W.C.D.D.L. Exhibition Night For 2016 is Proud to present a full SCOTTISH line up of players.

February exhibition this season will once again have three players to entertain us and they are from the future the present and the past!

Big John Henderson now ranked in the top 32 in the PDC rankings from Huntley in Aberdeenshire, Gary Stone also on the PDC tour and winner of many open tournaments and also a nine dart man! And for those with memories of the man called Pancho, yes a former Lakeside semi finalist and one of Scotland’s great ambassadors Ronnie Sharp, So for the first time since the start of these exhibitions over 11 years ago we have a full SCOTTISH line up, In the past we have had if memory serves, Gary Robson & Alex Lister, Peter Manley & Chrissie Howett,  Martin Adams, Darryl Fitton & Tony O’Shea (twice), Gary Anderson & Gary Robson (twice), Ted Hankey, Deta Hedman, Alan Norris & Andy Boulton (twice), Jamie Harvey (twice), Robbie Green. And now joining this fantastic line up of top players we can add, John Henderson, Ronnie Sharp, and Gary Stone.

So once again the venue for our darting get together will be the Doo Club in East Calder home of the leagues sponsors. See you there.

OOPS almost forgot we are looking for players from all the teams in the league to play their part and have at least one representative to play on the night, these events are for all the teams in the league and are not selected by the committee as in some other leagues.

The web site motto is.
A Day Without Laughter is a Day Wasted!



Yes that is how long it took from the start of the match before Callum Wilkinson sealed the title for the Bentswood Inn team from Stoneyburn by hitting the winning double which sealed the title of Bathgate & District league champions on a Friday night. And with two games to go they might even manage to go the season undefeated and with the K.O. Cup also in their possession that would make it an outstanding season for the whole team. Many thanks to our host on a Friday night the gaffer of the Bentswood Inn (John Reidy) who came along last night to present the guys and gals with bottles of sparkling bubbly to toast the victory, but it was decided to put them on ice and we would wait until a free week then have a wee friendly darts game amongst ourselves, with William Bridges Borland our nominated marker for the night, this was decided by a show of hands when he wasn’t there!

Well done the Big ‘G’ team captain of the Bathgate & District Darts League Champions.

On the night 4 x 180’s were recorded, Jim Kennedy and Wullie Jack for the visiting Royal British Legion team and Old Man Mitchell and the Ranger Paul Weir for the home side, top finishing saw Paul Weir 82 g.s. and a 17 darter, William Harraughty 100 g.s. and an 18 darter, Callum with 2Xl’S Wilkinson with a match winning 87 g.s. and lets not forget the Old Man’s double 1 g.s.


League results & League tables updated at 3pm 10th Feb 2016

The Doc studying form!
Kluas checking the talent!
Klaus and Ivan with Jamie and Chris
Linwood Club Exhibition



Well Thursday night saw four intrepid dart enthusiasts take to the road yes they braved the M8 on a Thursday at 4.40pm talk about tail backs! But always at the end of this journey was the Jamie Harvey exhibition night which was to help raise money for Jamie’s charity evening, In the hall we had Chris Mason who is back on the circuit when his television commitments let him, Scottish internationals Paul Hanvidge and former Scottish player Mark Barrilli who is now enjoying life on the dark side! With the PDC, Making his way up from South of the Border as well was the great shark himself Graeme Stoddard another player who player regularly on the main PDC events for quite some time. Also making a guest appearance was that famous Scottish International cricket player Andy Goram ok sometimes he played a bit of football as well. Now on the night players were drawn at random from the crowd and when you remember this was a fun night there were a few laugughs along the way, however Chris Mason played four games in which he hit 3 x 180’s,  100 game shot 25-25-50 but best of all at the end of a 12 darter so after 9 arrows he was left on 96 and of course he finished the easy way 32-32-32 super stuff from a player who looks like he is right on the top of his game. And can I also say the buffet just after 9pm was fantastic, what a spread the best I have ever seen at one of these nights, well don the Linwood club superb venue and they did not rip you off at the bar either what a cracking night.

Anyway always nice to see players turn up to support one of the founding members of the PDC lets not forget those players who took a stand and made the break all those years ago, with out them I doubt if there would be hardly any darts on the box in this day and age, we all owe them a great deal!

For goodnes sake, dont let Gillian see this one!
Honest she kissed me!?
Jim thinking HOW did I get into this!




Mixed results from this week from our representatives in the Murrayfield Sports Bar Premier League, Win’s, Lose and a Draw.

First up saw Jamie Banks drawing 6-6 with Davie Love in which trebles were easy however doubles started to shrink a bit! Martin Deegan playing through the pain barrier went down 0-7 very unlike the man from Dechmont, who also had to borrow a set of arrows as he has somehow lost one of his three trusty spears. Stephan Colthart had defeat with his opponent not missing a double 0-7; Gillian Bell fired in her doubles in an all ladies tie with Hazel Aitken and came away with a fine 7-2 victory to keep her outside chance of qualification for the final still in place. William Borland once again in fine form with 15-16-17-20 darters in his 7-0 win last night, Old Man Mitchell fired in a maximum 180, game shot of a 100 plus legs finished in 12-16-17 darts on his way to a 7-0 win, and keeps the pressure on the top two in his league. And where you finish in the league will have a lot to do with the order of play in the grand final as it will be seeded so I have been told!




Last seasons Premier league champions the Cawburn Assassin’s now sit proudly at the top of the league once again, with two 9-0 victories in the past two weeks they are now two points in front of their nearest rivals last seasons runners up the Highway Men from the Volunteer in Uphall, the Paraffin Lamp Brigands put the Highway Men to the sword winning 6 games to 3, and yes the Brigands actually turned up this week with a team full of their top players, unlike the previous week, so now the chase begins in earnest can the Brigands catch the top two teams in the league if they turn up every week with a full complement of players then it is possible, however the Rebellious ones from West Calder and John Bruton’s Nomads also from the West, may have a lot to do with the final league placing, and when you look at the Pirates from Craigshill who also have an excellent squad of players these teams will have an awful lot to do with where the title ends up! So the Highway men who have a very small squad may have to make sure there are no more beatings or I do think the Assassin’s might just get to far in front to be caught. However as that Demi God of Norse mythology who resides in Whitburn (BRAGI) says (we welcome the chase) Oh yes we welcome the chase bring it on! Oh please feel free to check out who Bragi is and was from Norse mythology!

Kiss of Death

Looks like commentators curse, there was me telling everyone how the Loganlea Colliers were the only undefeated team in the W.C.D.D.L. and look what happens, the Farmers from Brucefield go and spoil my report!



As many off you will be aware there are a lot of dart competitions around at the moment, And I have tried my best to not clash with any County matches, or Youth Tournaments, However there inevitably will be clashes with tournaments out with my control, So quite simply we have a sponsor in the CAWBURN SPORTS BAR  who is willing to put up cash money for our prizes, so players if you think you can not now commit to the Saturday competition you need to let me know A.S.A.P. Could I ask players to confirm their entry into this Saturday League, entry now stands at 2 leagues of 14.


Jim M



Friday night may have seen the Bentswood Inn from Stoneyburn clinch the league, however on paper they can still be caught with three games to go they are now six points clear and Only now need now to win of their remaining matches to be crowned champions. Friday saw the Coppies team from Armadale come a calling and it was tremendous match up not so many fast games as you might expect from these top teams but a very nervous encounter, with so much riding on the outcome of this match, as Danny Kirkland’s team were still in with a great shout should they win!

However it saw the home team take a 4-2 lead in the singles and then with the team captains changing things around and just as well for the Bentswood team as team captain Big 'G' and his trusty sidekick Ian Stevenson claimed the winning double to seal the win in the first pairing,  because the  Coppies men came firing back to claim the last two doubles matches so a final score of 5-4 to the home team. Fast games of note saw William Borland firing in a cracking 14 darter, Mick Burke 17 and 18 darters and William Harraughty a 76 game shot, as I said some good scoring but nervy finishing this really was anyone’s game!



Borland, Mitchell and Deegan all winning with Gillian Bell and Stephan Colthart unfortunately losing.

William Borland 2 x 180's and a 16 darter, Mitchell 81-94-100 game shots and three games finished in 17-18-20 arrows. 


Report from Match Secretary Connie


Central Bar Rebels 6-3 Doo Club Flyers

Cawburn Assassin’s 9-0 Paraffin Lamp Brigands

Doo Club Fanciers 2-7 Tower Knights

Kirknewton Ninja’s 2-7 Commercial Juniors

Commercial Nomads 6-3 Cawburn Highlanders

Uphall Station Chalkers 4-5 Almondale Pirates

Paraffin Lamp Oilers 0-9 Stirrup Stane Indians

Loganlea Colliers 3-6 Brucefield Farmers



Highlander’s player Paul Gausden 78 game shot, Lorne Mitchell 86 game shot,

Nomads player Jamie on Fire Fleming 82 game shot,  Kyle Gilmour 19 dart game, Davie Aitken 19 darter, Jim the Jamaican Aitken cracking 103 game shot and an 18 dart game, Gilmour and Quinn nice 16 darter in the doubles matches,

Assassins player Graeme Birdman Bird 16 dart game, William Bridges Borland 17 & 19 dart games, William Harraughty 20 darter,Callum the man with 2 x l’S Wilkinson 19 dart leg,

Commercial Juniors player Jim Purse firing in a maximum 180

Brucefield Farmers saw Jamie Banks taking out a cracking 112 game shot.

Cawburn Highlanders player Christopher Mitchell 112 game shot



Doo Club Flyers 2-7 Commercial Nomads

Paraffin Lamp Brigands 5-4 Central bar Rebels

Tower Bar Knights 9-0 Paraffin Lamp Oilers

Commercial Juniors 7-2 Doo Club Fanciers

Cawburn Highlanders 2-7 Uphall Station Chalkers

Volunteer Highway Men 4-5 Cawburn Assassins

Stirrup Stane Indians 3-6 Loganlea Colliers

Deans Golden Oldies 7-2 Kirknewton Ninja’s



ASSASSINS PLAYERS William Bridges Borland 16 darter, Paul the Ranger Weir 1 x 180,

William I AM Harraughty 15 & 16 dart games, Birdman Graeme Bird 113 game shot,

Highway Men players Jim Mitchell 20 dart game, Gary Scott 108 game shot plus a 15 darter, Martin Penfold Deegan 16 dart game and a 76 game shot,

Doo Club Fanciers saw Daisy Heeps with Game shot of the week 26 left finished with double 6 double 7.

Junior’s player Campbell game shot of 77



Well where to start, lets try Friday, the Bentswood Inn kept up their good run in the Bathgate and District dart league with another fine win, making them the only undefeated team in the league this season, William Borland firing in 2 x 17 dart games and even the Old Man Mitchell getting in on the action with a wee 12 darter via 140-100-140-121 g.s..

Saturday saw a great contingent of players from the county descend upon the Loanhead Miners Community club for the McKechnie pairs, it saw William Borland , Kieran Bird, Jamie Banks, Colin Robertson, William Harraughty, Graeme Bird, Denise Bird, Rex Brady, Martin Deegan, and yours truly all trying to get their hands on the silverware, however it was the Pairing of John Eyre and Paul Hannaway who took the first prize on the day, top shots from the West Lothian players came by way off, Kieran Bird 1 x 180, William Borland 1 x 180, Jim Mitchell 2 x 180’s and a 88 game shot, but man of the day for our local area had to be Colin Robertson playing through the pain barrier fired in 3 x 171’s along with finishes off 94 -100-101.

Sunday saw William Borland travel through to the Airdrie Open and have not got any detail as yet I can confirm the Airdrie Open Singles title went to our very own 9 dart man from East Calder well done William Borland champion on the day beating Ryan Murray 4 games to 2 in the grand final, and I am more than positive it there is even more to come.



Murrayfield Bar Premier League.

Well the usual suspect from the Monday night league were there, and some excellent results, first up saw two Brucefield Farmers players toe off against each other with Jamie Banks coming away with a fine 7-0 win over Stephan Colthart who gets chances at doubles but for some reason he just isn’t hitting them! Jamie firing in two maximum 180’s back to back in leg six of this match up, Martin Deegan at 6-4 up looked good for a win over Kirknewton’s Alan Ibster who sits top of the league they are in with Martin sitting in second position and though the Dechmont Hobbit rattled in 3 x 180’s it ended up all square at 6 games apiece a fair result! Mitchell took his chances in a high scoring encounter with Alan Van White who just could not find his doubles, Mitchell winning 7-1 with finishes of 96-92-77 along with a maximum 180 and a 14 darter. William Borland managed a win over Scott Gardiner when he was 3-1 down it did not look good but once he got his scoring back to normal  (Bridges)came away with a fine 7-5 win over last seasons champion and I believe he may be the only player in the four leagues who has not lost a match!



The Monday night league now has only one undefeated team in their two leagues, the Loganlea Colliers under the leadership of Alan (ZOKO) Wilson are now the only team not to lose a league match so far this season so it will be interesting to see if they can go the whole road in the Championship without losing a match, some very good teams in the Championship league and they will all now be looking to try and knock the Colliers of this run of win’s! Last night the league leaders in the Premier took on their nearest and dearest! the Assassins from the Cawburn Sports Bar who were sitting as the second best placed team in the league and were also last years defending league champions, and it saw the visitors to the Volunteer Arms in Uphall come away with the points, First up saw the Assassins take the lead with William Bridges Borland edging out Pete Hastings by 2 games to 1, the next two matches however went to the home side with wins for Mitchell and Scott, the next match is always a pivotal match when the score is this tight either a two game lead or all square and as the darting gods would have it this match was now all square at 2-2 with Callum Wilkinson hitting those vital doubles when they came round, William Harraughty then gave the visiting Assassins the lead with a superb performance with 15 & 16 darters which could have been quicker? So 2-3 for the visitors, however the home team were soon level again at 3-3 thanks to a rock solid performance from Martin Deegan and so to the doubles and it was the away team who hit those important ones! And after claiming the first two matches the points were heading back to the home of the Assassins the Cawburn Sports Bar in Pumpherston, the last match went to the home side so a final score line of 4-5, and with the league now as tight as it can be can be the chasing pack now have the opportunity to catch the front runners and with a lot of teams now finding their form the second half of the season should see some real fireworks on the ocky’s on a Monday night. Who would be a captain in the Premier league to be sure it is no place for the faint hearted!



Scottish Youth competition was held in Glenrothes at the week end and once again a youth player from East Calder made it to the final this time Kieran from that darting family of the Bird clan, Well done to Kieran Bird who has had an excellent past six months on the ocky making it to the last eight in the world at the youth finals down in Hull and now runner up in the Scottish youth singles. More news will be available when it gets to me.


Week –End report

First off the Bathgate Friday night league held their annual five person team competition in the their sponsors venue Coppies Bar in Armadale,

With each match being the best of 5 x 501 and with five players in each team first to put three chalks on the board would be the winners!

Well after many hours of play it saw the Bentswood Inn from Stoneyburn toe the ocky against the 32 Club from Shott’s, and because time was getting on it was decided that two boards would be in action simultaneously, it saw the 32 Club go in front thanks to James (Pelter) Graham, but it was the Stoneyburn team that claimed the next three matches to take the title in a thrilling encounter by a score line of 3 games to 1, cracking match up with some of the matches going right down to the final double. Champions, Stoneyburn team from the Bentswood Inn, runners up 32 Club from Shott’s.

Saturday afternoon saw a magnificent turn out at the Bentswood Inn for an Open singles competition with players from East Lothian and Fife all in the mix, The final saw Stevie Johnston edging out local man Arran Edwards in the grand final, more info will be reported as and when it gets to me!

Some statistics from the week end that I have Callum Wilkinson 18 & 19 & 20 dart games, Martin Deegan 1 x 180 plus 17 & 18 darters and a cracking 80 game shot tops tops! Ian Stevenson 101 game shot, William Borland 16 & 20 dart games plus a 180, Paul Weir 1 x 180 and games finished in 18 & 20 darts, John Somerville 2 x 20 darters and a third leg finished in 21 darts, Graeme Bird 18-18-20 dart games plus a 76 take out, Jim Mitchell 121 and 78 game shots plus an 18 darter. Arran Edwards games finished in 14-15-17 along with a superb 146 game shot and a maximum 180 (there will be more from (Arran to follow) Colin Robertson 3 x 171 heavy scoring on the treble 19’s plus an 18 darter, More news will be available later with hopefully some photo’s as Mick Burgess was doing his best to capture the atmosphere all day with his camera, look forward to seeing the photo’s.

Also now have over 20 entries for the Saturday competition which will start in March in the Cawburn, read about it on the left hand column it has its own page!



Once a gain the West Lothian contingent travelled to the Murray Field Bar for the Premier league Wednesday night matches, and there was some superb throwing from the local darters, Jamie Banks, Jim Mitchell, Martin Deegan and William Borland all recorded wins in their respective leagues, with only Stephan Colthart losing, Gillian Bell was unavailable to play due to travel constraints, (on holiday in Fuerteventura) while her man has to pine away in a wintry Scotland! (Tee hee) Top shots from the nights play saw Jamie Banks rattling in 2x180’s, Jim Mitchell 14 dart game his third of the week, but without any shadow of doubt William Borland is still and from the start of the league is on fire, 2x180’s and finishes of 95 & 114, followed by games finished in 14-16-17-18-19-19 darts excellent shooting from this East Calder man. As many will know William Bridges Borland travelled down to the PDC qualifying school last week with some mixed results, however he did make a board final and rattled in some decent scores when he was given the chance! (Hard school of knocks) 2 x 180’s, 1 x 177, 100 and 126 game shots, 15-16-17-18-18-18-18 dart games.

Also this week it saw the Assassins from the Cawburn Sports Bar travel up the hill to the home of the Kirknewton Innkeepers! (with perhaps a new nickname as in the Kirknewton Ninja’s) anyway a good night with only the one maximum score recorded and that was from the Ranger Paul Weir, top finish on the night Billy Stirling with a cracking 109 game shot, but let us not forget William Borland’s incredible 37 dart game yes 37 darts, there is hope for us all yet!


RESULTS W.C.D.D.L 18/1/16

Doo Club Fanciers 1– 8 Deans Golden Oldies B.C.

Almondale Pirates    7-2 Cawburn Highlanders

Uphall Station Chalkers B.C. 8-1 Doo Club Flyers

Brucefield Farmers 7-2 Stirrup Stane Indians

Commercial Inn Nomads 2-7 Paraffin Lamp Brigands

Loganlea Colliers 5-4 Tower Bar Knights

Paraffin Lamp Oilers 0-9 Commercial Inn Juniors

Central Bar Rebels 4-5 Volunteer Highway Men


Mick Burke 20 darter, Gordon Bruce maximum 180, Jamie Fleming maximum 180,

John Somerville 112 game shot, Bunny Forrest 106 game shot, Fred Hamilton 88 game shot,

Brian Wallace 133 take out nice to see this man back on form after a quiet time on the ocky! Liam Corbett 97 game shot, Alan Galbraith 96 game shot, Lorne Mitchell 116 take out.

Scott Cameron and Shaun Clow nice 18 dart doubles game.


January 30th

32 Club Shotts, Open Singles, 12.30 register, toe ocky 1pm, £250 in prize monies, guaranteed.

January 30th

McKechnie Pairs, Loanhead Miners Club register by 1pm, £10 per pairs. £500 guaranteed

January 31st

Airdrie working men’s open, register between 11-12 mid day.

February 11th

Tribute night for Jamie Harvey, Linwood Welfare Club, 01505 674950 for tickets.

February 13th

Not the Scottish Open, Cawburn Sports Bar Pumpherston, register for 1pm, £7 entry

February 20th

Bob Hall Memorial Competition, Venue Royal British Legion, Bathgate.

February 27th

Charity Singles, Dasher, Prestonpans, 12.30 registration

February 29th

W.C.D.D.L. Pro- night, Doo Club , East Calder, Big John Henderson , Gary Stone, Ronnie Sharp, £7 a ticket, available from committee next delegates meeting 13th Jan.

March 13-16th

Isle of Man Week end

March 18th

Gary Stone, Exhibition, Golf Tavern Haddington £7 a ticket,, Flyer before event, with possibilities last 4 will play in exhibition. 5.45 register for comp, 7PM for exhibition.

March 25-27th

Dumbuck Darts week end –pre enter  £8 ladies-£10 men

Glasgow Road Dumbarton  G82 1EG


Rebel’s v Highway Men

The Rebellious ones from the Central Inn in West Calder rolled out the welcome mat for the visiting Highway Men from the Volunteer Arms in Uphall, and ‘boy’ was it a baptism of fire the visitors walked into!

Match went something like this Highway Men winning the first match by 2 games to 1, This match saw Martin Balfour firing in a 19 dart game for the hosts which was then replied with 15 & 17 dart games plus a cracking 97 game shot from Pete Hastings for the visitors, and that basically set the tone of the whole match, second match up saw Scott Baker winning 2-1 in a match which saw both Scott and Mitchell firing 14 dart games back to back, so 1-1, Shaun Hanlon then put the hosts back in front with a 2-0 win over Gary Scott, the next match swung one way then the other before John Papa Charleston got over the winning line from Andy Price who had taken a 1-0 lead with a cracking 78 game shot 3-51-24to even the score by 2 games to 1 , Rex Brady and Martin Deegan then gave the visitors some lea way both securing wins over Graham Smith and Ryan Little so at 4 games to 2 for the travelling men from Uphall it looked like they might coast to a win!, Don’t you believe it, the doubles saw the Rebellious ones come out all guns blazing and their first pairing of Shaun Hanlon and Ryan Little made the score 3-4 with a classic finish with Mitchell being left 36 on his next visit to the board and the Rebels looking at 160 on the board you might fancy your chances however Ryan Little took out the finish 60-60-40 sweet as any finish you will see this season superb game shot, and so the gap had closed to just one match and then it was all square as the home side levelled the match at 4-4 so after an hour and a half of match play darts it was down to the last double and it saw the visitors just edge it even with a miscount from our very own Hobbit from Dechmont who had the team thinking we had blown it Martin checking out on double twenty! Unfortunately he was looking at the wrong side of the chalk board and had 70 left! anyway we forgive you as in his next visit he found the double 10 that gave the match to the Highway Men by the tightest of score lines 5-4, this was a match that quite simply could have gone either way and  to be truthful the Rebels playing like that should quite simply be at the top of the league placing, this team a couple of seasons ago wiped the floor with the Championship league and in getting promoted great things were expected from them, they just seem to start of slowly in the Premier league, but if this match is anything to go by they look like they are now a match for anyone, And if they don’t finish in the top three, they will certainly have a lot to say in who does finish in the top places. Superb match and a cracking advert for Monday night darts in the West Calder & District Darts League.

Notes of interest from the night go like this, Scott Baker 14 darter, Jim Mitchell 14 darter, Pete Hastings 15 & 17 dart games, Martin Balfour 19 darter, Ryan Little 160 game shot, Pete Hastings 97 game shot, Andy Price 78 game shot, Martin Deegan maximum 180.



William Stirling from the Innkeepers on the hill, will receive a bottle of whisky from myself, To be truthful never thought anyone would get close to answering all the questions correctly!

One was slightly wrong Billy gave me the first player to hold the record for round the board in doubles, fastest time, so will accept that however the fastest time was over a minute quicker!!!!

Well done the Innkeepers BILLY STIRLING. 





Cracking night of darts at the Doo Club, with some of the top teams in the area all sending combatants to take part in this competition, Some top scoring going on around the boards, and with the format being cutthroat at the start of the evening just the best of 3 x 501 this competition was wide open. First player to get his name on the statistics for the evening’s play was Brucefield Farmer Stephan Colthart with an 84 game shot, Ian Stevenson & Stephan Morrans rattled in a 17 dart leg in their opening match, and Davie Nisbet & Chris Forsyth firings in 16-16-18-20 dart games nice to see these two elder statesmen still have the game in their locker! Fastest game of the night went to  two players on top form Mick Burke & Gordon Bruce of the Paraffin Lamp Brigands with a superb 14 arrow game, Not many recorded maximum scores recorded on the night but the players who did hit them came from the same team Jamie Fleming with 2 x 180’s and his partner in crime Davie Aitken with 1 x 177 score, and this dynamic duo not only produced the only maximums of the evening but went on to annex the tile as well, a superbly exciting final which saw the two Williams in the form of Borland & Harraughty from the Assassins of the Cawburn in Pumpherston firing in some excellent double scoring but it was the finishing power of Fleming & Aitken off the Nomads who ply their arrow throwing from the Commercial Inn West Calder that saw them lift the title by 4 games to 2.

So last four teams at the semi final stage were.

Borland & Harraughty bt Derek Bird & Kevin Murphy, Aitken & Fleming bt Chris Forsyth & Davie Nisbet.

Champions for 2016 Jamie Fleming & Davie Aitken (congratulations)

Runners up for 2016 William Borland & William Harraughty (commiserations)



Well another excellent turnout for a local tournament with players from the East & West descending upon the Volunteer Arms in Uphall, with the man known as the Dechmont hobbit or sometimes Penfold, yes Martin Deegan had the three boards in constant use and with the music sending out great vibes thanks to the generosity of George Jukebox Thorburn putting his selection of cracking tunes on there was great party atmosphere at the Volunteer Arms on Saturday afternoon.

Here are some of the stats collated on the day with the Marshall Colin Robertson keeping a close eye on the scores and checkouts recorded.

Top finishes saw Andrew Davidson 149 g.s. Colin Robertson 148 g.s. Frank Quinn 143 g.s. Scott Gardiner 121 g.s. Jim Mitchell 120 g.s. Greg Ritchie 114 & 92 g.s. Graham Borland 109 g.s. Michael Rice 100 g.s.

Maximums scores 171-180 all count,   recorded by,  Michael Rice 1x177, Andrew Davidson 1 x 180, Chris Forsyth 1 x 180, Gordon Bruce 2 x 180’s, Gary Scott 2 x 180’s,

Fast Games from 20 darts or less,  fired in by , Andrew Davidson 14-17 darters, Michael Rice 20 darter, Mitchell 16 darter, Graham Borland 18 darter, William Borland 20 darter, Gary Scott 17-19-20 dart games, John Papa Charleston 15-16-16 darters, Colin Robertson 17-19-19 dart games, Scott Gardiner 15 darter, Greg Ritchie 18 dart game, Gordon Bruce 17-17-18 dart games, Chris Forsyth 17-17-20-20 darters. Fastest recorded game 13 arrow leg by Will I Am Harraughty.

And the last eight players left standing saw, G Bruce bt C Forsyth, G Ritchie bt C Robertson, G Scott bt J Mitchell,  A Davidson bt G Borland, Semi Final saw, G Scott bt A Davidson, G Bruce bt  G Ritchie. Grand Finale saw Gordon (THE) Bruce bt Gary (Capt 180) Scott in the final. Cracking day at the darts and the prize monies went like this.

 Quarter finalists £20 each, Semi finalists £40 apiece, runner up £75, Champion £150. And I believe fastest game for a 13 darter also received £20 (William Harraughty), highest finish on the day also £20 (Andrew Davidson).

Well done to everyone who made this a great day out, lot of work by the organiser having to do a lot of phoning  around to get a third board and light etc, and then setting it up etc, but worth it in the end, well done Martin.



Wednesday night report.

Well a mixed bag when it came to results from the Murrayfield Bar Premier league this week with its first matches since the festivities have passed!

Stephan Colthart & Gillian Bell both losing though Stephan had so many shots at a double you would think at least some of them would have gone in, Gillian rattled in some good scores in the first leg of her match no score under 60, however her opponent gave her no chances at a shot out even taking out a superb 156 in game four, Jamie Banks carrying on as he left off just before Christmas with a fine 7-2 victory, William Borland once again in terrific form winning 7-1 and shooting even further ahead in the maximum 180 league table with another two to add to his tally, Mitchell also winning 7-1 in a good scoring match, Martin Deegan fighting out a draw 6-6 with Aaron Tilley, so a mixed bag of results, stats from the night go like this, Martin Deegan 1 x 180, William Borland 2 x 180’s along with 15-15-16-16-18 dart games, Mitchell 15-16-18 darters and a 76 game shot.


Fiercest Beard Win’s Title

Fabulous turn out with most teams from the league represented and with the festive period not yet dead and buried for 62 players to turn out the Monday after New Year this was an excellent entry, and also considering not every players cup of tea! 301 double start it is a competition that makes you think!

So with six boards in constant use and the final being played in the function hall upstairs we had the competition split into two groups who would play down to two players from each section of the draw and that would give us the semi finals.. Here is how it panned out from the last eight players from both sections.

Bar last eight, Shaun Clow bt Callum Wilkinson, Derek Bird bt Rex Brady, William Borland bt Stephan Morrans, Stevie Scott bt Jim Aitken, Last four results downstairs, Shaun Clow bt Derek Bird, and Stevie Scott bt William Borland. So making their way to the semi finals upstairs were Shaun Clow and Stevie Scott.

Function Hall upstairs last eight, Steven Hume bt Jim Cassidy, Bryan Stewart bt Ian Stevenson, William Harraughty bt Kieran Bird, Davie Aitken bt Colin Hamilton, Last four results upstairs, Bryan Stewart bt Steven Hume, Davie Aitken bt William Harraughty.

So after some two and a half hours of play we had the semi final line up, Best of 5 x 301, Shaun Clow bt Stevie Scott, Davie Aitken bt Bryan Stewart.

And in the Grand Final it saw a very close match with big check inns and some tensely missed doubles! All adding to a very good final in which the audience were totally engrossed with a good thirty plus players staying back to watch the last two men standing, However there can be only one winner and it saw Shaun Clow from the Almondale Pirates take the title over a gallant runner up Davie Aitken from the Commercial Nomads in West Calder by 4 games to 2.

Once again many thanks to all who turned up and to our, Match and League secretaries for running a very smooth competition, t.y.


Some top scores from the nights play, Chris Mitchell nice 162 score via 3x 54 and a 12 dart game, Derek Carmichael 83 game shot, Kirk Gordon 96 game shot, Scott Cameron 99 take out, Bryan Stewart 119 & 97 game shots along with a maximum 180 plus a 12 dart game , Davie Aitken 2 x 11 dart games and a 12 darter plus a cracking 111 game shot and a 80 take out  , Ian Stevenson 83 game shot,  Stevie Paton cracking 122 game shot going out on the bulls eye, Callum Wilkinson firing in 9 darts and a 10 dart game along with a 96 game shot, Rex Brady 2 x 11 dart games, Ryan Little 110 game shot, John Two Hands Hanlon nice 120 take out and a 12 dart game, William Borland 2x180’s along with a fabulous 7 darter and game shots of 120 and 81. For those who wonder why their fast games are not on the report 12 darts is the cut off point being a 25 per dart average same as 501 being 20 dart games,.

 Borland claims first singles title of the year!

William Borland from East Calder travels to Tillicoultry and wins Red Lion charity singles.

More news as it gets to me. 




First report of the New Year.

Well the annual Tap of the Toon competition was held in Loanhead and the dart players on show were without a doubt a formidable sight! players from Renfrewshire, the Borders and of course the central belt were in attendance, along with some die hard West Lothian players in the shape of William Harraughty, Martin Deegan, Graeme Bird, William Borland, Jim Mitchell, Gary Christie, as were Denise Bird and Gillian Bell Amy Whyte and Michelle McLay for the ladies.

Unfortunately most of the guys were put out in the first round perhaps still a tad under the weather from their New Years festivities! But the Old Man Jim Mitchell did survive a few rounds making his way to the semi finals where he went out to eventual winner Ryan Murray who edged out Gary Stone in the grand final, the Old Man receiving a £100 for his efforts on the day which went into Gill’s holiday fund tin,( for Benidorm) cracking day out and one of the strongest fields of dart players I have seen in a long time, was told over 100 players in the men’s draw and 32 in the ladies, well done to the organisers Harry Toddman & Asa Lawson for running this event great job .

Mitchell with stats of 3 x 180’s, 3 x 14 darters 1 x16 darter and 2 x 18 dart games.

So if I have missed anything out drop me a line and it will be added.

Scottish Super League Champions 1983
For the whole of the country, some players still playing!

Well dart players here was a top team, and in this photo is the one man from our area who played for Scotland on more than one occasion, Yes Mr Iain MacGillvray, Iain is just to the left of the photo as you look at it, with the beard!

Without a doubt the counties top player, Iain sadly passed away a couple of years ago, but some of his title winning team are still in action today in the local leagues. 

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