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Bistro 19 Harburn Golf Club

Presents an evening of quality entertainment

Featuring The Men In Black

BDO Tony (The Silverback) O’Shea        BDO Gary (Big Robbo) Robson       BDO Darryl (The Dazzler) Fitton

Darts Exhibition: The Harburn Masters Saturday 9th July 2016 7pm till 1am

Tickets £18 each or VIP Tables of 10 available £210 includes three people at table getting to play the Men in Black 

Tickets available from Bistro19 bar or Call James on 07718888746



And could be the summer darts leagues are back. First off a new venture if we can get enough players interested, A Thursday night at the Cawburn, £250 first prize  & £150 runners up prizes guaranteed and sponsor ship is in place, all we need is players, looking for 20 players at £20 per person, two leagues of ten playing each other once, top four from each league would then play off in the final K.O. with a prize pot of £680, break down being champion £250, R/up £150, S/F £60 each, Q/F £40 each, pay out off £680.00. This would leave £120 for a K.O. competition for the players not making the last eight, their payout would be winner £40, r/up £30, s/f £25 each. Now obviously if football cards are sold etc the prize fund should be higher, HOWEVER before this new venture can go ahead we need players, so fancy a game on a THURSDAY NIGHT well here is your chance.

Format is simple play two matches per night starting on 16th June, 23rd June, 30th June,

 7th July catch up week, 14th July, 21st July 28th July catch up week, 4th August The Grand Final.

Format is simple 6 x 501 every leg is a point, no bonus points just straight leg count win 6-0 you receive 6 points, lose 2-4 you receive 2 points nice and simple. Drop me a line if interested.  if not well at least we tried!

Ladies if there was enough interest , would be quite happy to run a Ladies summer league as well, and if interest is there, will see about sponsorship for the girls as well! 

At the moment we have 21 men have put their names forward , lots of time left to think about this, but if you fancy a throw on a Thursday night then why not join in!






Just for information a new venture has opened in Corstorphine in Edinburgh, Couple of intrepid Edinburgh dart players Dane McDiarmid and Lewis Coult have opened for business, so if your looking for darting equipment, and they also have a throwing area at the back proper ocky light etc to try your darts out on, why not give them a visit!  Shop name is Vapour Darts, can’t miss it with a rather fetching Bulls head snorting smoke above the door!

Match Report from Match Secretary (Connie) 24-5-16

Doo Club Fanciers 3-6 Logan Lea Colliers

Deans Golden Oldies 1-8 Stirrup Stane Indians

Cawburn Assassin’s 6-3 Almondale Pirates

Kirknewton Innkeepers 4-5 Brucefield Farmers

Commercial Junior’s 4-5 Tower bar Knights

Volunteer Highway Men 9-0 Cawburn Highlanders

Central bar Rebels 5-4 Uphall Station Chalkers

Doo Club Flyers 1-8 Volunteer Highway Men (late result)


Maximum hitters this week saw, Paul Weir with 3x180’s, Bunny Forrest 2x180’s, Stevie Duncan 1x180, Wullie Jack 1x180, John Kirk 1x180, Kirk Gordon 1x180, Jim Mitchell 1x180, Wullie Jack 17 darter, Colin Robertson and Willie Harraughty both with 18 dart games, Rab Dick 19 dart game, Good finishing came from, Wullie Jack 80 game shot, Martin Blainey 82 game shot, Billy Stirling 89 game shot.


Well Folks Looks like It is Quiz time again; why not check out your knowledge!

On the left hand column a brain tease for you to peruse at your leisure! 


Gary Christie good effort 61 from a possible 85 now that is a good score,

John Somerville 60 points from 85,

Stephan Colthart 36 points,



Ryan Murray & Steve Groucott
Let's Play Darts Finalists


Superb, Spectacular, Splendid, Sublime, Superior,

Yes folks the final of the LET’S PLAY DARTS, was all of these superlatives,

What a standard of darts were on display from players who qualified from as far a field as London, Epsom, Shropshire and of course from all over Scotland, True the prize fund was down on the original prediction, but that was out of the organisers hands as some venues did not come up with their sponsorship which they had at the beginning been very happy to say they would support, but enough of them, quite simple £8000.00 was paid out and I don’t believe there are that many competitions anywhere around that pay out this type of prize fund. Well some superb darts from so many players on six match boards and at the end of six hours play we had four outstanding players left toeing the ocky for the right to pick up the £3000 first prize, Steve Groucott from Shifnal down in Shropshire just edged out Alan Small from the kingdom of Fife by the odd leg in 11 in the first semi final, the second semi final saw two Lothian players take to the ocky and what a match up, Ryan Murray up against the ever smiling Joe Bata, and what an explosive start to the match Joe Bata 164 left 164 got 60-54-50, however if that was making a statement it never deterred his opponent as 170 left next leg and Ryan Murray quite simple 60-60-50 and the score was 1-1, now this match was a classic match up and a couple of missed double were the difference and it saw Ryan Murray take the match 6-4, so here we were with a North v South shoot out in the grand final and with £1500 the difference between first and second place there was a lot on this final game of the day, well it saw the match at 2-2 between Steve and Ryan after the opening salvo’s had been hit, but then Ryan just upped the tempo and a few missed doubles from Steve saw Ryan in no mood to let these chances go by with out taking full advantage and when it came to the finishes Ryan was in no mood to give his opponent any second chances, and so the final score saw Ryan Murray 7-3 Steve Groucott, and ladies/gentlemen both these players deserved the standing ovation they received superb arrows from two outstanding dartists. Prize fund on the day if memory serves went like this, champion £3000, r/up £1500, s/f each receiving £750, Q/f £300 each, last 16 £100 each, superb pay out and well done to the organisers who kept the faith Steve and Garry, they must have been wondering what the heck was happening once some of the big sponsors of this event decided not to fulfil their obligation which they had signed up to.

So well done the organisers for still managing to raise £8000 and of course lets not forget the venue a superb place to play darts six boards all with a solid ocky and top quality Blade 4 boards, and excellent bar staff who kept the thirsty punters well oiled all day, so if your looking for a superior venue for darts Malky at the Cawburn is the man to talk to he has it down to a tee!

But before you all think I have gone all soppy, get a grip! YES there were hiccups, one mistake was putting the draw on line , the reason simple, some players never turned up, which meant that some players not only got a bye into the last 64 but also into the latter stages as well, example you get say a bye, then the two players above you in the draw don’t turn up, you have no one to play in the next round either!  Think about it, so if I was to criticise then its is that the draw should have been done on the day just make the registration a half hour earlier! That way you know who is going to be there, but without mistakes in this life how do you learn, so folks a fabulous days darts, and I hope for myself that there are many more darting days like this, the standard was absolutely sublime from so many players, but once again CONGRATULATIONS must go to our Champion Ryan Murray, also Commiserations to Steve Groutcott a worthy finalist and with £1500 in his girl friends/ partners purse I don’t think she will be to upset, safe journey back to Shropshire.

Now for the local dart players a couple of mentions, Chris Forsyth £100 last 16 well done especially in this quality field, Chris 3 ton plus finishes 148-128-106 I think they were also a maximum 180, William Borland a magical 167 game shot and an 18 arrow game, Gordon Bruce maximum 180, Graeme Bird 16 darter and an 89 game shot on the bulls eye, Old Man Mitchell 180 and a wee 14 arrow game. Will be more but unless told not a lot I can say, so if you have information please, let’s give credit where credit is due, catch you all at the ocky some where soon, Jim M.


PDC Youth Development Tour Wigan 14th 15th May

Two of West Calder and district darts league players William Borland and Jamie Banks went down to Wigan at the weekend to play in the PDC Youth Development Tour both players doing well in the four events William getting drawn against Keegan Brown in the first round of one of the competitions William going down by 4-1 and Jamie getting Drawn against the runner-up in last month tour in Germany Steve Lemon Jamie going down by 4-0 but over the weekend both of our youth played really well Jamie picking up his first win of the tour day one say William hitting 2x180 15/18/2x19 dart legs William also winning £50 Jamie hitting 2x180 and an 18 dart leg Day two William hitting 2x180 1x177 102 game shot Jamie Hitting 1x180 2x110 game shot Jamie also winning £50 prize money so well done boys keep it going next round of the development tour is 3rd & 4th September   

  Youth Report from The Welsh Open 

 This competition saw Kieran Bird of East Calder playing some superb darts and making once again through to the semi finals of yet another major championship, along with his run in the World championship play offs in Hull last year, this young star of the ocky is certainly making a name for himself on the darts circuit. Kieran was also runner up in the Scottish championships this season as well, looks like darts in this area is in good hands for the future.


Many of you will know that James Banks snr, has been in hospital recently, and on behalf off all our readers I would like to say get well soon, many will know that Banksie is my right hand man on this web site, he has spent many long hours updating the league tables, fast legs-maximums-quick games tables into a more readable list of tables, and it was not a small task, so hopefully Banksie will be back at the keyboard sooner rather than later to keep us all informed of where everyone is on these league tables, get well soon we need you back sooner rather than later, (or I might have to stop paying you?) oh that's right this work is all voluntary, phew thought I was going to have to give you holidays as well!


Report from the Inn on the Hill

Yes Saturday saw the Kirknewton Inn hold an open singles event with £100 added to the entries. They also raised money for charity and did a magnificent job raising £220 for I believe it was Cerebral Palsy, So a special thanks to all the ladies who went round all day selling raffle tickets plus football cards well done x.

The darts competition saw 37 dart players take to the ocky and the prize structure went like this, £150 winner’s prize, £70 for the runner up and both semi finalists receiving £25 a piece. There were also prizes for the most maximum recorded, fastest game and highest check out. When the chalk dust had settled we had four players waiting in the wings to try and win their semi final spots, first up saw Scott Gardiner of Edinburgh take out Old Man Mitchell by 4 games to 1, next up saw Davie Aitken from West Calder edging out Big Darren Grey from the Biggar in a high scoring encounter 4 games to 2, so to the Grand Final and a cracking performance from both combatants with the match swinging one way then the other and it saw Scott just pip Davie by the odd leg in 13 to claim the top prize for his days work, also it saw Scott Gardiner take the prize for the most maximum 180’s with I believe 8 on the day just one ahead of his final opponent Davie who I believe fired in 7 maximums, Davie did have the consolation of the fastest recorded game super 12 arrow game with a 156 game shot in it to also claim the highest finish. So with players from as far a field as Glasgow, Falkirk and the Borders this event had a real quality field in attendance, also what was good to see was when the semi finals and final were played the whole pub even those not playing on the day were all watching the arrows hit the flock and they gave all the players a great support from start to finish , it always helps when you have a very sporting crowd who actually appreciated the efforts of all the players, well done and thank you to the Kirknewton Inn for running this event, hopefully the first of perhaps many!

HOWEVER I don’t believe that the PDC or the BDO will chasing our M.C. Billy Stirling to come join them just yet! At the end we all watched in awe as we wondered if he would still be able to stand up, then we realised the bar was behind him so no chance of him falling over! Well done Billy you have the darts running well up on the hill.

  Other results! Kieran and Graeme Bird both entered the men’s singles Graeme snr losing 1-3, and Kieran losing 2-3, also down in the West was Gary Christie who also went out by 3-1 in his first round match up, Arran Edwards won his first round 3-2 before losing out 3-1 in his next match, Denise Bird just lost out narrowly in her first round match as well going out by the odd leg in 5.


Youth beats up Senior Citizen!

Not as bad as it sounds, as two players from both ends of the darting spectrum with over 40 years age gap between them who made it through to the grand final of the Murrayfield Sports bar Premier league, In a night of much controversy there was some superb arrows thrown and it was two West Lothian players who fought their way to the final stage, William Bridges Borland from East Calder and Old Man Mitchell from Dedridge in Livingston, On the way it saw Bridges Borland winning with these results the score lines of 5-0, 5-0 (Martin Deegan), 6-1 (Scott Gardiner), 7-6 (Jim Mitchell). Mitchell’s matches going like this, 5-0 (Arron Tilley), 5-3(Lewis Coult), 5-2(James Taylor),6-4 (Callum Smith),6-7(William Borland)  On the night both Borland & Mitchell fired in 6 x180’s each Bridges also on target with a 1 x177 and numerous fast games best of which was a superb 12 darter along with 5 sub 20 dart legs and a  97 game shot, Mitchell 122 game shot and 6 sub 20 darters to his tally with 15’s being the quickest. Martin Deegan went out in the quarters and fired in a maximum 180 along the way, Jamie Banks also making it to the quarters as well, Stephan Colthart went out 2-5 in his first round match and Gillian Bell going out to Stuart Ironsides 0-5 in her first round match up. So after seven months of league action the final curtain has fallen on this Premier league along the way made some new friends and had a lot of laughs and some very good memories to tuck away at the back of my mind, Also William Borland leading the charge right from the start and with last nights tally of maximums he recorded no fewer than 32 x 180’ s in this league a fabulous achievement, Jim Mitchell joint top spot with Stuart Ironsides with the fastest leg recorded 11 darters, all in all a good all round performance from the travelling West Lothian players Jim Mitchell 24 x 180’s Jamie Banks firing in 16 x 180’s and Martin Deegan with 10 x 180’s recorded, Mitchell with an 11 darter fast game, Bridges with 12 darter for his fastest game along with Martin Deegan 13 dart game and Jamie Banks 14 dart fastest game, Quick games 18 darts and under saw the tally go like this Mitchell 47 fast games, William Borland with 45 sub 18 darters, , Jamie Banks with 8 sub 18 dart games, Martin Deegan firing in 7 under 18 darts, (remember in this league set up it is 18 and under while all these players hit a lot more in the 19-20 bracket which count in our league table on the web site!)

Many thanks to the organiser Andy McCardle for inviting us oh such a long time ago see you all at the ocky some time some where!


Connie’s Report Match Secretary 9/5/16

Kirknewton Innkeepers 4-5 Tower bar Knights

Central bar Rebels 6-3 Cawburn Highlanders

Commercial Nomads 3-6 Almondale Pirates

Deans Golden Oldies 5-4 Commercial Juniors

Cawburn Assassins 8-1 Doo Club Flyers

Doo Club Fanciers 4-5 Stirrup Stane Indians

Volunteer Highway Men 7-2 Paraffin Lamp Brigands


Billy Stirling with a superb 155 game shot, Joe Devlin from the Knights of Craigshill with a maximum 180, Ryan Little cracking 103 game shot, Scott Baker nice 16 dart game, Ryan Little and Saun Hanlon excellent 17 darter in the pairs, Highlanders Christopher Mitchell rock solid 92 game shot, and from the Assassin’s we have William Borland with an 18 dart game Graeme Bird 15 darter and two good finishes off 80&76,William Harraughty also finishing well with game shots off 96&70, Borland and Harraughty teaming up in the doubles and firing in 17 & 18 darters, Kevin Murphy nice 80 game shot for the Flyers, Steve Morton 19 dart game,, Golden Oldie Matt Purdie the man with a great taste in tablecloths oops I mean shirts 18 dart game and a cracking 112 game shot, Davie Aitken firing in 15 & 17 dart games and a classy 151 take out, Jamie Fleming on the maximum trail 180 score, Shaun Clow also on the maximum trail with 2 x180’s and a 121 game shot, Stevie Duncan our resident pheasant Plucker also with a magical maximum 180.



Monday night at the Stirrup Stane home of the infamous Craigshill Indians. Their chief Fred Hamilton has informed me off a player hitting his first maximum 180 in a match, so welcome Andy Wright to the treble twenty hitter’s league page, congratulations and now you have recorded the first one I am sure more will follow, well done again and welcome to the Maximum hitters league table.


Week End Review 7th -8th May

Well  the qualifier held at the commercial Inn , West Calder saw some excellent darts being thrown and with two places up for the last players left standing it was a hard fought competition, and claiming their places in the Grand Finals on the 21st-22nd May at the Cawburn Inn in Pumpherston will be Uphalls favourite darting son John Skippy Charleston and joining him from West Calder will be one of the areas top youth players who plays for the Farmers at the Brucefield  in Bells quarry Jamie Banks, we wish them both all the best in the finals, well done.

Competition in Edinburgh at Davidson Mains public house the Norhet saw a top quality field enter for a chance to win the £700 first prize, and it was former Scottish International star John Ayre from Queensferry claim the title over a very tough opponent from West Edinburgh Joe Bata, local players from the W.C.D.D.L. taking part saw Christopher Mitchell from the Highlanders losing out in the last 16 winning his first match 4-2  before going out 1-4 Chris firing in a 177 score in an earlier match, Old Man Mitchell results were 4-0- 4-0- 4-0-2-4 Mitchell hitting a brace of maximum 180’s on the day but bowing out to eventual champion John Ayre in the quarter finals, Going one better was East Calder’s bird man , Graeme Bird winning 4-1-4-0-2-4 losing out to the competitions runner up Joe Bata in the semi finals, Graeme recording 17-17-18 dart games on the day, Prize fund was paid out to last eight, and this venue looks like it may be hosting many more competitions in the future with a very involved boss in charge (Emma) buffet and B-B-Q also provided this is a venue that certainly looked after the competitors on the day.

Another x-player from the local area Jamie Bishop who now resides down in the borders did well making the semi finals down at the shore in the Genting Casino open tournament, which saw Andy Boulton edging out Gary Stone in the final.

Match Secretary Report (Connie Bamburry) 2-5-16

Tower Knights 7-2 Doo Club Fanciers, Almondale Pirates 4-5 Uphall Station Chalkers, Brucefield Farmers 6-3 Logan Lea Colliers, Commercial Inn Juniors 8-1 Kirknewton Innkeepers, Paraffin Lamp Brigands 3-6 Cawburn Assassin’s, Cawburn Highlanders 2-7 Commercial Inn Nomads,  Doo Club Flyers 5-4 Central Bar Rebels, Special mentions go to Shaun Clow from the Almondale Pirates with a 171 score and an 18 darter, Gary Finlayson for the Uphall Chalkers recording a 177 score, Brucefield Farmer Chris Fawcett finishing on a 76 game shot for a 17 darter, Bunny Forrest firing in a maximum 180 and an 98 game shot,  Ian Campbell of the Commercial Juniors maximum 180 plus a 105 take out, Brigands player Mick Burke a maximum 180 score, along with team mate Gordon Bruce also on target on the red lipstick, Paul Weir from the Assassin’s nice 18 dart game, Derek Ulke for the Highlanders rock solid 75 game shot,  Commercial Inn Nomad Jim Quinn firing in a 114 game shot along with Jamie Fleming recording a maximum 180 and an 19 darter. Davie Aitken and Kyle Gilmour cracking 17 dart pairs game, Jamie Fleming and Jim Quinn nice 20 darter in the pairs.


Let’s play darts qualifier Commercial in Saturday 7th May 2pm

The Commercial Inn ran its last qualifier for the lets play darts with two players going through to the final in the Cawburn Sports Bar later this month Group A Jamie Banks 5-3 Mickey Rice, Jim Purse 5-0 Jim Meekie, Jimmy Johnston 5-2 Colin Hamilton,   Stephen Colthart 1-5 Kyle Gilmore, Jamie Banks 5-1 Jim Purse, Jim Johnston 4-5 Kyle Gilmore,

 Group ‘A’ Final, saw Jamie Banks 5-0 Kyle Gilmore, Jamie Banks Qualifies for finals at the Cawburn.

Group B, Frank Quinn bt Stephen Patton, Kieran Bird bt Rex Brady, John Charleston bt Jim Aiken, William Harraughty bt John Burton, Frank Quinn 5-2 Kieran Bird, John Charleston 5-4 William Harraughty,

 Group B Final, John Charleston 5-4 Frank Quinn, John (Skippy) Charleston Qualifies for the finals at the Cawburn.

Top scores recorded saw Frank Quinn 2x180’s along with  14/17/18/19 dart games, Jimmy Johnston cracking  114c/o and an 18 darter, Colin Hamilton 17 dart game, Jamie Banks firing in 2x180’s plus finishes off  91&96 game shot’s along with  15/16/17/18dart legs, Kieran Bird game shots off 80 & 100 finishes plus  17/18 dart games, William Harraughty recording game shots of 110 & 100 and  18/18/19 darters, Kyle Gilmore 20 dart game, John Charleston maximum 180 plus games finished in  15/20/20 darts.


Fabulous Darts at the Cawburn!

Well the qualifier held last night Wednesday 4th May, turned out to be a fabulous feast of quality arrows, an there were 24 entries to try and put their name on one of the two places available on the night.

Here are the results from the start of the matches each match was played over the best of 9x501.

W Harraughty 5-2 M Deegan, K bird 5-2 J Baillie, G Scott 5-0 G Watson, F Quinn 5-0 S Clow, J Banks 5-0 R Anderson, R Burnside 5-1 G Christie, D Nisbet 5-2 S Robertson, Cc Menzies 5-1 B Stewart, So after the these matches we were down to the last 16 and here is what happened, W Harraughty 5-3 K Bird, G Scott 5-1 F Quinn, J Charleston 5-3 M Rice, R Dick 5-2 J Johnston, R Burnside 5-2 J Banks, C Menzies 5-2 D Nisbet, C Mitchell 5-0 S Colthart, R Brady 5-3 W Jack, And to the quarter finals and some superb match ups in this round with all of the players giving it their utmost on the ocky,  W Harraughty 5-3 G Scott, R Dick 5-3 J Charleston, C Menzies 5-1 R Burnside ( C Menzies dart average for this match was 28.43with legs won in 19-16-16-19-17 and Ross with a 20 darter) R Brady 5-3 C Mitchell. And now down to the last four players left toeing the ocky and the prize two off them were going to the grand finals week end, here are the results.

Cameron Menzies 5-0 Rex Brady, Rab Dick 5-3 William Harraughty. Congratulations to both Cameron from Armadale via Ayrshire! And Rab from Kirknewton on the hill. Commiserations to both losing finalists, keep a weather eye on the web site if what I heard was correct last night then there could be one more qualifying night coming up shortly!

Some statistics from the evenings play went like this C Menzies 10 x 180’s along with 16 games finished in under 20 arrows and they were, 10-14-14-15-15-16-16-16-16-17-17-18-19-19-19-19- you know he might just be quite good! Rab Dick 2 x 180’s 16 darter, Jamie Banks 3 x180’s, 16-17-17 dart games, Kieran Bird 1x180 and games finished in 17-18-19-20-20 darts, William Harraughty 18-19-20-20 dart games plus game shots off 120-114-100, Gary Scott 1x180 and games finished in 16-17 darts, John Charleston 1x180 plus 15-17-18 darters, Rex Brady 1x180 and a 16 darter, Davie Nisbet 1x180 and a game shot of 105 plus a 19 darter, Ross Burnside 20 dart game, Frank Quinn 20 dart game, Martin Deegan 18 darter, Micky Rice 18 darter, Jimmy Johnston 19 dart game, Wullie Jack 1 x 180.

So folks some superb arrows thrown but without a shadow of doubt Cameron Menzies had the spectators on the edge of their seats when he went 60-60-60-60-60-60-60 just missed the treble 19 then a treble 10 and a double 16 to finish superb arrows and a lovely 10 dart game, when are 10 darters not lovely, well played.


Doo Club Qualifiers,

The Doo Club in East Calder saw a good turn out for the two places up for grabs in the Cawburn Open Darts competition which is to be held on the week end of the 21st and 22nd Of May, and claiming their places it saw Derek Bird of East Calder and Kris McCall of Edinburgh making it through to the finals week end.

 Report from Glenrothes.

The under 18’s competition saw Kieran Bird of East Calder and Jamie Banks from West Calder both make through a very tough draw to reach the quarter finals, Jamie going down by 3 games to 1 to Callum Steel , and Kieran losing 3-2 out to Nathan Girvan from Angus. Kieran Bird &William Borland along with Graeme Bird & Paul Weir made it to the last 32 of the Fife Open Pairs, Colin Robertson & Jim Mitchell made it to the quarter finals before being put out, eventual champions were S Longshanks and J McEwan from Ayrshire.

 Geordie Murphy Memorial Trophy.

Saturday 30th April, Blinny Bar, Shott’s.

Well a very strong contingent of dart players turned up for this annual competition, which was run by Spencer McDonald from the 32 Club in Shott’s. Now after some very hard match play darts, the last four players left standing were Jimmy Macmillan from Bathgate and Jim Mitchell of Livingston both these players lost out in the semi finals, and it saw Jim (Pelter) Graham the defending champion retain the title with Jim Simpson having to settle for the runners up spot, Prize monies were £50 for each s/f, £125 for the R/up and £250 to the champion on the day Jim Graham.


League results & tables maximum scores highest checkouts and fastest legs Updated 15th May 2016 12.15 pm 

Gabby Cabby Report now on line.

Left Hand Column just click on it and his report is there for all to read.




Ladies and gentlemen of the ocky, Please could I ask you not to put derogatory remarks when writing in the guest book, this is a book for dart players or readers to leave messages in if they wish to do so, None of the messages will be deleted but should their be remarks of a insidious nature be left in the guest book,  these remarks will be brought up at the agm, and these people will be asked to answer for their remarks, we not only have dart players from the men’s, ladies and youth sections of darts browsing this web site, but we have readers who just wish to be kept up to date with what is happening , so please can you watch your language, it would be much appreciated, thank you, web master.


Guest Book Question?

Now a question has been asked by Gary Scott who do you think is the best county player to play for West Lothian, and Gary has put Mike Gregory forward as his top player now no one can question the resume of Mike Gregory twice News of The World Champion along with wins in the British Professional championship along with the M.F.I. Masters and he also enjoyed win’s in the early days of the W.D.C. when winning the Lada Classic, However Mike I think if memory is correct only played for two seasons with us when we played from the Fauldhouse Cricket Club for our home matches, But I think we have a couple of home grown talents we could put in the frame as well, The one and only David (Tiger) Marshall from Linlithgow Scottish Singles Champion 1981, And from Winchburgh Davie Paterson Champion of Scotland back in 1983, and lets not forget the Ladies a very young Mandy (Davidson)  Hunter  from Armadale played for Scotland twice,  Also John Drake twice C.I.U. singles champion of Scotland . And let us not forget the youths who have played for the county team, Frank Quinn from Armadale, Arran Edwards from Craigshill along with Blackburn’s Mark Campbell , and of course William Borland of East Calder notoriety who have all if my memory serves have held the number one in the S.D.A. youth rankings at one point. And lets us not forget the Ladies when the likes of Peggy Livingston, Mandy Davidson, Coreen Humphries, Carol Carol and Margaret Laws, Now I wonder who YOU would put in the frame for top county player to toe the ocky for West Lothian? Why not drop a message in the guest book and see who is mentioned.

Ian McGillvray just left of centre as you look.
Gentleman with the beard next to the silverwear

Well dart players here was a top team, and in this photo is the one man from our area who played for Scotland on more than one occasion, Yes Mr Iain MacGillvray, Iain is just to the left of the photo as you look at it, with the beard!

Without a doubt the counties top player, Iain sadly passed away a couple of years ago, but some of his title winning team are still in action today in the local leagues. 



Four Person Team Competition.

Well 15 teams took to the ocky to try and annex the Fours competition, the last four teams left in saw the Paraffin Lamp Brigands put out the Volunteer Arms Highway men and in the other semi final it was the Commercial Inn Nomads who got the better of the Cawburn Assassin’s from Pumpherston. The finals were a close fought out affair but there has to be a winner and it was the team for the Lamp who came out victorious by 4 games to 2. Commiserations to the Nomads from the Commercial Inn, and congratulations to the champions from the Paraffin Lamp in the Livingston centre. Some top shots coming by the way off, Bunny Forrest with a maximum 180 also firing in a maximum was Paul Greig hitting the red lipstick in style, we had Jamie Fleming firing in 2 x 177 scores superb shots, and then we had the maximum hitters on the treble nineteen’s Colin Robertson and Kirk Gordon both with maximum 171’s on the bottom of the board, Paul Greig also firing in a 170 score, as for checkouts above the 75 cut off point we saw Alan (ZOKO) Wilson with a 97 game shot, Old Man Mitchell 90 game shot out on the bull, Roy Anderson also with a classy 90 game shot, And Kirk Gordon getting in on the action as well also with a 90 take out, William Borland two good finishes with a 92 and a 88 game shots, Craig Agnew with a 97 finish and Jason Rae one digit better with a 98 take out, but the only ton plus finish of the evening went to the man we call (Ranger) Paul Weir from the Assassin’s with a 110 game shot. And if there are more sorry but they were not written down so if you have scores that are missing please send them in and they will be added, cheers.

 Sunday Report.

  Cawburn Qualifier. Putting his name to the growing list of qualifiers from this area is Craig Agnew who won yesterday’s competition which was held in the Cawburn Sports Bar.

The scores are listed below, Davie Nisbet 5-4 John Charleston, Scott  Baillie 5-1 Christopher Mitchell, Kieran Bird 5-3 Jimmy Johnston, Craig Agnew 5-2 Jamie Banks, Scott Baillie 5-1 Davie Nisbet, Craig Agnew 5-3 Kieran Bird, and the final shoot out saw Craig Agnew from Livingston a 5-2 winner over Scott Baillie from Armadale. Some top scores from the days play were as follows, Scott Baillie 17 darter and a 100 game shot,  Jimmy Johnston 18 darter, Davie Nisbet 19 darter, Jamie Banks 20 darter,  Craig Agnew 16-17-17-dart games plus 2x180’s and a 95 game shot.


What Would You Expect!

Yes the grand final off the Cawburn Sports Bar Saturday Premier League saw some absolutely fabulous darts thrown from all the players involved, and what  a cracking environment to play darts in as everybody, players and spectators all stayed until the final arrow hit the flock of the dart board and there were some outstanding performances from so many players I will try and do them justice with all the scores in this report first of all we will start with the Plate tournament that was a competition for those who just missed out on making the final 16 who went into the main K.O. draw. Micky Rice 5-2 Christopher Mitchell, Jimmy Johnston 5-1 Gary Christie, Derek Bird 5-2 Chris Forsyth, Jimmy Johnston 5-3 Micky Rice, and the final of the Plate tournament saw  East Calder’s Derek Bird just edging out Jimmy Johnston of Whitburn in an exciting final by 5 games to 3, Prize structure for this competition saw Micky Rice and Chris Forsyth pick up £15 apiece, Jimmy Johnston £30 for the runners up place and Derek Bird £40 for winning the Plate tournament.

The main draw which saw redraw after each round saw some superb match up’s and it saw Colin Robertson taking charge of the proceeding s with Stevie Scott doing the picking of names from the hat and here are the results, Davie Nisbet 5-2 Martin Deegan, Graeme Bird 5-3 Callum Wilkinson, William Borland 5-0 Arran Edwards, Kieran Bird 5-0 Andy McCardle, Jim Mitchell 5-3 Bryan Stewart, William Harraughty 5-4 Gary Scott, Mick Burke 5-1 Ian Stevenson, Pete Hastings 5-3 Rex Brady, And after these matches we had another redraw for the quarter finals, Graeme Bird 5-4 Mick Burke, Pete Hastings 5-2 Kieran Bird, William Borland 5-4 Davie Nisbet, Jim Mitchell 5-3 William Harraughty, and so to the semi finals and the results were and with the matches now the best of 11x501, Pete Hastings  6-1 William Borland , Graeme Bird 6-4 Jim Mitchell, and after four hours of playing we had the finalists and it saw Pete Hastings (22.42 d.a.) take the title with a 7-5 win over Graeme Bird (20.85 d.a.)

And the prize structure went like this  receiving £40 each for the last 16 were, Martin Deegan, Callum Wilkinson, Arran Edwards, Andy McCardle, Bryan Stewart, Gary Scott, Ian Stevenson, Rex Brady. For reaching the quarter finals it saw £60 each going to Mick Burke, Kieran Bird, Davie Nisbet, and William Harraughty. And so to the semi finals and picking up £110 each were William Borland and Jim Mitchell. The Grand finalists saw runner up Graeme Bird pocket £225 for his efforts, and the Champion receiving a cool £325 for his days work on the ocky, Also a special mention to Gary Christie who played the entire competition from week one with his other hand as his right one his throwing arm is out of action that shows commitment playing with his left hand, and he received a tremendous round of applause when receiving his beer tokens for commitment to the sport well done.   Congratulations once again to both finalists and many thanks to all the players and supporters who stayed all day long to watch and cheer on their respective players, also to the Cawburn owner Malky for sponsoring this event and to all the hard working bar staff who kept the amber nectar flowing or in the case of Chris and Davie the back stuff! Thank you one and all. Statistics from the days play went like this.

William Borland 1x180, 100 game shot and games finished in 12-16-18-19-19 darts, Jim Mitchell games finished in 13-17-18-19-19-19-20 darts, Callum Wilkinson 1x174, and an 18 darter, Kieran Bird 1x180, 106 game shot and an 20 dart game, Davie Nisbet 100 game shot plus a 17 darter, Gary Scott 121-100-81 game shots and 116-19 dart games, William Harraughty 2x180’s plus games finished in 17-17-18-20 darts and game shot’s of 100-85, Mick Burke 1x180 and games finished in 17-18 darts, Rex Brady 94 check out, Micky Rice 100 game shot and a 20 darter, Graeme Bird 2x180’s plus game shots of 122-146 and games finished in 17-17-17-18-18-19-19-19-19-20-20 darts, and the champion firing in 2x180’s plus game shot of 120 and legs finished in 12-13-15-16-16-17-17-18-19 darters.

And that ladies and gentle men readers is that thanks for reading.

Organiser Jim M.



With last nights match between the top two teams at the moment in the Premier league, going the way of the Highway Men from the Volunteer Arms in Uphall over the league leaders the Cawburn Assassin’s it now has both these teams on the same points and it also now closes the gap for the teams just below them so it looks like the league title race is now on in earnest, and with only five league matches left to go in the season there could still be shocks a plenty in this final run in.


Last night it saw one of our top lady players who plays for the Doo Club Fanciers and also a Lothian county player, checking out on the highest ever recorded finish in the league by a woman a superb 140 game shot via 60-60-20, and the lady in question Denise Bird , superb darts and well done.


Qualifier Report

Another player making his way into the register of finalists for the Open Singles championship which will be held on the 21st -22nd May and the name joining the players who have made it through so far is Chris Forsyth from Knightsridge in Livingston. Some excellent scores recorded on the day and they are as follows, Maximum 180 hitters saw Rex Brady 2x180’s, Christopher Mitchell 1x180, Shaun Clow 1x180, Davie Nisbet 1x180, and Chris Forsyth with a stunning 1x174 score to set up the double 8 which he hit next visit to the ocky, Finishes saw Rex Brady with 117-91 game shots, Jimmy Johnston 84 game shot, Kirk Gordon 86 game shot, Shaun Clow 90-80 take outs, Davie Nisbet 76 game shot, Chris Forsyth 76 game shot and a cracking 125 take out on the bulls eye with scores off 50-25-50 excellent shooting from our Gabby Cabby, Fast games recorded saw, Rex Brady with games finished in 15-16-18-19-19 arrows, Kirk Gordon 18 darter, Christopher Mitchell 2x20 dart games, Shaun Clow with 16-17 darters, Chris Forsyth 18-19-20 dart legs. Quarter finalists scores were, Rex Brady 5-4 Kirk Gordon, Christopher Mitchell 5-4 Declan Reid, Davie Nisbet 5-4 Shaun Clow, Chris Forsyth 5-2 Jimmy Johnston, S/F scores were , Rex Brady 5-2 Christopher Mitchell, Chris Forsyth 5-2 Davie Nisbet, and the final saw Chris Forsyth get the better of his team mate Rex Brady by 5 games to 2, so Chris Forsyth now joins a long list of players from the Top of Scotland to the North of England in making it through to the finals days. See you there.


The Sunshine Report!

Yes Folks there was sunshine from start to finish of the Benidorm Open, to be truthful not really that much to report as the combined darting prowess of the West Lothian contingent all gave it their proverbial best but just fell short at the doubling end of the matches!

Though there were a few results which might be of interest a good friend of West Lothian Wullie Laird from Ayrshire fought his way through a tough field and made into the semi finals of the men’s singles competition a great achievement as there was a quality field involved with players from across Europe and PDC and BDO players playing side by side, Paul Hogan won the men’s singles but Cameron Menzies had a dart at the bull in the quarter finals to put him out, Shug Rice from Armadale partnering up with Mike Veitch in the men’s doubles had the honour of firing in the highest reported finish of the tournament with a fabulous 160 game shot via 60-60-40, cracking finish, Old Man Mitchell struggled to find a partner but a Finnish gentleman called Rikki came to his rescue and though they may not have won  they did I believe have the highest combined age when on the ocky with Jim a young 60, and Rikki a good 10 years his senior!, In the blind pairs it was another European adventure for Mitchell as he was paired up with  a Swedish player Hans Johansson (excuse the spelling that’s how it sounded) and they got a wee run going winning 3-1,3-1 before going out in the quarters by a score line of 2-3.  Both Rikki and Hans play for oldest darts club in Sweden the Old Bowlers formed in 1965.

In the Ladies championship it saw wins for Gillian Bell and Kathy Henderson in their first round matches before joining Irene McInnes and Connie Bamburry on the benches,  So few good arrows thrown in the competitions, Shug with the highlight that fabulous 160 g.s. Mitchell recorded 3x180’s plus 6 sub 20 darters in the singles with 15-16-17-18-18-19 dart legs,

But what a week temperature never below 74 farenheight at the coldest!! And in the Old Town of Benidorm there was a very rare sighting of white shark in the sea and the life guard was about to clear the beach but it then all became clear it was just Old Man Mitchell out for a swim in the Med, The locals said it was the whitest thing they had seen in the water for a very long time, Now as for the company what can I say to do it justice, When Wullie Laird decided to come to the Benidorm Open it fell on a week where his daughter Katie had to work and we know Katie loves her darts so she decided that her dad should not be all alone and sent her mum Jean Laird to keep him company, well let me tell you something once Jean and Irene McInnes get together it is just party time, absolutely brilliant company and I now know why Shug Rice and Wullie Laird are so quiet they cant get a word in edge ways unless the ladies stop to breath!, cracking weeks holiday with Connie Bamburry and Kathy Henderson who completed the East Calder Ladies contingent, but a huge thank you to my girl Gillian who helped apply the ointment to my legs, take it from me swimming in the Med might be fun but the sun sure is hot, and don’t I know it!!, Oh and on a last note Gillian won at the Bingo, yippee still waiting for her to buy a round.

Cheers Jim M.


Let’s Play Darts qualifier Commercial Inn West Calder Sunday 10th April

Semi Final saw Kieran Bird  5 Gary Scott 3, Ducket 5 Jamie Banks 0, Final Ducket 5 Kieran Bird 0, so well done to Ducket Aitkin who played superb darts all day. Match reports, John Charleston 1 x 180 18d, Martin Deegan 103 c/o, Ducket 2 x180 14d 15d 90 c/o 95 c/o, Gary Scott 2 x 180 1 x 174 13d 14d 79 c/o, Colin Hamilton 19d, Rex Brady 1 x 180 13d, Jamie Banks 1 x 180 3d 89 c/o, Jim Johnston 94 87 78 c/o, John Somerville 17d 18d, Kieran Bird 114 c /o, Callum Wilkison 82 c/o.  


Bathgate Singles Championship

The final of the men’s competition was an all 32 Club from Shott’s affair with the Jet man getting the better of his team mate the Boss by 5 games to 1 in the final, semi finalists were Graeme Bird and Big ‘G’ from the Bentswood Inn. 

Some scores from the nights play and can only report on what I know and there are more so please send them in always nice to give credit where credit is due.Callum Wilkinson 17&18 darters, William Harraughty 17&20 darters plus a maximum 180, Big G 17&20 dart games and finishes off 78-96-97 and a 174 score, Graeme Bird games finished in 17-19-20 darts and a superb 12 darter which was finished on the bulls eye from a 130 game shot plus a maximum 180, fastest recorded game of the evening an 11 darter via 100-140-180-81g.s. Old Man Mitchell but that was all he did!


The new Ladies singles champion for the season 2015-2016 is the one and only Gillian(Ding Dong) Bell, well done now there is no excuse for dusting the trophies!!!

Bathgate & District Ladies Champion 2015-16
Gillian Bell,Otherwise known as Maw or Ding Dong Bell

Competition Page Updated 8th April.

Lots happening locally, check it out if you wish


Colin Robertson and Gordon Bruce have joined the qualifiers for the finals on the 21-22nd May which will be held in the Cawburn Sports Bar in Pumpherston, This was second time lucky as both Colin and Gordon had both lost in finals this past week, Gordon Bruce just being edged out at the Murrayfield Sports bar in Edinburgh on Wednesday night, And Colin Robertson losing out in the final of the Styx qualifier in Kircauldy by the odd leg in 9 on Saturday. So congratulations to both players who now have a chance to earn some BIG money! come finals day.


Brigand’s Take the Title.

Once again the top arrow smiths in the West Calder & District Darts League turned out in force to try and win the coveted title of Three Person Team Champions for this season.

Twenty Five top triples entered and there were some absolutely outstanding games, and what makes them even more special is because of the format in which this competition is played, one leg of a 1001 all in, then a pairs match one leg of 701, and if it is tied at 1-1 then a final singles leg of 501, so to say it is a brutal is an understatement. When all said and done the last four teams left toeing the ocky were all championship material and it would have been a brave person to say who would come away with the title, Paraffin Lamp Brigands put the Pirates from the Almonvale Social Club out in a high scoring encounter in the first semi final, the second saw The Highway Men from the Volunteer Arms in Uphall just edge out the Cawburn Sports Bar Assassin’s by the odd leg in three. And so to the Grand Finale and a superb match up with all off the players doing their bit for their respective teams but as the old adage say’s THER CAN BE ONLY ONE! And it was the Brigands from the Paraffin Lamp who claimed the title of Triple Champions for the season of 2015-16.

S/F were Shaun Clow ,Wullie Jack, Derek Carmichael Capt., from the Pirates, Graham Borland, Callum Wilkinson, William Harraughty Capt., from the Assassin’s, R/up  Jim Mitchell, Martin Deegan, Rex Brady Capt., from the Highway Men , Champions team was Mick Burke, Arran Edwards, Gordon Bruce Capt, from the Brigands.

Some superb scoring from the evenings entertainment came by way off, Brigands with a fabulous 29 dart 1001 team effort dart average of 34.51 per dart thrown, closely followed by the Highway Men with a 31 dart leg of 1001 finishing with a32.29 dart average, Top pairs match from the nights play Arran Edwards and Mick Rice with a 19 dart 701 leg dart average being 36.89, Maximum hitters saw Arran Edwards 3 x180’s, Gordon Bruce back to back 180’s in the triples match, Ian Stevenson 1x180, Billy Stirling 1 x180, Top finishes saw John Two Hands Hanlon with a rock solid 84 game shot, Saun Hanlon doing even better than his old man finishing a cracking 90 take out 20-20-bulls eye, Davy Nisbet 86 take out, Gordon Bruce 118 game shot, Rex Brady 106 game shot, Wullie Jack 17 darter in the singles, The Old Fella Jim Mitchell finishing singles games in 13-16-18 darters. And that Ladies and Gentlemen of the ocky is your report from the leagues Triples competition, Well played all who turned up, Congratulations to the Paraffin Lamp Brigands, Commiserations to the runners up the Volunteer Highway Men.


Two of our Finest.

(Report by Mr James Banks snr)

Yes this week end past it saw two of our own Jamie Banks from West Calder who plays for the Brucefield Farmers & William Borland from East Calder who turns out for the Cawburn Assassin’s in Pumpherston flying the flag for the Monday night league down south in Wigan at the weekend to play in the first of four PDC Youth Development Tours of the season,  Jamie’s first time at these events and William’s second time playing in these competitions.

Results as follows Event No1 Saturday 26th March 2016 11am Results last 256 Brian Raman 4-0 Jamie Banks (Jamie 1 x 180) William Borland 4-1 Sean Ryan (William 1x180 1x 16 dart leg) last 128, Luke Allen 4-3 William Borland (William 18 Dart Leg), Event No2 Saturday 26th March 2016 2pm Last 256 Brandon Walsh 4-1 Jamie Banks (Jamie 20 Dart leg), William Borland Bye Last 128 William Borland 4-3 Graham Cummings, (William 16 Dart Leg), Last 64  William Borland 4-0 Declan Cox (William 17 Dart leg), Last 32 Reece Colley 4-3 William Borland (William 18 Dart Leg 2x180 2x177 £100 Prize), Event No3 Sunday 27th March 2016 11am Last 256 Jamie banks Bye William Borland 4-1 Rhys Jackson (William 112 game shot), Last 128 James Thompson 4-1 Jamie Banks (Jamie 20 Dart leg), Billy Holmes 4-1 William Borland, Event 4 Sunday 27th March 2016 2pm Last 256 Jamie Banks Bye Ryan Meikle 4-2 William Borland (William 2x180), Last 128 Lewis Pride 4-1 Jamie Banks (95 Game shot 15 Dart Leg), So well done to both players William winning £100 in prize money which will help pay for his next trip in May (unless someone would be kind and like to  sponsor him) and Jamie playing his first event winning a few legs against the top youth players in the world of darts in his last game he never scored less than 60 in every throw over 5 legs what a great experience for both of these young players.

On behalf of the W.C.&.D.L. As chairman of the league I would like to say on behalf of all the teams and players in the league well done, we all know how good these young men are, And I for one believe both these players have a very exciting future ahead of them on the ocky. Both players have been proving themselves at local league events and now that they are starting to spread their wings the World could be their oyster, Go get them, look forward to seeing more reports of your darting exploits in the future. Jim M Chairman W.C.D.D.L.


Bird Man Flying High.

Sunday saw the second qualifying competition take place in the Cawburn Sports Bar in Pumpherston, and a small but quality field entered (where are the locals?) a good question you might ask. However some excellent arrows thrown on the day here are what I have managed to glean, John Charleston 18 darter, Gary Scott game shot’s of 101 and 95 also legs finished in 16-19-19-20 arrows, Shaun Clow 18 & 20 darters plus a 96 game shot, Davy Nisbet 102 game shot, plus games finished in 16 & 17 darts, Rex Brady 84 game shot, Graeme Bird 14-17-17-17-17-17-18-18-19-20 dart games plus the days only maximum 180. Scores from the matches which were the best off 9x501, saw, R Brady 5-1 A Murray, J Charleston 5-1  G Dryburgh, G Bird 5-1 P Size, S Clow 5-0 C Mitchell, D Nisbet 5-1 C Forsyth, J Johnston 5-1 S Ayre,  D Love 0-5 G Scott, R Brady 5-3 J Charleston, G Bird 5-1 S Clow, D Nisbet 5-0 J Johnston, G Scott 5-1 R Brady, G Bird 5-4 D Nisbet, G Bird 5-0 G Scott.

 And so Graeme Bird takes  his qualifying place along with a few other players I know of, Ryan Murray (Edinburgh) Alan Small (Fife) William Borland (East Calder) Jim Mitchell ( Livingston) Graeme Bird (East Calder) There have been qualifying competitions as far north as Wick right down to the Borders for this event, and if I hear of who has made it through the finals , I will add to them to the growing list of players, there were two qualifiers from the Tap O the Toon  in Loanhead and also two from the Corner Pockets in Dalkeith, so looks like interest is out there not often you get the opportunity to try and play for this type of prize fund , so looking forward to see else from the area also makes it!


Judgement Day at the Cawburn Sports Bar.

Report from the day's play can be read on the Cawburn Page just click onto the tab at the left hand side of the  page!

and all will be revealed.




Competition dates and times are on their own page , check out the left hand column and just click for information. 

Lot’s of competitions about and for the first time in along time, There is a Mixed Doubles competition being advertised, Remember the day when they were always Mixed pairs comps going about, and then they stopped, well here is the first one I have seen in a long time,


Match Play Doubles

W.C.D.D.L. Mon 21st March

(Rex Brady & Martin Deegan, Match Play Champions.)

Well 40 pairs teams entered this event which is played over a format where both players in each team play the other players in their opponents team and should the match be 2-2 then a last leg of doubles would be played, all legs are 501, so a tough match play format. Well after some three hours of play we had four teams toeing the ocky in this the penultimate round before the grand final, First up saw Rex Brady & Martin Deegan up against the pairing of Paul Weir & Graeme Bird, and it was Brady and Deegan who went on to claim a place in the final, Second semi final saw Colin Robertson & Jim Mitchell up against team mates John Charleston & Gary Scott and it was Colin Robertson and Mitchell who went through to claim their place in the final. So two teams from the Volunteer Arms from Uphall in the grand final, and with very little between these teams of players it was the mistakes which were the most important feature in this match up, and it saw Rex Brady and Martin Deegan claim the title with a fine 3-2 victory. With their opponents rueing chances missed. So congratulations to Rex Brady and Martin Deegan, Match Play Champions for the season 2015/16 in the W.C.D.D.L.

Couple of fast games and check outs reported came by way off, Colin Hamilton with a 102 game shot, Shaun Clow 180 and an 85 game shot also firing in a 18 darter along the way, Arran Edwards maximum 180 and an 19 dart game, Martin Balfour 82 game shot, Gordon Bruce 118 & 92 game shots along with an 18 dart game, Graeme Bird 15 & 16 dart legs, Paul Weir 2x180’s, Derek Carmichael maximum 180, Gary Scott also with a maximum 180, Mitchell 17 dart game. Now I realise there were more scores recorded than this but information is needed to be able to give credit to those who deserve it , so if you can help out with some please send it in and it will added to the league tables, many thanks.

Jim M.

Murrayfield Wednesday Night report. March 23rd

Mixed fortunes for the travelling players form the county, Stephan Colthart continuing to miss doubles when earning the opportunity to check out! Gillian Bell also running into trouble in the shape of Martin Deegan in their league and losing 7-0 as well, Jamie Banks with the help of a maximum 180 fought out a hard battle on the centre board coming away with an excellent 7-3 victory to set himself up for his trip to Wigan this week end coming for the youth tour event, William Borland continues his run as he won 7-5 to keep his stream of victories intact still undefeated after 23 weeks of league play, however this was not the usual free throwing William we have seen of late, could cracks be showing or is the pressure of trying to go through the season undefeated starting to tell, time will tell, Mitchell did what he does best when on a roll he keeps it going 15-17-11-15-18-20-21 dart games on the bounce gave him a 7-0 win which had 2x180’s and an 81 g.s. , yet this was very close match as his opponent Lee Caithness never gave up and at one stage wired tops for 142 game shot, Mitchell just did not give out second chances on the night!



For those who have followed the exploits of dart players on this web site, well the it looks like the rant from the cab is coming back, YES the Gabby Cabby will once again be giving it big time to those he thinks deserve an ear bending, Cant wait for the first instalment myself now, should be a good read! So be sure to check out the page which obviously will be called, The Gabby Cabby Report.

  Week end news 18th-20th March 

Cawburn Qualifier Sun 20-3-16

Well what can one say, players had been complaining about dates and times for qualifying events and here we had one on our very own doorstep, and what happened to the players, well perhaps not the biggest field of participants but there was a lot of quality players  who toed the ocky to try and gain one of the qualification places on offer.

Scores and games are here for your eyes only, J Mitchell 5-0 D Kelly, G Bruce 5-2 K Jamieson, W Borland 5-1 C Mitchell, G Christie 5-3 J Johnston,  D Nisbet 5-4 G Scott, C Forsyth 5-4 R Brady,  C Robertson 5-1 K Murphy, G Bird 5-1 D Ulke, J Mitchell 5-2 K Gordon,  W Borland 5-0 G Bruce, D Nisbet 5-0 G Christie, C Robertson 5-1 C Forsyth, J Mitchell 5-1 G Bird, W Borland 5-3 D Nisbet, J Mitchell 5-4 C Robertson. So the two places after the matches were played saw William Borland & Jim Mitchell claim their respective places in the finals on the 21st& 22nd May. Fast scores from the days play went like this, William Borland 3x180’s plus a 177, also games finished in 13-14-15-16-18-18-darts, and game shots off 100-88-75 game shots, Jim Mitchell games finished in 12-14-15-17-18-19-19 darts and game shots off 161-84-82, and 1x180, Jimmy Johnston also hitting the red lipstick with a 1 x180, Chris Forsyth 15-17 darters and a maximum 180 plus a 110 game shot, Rex Brady 18 darter, Gordon Bruce 111 game shot, Davie Nisbet a brace of 19 darters, Graeme Bird 17 darter, Colin Robertson games finished in 17-18-18-19-19 darts. All matches were played over the best of 9x501; this was decided by the players on the day with a show of hands. Hope more players will take the opportunity which is on their doorstep and enter, how often do competitions of this size and a prize fund which is quite staggering land on YOUR doorstep, hope to see you at the next qualification event.


Some excellent results with players strutting their darting talents on the ocky on all four match boards,

Top Finishes saw, Davie Nisbet leading the charge with a superb 152 game shot, Jim Mitchell little bit behind with a 141 game shot, Callum Wilkinson finishes off 112-102 g.s. William Borland 106-90-86-game shots, Bryan Stewart finishes off 96-86-77 g.s. Graeme Bird with 96-84-82 take outs, Pete Hastings 92-90 g.s. Andy McCardle 90 g.s. Kieran Bird 90 g.s. William Harraughty 83 game shot,.

Maximum Hitters, William Borland 3x180’s, Andy McCardle 2x180’s,Kieran Bird 2x180’s, Christopher Mitchell 1x180&1x177, Graeme Bird 1x180, William Harraughty 1x180, Mick Burke 1x180, Jim Mitchell 1x180, Davie Nisbet 1 x180, Callum Wilkinson 1x180.

Quick Games, William Borland firing in a superb 11 darter now joint leader on the fastest games leader board with two other players in the league, William Borland 11-16-17-18-18-19-19-20-darters, Andy McCardle 17-18-20 Darters, Graeme Bird 15-15 dart games, Callum Wilkinson 15-16-17-18-19-18-19 darters,  Neil Dempsey 20 darter, William Harraughty 16-19-19-20-20 darters, Mick Burke 19 darter, Jim Mitchell 16-16-17-18-19-19-19- dart games, Davie Nisbet 15-18 darters, Ian Stevenson 19-20 darters, Kieran Bird 19 darter, Rex Brady 17 dart game.


The Bathgate Friday night league held their annual doubles championship, and It was the S.S. team who blitzed their way through to the grand final where they got the better of the Bentswood Inn by 5 games to 2 in the final, So Bathgate Doubles Champions of 2015-16 season are Shaun(The Beard to be Feared) Clow & Stevie (The Pheasant Plucker) Duncan who take the winners trophy back to the Royal British Legion in Bathgate, runners up saw Paul (The Ranger) Weir & Callum (2Xl’S) Wilkinson from the Bentswood Inn. Congratulations to both teams on making the final, and a very well done to the Legion pairing of Shaun and Stevie on hitting more doubles than anyone else, that’s the way to do it. Some finishes from the nights play saw Callum Wilkinson 156 & 76 game shots, William Harraughty 110 and 76 take outs, Paul Weir 96 g.s. Mitchell 1x180. Don’t have any other info, so if you have stats please drop them to me by e-mail and they will be added, cheers.


Qualifier at the Murrayfield Sports Bar.

Well four intrepid darts enthusiasts decided to give it another go in this qualifying competition to see who could get to the grand finals on Sunday the 22nd May, well first report from these West Lothian desperados saw William Harraughty manage somehow to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! at 3-1 up everything looked rosy in the garden for the Whitburn ace, however his opponent had other ideas and our William was sent to the marking board! with a 3-4 loss on the board. William Borland looked in cruise control as he won in four straight legs to book his place in the next round, Graeme the Bird Man of Alcatraz oops I mean Addiewell who has his home nest in East Calder had to show true grit as at 1-3 down it was not looking to good, but a cracking 127 game shot on the bulls eye and a double left after 14 darts in the final leg of the match was just enough to see the Bird Man home to roost with a fighting 4-3 win, Old Man Mitchell had a tough tussle but came away with a 4-1 win in his first round match. All three players then claimed another win each to place them into the last eight, Quarter finals saw Graham Borland playing some awesome darts and he booked his place in the semis, on the other board it saw the Old Man and the Bird Man go head to head in a very high scoring encounter the only real difference was Mitchell on the ropes with Birdy having missed double tops in two legs the old fella took out 86 on the bulls eye and a 106 on double 18 and that saw Mitchell through to the last four. So we had two players in the semis first up was a tremendous match up with Ryan Murray and William Borland firing out fast legs one after the other both players knocking in 13 darters, however a match dart at double 16 missed saw Ryan claim his place in the final by 4 games to 3. The other semi final had nothing of the high scoring power of the first but was just as intriguing as it was a real hard fought slog fest with neither player taking real advantage when it came round but Ross Black did something the old Man did not do! He hit more doubles and that as we all know is the end game!  The young gun put the old gun to the table of the fallen and rightly so score was 4 games to 3 for Ross. And so to the final and it was the best of 9x501 and the experience of Ryan was quite simple the deciding factor and a fine 5 games to 2 win over Ross was the final score, both players received a very warm and worthy round off applause for some superb arrows thrown through out the evenings play. Always next time for us also ran’s!

Some scores from the boys of West Lothian saw William Borland 13-15-15-16-16-17 dart games plus 3x180’s and an 84 game shot, Graeme Bird fired in 17-17- 18 darters plus a maximum 180 and an excellent 127 game shot, Mitchell a maximum 180 along with finishes of 86-106 and games finished in 16-17-19-19 arrows.

OOP’s almost forgot think bit of skulduggery going on here, Ross Black added his name on the West Lothian score sheet with a superb 140 game shot 2x180’s and a cracking 13 darter. And shame on him taking advantage of an old man just because he’s young? Think I will get a walking stick and next time Ross is on a double might accidentally prod him! He would probably hit it anyway! Well played everyone cracking night of darts and well run tournament again, and t.y. to the management nice touch bring out plates/bowls of chips for the guys and gals to munch on, very well received, thanks again. Jim M


RESULTS 14/3/16

 Match Secretary Connie Bamburry.

Doo Club Flyers 3-6 Cawburn Highlanders

Cawburn Assassin’s 7-2 Commercial Nomads

Volunteer Highway Men 6-3 Uphall Station Chalkers

Commercial Juniors 3-6 Brucefield Farmers

Paraffin Lamp Brigands 5-4 Almondale Pirates

Tower Knights 3-6 Stirrup Stane Cowboys

Kirknewton Inn Keepers 9-0 Paraffin Lamp Oilers                


Maximum scorers saw William Borland 3 x180’s Paul Weir and John Tannock both with 1x180 each. Brian Mairs cracking 13 dart game, Bridges Borland with 17 & 18 darters, Gary Scott 16 & 18 dart games, Paul Weir 17 darter, John Tannock 18 darter,  Brian MacIntyre 19 darter, Ian Campbell 20 darter, Gordon Bruce 20 dart game, Jimmy Johnston 2 x 20 dart games , Chris Fawcett 20 darter,

Good finishes came from, Martin Deegan 114 g.s. Chris Fawcett 114 g.s.Rex Brady 103 g.s.Paul Weir 92 g.s. Gordon Bruce 84 g.s. C Cheshire 70 g.s.


Well done to the Highlanders who play from the Cawburn Sports Bar in Pumpherston,

On finally crossing the winning line, with a 6-3 win over the Doo Club Flyers this Monday passed.

 They have been close many times this season but just failed to cross the T's and dot the I's, now lets see them fight back and close the gap on the teams above them!


Organiser throwing dummy out the pram!

( and no wonder)

Well the third week of qualifying in this five week league has come and gone, and can I just say what a nightmare this has become, players knew at the beginning that this league would only last five weeks however players joined paid their entrance money, and then turn up and say oh cant manage that week etc! This makes it very difficult for myself and Gillian Bell along with Graeme Bird who have tried very hard to keep matches going but what is happening is that the people who miss a week then want to play as many games as they can the when they do turn up, leave us short of markers as they need to stay on the boards, so it falls on Graeme Bird, Myself, William Borland and Bryan Stewart yesterday  to fill in the gaps while the players who miss a week or are trying to play games ahead of schedule so they don't have to turn up next  week can play, In the first week we had two players missing, second week four players missing, third week two players missing though one of them did appear at a couple of hours late and tried to catch up, but if you each have three matches to play each week then it does not take a mathematician to realise that is a heck of a lot of catch up games and certainly not fair on the players who turn up every week and end up having to mark boards for them so we can keep the league games going,. Example is this, hope they don’t mind me mentioning their names, Gordon Bruce and Kyle Gilmour pulled out because they realised they would miss two weeks of this five week competition they did not wish to hold the competition up!

Well rant over from a very disappointed organiser (and people wondered why I stopped running these events) now you know why.


Maximum Hitters from the days play were,

Anyway on the day there were maximum scores recorded by, William Harraughty with 4x180’s, Davy Nisbet 3x180’s, Gary Scott 3x180’s, Pete Hastings 3 x180, Rex Brady 2x180’s, Jimmy Johnston 2 x180’s and the nine darter was on well right up to the seventh dart!,  Jim Mitchell 2x180’s,  Arran Edwards 2x180’s Christopher Mitchell 1x180 & 1x174 William Borland 1x180 & 1x174, Neil Dempsey 1x180, Wullie Jack 1 x180,Andy McCardle 1X180,Callum Wilkinson 1x180, Bryan Stewart 1x180, Chris Forsyth 1x180,Graeme Bird 1 x180,

So first week 14 maximums scored, second week 20 maximums recorded, third week 32 maximum scores recorded, good shooting as the players turn on the style.

Check out stats, with finishes of 75 or above counting, saw 29 good game shots!

Kieran Bird 120 & 107 & 75 g.s./ William Borland 120 g.s. / Andy McCardle 117 & 96 g.s. /Jim Mitchell 114 &102 & 96 & 96 & 81 g.s /Davy Nisbet 106 & 75 g.s./ Bryan Stewart 110 g.s. / Arran Edwards 103 &94 & 93 & 80g.s/Martin Deegan 103 g.s ./ Pete Hastings 102 &95 & 82 g.s /William Harraughty 96 & 76 g.s./ Mick Burke 102 g.s./Graeme Bird 92 g.s./ Callum Wilkinson 80 g.s./ Ian Stevenson 78 g.s./Micky Rice 76 g.s.

Legs of darts finished with a 25 per dart average o.k. 20 deadly arrows or less!

And there were no less than 70 fast games recorded, Gary Scott 11-15-16-19-19-20-20 darters, Jim Mitchell 11-17-18-18-18-20 darters, Mick Burke 13-17-18-18 darters, William Harraughty 14-14-16-17-19-20-20-20-20 darters, Arran Edwards 14-15-15-15-17-18-18-18-19-19-19-20 darters, Andy McCardle 15 darter, Rex Brady 16-16-17-18 darters, Davy Nisbet 16-17-20-20-20 darters, Wullie Jack 16-19-20 darters, Callum Wilkinson 17-20 darters, Chris Forsyth 18-19-20  darters, Kieran Bird 18-19 darters, Pete Hastings 19-19 darters, Martin Deegan 19 darter, Bryan Stewart 19 darter, Neil Dempsey 19 darter, Ian Stevenson 20 darter.


Wednesday night report 9/3/16

Murrayfield Premier League.

Mixed back of results this week, The young and the old went head to head and this time it saw the Old fella Mitchell come out a winner over Young gun Jamie Banks 7 games to 3 as the first match they played  saw Wee Banksie take the points with a 7-5 win all square now. Stephan Colthart does everything but cross the winning line 7-4 loss if only those doubles would go in for him there would be points on the board! Martin Deegan continues his good run of form with an emphatic 7-0 victory with 5 sub 20 darter games.

William Borland still the only unbeaten player in the four leagues with a fine 7-1 win and another 2x180’s to add to his tally for the season, Mitchell also with 2x180’s on the night. Gillian Bell felt the love at the start of the night when organiser of the Murrayfield premier league the Doc Andy McCardle serenaded her with a Happy Birthday song, unfortunately her opponent on the night Arron Tilley was not quite as generous and sent her away with a7-0 loss (boo)                         



Match secretary report.

Volunteer Highway Men 7-2 Almondale Pirates

Cawburn Assassin’s 8-1 Uphall Station Chalkers

Kirknewton Inn Keepers 6-3 Logan Lea Colliers

Central Bar Rebels 4-5 Commercial Nomads

Doo Club Fanciers 9-0 Paraffin Lamp Oilers

Commercial Juniors 5-4 Stirrup Stane Indians

Paraffin Lamp Brigands (no result as yet) Cawburn Highway Men

Brucefield Farmers (no result as yet) Deans Bowling Club Golden Oldies




SPECIAL MENTIONS, Commercial Juniors scores of note, D Black 96 game shot followed by I Campbell with a maximum 180 and a 17 darter, Calvin Fleming nice 92 take out. Stirrup -Stane Indian, Ian Carbett 19 darter. John Bruton’s Nomads from the Commercial Inn were on fire with Jim Quinn knocking in 2x19 darters, Jim Aitken 20 darter plus a rock solid 89 game shot, Davie Aitken a maximum 180 plus a 18 darter, John Somerville a maximum 180 as well. Central bar player Scott Baker nice 84 game shot. Kirknewton Innkeeper, Billy Stirling on the maximum 180 trail. Cawburn Assassin’s players on target saw, William Borland firing in a superb 174 score, and a cracking take out via 50-50-32 nice shooting indeed he also fired in a maximum 180 as well (and still lost), Callum Wilkinson rock solid with another 20 dart game, Paul Weir 17 & 18 darters, William Harraughty 20 darter, Ian Stevenson 17 dart game and an 88 game shot, Graeme Bird cracking 119 game shot, And Paul Weir and Graeme Bird firing in a 18 dart pairs game as well. Volunteer Highway Men, Had Pete Hastings taking out a 100 game shot, Jim Mitchell 17 darter and a 93 game shot, Gary Scott a maximum 180, and it saw Colin Robertson and Mitchell fire out a 20 dart pairs game, which was soundly beaten by John Charleston and Gary Scott who went out in 15 excellent arrows. Almondale Pirates, Big Davie Smith maximum 180 and Derek Carmichael 18 dart game.

The Team Sheet from the Junior’s was too blurred to read the special mentions I could only just make out the score. As usual the Paraffin Lamp Brigands and the Golden Oldies from Deans Bowling club have not sent in their results as of yet! or their Team Sheet so I do not have their result.  Connie Bamburry, Match secretary.


Bathgate Friday league

Well the venue was Coppies bar in Armadale and the competition was the league four person team event, now this competition had been revitalised into a new and wonderful format, in this competition each player in a team would play every player in the opposing team and this would go on until one team had won 11 games so you can understand why it took so long, perhaps in hind sight it should have been the first team to say 9 wins that went through each round, but you never know until you try do you! And so after five hours of play we had two teams left standing the 32 Club from Shott’s and the Bentswood Inn from Stoneyburn, unfortunately as the witching hour had already passed and 1am in the morning was now also a thing of the past it was decided with everyone’s agreement to play the final on an other day, thank goodness!

Anyway some stats from the nights play for those players, who also play in the Monday night league in West Calder and District Darts League,

Graeme Bird 18&19 darters nice 120 game shot and a maximum 180 to boot, William Harraughty 1x180 and a 76 game shot eventually! William Borland 17&18 dart games a maximum 180 to add to his total of the year so far, Callum Wilkinson 2x18&19&20 darters and a 180, Paul Weir 2x180’s and games finished in 2x15 darts with game shots off 101 &110, Jim Mitchell 1x180 and two games finished in 16&14 darts. Zzzzzzzz think im still tired!


Murrayfield Qualifier

Wednesday 2nd March

Well a cracking field of darts players assembled to try and win one of the places up for grabs in this the largest amateur darts competition in Scotland, And with Andy the Doc McCardle running the competition you always new this event would run smoothly, with six dart boards in use and two practise boards there was no excuse for not being ready for the battle on the ocky’s ahead!

Players from Fife, Lothian’s, Borders and West Lothian were in attendance and here are some of the stats for our local Monday night league players from the West Calder league, Gordon Bruce putting our very own 9 dart man William (Bridges) Borland to bed early with an emphatic 3-1 win which saw Gordon (THE) Bruce taking out a magnificent 160 game shot in the first leg, Graeme (the Bird Man) Bird and Will I Am Harraughty along with Old Man Mitchell and Martin (Penfold) Deegan getting through their first round matches, Gary Christie went out in the first round but did have an excellent 101 game shot when he went down fighting. One clash which had a few spectators was when the Old Man and The ok, Jim Mitchell and Gordon Bruce went head to head in the last 16, Gordon firing in 18 and 15 darters to take a 2-0 lead but the old fella was not finished and in the next three legs three darts and three double 16’s saw Mitchell go through to the quarter finals by a score line of 3-2.

 Martin Deegan bowed at he last 16 stage as well, But William Harraughty and Graeme Bird were firing out the big shots and retiring their opposition to spectators status, So Mitchell in the last eight had Alan Small from Fife and what a clash with Mr Small starting the match with two maximums and it looked like the 9 darter was on however he had to settle for a 13 darter, Mitchell came firing back and took the next two legs to lead at this stage, But you don’t get a Scotland cap without having the fire power to come back at an opponent and Mr Small went on to win a cracking match 3-2 which saw him fire in four maximums, Now the Bird Man and Will I Am were now in the semi finals and and they produced an absolutely cracking match with the games finished in 19-24-18-18-17-13 and it was the man from Whitburn William Harraughty who won with a final leg finished in a superb 13 darts. The other semi final saw games finished in 16-22-16-18-17-15 and it was Alan Small who edged out Joe Bata and would face off against our Wullie! In the final so after almost four hours of play we were down to the final match and remembering only one player could claim a spot in the Cawburn grand finals, and as one would expect there was plenty of tension on the ocky as both players were wanting that final place! Games finished in 17-16-20-21-25-21-14 darts and it was Alan Small from Fife who would be heading to the Cawburn Sports Bar with a 5-2 win on the 21st May, unlucky William but there are lots more qualifiers around so perhaps next time it will be you’re turn!

Can I also state what a cracking idea the Murrayfield bar had playing their qualifiers on a Wednesday this way they never clashed with any other competition and this is the way to run these events, the one thing any one running one of these events is to clash with something else on the same day, that way all the dart players get a chance to try and qualify and of course it gives the venue the opportunity to pull in more players which in turn gives them more revenue! Makes sense doesn’t it. Well done Andy (the Doc) McCardle for running this event and for the Murrayfield Sports Bar for having the common sense to run it on a day which players did not have to decide where to go.

Some statistics from our local players on the night were, Gordon Bruce 160-98 game shots,18-15 darters and 2x180’s, William Borland 18 darter, Jim Mitchell 19-19-18-15 darters, Martin Deegan 20-20-20-19-17 dart games, Gary Christie 101 game shot, William Harraughty 98-78 game shots, games finished in 20-19-18-13 darts, Graeme Bird 100-94 game shots, 18-18-17-17 darters.

Nomads player Jim Aitken
with his winning darts.

Looks Like the Highlander wants revenge!
Dont fancy Wee Tosh and Daisy's chances now!


W.C.D.D.L. Exhibition Night For 2016 is Proud to present a full SCOTTISH line up of players.

 In the past we have had if memory serves, Gary Robson & Alex Lister, Peter Manley & Chrissie Howett,  Martin Adams, Darryl Fitton & Tony O’Shea (twice), Gary Anderson & Gary Robson (twice), Ted Hankey, Deta Hedman, Alan Norris & Andy Boulton (twice), Jamie Harvey (twice), Robbie Green. And now joining this fantastic line up of top players we can add, John Henderson, Ronnie Sharp, and Gary Stone.

  W.C.D.D.L. Exhibition Night.


W.C.D.D.L. Exhibition Night.

Well another very successful evening at the Doo Club in East Calder, and first off I would like to thank all those people who helped out to make the evenings entertainment run so smoothly, First up many thanks to Mr James Banks (Banksie) from the Brucefield Farmers for stepping at the last minute to take charge of the M.C. position as our usual suspect on the microphone had a serious throat injury and was not able to attend (get well soon) our very own Gabby Cabby Chris Forsyth. And a very special mention to two of our spectators on the night Mrs Jan Leggatt and Mr John Charleston who have both been in hospital recently but are now back amongst us, and hopefully it wont be to long before they are back at the ocky again on a Monday night.

Now as many people will know if you play darts you need markers, and Stephan Colthart came to the rescue and for most off the night he took the chalks to help keep the games flowing thanks (Cobra), also to one of the Nomads team from West Calder Jim (Jamaican) Aitken who also helped out on the chalkboards as well, But one young man took charge of the refereeing for the night and that was Jamie Banks (Banksy) did a sterling job , but I did wonder at times if he needed glasses some of those maximum 180’s seemed very suspicious to me! So many thanks to all of the above mentioned people who without their help the night would never have turned out to be such a cracking night of darts.

Now on the night we had three special players for the first time in the history of these annual events all three were Scottish and have worn the shirt on their backs with pride, Big John Henderson (Highlander) from Huntley and ranked number 33 in the PDC rankings was in excellent form finishing many of his matches on double double etc etc, however the biggest cheer of the night was when he lost to two players Wee Tosh MacIntyre from the Uphall Station Chalkers who at I believe 11 years of age checked out, not quite sure how much the referee got bribed eh I mean called the scores correctly but a double ten is a double ten and Wee Tosh had the onlookers cheering loudly when he put the big man down! Then lets not forget one of the leagues more senior lady players Daisy Heeps who had the ladies section on their feet when her double 13 hit the mark, must say started to feel sorry for the Highlander who was getting put to the sword by these lowlander dart players?

Now one of our other exhibition players on the night was the man from Larkhall almost sounds like a western theme  from a film! Gary Stone who has many open tournaments and has been known on occasion to rattle in the 9 darters on his way to winning titles through out width and breadth of Scotland, Well his maximum 180 scoring is never going to be in question with six maximums to his credit on the night but that is not his only strength on the ocky as he also went out two ton plus scores with a bull finish, and personally never thought of going for 30 left by hitting double 14 double one there again he is from Lanarkshire and arithmetic isn’t required at the schools through in that part of the country if you don’t want to take it!

Next up for our nights entertainment was a man who graced the famous Lakeside ocky back in the 1990’ on many occasions and also more importantly was player on that iconic television program Bulls eye way back when it was real dart players who throw their arrows for the charities! Now Ronnie Sharp is still a force to be reckoned with but what really had the crowd of spectators was not the 106 game shot he finished in the first session of the night of course we all go bulls eye single six bulls eye (why wouldn’t you) but in his second session on the ocky he had the crowd holding their respective breaths Ronnie or Pancho to give his darting non de plume was left on double two now he decided to throw for that particular double kneeling on one knee first dart roughly half an inch below the double two wire he shuffled along the ocky still on one knee next arrow quarter of an inch below the double two wire, its blocked now so he once again takes a deep breath remember he is getting on a bit and shuffles along another two feet so he is now actually further away from the board! And bang his third dart went right in the heart of the required double, but still very little response from the on looking crowd as we all waited with fingers crossed the question on everyone’s mind was could a man of his age actually get back on to his two feet by himself unaided, well when he managed it the round of applause he received was worth the wait, phew though I was going to have to help him up!

Well folks I would like to thank our exhibitionists for a great nights entertainment, they had so many photos took I am sure face book or twitter will be bombarded with them there will be some posted on this web site shortly, but these gentlemen of the ocky posed for photo shoots, talked-chatted and as all great sportsman do they mingled and gave us their best on the night, and it was very much appreciated,  Oh yes and Ronnie’s singing well no one guessed the song so with the money that was put into a glass for charity you had to put 50p in to have a chance of winning £20 note courtesy of Ronnie if you could guess the title! Well no one did so Ronnie put his own £20 into the glass and that money has gone to a local East Calder charity, and as for the song title I think it was when you’re Smiling!

If anyone can help out by sending some photo's from the nights play I would be very greatful, flash in camera must have not been working right and have very few pics that have any light in them! 


Our referee checking the scores
Wee Banksy in charge of proceedings.

William Bridges Borland in a quandary! Why?
He thought Ronnie was going to propose!



Another top day on the ocky with some outstanding arrow throwing from many of the areas top players and you would expect nothing less with players from throughout the central belt participating. Top maximum hitter from the day’s play and there were (20) saw The Doc Andy McCardle head the leader board with 4 x 180’s Davie Nisbet a close second with 3 x 180’s, Callum Wilkinson 2 x 180’s plus a cracking 171 score, 23 check outs from 75 and above were recorded, Top finish saw Old Man Mitchell with a 142 take out, Martin Deegan and Micky Rice of Whitburn fame both firing in 126 game shot’s, Top games finished in 20 darts or less saw East Calder’s top arrow smith of the moment William Bridges Borland firing out 6 sub 20 dart games, close behind saw three players on 5 sub 20 darters, South Queensferry player Gary Scott, Andy McCardle from Loanhead and Micky Burke from Armadale.

Scores from 171-180 were hit by, Andy McCardle 4 x180’s, Davie Nisbet 3 x 180’s, Callum Wilkinson 2x180’s + 1x171, William Borland 2x180’s, Neil Dempsey 2 x180’s,Gary Scott 1x180, Derek Bird 1x180,Pete Hastings 1x180,Alan Galbraith 1 x180, Christopher Mitchell 1 x180. Bryan Stewart 1 x 180.

Top finishing power saw, Jim Mitchell 142 g.s. Martin Deegan 126 g.s. Micky Rice 126 g.s. Gary Scott 112+94 g.s. Jimmy Johnston 108+86 g.s.  Bryan Stewart 106 g.s. Andy McCardle 105+91 g.s Christopher Mitchell 103 g.s.  Kieran Bird 101 g.s. William Harraughty 100+94 g.s. Graeme Bird 90 g.s.  Neil Dempsey 88+86 g.s. Callum Wilkinson 82+80 g.s

Fast games with a better than 25 per dart average were recorded by,

William Borland 14+16+18+19+2x20 dart games, Andy McCardle 15+17+18+2x19 dart games, Micky Burke 16+2x17+18 darters, Gary Scott 20+2x19+2x18 darters, Callum Wilkinson 3x19darters +1x17 dart games, Jim Mitchell 20+18+16 darters, Davie Nisbet 16+2x19 dart games, Bryan Stewart 16+2x19 darters, William Harraughty 17+18+2x20 dart games, Martin Deegan 15+20 darters, Neil Dempsey 17+20 darters, Ian Stevenson 20 darter, Pete Hastings 17+20 dart games, Kieran Bird 19+20 dart games, Christopher Mitchell 18 darter.

Well now that week two is over, we have no fewer than five unbeaten players in the leagues, and with the chasing pack snapping at their heels it looks like some real interesting matches ahead as every leg won is a point all the scores are not only relevant to the players playing at the ocky but also to the players watching on! Couple of special mentions this week, Big thank you to Pete Hastings who agreed to move leagues as we had a no show for the second consecutive week and this now makes both league have equal amounts of combatants and so each player also has the same amount of matches and an equal opportunity to qualify in the top eight. Also to a true sportsman yes this man is struggling with an arm/shoulder injury but rather than pull out he has persevered and is playing with his left hand his non playing hand , to help keep the leagues running smoothly, so big thank you to our very own house trained (I hope) friendly Giraffe Gary Christie (Melman)


Wednesday Night Report

Mixed results this week from the Premier league at the Murrayfield Sports Bar in Edinburgh,

Gillian Bell and Stephan Colthart went down by 7 games to 1 in their matches, Jamie Banks went down fighting by the score line of 5-7 to Stuart Ironsides in a very entertaining match up Stuart firing in 2x180’s plus a 16 darter and a 105 game shot, while Jamie 1x180 along with a16 darter and game shots off 89 & 97, Martin Deegan nice 7-0 win under his belt, William Borland two matches on the night and two wins nothing new there then! 7-2 and 7-4 and once again on the maximum trail giving him a total of 24x180’s in the league with Jamie Banks his closest rival with 14x180’s Mitchell just one back from that total, Mitchell survived a scare in the early legs of his match over David Love before coming away with a 7-1 win, a 16 darter 1 x180 and a 112 game shot.


Results from the 22nd February from Connie Bamburry.

Tower Knights 4-5 Commercial Juniors

Brucefield Farmers 6-3 Kirknewton Innkeepers

Cawburn Highlanders 1-8 Volunteer Highway Men

Almondale Pirates 3-6 Cawburn Assassin’s

Doo Club Flyers 3-6 Paraffin Lamp Brigands

Uphall Station Chalkers 4-5 Central bar Rebels

Loganlea Colliers 8-1 Doo Club Fanciers

Players firing in top shots from the ocky saw David McIvor from the Colliers in Addiewell firing out a cracking 104 game shot,, John Brett from the Chalkers in Uphall finishing a rock solid 80 game shot, Kirk Gordon of the Highlanders on target with game shots of 72-89-101, Saun Hanlon from the Rebellious ones at the Central bar in West Calder checking a 76 game shot, Pete Hastings nice 86 take out for the Highway Men, Bunny Forrest of the Farmers fame from Bellsquary taking out finishes of 74 and 109.

Maximum hitters this week saw Gary Finlayson of the Uphall Station Chalkers on target as was Stevie Duncan and team mate Wullie Jack from the Craigshill Pirates of the Almondale club, both rattling the treble twenty bed.

Games of not finished in under 20 arrows were recorded by William Borland with 16&18 darters, Graeme Bird firing in 15&19 dart games, Callum Wilkinson rock solid 20 darter, Jamie Banks 19 darter. Some good pair’s matches with Kirk Gordon & Paul Gausden firing in a 17 dart game for the Highlanders as did Mitchell & Hastings for the Highway Men, Scott Bryson & Stevie Duncan 19 darter for the Pirates. John Tannock & Wullie Jack 17 darter for the Almondale as well.



One of the counties top players back in the 1970’s right through to the late 1990’s has passed away,

John Drake was twice a C.I.U. Singles Champion of Scotland when he played for the all conquering Craigshill Social Club team who were Scottish Champions in the club leagues.

John’s funeral will be on Monday the 22nd February at 2pm in Livingston Crematorium.


Have just heard that Jan Leggat from the Doo Club Fanciers ladies dart team in our Monday night league is on the road to recovery,

after being in hospital for a very serious illness for the past week or so. 

Fingers crossed you get better soon, and best wishes from all of us, Hope to see you at the darts again real soon.

Take care.

xxxxx from us all. 

Also fingers crossed that John Skippy Charleston from the Highway Men who is also in hospital makes a speedy recovery as well,

and that we see both these players back in action sooner rather than later. 




Well after all the preparation were done  the leagues drawn up and playing format finalised, matches being 9x501 so first to 5 wins the match but remembering every leg is worth a point  no extra points for winning just simply put every leg counts. The first darts were thrown in this new six week league and boy oh boy were there some fabulous games with no fewer than 14 maximum’s recorded and some absolute superb finishing with 17 check outs of 75 and over with 10 of them being over the 100 mark.

Now some exceptional marksmanship was on show from many of the regions top arrow smiths, The man from the West Big Neil Dempsey from Glasgow started off with 18-18-18-19 dart games, Arron Edwards from Craigshill 122-115-86 game shots along with a brace of maximums and a couple of quick legs, But for finishing power Armadale’s top darts man Mick Burke was in a league of his own with finishes of 160-160-129-116 now that is class in anyone’s dart league, The man who goes by the nom de plume of Bridges yes William Borland our very own nine dart man was also firing in the big shots with 2x180’s along no less than 9 sub 20 darters, And the man from the East who many call the Doc, Andy McCardle from  Loanhead just outside Auld Reekie ok Edinburgh for those that might come from South of the Border firing in 174 and a 180 scores along with 16-17-17 dart games. Whitburns favourite darting son the leg-end William Harraughty on target with 5 sub 19 darters and a classy 99 game shot 19-tops-tops how do I know this it was against me cheeky sod!! However may have to ask Micky Rice or the man with 2Xl’S Callum Wilkinson if he is the top man from Whitburn? Possibly the best four leg combination of the day saw Pumpherstons own Cool Hand himself Rex Brady firing in 14-16-16-18 dart legs on the trot how do I know it was against me  (why me) suppose at my age he did not want me getting tired walking up and down the ocky thanks mate.

Anyway here are all the stats from the day’s play that I have in front of me, if you don’t tell me how will I know! Remember check outs are from 75 and above, reason that is a 25 per dart average or better, also games from 20 darts or less once again this gives you a 25 per dart average or better, and maximums are counted from 171 through to 180’s as we do have players who throw for the bottom of the board ask our very Melman! Gary Christie.

Maximum Hitters scores from 171-180 all count.

Gary Scott 3 x180’s,William Borland 2 x 180’s, Jim Mitchell 2 x 180’s, Andy McCardle 1x180+1x174, William Harraughty 2 x180’s, Arran Edwards 1x180, Bryan Stewart 1 x180. Rex Brady 1x180,

Top Finishes from 75-170. Arran Edwards 122-115-86 game shots, Mick Burke 160-160-129-116 finishes, Bryan Stewart 98 game shot, Christopher Mitchell 107 take out, Chris Forsyth 104 kill, William Borland 102-90 game shots, Jim Mitchell 84-78 take outs, Davie Nisbet 88 game shot, William Harraughty 99-86 game shots, Wullie Jack 110 take out.

Fast Games from 20 darts or less. Wullie Jack 19 darter, William Harraughty 15-16-17-19-19 dart games, Andy McCardle 16-17-17 darters, Rex Brady 14-16-16-18 dart legs, Jim Mitchell 16-18 dart games, Callum Wilkinson games finished in 18-19-20-20-20-20 darts, Neil Dempsey 18-18-18-19 darters, William Borland firing in 15-16-16-17-17-18-18-19-19 darters, Arran Edwards 15-18-18 dart legs, Mick Burke 17-18 darters, Gary Scott 15-17-19-19 darters, Kieran Bird 20-20 dart games, Graeme Bird 16 darter.



The newly named three person team championship which is now named after one of the counties top players Mr Bob Hall who passed away last year.

The team who have claimed the title for the very first time and can claim to be the BOB HALL Three person team champions are, The Bentswood inn ‘A’ from Stoneyburn, Team consisting of William Harraughty, William Borland and Jim Mitchell, Runners up also from the Bentswood Inn were Callum Wilkinson, Paul Weir and Graeme Bird. This competition was played over the format off 1 x 1001 three person match, 1 x 701 doubles match, and should it be needed a singles match off 3 x 501.

Congratulations to both Bentswood teams for reaching the final.

Top shots recorded on the night saw Graeme Bird and Jim Mitchell both firing in maximum 180’s, Mitchell with a 106 finish and Graeme Bird with a cracking 15 dart game. BUT the best of the night was Alan McDonald who checked a fabulous games hot the highest you can with a superb 170 take out, now that’s shooting of the highest quality.



(couple scores not in yet but fingers crossed they wont be long in winging their way through the interne!)

Kirknewton InnKeeper's 3-6 Stirrup Stane Indians

Cawburn Assassins 9-0 Cawburn Highlanders

Doo Club Fanciers 1-8 Brucefield Farmers

Commercial Nomads 3-6 Uphall Station Chalkers

Central Bar Rebels 5-4 Almondale Pirates

Volunteer Highway Men 7-2 Doo Club Flyers

SPECIAL MENTIONS from the leagues in the past week have seen players firing in some terrific shots here are the ones we know about!

Fastest games we know off, Graeme Bird 17 & 20 darters, Callum Wilkinson 20 dart game, Paul Weir 17 darter, William Harraughty 18 dart game, William Borland 2x18 darters 3x20 dart games, Craig Forrest 20 dart game, Jim Mitchell 18 & 19 dart games, Martin Balfour 17 dart game, Derek Carmichael 20 darter,

Big finishes reported so far, John Charleston 130 & 100 game shots, Wullie Jack 116 game shot, Pete Hastings 114 game shot, Graeme Bird 100 game shot, Paul Weir 82 game shot, William Harraughty 100 game shot, Callum Wilkinson 87 game shot, Jim Mitchell 112 & 114 game shots, Scott Baker 86 game shot, Jordan Stirling 77 game shot.

Players firing in the high scores, Paul Weir 2 x 180, Jim Mitchell 2 x 180’s, Wullie Jack 1 x 180, William Borland 3 x 180’s, Chris Fawcett 1 x 180,Derek Carmichael 1 x 180,                                               



Yes that is how long it took from the start of the match before Callum Wilkinson sealed the title for the Bentswood Inn team from Stoneyburn by hitting the winning double which sealed the title of Bathgate & District league champions on a Friday night. And with two games to go they might even manage to go the season undefeated and with the K.O. Cup also in their possession that would make it an outstanding season for the whole team. Many thanks to our host on a Friday night the gaffer of the Bentswood Inn (John Reidy) who came along last night to present the guys and gals with bottles of sparkling bubbly to toast the victory, but it was decided to put them on ice and we would wait until a free week then have a wee friendly darts game amongst ourselves, with William Bridges Borland our nominated marker for the night, this was decided by a show of hands when he wasn’t there!

Well done the Big ‘G’ team captain of the Bathgate & District Darts League Champions.

On the night 4 x 180’s were recorded, Jim Kennedy and Wullie Jack for the visiting Royal British Legion team and Old Man Mitchell and the Ranger Paul Weir for the home side, top finishing saw Paul Weir 82 g.s. and a 17 darter, William Harraughty 100 g.s. and an 18 darter, Callum with 2Xl’S Wilkinson with a match winning 87 g.s. and lets not forget the Old Man’s double 1 g.s.

The Doc studying form!
Kluas checking the talent!
Klaus and Ivan with Jamie and Chris
Linwood Club Exhibition



Well Thursday night saw four intrepid dart enthusiasts take to the road yes they braved the M8 on a Thursday at 4.40pm talk about tail backs! But always at the end of this journey was the Jamie Harvey exhibition night which was to help raise money for Jamie’s charity evening, In the hall we had Chris Mason who is back on the circuit when his television commitments let him, Scottish internationals Paul Hanvidge and former Scottish player Mark Barrilli who is now enjoying life on the dark side! With the PDC, Making his way up from South of the Border as well was the great shark himself Graeme Stoddard another player who player regularly on the main PDC events for quite some time. Also making a guest appearance was that famous Scottish International cricket player Andy Goram ok sometimes he played a bit of football as well. Now on the night players were drawn at random from the crowd and when you remember this was a fun night there were a few laugughs along the way, however Chris Mason played four games in which he hit 3 x 180’s,  100 game shot 25-25-50 but best of all at the end of a 12 darter so after 9 arrows he was left on 96 and of course he finished the easy way 32-32-32 super stuff from a player who looks like he is right on the top of his game. And can I also say the buffet just after 9pm was fantastic, what a spread the best I have ever seen at one of these nights, well don the Linwood club superb venue and they did not rip you off at the bar either what a cracking night.

Anyway always nice to see players turn up to support one of the founding members of the PDC lets not forget those players who took a stand and made the break all those years ago, with out them I doubt if there would be hardly any darts on the box in this day and age, we all owe them a great deal!

For goodnes sake, dont let Gillian see this one!
Honest she kissed me!?
Jim thinking HOW did I get into this!



Mixed results from this week from our representatives in the Murrayfield Sports Bar Premier League, Win’s, Lose and a Draw.

First up saw Jamie Banks drawing 6-6 with Davie Love in which trebles were easy however doubles started to shrink a bit! Martin Deegan playing through the pain barrier went down 0-7 very unlike the man from Dechmont, who also had to borrow a set of arrows as he has somehow lost one of his three trusty spears. Stephan Colthart had defeat with his opponent not missing a double 0-7; Gillian Bell fired in her doubles in an all ladies tie with Hazel Aitken and came away with a fine 7-2 victory to keep her outside chance of qualification for the final still in place. William Borland once again in fine form with 15-16-17-20 darters in his 7-0 win last night, Old Man Mitchell fired in a maximum 180, game shot of a 100 plus legs finished in 12-16-17 darts on his way to a 7-0 win, and keeps the pressure on the top two in his league. And where you finish in the league will have a lot to do with the order of play in the grand final as it will be seeded so I have been told!




Last seasons Premier league champions the Cawburn Assassin’s now sit proudly at the top of the league once again, with two 9-0 victories in the past two weeks they are now two points in front of their nearest rivals last seasons runners up the Highway Men from the Volunteer in Uphall, the Paraffin Lamp Brigands put the Highway Men to the sword winning 6 games to 3, and yes the Brigands actually turned up this week with a team full of their top players, unlike the previous week, so now the chase begins in earnest can the Brigands catch the top two teams in the league if they turn up every week with a full complement of players then it is possible, however the Rebellious ones from West Calder and John Bruton’s Nomads also from the West, may have a lot to do with the final league placing, and when you look at the Pirates from Craigshill who also have an excellent squad of players these teams will have an awful lot to do with where the title ends up! So the Highway men who have a very small squad may have to make sure there are no more beatings or I do think the Assassin’s might just get to far in front to be caught. However as that Demi God of Norse mythology who resides in Whitburn (BRAGI) says (we welcome the chase) Oh yes we welcome the chase bring it on! Oh please feel free to check out who Bragi is and was from Norse mythology!

Kiss of Death

Looks like commentators curse, there was me telling everyone how the Loganlea Colliers were the only undefeated team in the W.C.D.D.L. and look what happens, the Farmers from Brucefield go and spoil my report!



As many off you will be aware there are a lot of dart competitions around at the moment, And I have tried my best to not clash with any County matches, or Youth Tournaments, However there inevitably will be clashes with tournaments out with my control, So quite simply we have a sponsor in the CAWBURN SPORTS BAR  who is willing to put up cash money for our prizes, so players if you think you can not now commit to the Saturday competition you need to let me know A.S.A.P. Could I ask players to confirm their entry into this Saturday League, entry now stands at 2 leagues of 14.


Jim M



Friday night may have seen the Bentswood Inn from Stoneyburn clinch the league, however on paper they can still be caught with three games to go they are now six points clear and Only now need now to win of their remaining matches to be crowned champions. Friday saw the Coppies team from Armadale come a calling and it was tremendous match up not so many fast games as you might expect from these top teams but a very nervous encounter, with so much riding on the outcome of this match, as Danny Kirkland’s team were still in with a great shout should they win!

However it saw the home team take a 4-2 lead in the singles and then with the team captains changing things around and just as well for the Bentswood team as team captain Big 'G' and his trusty sidekick Ian Stevenson claimed the winning double to seal the win in the first pairing,  because the  Coppies men came firing back to claim the last two doubles matches so a final score of 5-4 to the home team. Fast games of note saw William Borland firing in a cracking 14 darter, Mick Burke 17 and 18 darters and William Harraughty a 76 game shot, as I said some good scoring but nervy finishing this really was anyone’s game!



Borland, Mitchell and Deegan all winning with Gillian Bell and Stephan Colthart unfortunately losing.

William Borland 2 x 180's and a 16 darter, Mitchell 81-94-100 game shots and three games finished in 17-18-20 arrows. 


Report from Match Secretary Connie


Central Bar Rebels 6-3 Doo Club Flyers

Cawburn Assassin’s 9-0 Paraffin Lamp Brigands

Doo Club Fanciers 2-7 Tower Knights

Kirknewton Ninja’s 2-7 Commercial Juniors

Commercial Nomads 6-3 Cawburn Highlanders

Uphall Station Chalkers 4-5 Almondale Pirates

Paraffin Lamp Oilers 0-9 Stirrup Stane Indians

Loganlea Colliers 3-6 Brucefield Farmers



Highlander’s player Paul Gausden 78 game shot, Lorne Mitchell 86 game shot,

Nomads player Jamie on Fire Fleming 82 game shot,  Kyle Gilmour 19 dart game, Davie Aitken 19 darter, Jim the Jamaican Aitken cracking 103 game shot and an 18 dart game, Gilmour and Quinn nice 16 darter in the doubles matches,

Assassins player Graeme Birdman Bird 16 dart game, William Bridges Borland 17 & 19 dart games, William Harraughty 20 darter,Callum the man with 2 x l’S Wilkinson 19 dart leg,

Commercial Juniors player Jim Purse firing in a maximum 180

Brucefield Farmers saw Jamie Banks taking out a cracking 112 game shot.

Cawburn Highlanders player Christopher Mitchell 112 game shot



Doo Club Flyers 2-7 Commercial Nomads

Paraffin Lamp Brigands 5-4 Central bar Rebels

Tower Bar Knights 9-0 Paraffin Lamp Oilers

Commercial Juniors 7-2 Doo Club Fanciers

Cawburn Highlanders 2-7 Uphall Station Chalkers

Volunteer Highway Men 4-5 Cawburn Assassins

Stirrup Stane Indians 3-6 Loganlea Colliers

Deans Golden Oldies 7-2 Kirknewton Ninja’s



ASSASSINS PLAYERS William Bridges Borland 16 darter, Paul the Ranger Weir 1 x 180,

William I AM Harraughty 15 & 16 dart games, Birdman Graeme Bird 113 game shot,

Highway Men players Jim Mitchell 20 dart game, Gary Scott 108 game shot plus a 15 darter, Martin Penfold Deegan 16 dart game and a 76 game shot,

Doo Club Fanciers saw Daisy Heeps with Game shot of the week 26 left finished with double 6 double 7.

Junior’s player Campbell game shot of 77



Well where to start, lets try Friday, the Bentswood Inn kept up their good run in the Bathgate and District dart league with another fine win, making them the only undefeated team in the league this season, William Borland firing in 2 x 17 dart games and even the Old Man Mitchell getting in on the action with a wee 12 darter via 140-100-140-121 g.s..

Saturday saw a great contingent of players from the county descend upon the Loanhead Miners Community club for the McKechnie pairs, it saw William Borland , Kieran Bird, Jamie Banks, Colin Robertson, William Harraughty, Graeme Bird, Denise Bird, Rex Brady, Martin Deegan, and yours truly all trying to get their hands on the silverware, however it was the Pairing of John Eyre and Paul Hannaway who took the first prize on the day, top shots from the West Lothian players came by way off, Kieran Bird 1 x 180, William Borland 1 x 180, Jim Mitchell 2 x 180’s and a 88 game shot, but man of the day for our local area had to be Colin Robertson playing through the pain barrier fired in 3 x 171’s along with finishes off 94 -100-101.

Sunday saw William Borland travel through to the Airdrie Open and have not got any detail as yet I can confirm the Airdrie Open Singles title went to our very own 9 dart man from East Calder well done William Borland champion on the day beating Ryan Murray 4 games to 2 in the grand final, and I am more than positive it there is even more to come.



Murrayfield Bar Premier League.

Well the usual suspect from the Monday night league were there, and some excellent results, first up saw two Brucefield Farmers players toe off against each other with Jamie Banks coming away with a fine 7-0 win over Stephan Colthart who gets chances at doubles but for some reason he just isn’t hitting them! Jamie firing in two maximum 180’s back to back in leg six of this match up, Martin Deegan at 6-4 up looked good for a win over Kirknewton’s Alan Ibster who sits top of the league they are in with Martin sitting in second position and though the Dechmont Hobbit rattled in 3 x 180’s it ended up all square at 6 games apiece a fair result! Mitchell took his chances in a high scoring encounter with Alan Van White who just could not find his doubles, Mitchell winning 7-1 with finishes of 96-92-77 along with a maximum 180 and a 14 darter. William Borland managed a win over Scott Gardiner when he was 3-1 down it did not look good but once he got his scoring back to normal  (Bridges)came away with a fine 7-5 win over last seasons champion and I believe he may be the only player in the four leagues who has not lost a match!



The Monday night league now has only one undefeated team in their two leagues, the Loganlea Colliers under the leadership of Alan (ZOKO) Wilson are now the only team not to lose a league match so far this season so it will be interesting to see if they can go the whole road in the Championship without losing a match, some very good teams in the Championship league and they will all now be looking to try and knock the Colliers of this run of win’s! Last night the league leaders in the Premier took on their nearest and dearest! the Assassins from the Cawburn Sports Bar who were sitting as the second best placed team in the league and were also last years defending league champions, and it saw the visitors to the Volunteer Arms in Uphall come away with the points, First up saw the Assassins take the lead with William Bridges Borland edging out Pete Hastings by 2 games to 1, the next two matches however went to the home side with wins for Mitchell and Scott, the next match is always a pivotal match when the score is this tight either a two game lead or all square and as the darting gods would have it this match was now all square at 2-2 with Callum Wilkinson hitting those vital doubles when they came round, William Harraughty then gave the visiting Assassins the lead with a superb performance with 15 & 16 darters which could have been quicker? So 2-3 for the visitors, however the home team were soon level again at 3-3 thanks to a rock solid performance from Martin Deegan and so to the doubles and it was the away team who hit those important ones! And after claiming the first two matches the points were heading back to the home of the Assassins the Cawburn Sports Bar in Pumpherston, the last match went to the home side so a final score line of 4-5, and with the league now as tight as it can be can be the chasing pack now have the opportunity to catch the front runners and with a lot of teams now finding their form the second half of the season should see some real fireworks on the ocky’s on a Monday night. Who would be a captain in the Premier league to be sure it is no place for the faint hearted!



Scottish Youth competition was held in Glenrothes at the week end and once again a youth player from East Calder made it to the final this time Kieran from that darting family of the Bird clan, Well done to Kieran Bird who has had an excellent past six months on the ocky making it to the last eight in the world at the youth finals down in Hull and now runner up in the Scottish youth singles. More news will be available when it gets to me.


Week –End report

First off the Bathgate Friday night league held their annual five person team competition in the their sponsors venue Coppies Bar in Armadale,

With each match being the best of 5 x 501 and with five players in each team first to put three chalks on the board would be the winners!

Well after many hours of play it saw the Bentswood Inn from Stoneyburn toe the ocky against the 32 Club from Shott’s, and because time was getting on it was decided that two boards would be in action simultaneously, it saw the 32 Club go in front thanks to James (Pelter) Graham, but it was the Stoneyburn team that claimed the next three matches to take the title in a thrilling encounter by a score line of 3 games to 1, cracking match up with some of the matches going right down to the final double. Champions, Stoneyburn team from the Bentswood Inn, runners up 32 Club from Shott’s.

Saturday afternoon saw a magnificent turn out at the Bentswood Inn for an Open singles competition with players from East Lothian and Fife all in the mix, The final saw Stevie Johnston edging out local man Arran Edwards in the grand final, more info will be reported as and when it gets to me!

Some statistics from the week end that I have Callum Wilkinson 18 & 19 & 20 dart games, Martin Deegan 1 x 180 plus 17 & 18 darters and a cracking 80 game shot tops tops! Ian Stevenson 101 game shot, William Borland 16 & 20 dart games plus a 180, Paul Weir 1 x 180 and games finished in 18 & 20 darts, John Somerville 2 x 20 darters and a third leg finished in 21 darts, Graeme Bird 18-18-20 dart games plus a 76 take out, Jim Mitchell 121 and 78 game shots plus an 18 darter. Arran Edwards games finished in 14-15-17 along with a superb 146 game shot and a maximum 180 (there will be more from (Arran to follow) Colin Robertson 3 x 171 heavy scoring on the treble 19’s plus an 18 darter, More news will be available later with hopefully some photo’s as Mick Burgess was doing his best to capture the atmosphere all day with his camera, look forward to seeing the photo’s.

Also now have over 20 entries for the Saturday competition which will start in March in the Cawburn, read about it on the left hand column it has its own page!



Once a gain the West Lothian contingent travelled to the Murray Field Bar for the Premier league Wednesday night matches, and there was some superb throwing from the local darters, Jamie Banks, Jim Mitchell, Martin Deegan and William Borland all recorded wins in their respective leagues, with only Stephan Colthart losing, Gillian Bell was unavailable to play due to travel constraints, (on holiday in Fuerteventura) while her man has to pine away in a wintry Scotland! (Tee hee) Top shots from the nights play saw Jamie Banks rattling in 2x180’s, Jim Mitchell 14 dart game his third of the week, but without any shadow of doubt William Borland is still and from the start of the league is on fire, 2x180’s and finishes of 95 & 114, followed by games finished in 14-16-17-18-19-19 darts excellent shooting from this East Calder man. As many will know William Bridges Borland travelled down to the PDC qualifying school last week with some mixed results, however he did make a board final and rattled in some decent scores when he was given the chance! (Hard school of knocks) 2 x 180’s, 1 x 177, 100 and 126 game shots, 15-16-17-18-18-18-18 dart games.

Also this week it saw the Assassins from the Cawburn Sports Bar travel up the hill to the home of the Kirknewton Innkeepers! (with perhaps a new nickname as in the Kirknewton Ninja’s) anyway a good night with only the one maximum score recorded and that was from the Ranger Paul Weir, top finish on the night Billy Stirling with a cracking 109 game shot, but let us not forget William Borland’s incredible 37 dart game yes 37 darts, there is hope for us all yet!


RESULTS W.C.D.D.L 18/1/16

Doo Club Fanciers 1– 8 Deans Golden Oldies B.C.

Almondale Pirates    7-2 Cawburn Highlanders

Uphall Station Chalkers B.C. 8-1 Doo Club Flyers

Brucefield Farmers 7-2 Stirrup Stane Indians

Commercial Inn Nomads 2-7 Paraffin Lamp Brigands

Loganlea Colliers 5-4 Tower Bar Knights

Paraffin Lamp Oilers 0-9 Commercial Inn Juniors

Central Bar Rebels 4-5 Volunteer Highway Men


Mick Burke 20 darter, Gordon Bruce maximum 180, Jamie Fleming maximum 180,

John Somerville 112 game shot, Bunny Forrest 106 game shot, Fred Hamilton 88 game shot,

Brian Wallace 133 take out nice to see this man back on form after a quiet time on the ocky! Liam Corbett 97 game shot, Alan Galbraith 96 game shot, Lorne Mitchell 116 take out.

Scott Cameron and Shaun Clow nice 18 dart doubles game.


Rebel’s v Highway Men

The Rebellious ones from the Central Inn in West Calder rolled out the welcome mat for the visiting Highway Men from the Volunteer Arms in Uphall, and ‘boy’ was it a baptism of fire the visitors walked into!

Match went something like this Highway Men winning the first match by 2 games to 1, This match saw Martin Balfour firing in a 19 dart game for the hosts which was then replied with 15 & 17 dart games plus a cracking 97 game shot from Pete Hastings for the visitors, and that basically set the tone of the whole match, second match up saw Scott Baker winning 2-1 in a match which saw both Scott and Mitchell firing 14 dart games back to back, so 1-1, Shaun Hanlon then put the hosts back in front with a 2-0 win over Gary Scott, the next match swung one way then the other before John Papa Charleston got over the winning line from Andy Price who had taken a 1-0 lead with a cracking 78 game shot 3-51-24to even the score by 2 games to 1 , Rex Brady and Martin Deegan then gave the visitors some lea way both securing wins over Graham Smith and Ryan Little so at 4 games to 2 for the travelling men from Uphall it looked like they might coast to a win!, Don’t you believe it, the doubles saw the Rebellious ones come out all guns blazing and their first pairing of Shaun Hanlon and Ryan Little made the score 3-4 with a classic finish with Mitchell being left 36 on his next visit to the board and the Rebels looking at 160 on the board you might fancy your chances however Ryan Little took out the finish 60-60-40 sweet as any finish you will see this season superb game shot, and so the gap had closed to just one match and then it was all square as the home side levelled the match at 4-4 so after an hour and a half of match play darts it was down to the last double and it saw the visitors just edge it even with a miscount from our very own Hobbit from Dechmont who had the team thinking we had blown it Martin checking out on double twenty! Unfortunately he was looking at the wrong side of the chalk board and had 70 left! anyway we forgive you as in his next visit he found the double 10 that gave the match to the Highway Men by the tightest of score lines 5-4, this was a match that quite simply could have gone either way and  to be truthful the Rebels playing like that should quite simply be at the top of the league placing, this team a couple of seasons ago wiped the floor with the Championship league and in getting promoted great things were expected from them, they just seem to start of slowly in the Premier league, but if this match is anything to go by they look like they are now a match for anyone, And if they don’t finish in the top three, they will certainly have a lot to say in who does finish in the top places. Superb match and a cracking advert for Monday night darts in the West Calder & District Darts League.

Notes of interest from the night go like this, Scott Baker 14 darter, Jim Mitchell 14 darter, Pete Hastings 15 & 17 dart games, Martin Balfour 19 darter, Ryan Little 160 game shot, Pete Hastings 97 game shot, Andy Price 78 game shot, Martin Deegan maximum 180.



William Stirling from the Innkeepers on the hill, will receive a bottle of whisky from myself, To be truthful never thought anyone would get close to answering all the questions correctly!

One was slightly wrong Billy gave me the first player to hold the record for round the board in doubles, fastest time, so will accept that however the fastest time was over a minute quicker!!!!

Well done the Innkeepers BILLY STIRLING. 





Cracking night of darts at the Doo Club, with some of the top teams in the area all sending combatants to take part in this competition, Some top scoring going on around the boards, and with the format being cutthroat at the start of the evening just the best of 3 x 501 this competition was wide open. First player to get his name on the statistics for the evening’s play was Brucefield Farmer Stephan Colthart with an 84 game shot, Ian Stevenson & Stephan Morrans rattled in a 17 dart leg in their opening match, and Davie Nisbet & Chris Forsyth firings in 16-16-18-20 dart games nice to see these two elder statesmen still have the game in their locker! Fastest game of the night went to  two players on top form Mick Burke & Gordon Bruce of the Paraffin Lamp Brigands with a superb 14 arrow game, Not many recorded maximum scores recorded on the night but the players who did hit them came from the same team Jamie Fleming with 2 x 180’s and his partner in crime Davie Aitken with 1 x 177 score, and this dynamic duo not only produced the only maximums of the evening but went on to annex the tile as well, a superbly exciting final which saw the two Williams in the form of Borland & Harraughty from the Assassins of the Cawburn in Pumpherston firing in some excellent double scoring but it was the finishing power of Fleming & Aitken off the Nomads who ply their arrow throwing from the Commercial Inn West Calder that saw them lift the title by 4 games to 2.

So last four teams at the semi final stage were.

Borland & Harraughty bt Derek Bird & Kevin Murphy, Aitken & Fleming bt Chris Forsyth & Davie Nisbet.

Champions for 2016 Jamie Fleming & Davie Aitken (congratulations)

Runners up for 2016 William Borland & William Harraughty (commiserations)



Well another excellent turnout for a local tournament with players from the East & West descending upon the Volunteer Arms in Uphall, with the man known as the Dechmont hobbit or sometimes Penfold, yes Martin Deegan had the three boards in constant use and with the music sending out great vibes thanks to the generosity of George Jukebox Thorburn putting his selection of cracking tunes on there was great party atmosphere at the Volunteer Arms on Saturday afternoon.

Here are some of the stats collated on the day with the Marshall Colin Robertson keeping a close eye on the scores and checkouts recorded.

Top finishes saw Andrew Davidson 149 g.s. Colin Robertson 148 g.s. Frank Quinn 143 g.s. Scott Gardiner 121 g.s. Jim Mitchell 120 g.s. Greg Ritchie 114 & 92 g.s. Graham Borland 109 g.s. Michael Rice 100 g.s.

Maximums scores 171-180 all count,   recorded by,  Michael Rice 1x177, Andrew Davidson 1 x 180, Chris Forsyth 1 x 180, Gordon Bruce 2 x 180’s, Gary Scott 2 x 180’s,

Fast Games from 20 darts or less,  fired in by , Andrew Davidson 14-17 darters, Michael Rice 20 darter, Mitchell 16 darter, Graham Borland 18 darter, William Borland 20 darter, Gary Scott 17-19-20 dart games, John Papa Charleston 15-16-16 darters, Colin Robertson 17-19-19 dart games, Scott Gardiner 15 darter, Greg Ritchie 18 dart game, Gordon Bruce 17-17-18 dart games, Chris Forsyth 17-17-20-20 darters. Fastest recorded game 13 arrow leg by Will I Am Harraughty.

And the last eight players left standing saw, G Bruce bt C Forsyth, G Ritchie bt C Robertson, G Scott bt J Mitchell,  A Davidson bt G Borland, Semi Final saw, G Scott bt A Davidson, G Bruce bt  G Ritchie. Grand Finale saw Gordon (THE) Bruce bt Gary (Capt 180) Scott in the final. Cracking day at the darts and the prize monies went like this.

 Quarter finalists £20 each, Semi finalists £40 apiece, runner up £75, Champion £150. And I believe fastest game for a 13 darter also received £20 (William Harraughty), highest finish on the day also £20 (Andrew Davidson).

Well done to everyone who made this a great day out, lot of work by the organiser having to do a lot of phoning  around to get a third board and light etc, and then setting it up etc, but worth it in the end, well done Martin.



Wednesday night report.

Well a mixed bag when it came to results from the Murrayfield Bar Premier league this week with its first matches since the festivities have passed!

Stephan Colthart & Gillian Bell both losing though Stephan had so many shots at a double you would think at least some of them would have gone in, Gillian rattled in some good scores in the first leg of her match no score under 60, however her opponent gave her no chances at a shot out even taking out a superb 156 in game four, Jamie Banks carrying on as he left off just before Christmas with a fine 7-2 victory, William Borland once again in terrific form winning 7-1 and shooting even further ahead in the maximum 180 league table with another two to add to his tally, Mitchell also winning 7-1 in a good scoring match, Martin Deegan fighting out a draw 6-6 with Aaron Tilley, so a mixed bag of results, stats from the night go like this, Martin Deegan 1 x 180, William Borland 2 x 180’s along with 15-15-16-16-18 dart games, Mitchell 15-16-18 darters and a 76 game shot.


Fiercest Beard Win’s Title

Fabulous turn out with most teams from the league represented and with the festive period not yet dead and buried for 62 players to turn out the Monday after New Year this was an excellent entry, and also considering not every players cup of tea! 301 double start it is a competition that makes you think!

So with six boards in constant use and the final being played in the function hall upstairs we had the competition split into two groups who would play down to two players from each section of the draw and that would give us the semi finals.. Here is how it panned out from the last eight players from both sections.

Bar last eight, Shaun Clow bt Callum Wilkinson, Derek Bird bt Rex Brady, William Borland bt Stephan Morrans, Stevie Scott bt Jim Aitken, Last four results downstairs, Shaun Clow bt Derek Bird, and Stevie Scott bt William Borland. So making their way to the semi finals upstairs were Shaun Clow and Stevie Scott.

Function Hall upstairs last eight, Steven Hume bt Jim Cassidy, Bryan Stewart bt Ian Stevenson, William Harraughty bt Kieran Bird, Davie Aitken bt Colin Hamilton, Last four results upstairs, Bryan Stewart bt Steven Hume, Davie Aitken bt William Harraughty.

So after some two and a half hours of play we had the semi final line up, Best of 5 x 301, Shaun Clow bt Stevie Scott, Davie Aitken bt Bryan Stewart.

And in the Grand Final it saw a very close match with big check inns and some tensely missed doubles! All adding to a very good final in which the audience were totally engrossed with a good thirty plus players staying back to watch the last two men standing, However there can be only one winner and it saw Shaun Clow from the Almondale Pirates take the title over a gallant runner up Davie Aitken from the Commercial Nomads in West Calder by 4 games to 2.

Once again many thanks to all who turned up and to our, Match and League secretaries for running a very smooth competition, t.y.


Some top scores from the nights play, Chris Mitchell nice 162 score via 3x 54 and a 12 dart game, Derek Carmichael 83 game shot, Kirk Gordon 96 game shot, Scott Cameron 99 take out, Bryan Stewart 119 & 97 game shots along with a maximum 180 plus a 12 dart game , Davie Aitken 2 x 11 dart games and a 12 darter plus a cracking 111 game shot and a 80 take out  , Ian Stevenson 83 game shot,  Stevie Paton cracking 122 game shot going out on the bulls eye, Callum Wilkinson firing in 9 darts and a 10 dart game along with a 96 game shot, Rex Brady 2 x 11 dart games, Ryan Little 110 game shot, John Two Hands Hanlon nice 120 take out and a 12 dart game, William Borland 2x180’s along with a fabulous 7 darter and game shots of 120 and 81. For those who wonder why their fast games are not on the report 12 darts is the cut off point being a 25 per dart average same as 501 being 20 dart games,.

 Borland claims first singles title of the year!

William Borland from East Calder travels to Tillicoultry and wins Red Lion charity singles.

More news as it gets to me. 




First report of the New Year.

Well the annual Tap of the Toon competition was held in Loanhead and the dart players on show were without a doubt a formidable sight! players from Renfrewshire, the Borders and of course the central belt were in attendance, along with some die hard West Lothian players in the shape of William Harraughty, Martin Deegan, Graeme Bird, William Borland, Jim Mitchell, Gary Christie, as were Denise Bird and Gillian Bell Amy Whyte and Michelle McLay for the ladies.

Unfortunately most of the guys were put out in the first round perhaps still a tad under the weather from their New Years festivities! But the Old Man Jim Mitchell did survive a few rounds making his way to the semi finals where he went out to eventual winner Ryan Murray who edged out Gary Stone in the grand final, the Old Man receiving a £100 for his efforts on the day which went into Gill’s holiday fund tin,( for Benidorm) cracking day out and one of the strongest fields of dart players I have seen in a long time, was told over 100 players in the men’s draw and 32 in the ladies, well done to the organisers Harry Toddman & Asa Lawson for running this event great job .

Mitchell with stats of 3 x 180’s, 3 x 14 darters 1 x16 darter and 2 x 18 dart games.

So if I have missed anything out drop me a line and it will be added.

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