp.  

Well with so many talented darting enthusiasts in the draw all four boards had to used and the first couple of rounds had to be played over the cut throat best of 3 x 501 the reason such a terrific turn out for this competition, the quarter finals became the best of 5 x 501 the semi finals 7 x 501 and the grand final 9 x 501, so with so many of the area’s top echelon of dart players in attendance the competition was fiercely contested from when the first arrow thudded into the flock of the treble twenty.

Maximums recorded on the night were hit by Derek Bird from East Calder Flyers 1x180, Peter Hasting of the Highlanders recording 2x180’s, Paraffin Lamp Brigand Gordon Bruce 1x180. Volunteer Highway Men’s Stevie Duncan 1x180.  Frank Begley firing in a magnificent 171 on the treble nineteen’s. Arran Edwards of the Brigands 5x180’s. Jim Mitchell 3x180’s plus a 174 score to leave a double. Top finishes belonged to Peter Hastings 94 & 108 game shots. Kirk Gordon cracking 100 take out. Arran Edwards finishes off 89 7 98 & 121 on the bulls eye.
Jim Mitchell recording finishes of 80 twice & 98 & 100 game shots.
Matches finished in fewer than 20 arrows or less for a plus 25 per dart average were scored by
Derek Bird 16 darts. Peter Hastings 14 &17&18 darts. Stevie Duncan 17 darter. Jim Quinn 19 darts.
However the fast games recorded were scored by the two finalists with Arran Edwards firing in
2 x 12 darters plus games finished in 15darts twice along with 2x17 darters plus an 18 darter.
And Old Man Mitchell showing that age may not yet have caught up with him also on target firing
in 13-15-16-17-18 dart games.
So when all said and done it saw the Captain and organiser of this open tournament Stuart Tait of the Paraffin Lamp Brigands hand out the prize monies to the last four players left standing it saw, Derek Bird and Pete Hastings !! I think receive the semi finalist purses.
The runner up and a young man in tremendous form Arran Edwards take home the runners up purse,
And the eventual winner of the tournament on the night Jim Mitchell receive the first prize.
And so with that competition now over and I believe it to be the last of the year a
to the Paraffin
Lamp and their committee for running this end of the year tournament.
Folks have a good one where ever you may be May the New Years gods smile upon you in your future endeavours.

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