Monday Night is Darts Night
as is every other night as well!

John Skippy Charleston on the left!
Newest member to the 170 club


Once again a member of the W.C.D.D.L. has achieved a perfect finish.

John Charleston has joined Bunny Forrest, William Borland and Stevie Duncan in recording the highest finish in the sport of darts a magnificent 170. You can go a long time without even hearing or seeing one of these perfect shots, but here we are in the summer leagues and there have been four recorded in different leagues, Fabulous shooting from these marksmen of the W.C.D.D.L.



Any new teams wishing to enter the above league should have a letter of
request handed to the league secretary (John Macdonald) before the
meeting starts, and have a representative attend this meeting
The cost of entry will be as follows:
(Refundable once league fixtures have been honoured)
ALL TEAMS OLD & NEW: £25 (Unless changed at AGM)
PLAYER REGISTRATION: £3 EACH (Unless changed at AGM)
1. Minutes of last year’s AGM
2. Matters Arising
3. Financial Report
4. Election of Committee
5. League Applications
6. Any other business


MAXIMUM-TOP FINISHES-FAST GAMES League tables will be updated on Sunday 2nd August

So if you have any information to send in now would be a good time1



Dart players who have earned the right to play in the final of the Cawburn Premier League which is this Friday.

There has been one withdrawal unfortunately due to another commitment. Now all players who by right have made the final will receive their prize monies. But if there are some players who may not be able to attend and there could be more than one! the positions they vacate will be played for by the players who were fifth in their respective leagues, Quite simply players will be given the chance to compete however they will have to win their respective match before being awarded any prize money, as already stated the players who qualified in the last four of each group will still receive their money even if they can’t make it. HOWEVER no player will receive a walk over into the quarter finals, that would not be fare on the rest of the qualifiers; All prize monies is now in envelopes and will be presented after the final match is played and not before, So please don't go up to our treasurer and say OH but I have to go! If you were still in the competition you wouldn't leave would you?

Anyway hopefully I will see you all tomorrow night nice and early please if you can 7.30pm would be a great time for the final registration so I know how many players are missing. Thank You. 

Players eligible to compete for the places available will be, Jim Aitken-Shaun Robertson-Jim Quinn-John Somerville. 


WLYDA updated 1st August please read information

Murray Field Premier League Updated 30th July




Paraffin Lamp summer league updated 30th July


Brucefield Farm Summer League updated 28th July

West Lothian Mixed Doubles Summer League Updated 21st July

Top Finishes League Table updated on 19th July 7am.

Maximum Hitters League Table 171-180 scores 13th July

Fast Games League Table 20 darts or less. Updated 13th July

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W.L.Summer League 2015 r/up
Karen and Graeme

W.L. Summer League Mixed doubles Champions
Connie Bamburry & Jim Mitchell



Well not really, however the first Summer League Champions have been crowned, Playing in the West Lothian Mixed Doubles League which was a brand new venture this year, where by all the players were put into an open draw and partners were then picked to play as a team. The format for this new event was 5x501 with a double start format. Each leg had to be played and was worth one point but there were ten points for winning the match so simply put win 3-2 the winners received 13 points and the losers 2 points.

Now this was played in a league format where each team played each other once so every match played was critical as there was no return game!

And the pair that managed to claim the title and be the first to have their names engraved on the brand new trophy was Connie Bamburry and Jim Mitchell who finished the league with 129 points and also received £200 for their efforts.

In runners up spot it saw Karen Heeps and Graham Bird with 103 points and receiving £120 for second place. And in third only two points behind Karen and Graeme were Kathy Henderson and Ian Stevenson on 101 points. All the teams received cash money for their efforts. And a huge thank you to the East Calder Doo Club for sponsoring this event with £500 paid out to the twelve teams who took part and of course as Aldo said one week hey it is almost like a cake club! Thanks to Gillian Bell who brought homemade sponge cakes topped with butter icing and cream to keep all our energy levels boosted during the matches when half time was called. Much appreciated.

Now on our last night Monday 2oth July it was decided to have a flyer with once again the format being mixed doubles and names once again pulled out the hat at random, And after some superb throwing it saw Avril Bird and Jim Mitchell toe the ocky against a pairing who came out together again Karen and Graeme Bird, Karen and Graeme took the first leg in this best of 5x501 final showdown but back came Avril and partner to secure the title winning the next 3 legs to claim the money on offer£50 and a final score line of 3-1. Many thanks to our organiser Connie Bamburry and her trusty side kick (Rocky1)

Back on Line.

After a problem with the keyboard, it did not like the bath I gave it with my morning coffee, we have now replaced it with a brand new shiny one!


Calling all dart players. Many of you will know that over the years there have been Maximum -High Checkout league and Fast games league tables on this web site if the information got to me and you were a member of the W.C.D.D.L. playing in any competition be it local or an Open etc your fast games and high finishes would be added to the relevant league table. Now after many years of doing this I would like your opinion as to keep it going , simply put if you would like to be kept on these league tables or if your team stills wants to be a part of this just drop me a line in the guest book and you will remain on them , if I don't hear from you I will delete your name and any relevant information. Reason is simple there are many names on the league tables but is anyone interested,

So quite happy to keep these league tables going but only if you the dart player are interested . When they first started out they were about players in the teams I played for and it then seemed logical to report the players in the teams we played and then to try and get the whole league involved now over to you guys drop me a line and I will act accordingly.

Cheers Jim M



Report from the Volunteer Arms

Deegan & Thorburn Show

Well Saturday past saw a competition held in the Vollunteer Arms in Uphall, And with Martin and George taking charge of this one it saw a good turn out unlike the last one where dart players were missing!

This time round though with the competition under new organisation it saw 34 players take to the ocky.

Now I don't have the correct scores but the last 16 went like this.

Peg Brown bt Ian Stevenson, Matt Heeps bt Martin Deegan, William Borland bt Daniel Coffee, Graham Borland bt Andrew Davidson, Pet Hastings bt James Cummings, Frank Quinn bt Callum Wilkinson,

John Hanlon bt Ralph Hirst, David Morton bt Gary Christie.

Quarter finals panned out like this, Peg Brown bt Matt Heeps, Graham Borland bt William Borland, Frank Quinn bt Pete Hastings, John Hanlon bt David Morton.

Semi Finals saw, Peg Brown bt Graham Borland, Frank Quinn bt John Hanlon,

And so to the grand Final, Peg Brown bt Frank Quinn.

Congratulations to both players the reports I have heard said you were both playing superb darts and quite rightly you were the best two darters on the day.

Once again thanks must be given to Martin Deegan for running the tournament and to George Thorburn for helping to raise so much prize monies well done, without people like yourselves organizing

and putting lots of effort into these competitions they would not happen.

So though I was not there through work commitments my hat is doffed to both of you. 



Dart Dates for your eyes only!


August 1st

Styx Darts Open, Kircaldy Fife, 28 Victoria Road, 01592 265483 £150 added to entries.

August 1st

Portobello Masters

August 2nd

Red Lion Tillicoultry 12.30 for 1pm £5 entry

August 4th

Murrayfield Premier League singles (members of league only)

August 8th

Portobello Masters

August 7th-9th

Granite City Open,


Portland Open, Triples-Doubles-Singles. Starts Thursday night finishes Sunday evening, cracking tournament, good week end away!!!!

August 15th

£500 in the kitty for the Bentswood Inn Stoneyburn Open Darts comp, 1pm registration!

August 19th

Murrayfield Bar Premier league ‘B’ Finals night

August 22nd

Forfar Open Strathmore Halls, John Street, Forfar, Angus

August 23rd

Airdrie Working Men’s Club, European Challenge Darts Open

August 26th

Murrayfield Bar Premier League ‘A’ Finals -presentation

August 28th

Portobello Masters

September 5th

The Flask Saltcoats £300 guaranteed

September 11th-13th

England Classic Bunns Leisure, Selsey, England

September 26th

Dundee Open T.B.C.

September 26th

Scottish Youth Grand Prix 2 CISWO Club Glenrothes

October 18th-25th

Turkey Open TBC, Grand Harber Hotel, Kemer Antalya Turkey

October 23-25th

Harpers Open Darts Wick



October 24th

Scottish Youth Grand Prix 3

November 6th-8th

Latvian Open


Czech Open TBC


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