Once again darts is back on the go and so after lock down a Brand New league table of top scorers is here for your viewing if you so wish to browse!

PLAYERDiamond Finishes from  170-161 Saphire  Finishes from 160-150Ruby  Finishes from 149-131Emerald Finishes from  130-120Opal   Finishes from  119-100Total

Players NamesGolden Arrows 10-12 darts Silver Arrows 13-16 dartsBronze Arrows 17-20 dartsTotal

171-180’SLeague -Competion-OpensLeague -Competion-OpensLeague -Competion-OpensLeague -Competion-OpensLeague -Competion-OpensLeague & Comp's (not practise)
Players NamesAfter Lock Down 2020    Running Total

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