Records first ever score of 180 in the (Calamity Jane's)Ladies Summer League.
Congratulations and well done, and even more so when you realise her oponent had just recorded a 140 herself so what a reply fabulous shooting from this lady. Once again my hat is doffed in salute , excellent shooting.
Fiona Clark recording the first maximum 180 in the ladies summer league.

UPDATED on Tuesday 29ty July 2014 (Jim M)
All top check outs -Maximums-Fast Games- from all leagues are being updated. 
The Fast Games league table which is 20 darts or less along with the High Finishes league table 75 or above and of course the Maximum league table scores from 171-180 are now more condensed. The reason is simple if you are a member of the Monday night league as in W.C.D.D.L. your scores finishes etc will be added , But if you were a member of the league your name will still be there for prosperity! The reason I have given up on trying to get everyone in the area on them is simple the information just does not get sent in so as of now you have to be a player in the W.C.D.D.L. TO BE ON THEM . However all the competitions in the area will of course be reported with winners names etc etc but once again you really need to help out if you have information , so go on be a devil and send it in, won’t cost much just a few moments of your time!

To all who are brave enough to enter this web site which hopes to bring you news of darting exploits of great throwing and sometimes perhaps extreme misses!
You will see that Summer leagues, Singles competitions etc etc are now on their own pages. So go on why not check them out, you’re on the site anyway and you might even read your own name and on that thought if you should see someone’s name missing and it should be on here on one of the league tables for example. Please leave a message in the guest book or even get in touch with a web master there are three of us. So don’t be shy come on in and have a browse!

Guest Book

After taking advice from other web masters the guest book has reopened.
However if readers who take the time to leave messages in the guest book do not leave their (real) name the messages will be deleted.
And as there are now three web masters who will follow up suggestions and rectify mistakes if they are published wrongly!
in advance for your comments, and I am sure other readers will also look forward to reading them also.

The web site motto is.
A Day Without Laughter is a Day Wasted!


Flash News
1/West Lothian are reverting to their origanal team colours, Black & Red shirts!
I realise most of you will really miss the Purple!
2/Maybe Yes Maybe no! looks like the mens county 'A' teams will be playing 7 x 501 this
is being decided at the next B.D.O. committee meeting this week end coming!the other teams will still play same format as before.
3/ Be Bad Mitchell is no more? reason is very simple last week  two different bar staff asked when he was approaching the bar if it was pensioners rates!! I ask you! so Old Man Mitchell is now on line.

Train Times from Livingston North to Blackridge (county venue)
This is the train line from Edinburgh to Glasgow

Train Times for Blackridge if travelling from Livingston North (example).
Two trains an hour and the journey time is only a few minutes etc.
Also returning back the times are roughly every 30 mins right up to the witching hour!
Price £6.40 Return, and when you consider from Livingston bus station to Uphall costs £2.90 single
 and I can vouch for this as that is what it costs for me to go to the Volunteer where I played darts
for last season it is not bad is it!
Saturday time table
Leave Livingston North 8.44 arrive Blackridge 8.57, journey time 13minutes
Leave Livingston North 9.10 arrive Blackridge 9.26, journey time 16minutes
Leave Livingston North 9.45 arrive Blackridge 9.58, journey time 13minutes
Leave Livingston North 10.09 arrive Blackridge 10.26, journey time 17minutes
Leave Livingston North 10.42 arrive Blackridge10.56, journey time 14minutes
Leave Livingston North 11.10 arrive Blackridge 11.26, journey time 16minutes
Leave Livingston North 11.42 arrive Blackridge 11.56, journey time 14minutes
Leave Livingston North 12.09 arrive Blackridge 12.26, journey time 17minutes

Leaving Blackridge every 30 mins right up to last train which is 12.08 am for a return journey!

West Lothian County Officials

For 2014-2015

Ladies vice Captain, Karen Whyte

Ladies team Captain, Denise Bird

Men’s vice Captain, Davie Crawford

Men’s team Captain, William Harraughty

County Treasurer, Mary Walker

County Secretary, Karen Whyte

County assistant co-ordinator, Connie Bamburry

County co-ordinator, Michelle McLay

Vice Chairman, Johnny Walker

County Chairman, Jim Mitchell

New sponsors of the West Lothian County team
The Ridge Inn, Blackridge.

This new venue has sponsored the county a substantial amount of funding for the season ahead.
And on behalf of the committee and players in the county we say thank you for the sponsorship and look forward to playing in our/your venue.

Also on that note I personally would like to say a huge thank you to our sponsors for the past two seasons The Doo Club in East Calder who were our sponsors for the past two seasons. Who were extremely good hosts and always made the home team and visiting county team most welcome.

West Lothian Youth Academy

The west Lothian youths will start back on the first Sunday in September after the summer break. So once again many thanks to the committee of the club who make this happen in The East Calder Doo Club.

Murray bar Open Singles.

Saturday saw some superb darting talent take to the ocky in Polbeth in yet another tournament sponsored by the Murray bar!

The players from the quarter finals with scores are as follows with winners names first. Gordon Bruce 3-2 Colin Hamilton. Jim Mitchell 3-1 William Harraughty. Derek Cunningham 3-0 George Hay. Lynn Cowan 3-0 Jim McGeary.

Semi finals saw, Gordon Bruce 4-0 Jim Mitchell. Derek Cunningham 4-1 Lynn Cowan.

Final Derek Cunningham 5-4 Gordon Bruce.

Top scores from the days play are as follows.

Maximum hitters William Borland 1 x 180, Micky Rice 1 x 180, Gordon Bruce 3 x 180, Jim McGeary 1 x 180, Jim Aitken 1 x 180.

Good finishes Jamie Banks (youth academy) 85 & 78 game shots. Colin Hamilton 104 &101 game shots. Derek Cunningham 121 game shot.

Quick games finished in 20 darts or less for averages above 25 per dart.

Martin Deegan 18 darter. Colin Hamilton 16 & 2 x 18 dart games. Jim McGeary games finished in 17 & 20 arrows. Jim Mitchell 20-16-13 darters. Gordon Bruce 16-17-3 x 18 dart games. Derek Cunningham 12-13-17-17-18-18 dart games.

Lanark Pairs Winners
Will-I-AM Harraughty & Old Man Mitchell


Friday the 25th July saw dart players converge on Lanark to take part in the open doubles which was hosted by Jim Ash, And the Lanark Thistle Bowling Club. This competition saw Professional players, plus Scottish Internationals and Scottish champions both past and present take to the ocky alongside top county players and local dart enthusiasts.

However when the the title was annexed it was the pairing from West Lothian of William Harraughty of Whitburn and Old Man Mitchell from Livingston who took the plaudits and the first prize of £200. Runners up were Jim Brown and William Kerrigan (hope names are spelt right)

Cracking night of darts and an excellent venue with four boards in use. Lanark Thistle bowling club quite simple a great set up and run extremely well.

Remember folks if you see a name missing or can help with any dart related news. There are three web masters, Colin Hamilton from the land that time may have forgot (Polbeth) Kirk Gordon from somewhere North of the (Universe) the Livingston centre! Jim Mitchell who if he keeps going the way he is, will be living on the internet! So feel free to drop any of us a line. t.y.

Forth Coming Attractions

If you’re a darts player that is!

1st - 3rd August  Granite City Open, Menzies Hotel

August 10th  S.D.A. A.G.M. Glen Bar in Perth

Monday August 11th W.C.D.D.L.  A.G.M 7.30 for 8PM Venue Doo Club East Calder.

August 15-17th  Antwerp Open

August 16th  Scottish Youth Singles plus 18-25 age bracket Winmau World Masters qualifier, Glenrothes C.I.S.W.O. Club.

Saturday August 23rd  West Lothian Grand Prix Venue Doo Club East Calder,

August 23rd  Forfar Open, Reid Hall Forfar

August 24th  European Open, Airdrie Workings men Club Airdrie. 

August 24th  Bathgate & District A.G.M. Lammies bar 12.00

Saturday/Sunday 30th/31st August NEW TOURNAMENT : Scottish Classic, Singles & Doubles : C.I.S.W.O. Club Glenrothes

Saturday! September West Lothian Grand Prix Venue Volunteer Arms Uphall, date to be confirmed

October 4th W.L. County travel to West Ayrshire

Saturday! October West Lothian Grand Prix Venue Murray bar Polbeth, date to be confirmed

November 1st  W.L. County home to Lanarkshire

Saturday November 8th West Lothian Grand Prix Venue Paraffin Lamp Livingston, (oops Berwick Week end) will speak to Diane !

Novemebr 29th  W.L. County travel away to Ayrshire

January 18th  W.L.County home to Borders

February 7th W.L. County travel away to Lothians

March  W.L. County host Renfrewshire

 April  W.L. County travel away to Greater Glasgow date



Presentation night.
Well with the league now finished and with over 40 weeks of play under our belts it was great to see so many of the league players attend the presentation night, especially as we are now slap bang in the middle of the holiday period and obviously the school holidays.But without any shadow of a doubt the biggest cheer and an absolute crescendo of noise was when the entire hall erupted in applause for one of the leagues committee Mr John Kirk who is the match secretary and he did an absolutely fabulous job , with two divisions and some pubs having two teams and then the teams might have not been in the same league he certainly had to put his thinking cap on and he did it magnificently in getting the league running order on its way. Also a big thank you must also go to our newest member of the league committee Mr John McDonald who has taken over as our league secretary this past year.And once again a huge thank you to all the team captains, delegate who got their teams to the end of the season 15 teams started the season 15 teams finished the season and when you count the competition nights plus exhibition event the league lasted for 42 week a fantastic achievement for all of us to cross the last ocky together.
And once again can I take this opportunity on behalf of the league to say thank you to the Doo Club in East Calder for their fabulous support to the darts in the area, it is very much appreciated.
To George snr!, George jnr! and all the ladies who make the competition nights go so well even if you are asking us to dig deep for those football cards etc! T.Y.  

The running order of the champions presented with their trophies and titles is as follows,

Presentation running order!
K.O.Cup R/up, Volunteer Highway men. K.O. Cup Winners, Doo Club Flyers.
Four Man team R/up, Central bar Rebels Four. Man Team Winners, Doo Club Flyers.
Christmas Singles S/f, Rex Brady,Volunteer Highway Men.
Christmas Singles S/f,Graham Borland, Doo ClubFlyers.
Christmas Singles R/up, Jim Mitchell,Volunteer Highway Men.
Christmas Singles Champion,Stevie Scott,Paraffin Lamp Brigands
Match Play Doubles R/up, Gordon Bruce & Stevie Scott, Paraffin Lamp Brigands
Match Play Champions, Jim Mitchell & Colin Robertson, Volunteer Highway Men.
301 Singles S/F, Jim Mitchell, Volunteer Highway Men.
301 Singles S/F, Rex Brady, Volunteer Highway Men.
301 Singles R/UP, Stevie Scott, Paraffin Lamp Brigands.
301 Singles Champion, Davie Aitken, Murray bar Nomads
.Three Person Team R/up, Colin Kelly-Gordon Bruce-Stevie Scott, Paraffin Lamp Brigands.
Three Person Team Champions, Stevie Duncan-Derek Carmichael-Stevie Carty, Almondvale Pirates.
Jocky Watson Four Person Team R/up, Doo Club Flyers.
Jocky Watson Four Person Team Champions, Volunteer Highway Men.
Champion of Champions S/f, Craig Forrest, Brucefield Farmers.
Champion of Champions S/f, Graham Borland, Doo Club Flyers.
Champion of Champions R/up, Brian Mairs, Uphall Station Chalkers.
Champion of Champions, Winner, Davie Aitken, Murray bar Nomads.
Delegates S/f, Davie Cluness, Uphall Station Chalkers.
Delegates S/f, Colin Robertson, Volunteer Highway Men.
Delegates R/up, Colin Hamilton, Murray bar Nomads.
Delegates Champion, Jim Mitchell, Volunteer, Highway Men.
Ladies R/up Denise Bird, Doo Club Fanciers.
Ladies Singles Champion, Yvonne Wilson, Stirrup Stane Cowboys.
League Singles S/f, Graham Borland, Doo Club Flyers.
League Singles S/f, David Aitken, Murray bar Nomads.
League Singles R/up, Scott Baker, Central bar Rebels.
League Singles Champion, William Harraughty, Doo Club Flyers.
Championship League R/up, Brucefield Farmers from Bells Quarry.
Championship Winners, Tower Bar Knights from Craigshill.
Premier League R/up, Doo Club Flyers from East Calder.

Premier League Champions, Volunteer Highway Men from Uphall.

On the night only one raffle prize and with the money raised being split between the W.C.D.D.L. & the Youths, It saw the bottle  (big bottle Bells Whisky)so kindly donated by Bunny & Craig Forrest from the Brucefield Farmers raise £100 in raffle tickets, and then the winner put the bottle back up for auction and a further £21 was raised. Well done all of you who bought a ticket the monies were split £50 to the W.C.D.D.L. and £71 going into the youth bank account.


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