The headline news stories from the season now just about gone are available in the tool bar under season that was 2015.

And from my self as owner and web master of this site I would like to say a huge thank you to certain people from the local darts scene, First of to Mr James Banks for all the work he has done in helping to update this site Banksy has spent many hours updating the fast games, maximum scores, and big finishes league tables a huge undertaking as they were starting to collapse under all the information that has been gathered since the inception of this site. And he also helps upkeep the information on a weekly basis as in the league tables , t.y.

To Connie Bamburry our new match secretary  who has also helped take us into the 21st century with I believe all teams sending in results by e-mail or by mobile phone in texts , t.y.

To team captains from the Innkeepers up on the hill Billy Stirling about competitions and team news all information is gratefully received, t.y.

Graeme Bird from the Assassins who also sends in information of who is doing what on the dartboard, t.y.

And to all the other readers and players who send in information from through out the year a massive thank you, without this information we would have very little to read so PLEASE keep the information flowing. See you in the New Year if not before.



Unfortunately after speaking with Frank Crook the captain of the Paraffin Lamp Oilers dart team he has sadly had to withdraw his team from the league, due to a shortage of players, with shift workers and players working away from home etc, his team can no longer fulfil their remaining fixtures This will be brought up at the next delegates meeting on how to try and sort out the fixture list for the Championship league, so please bear with the committee we will get it sorted.



Well with the leagues last competition of the year taking place at our sponsors venue the Doo Club in East Calder it saw 45 intrepid dart players take to the ocky, this competition was sponsored by the league with the total agreement of all the delegates from every team from both divisions, and with Match secretary Connie Bamburry running the competition down stairs in the bar and league chairman Jim Mitchell keeping the upstairs competition going it saw all six boards in constant use for a very enjoyable night at the darts.

When all said and done it saw Gillian Bell and Shaun Robertson picking up £20 each for reaching their semi finals, Alan Wilson receives £40 for runners up place and Rab Dick claiming £80 for his efforts in winning the battle royal downstairs.

In the hall upstairs some terrific match ups and receiving £10 apiece for their quarter final places were Kieran Bird, Colin Robertson, Ian Stevenson and Paul Weir, Semi finalists each receiving £25 each were Graeme Bird and Rex Brady, Runner up was William Borland getting £40 for his effort on the night and Gordon Bruce receiving £80 for taking the winners purse upstairs.

A total of £370 was paid out to 12 players and the competition was run as 5x501 from start to finish, so with youth players lady and men players picking up cash prizes it was well mixed prize giving at the end of the night, as it should be in this type of competition.

Some superb performances on the boards and here are the stats that I have written down,

Rex Brady 82 game shot, Jim Mitchell 88 check out, Colin Robertson 1x171 maximum on the treble 19’s, Graeme Bird 14 darter along with 17 & 18 dart games, Kieran Bird 15 darter, Derek Bird 20 dart game and a 76 game shot, Pete Hastings 16 darter, Paul Weir 16 dart game and a maximum 180, William Borland 15-17-17-19 darters plus 1x171  and finishes of 105 and 154 excellent shooting, Ian Stevenson having game shots of 92-100-139 along with 2x20 dart legs, Gordon Bruce 2x180’s 100 and 125 game shots, a 15 dart game along with 2x18 dart legs and a 17 darter.Im sure there were more but that is all that I have been told about so folks if you have any other stats to add please send them in and they will be added , always nice to give credit where credit is due.


Time to reflect!

This season we said goodbye to two of our elder statesmen of the dart scene,

Both were players of stature, Mr Robert (Bob) Hall and Mr Thomas (Tam) Ritchie both players who played in the area for more seasons than I believe anyone else in the league. Hope to play against them again some time, but don’t be putting my name up on the chalk board just yet! Later will do.


Commercial Inn Boxing Day Open

The open darts tournament held in the Commercial Inn in West Calder saw Graeme Bird off East Calder take the title edging out Andrew Davidson from Edinburgh in the Grand Final.

More information and stats to follow as I receive them.



Monday Night Report

A time for changing of the guard!

Well what a turn out with players form all the top teams in the league turning out for this competition it saw 63 dart players entering the Christmas Charity singles it saw some superb performances from many great players on the night and with six boards in use there was some terrific tussles on the boards and when we finally got to the quarter final stages it would have taken a clairvoyant to say who would be crowned champion as all the players were turning on the style.

Paul Weir bt Rab Dick, Gordon Bruce bt Scott Baker, William Harraughty bt Arran Edwards, William Borland bt Davie Aitken, and so the semi finals saw four former county ‘A’ players making up the quartet and it was game on as all of these players had the credentials to claim the title. However when the semis were played it saw Gordon (THE) Bruce just edge out Paul (Ranger) Weir in a match which swayed one way then the other to claim his place in the final, William Borland then put his good friend and team mate William Harraughty to the side lines winning a terrific tussle in the second semi final to also claim a place in the grand final. So after three hours of top arrow throwing the final was set best of 7x501 and it saw a superb contest with both players firing in the big shots and any mistake by either player was pounced upon with the other firing in 140’s with consummate ease. However there can be only one as the saying goes and perhaps this is the start of new era! As William  (Bridges) Borland claimed the title of Christmas singles champion for this season, Gordon a man who has won this title twice before had to settle for runners up place this time, but a superb performance form both players as the standard was top class from the onset of the competition starting. So here we have a new name on the trophy and with Bridges making headlines where ever he plays these days it would seem the changing of the guard has started as it should be in any sport. Well done to all who entered and to our Match & League secretaries for once again running a very smooth competition and of course to our sponsors the Doo Club who host these events. So all it comes down to now is for me to say well done to everyone who took part and a magnificent £105 was raised on the night for charity which will go to the champions charity of his choice and this year it goes to (Prostate Cancer Scotland) well done William.

Stats from the night’s matches go like this,

Maximum Hitters, Derek Carmichael 1 x 180, William Borland 2 x 180’s, Arran Edwards 3 x 180, William Harraughty 3 x 180’s, Alan Wilson (ZOKO) 1 X180, Gordon Bruce 1 x 180, Colin Robertson 1 x 171. Arran Edwards 1 x174.

High Finishes, Paul Weir 155 g.s. Scott Cameron 96 & 81 g.s. Gordon Bruce 110 g.s. Kirk Gordon 88 g.s. Jim Brogan 78 g.s. Davie Aitken 120&100&80 g.s.  William Harraughty 135&106 g.s.

Fast Games ,  Jim Brogan 16-19 darters, Colin Robertson 20 darter, Davie Aitken 15 darter, G Johnston 19 darter, Arran Edwards 14-15-17 dart games, William Harraughty 16-16-17-18-18-19-20 dart games, Alan Wilson 16 darter, Paul Weir 19 darter, Gordon Bruce 15-15-17-17-18-18-19-19-19- dart games, Rab Dick 12-18 darters, Scott Baker 15 dart game. William Bridges Borland 19-20-17-16 dart games.


London to Leith!

Saturday saw the Genting Casino Open darts competition take place, And what a field of players with 62 players making up the main draw it saw eight current or past internationals in the mix, and they came from Ayrshire, Greater Glasgow, West Lothian and of course the Lothian’s, Well once the competition started it saw a good field of West Calder & District players taking part, William Borland, Colin Robertson,  Pete Hastings, Shaun Robertson, Martin Deegan, Jim Mitchell, Gary Scott, Gary Christie, Graeme Bird, Rex Brady. And all played extremely well, biggest points though were when three players from our Monday night league edged out three former/current Internationals, William Borland edged out former Scottish star George Dalglish by 3 games to 2, Graeme Bird saw off Alan Small from Fife in a cracking match by 3 games to2, And Jim Mitchell edged out Harry Toddman also 3 games to 2. However when all said and done the west Lothian contingent were all put to the sword in the last 16. And it was to PDC players who made up the grand final with Andy Boulton beating comrade in arms form the PDC tour by 5 games to 1 in the final.

Some scores from the travelling local players saw Pete Hastings 18-20-20-20 dart games and 2 x 94 game shots and a cracking 119 take out along with a maximum 180. Graeme Bird fired in 17-18 dart games plus a 100 game shot and also on the maximum trail with a 180. Colin Robertson 19 dart game nice to see Colin back on the circuit especially with the problems he has had with his shoulder injury. Rex Brady 18 dart game and an excellent 115 game shot. Jim Mitchell 17-18 dart games and a maximum 180.

First time I had been to this venue, and it is an excellent place to play darts and the competition is very well run by the Balfour brothers excellent set up and well run very professional. The only WARNING I would give though and please heed my words if you’re going to gamble and it is a casino! Lets not forget, GIVER YOUR MONEY TO REX BRADY, and here ends my advice.



Well at this time of the year the annual jumble pairs is played , this is when all names are put in the hat and it is pot luck who your partner will be!

The competition is played over 3x501 then going up as each round progress and in the final a 9x501 show down will take place. And after three hours of darts on the night it came to the grand final and it saw Mick Burk from Armadale and Jim Mitchell from Livingston toe the ocky against William Bridges Borland of East Calder notoriety and his partner Chris Sangster from Armadale to play off to see who would be crowned champions, A cracking match up but it was the elder statesmen with a combined age of roughly more than double that of their younger opponents who took the title winning 5 games to 2.

Top game of the evening’s play saw a superb 12 darter from Burk & Mitchell 100-140-100-161 g.s.

William Borland 2 x 180’s on the night Mitchell 1 x 180.

Many thanks again to Coppies for hosting this event and to Danny Kirkland and Big ‘G’ for doing the draw and keeping the games running smoothly.

 Congratulations go to Champions Mick Burk & Jim Mitchell, commiserations to runners up William Borland & Chris Sangster.


CAWBURN OPEN SINGLES (Saturday12th December)

With just under a week of planning this event there was always the chance that there might not be much interest! However how wrong can you be? On the day there were players from the local area and Edinburgh in attendance. And with the competition toeing the ocky at 2.30 there was plenty of time for players who may have been working in the morning to get to the venue.

Here are the games played and results for every match all games from start to finish were 7 x 501 and it was bull up to see who would have the privilege of throwing first in the odd legs so no luck involved on the spin of a coin just straight darts.

Wullie Jack 4-3 Brian Stewart, George Hay 4-3 Kirk Gordon, Joe Bata 4-0 William Harraughty, Colin Robertson 4-0 Rex Brady, Craig Agnew 4-0 Tam Laird, Graeme Bird 4-0 James Cumming, Jimmy Johnston 4-3 Matt Heeps, Martin Deegan 4-2 Derek Bird, Callum Wilkinson 4-1 Christopher Mitchell, Scott Gardiner 4-1 Paul Size,

Micky Rice 4-1 Kieran Bird, Jim Mitchell 4-3 Stephan Morrans, William Borland 4-0 Derek Ulke, Wullie Jack 4-0 George Hay, Joe Bata 4-3 Colin Robertson, Graeme Bird 4-2 Craig Agnew, Martin Deegan 4-0 Jimmy Johnston, Scott Gardiner 4-0 Callum Wilkinson,

Quarter final results as follows, Jim Mitchell 4-3 Micky Rice, William Borland 4-1 Wullie Jack, Joe Bata 4-2 Graeme Bird, Scott Gardiner 4-3 Martin Deegan.

Semi final results, Scott Gardiner 4-2 Joe Bata, Jim Mitchell 4-2 William Borland.

Final Scott Gardiner 4-3 Jim Mitchell.

Now the prize fund saw all monies raised paid out and this saw champion £90, r/up £55, 2x s/f £15 each, q/f receiving their entrance fee back £5 each.

Many thanks to Malky the owner of the Cawburn for letting us run this event at such short notice (6 days) and adding money to the prize fund t.y.

Now for some statistics scored on the day, as many will know in this area if you finish a game in 20 darts or under it is classed a fast game, also check outs from 75 and above we work on a 25 per dart average1 maximums are classed from 171 -180, so here is what was recorded there will be more from the week end but this is what I have written down.

William Borland 2x180, 14-18-18-20 dart games and a 143 game shot. Callum Wilkinson 3x180, 19-20 dart games,

Graeme Bird 1x180, 13-18-18 dart games, 88 game shot, Joe Bata 1x180, 17-18-19-20 dart games, 111-106-90 game shots,

Colin Robertson 2 x 171’s, 19-19-20-20- dart games, George Hay 17 dart game, Matt Heeps 1 x 180,

Craig Agnew 1 x 174, 20 dart game, Martin Deegan 2x180’s, 14-14-dart games, 124 game shot,

Micky Rice 19 dart game, 100 game shot 20-40-40 classy, Stephan Morrans 18-18 dart games, 76 game shot,

Jim Mitchell 2x180’s, 16-18-19 dart games, 107-81 game shots,

NOW I know Scott Gardiner the champion on the day MUST have rattled in some top shot’s but no one reported them so unfortunately I cant print them everyone else with info please send them in and I will add them, but ‘hey ho’ if your still hung over don’t worry always next time, hope to see you all at the next comp if not the bar!

Cheers Jim M.




Lammies Bar in Fauldhouse

This charity singles event had many players from the local leagues taking part, and when all said and done the remaining four players who made up the semi final quartet were from the 32 CLUB from Shott’s and the Bentswood Inn from Stoneyburn. First semi final saw a very close contest with Jet just edging out his team captain Spencer by 4 games to 3. The second semi final saw the Old Man winning 4-0 over an out of sorts Wull I Am, but before the final was played there was a good old fashioned shoot out for the third and fourth places as prizes were on offer and it saw William Harraughty just getting the better of Spencer McDonald to claim third place. The final was a high scoring encounter but it was Old Man Mitchell who finished the better taking the title 4 games to 2 from Jet.

First prize £100, second £50, third place bottle whisky, fourth place ½ bottle, Best finish of the day Old Man ½ bottle, fastest leg this was a shoot out between Alan and Jim with Alan taking the bottle as both players recorded 15 darters on the day. Cracking day out with lots of raffle prizes and plenty of food at the half way stage of the competition, many thanks to all who took part and organised this event, and with just under £500 raised on the day a very well run competition, well done to all who took part. Some stats from the day saw Callum Wilkinson record 19&20 dart games plus a maximum 180, William Harraughty firing in 18&20 darters plus 82&90 game shots, Mitchell 15-3x18-20 darters plus 2x180's and a 116 game shot, Spencer and Jet from the 32 Club both firing in maximum 180's and Alan with a 15 darter and a 114 game shot (don't know Alan's last name) anyone help!



Well the great and the good or perhaps not so good travelled to Armadale for the annual Bathgate 301 double start double finish league doubles competition, which was held in the league sponsors venue, Coppies Bar.

Good turn out with just about every team in the league having players in attendance. The final saw the Ridge Inn pairing of Frank Quinn & Cameron Menzies edge out the Bentswood pairing of Graeme Bird & Jim Mitchell by the tightest of margins with the match being played over 9 x 301 and the final result saw Frank and Cameron winning 5 games to 4. Once again a well run tournament with Danny and Spencer keeping the action going with all the boards in use at all times. Many thanks again to the sponsors COPPIES BAR, without sponsors these competitions could not take place so many thanks to all concerned.



(by Billy Stirling) 

Good morning, just like to thank everyone who came along to the inn last night in what was a great night of darts. It was great meeting you all and i hope you a...ll enjoyed your night.

24 people entered the competition but there can only be one winner. Well done to the man of the moment Mr 9 darter himself "William Bridges Borland" who won the final verses a close runner up George Hay. Special mentions William Borland 14,16,17&19 dart legs. Graeme Bird 17 dart leg. 180s William Borland and Wullie Jack. Some great shooting Lads.

Of course last night was all about raising funds for Leighanne`s kids. Our total was a fantastic £320.

Thanks to everyone who donated raffle prizes, helped with food, sold raffles and football cards, help organize the event and to the bar staff of the Inn who looked after us all.

Special thanks to Mary Clark & Amanda Millar the sheer kindness of your donations, food, time and effort was simply astonishing.

If I have missed anyone Thank you too.
Yours in Darts Billy



Well after many years in this are playing darts and having the privilege to play with many great players and true champions over the years, I now have the pleasure to tell you it is time for them to move over, the reason well 12-13-14 dart games WERE good but not anymore, and the reason why is simple, East Calder man William( Bridges) Borland who plays for the Bentswood Inn on a Friday night in the Bathgate League and the Cawburn Assassins on a Monday night in the West Calder and District League and the Murrayfield bar Premier league on a Wednesday has done the magic, a superb 9 darter on his way to winning the tournament in Tranent on Saturday. Many players hit the magical 9 dart game in practise and perhaps even in bounce games, but Bridges hit his in the semi final before going on to win the final. So looks like there is new gunslinger in town and he goes by the name of William BRIDGES Borland.



Good night Mr Tom!

Well another sad week as we say goodbye to yet another stalwart of league darts in the area, Tommy Ritchie an old team mate of mine, when we played in the Paraffin Lamp many seasons ago has sadly passed away. Tam who played for the Stirrup Stane these past few seasons with his good friend Fred Hamilton was without a doubt a REAL CHARACTER, there are a few stories I could tell you about the man, but the only one that I will mention here and now is this, If you can cast your mind back a few years we had the reigning world champion in exhibition at the Doo Club and the score line after Tommy had played read like this, Martin Adams 0 Tam Ritchie 2, says it all really, so where ever you are now Tommy probably at the bar darts and betting slip in hand, I hope to meet you again , but not to soon, R.I.P.



Frome the home of the Stirrup Stane Indians who abide in Craigshill in Livingston it saw the Innkeepers from Kirknewton come visiting on Monday night, and what a match up this turned out to be with absolutely nothing between the teams from start to finish, However as we all know there has to be a winner in this league with matches being best of nine games.

And here are the results Indians names first , Ron Lappage 1-2 Billy Stirling, Eddy Dickison 1-2 W Miller, Mark Passfield 0-2  Jordon Stirling, Ian Mitchell 2-0  Colin Laidlaw, Bob Wallace 2-0 R Smith, Fred Hamilton 2-0 M Blainey, so 3-3 after the singles and now the match a best of three doubles match up.

And taking first blood was R Colquon & R Smith getting the better of B Wallace & R Lappage, and so advantage to the Innkeepers,  But back came the Indians with I Mitchell & D Hogg keeping the home teams hopes alive with a fighting 2-1 win over B Stirling & C Laidlaw, and so 4-4 and one match left and it saw W Miller & J Stirling just edging out E Dickison & F Hamilton by the tightest of score lines 2 -1, so after a cracking match up it saw the points go back up the hill! To Kirknewton.

Sunday Report

Once again a open pairs competition was held at the home of the Innkeepers in Kirknewton, and as usual all the names go into the hat and the pairs are drawn at random. Denise Bird and her partner in crime for the second week in the past three competitions was Jim Mitchell and once again they went through the field undefeated. Last week it saw Gillian Bell and Jim take the top honours. So if your looking for a game of arrows on a Sunday night , Billy Stirling is the man to talk to, as he runs these events very smoothly and keeps everyone involved from start to finish. Top finish on the night a superb 135 via 25-60-bullseye from Graeme Bird, Only maximum hitter that is known at the moment was Mitchell.


Friday the 6th-Monday 9th November Round UP

Friday Report

Friday night saw the top of the table clash between the Royal British Legion in Bathgate and the Bentswood Inn from Stoneyburn in the Bathgate Friday night league. The venue for this clash was the Legion who were to host the travelling Bentswood team. And in a cracking match up which was much closer than the score say’s it was the players from the Stoneyburn who were 6-0 up after the singles, the final result a cracking 7 games to 2 once the doubles were played out, So the Bentswood Inn now sit proudly at the top of the Bathgate League for the moment, with some excellent teams just two points behind there will be plenty of fireworks still to come before this league has ended. Highlights from the night saw Callum Wilkinson with a superb 158 game shot, and Paul Weir firing in a maximum 180.

Saturday Report

Saturday saw the Liberton Open in Edinburgh take place and I believe over 130 men took part in the singles and Arron Edwards from Craigshill made it all the way to the grand final before losing out by 5 games to 3 to Paul Griggs from Fife, Arron on the day played magnificently recording a staggering 11 x 180’s and game shots of 100-104-124-128 , also firing in 3 x 13 dart games and a 14 darter plus 2 x 15 and a 16 dart game, I am told there were more but that is all the information I have at the moment, well played Arron Edwards.

Saturday Report

The Almonvale Masonic Club in Craigshill better known in darting circles as the home of the Pirates held their annual charity sports day to raise funds for local charities, this event has darts, dominoes, table tennis, pool, competitions and here are your winners and runners up.

Darts Final William Harraughty bt Callum Wilkinson in the final. Pool final saw P Murphy bt Chic Whitelaw in the final, Dominoes final saw A Anderson bt William Borland in the final, Table Tennis final saw P Murphy bt William Harraughty in the final (I was working otherwise my own table tennis bat would have come out of retirement) ah always next time! However after all these competitions I am told a great day was had by all, well done the Almonvale Pirates and big Davie Smith for organising these events.

Sunday Report

Once again Billy Stirling organised a darts competition in the Inn at Kirknewton on Sunday night and all the names went into the hat to see who would partner who in this round robin event, and it was Gillian Bell and her partner who came out victorious winning all six matches which were played over a league format of 3 x 501, So congratulations to Gillian this her first ever competition win after joining the local dart scene a year ago. Gary Christie and partner took second place after a count back, it saw three teams all on the same points so it had to go to see who beat who! To take a hard fought second place.

Monday Report

Grand Final of the Fours Person team event and this event was held in the Doo Club the sponsors of the W.C.D.D.L. And some superb darts were thrown by all four teams who made it to the finals, The Almondale Pirates edging out the Volunteer Highway Men in one semi final in a last leg 1001 shoot out,  and the Volunteer Highway Men’s other team taking their place in the final with a win over the high flying Loganlea Colliers who sit proudly on top of the Championship league table.

The Final saw the trophy (when we find it!) going back to the home of the highway men at the Volunteer Arms in Uphall, who came out 3-0 winners over a very good Almondvale Pirates team.

So Final Round Up of recorded scores from the week ends entertainment goes like this,

Arron Edwards 11x180’s, 3x13-1x14-2x15-1x16 dart games, finishes of 100-104-124-128.

Chris Forsyth 1x18 darter, Shaun Clow 153 game shot and a maximum 180, Rex Brady 18 darter, and a 104 game shot, Jim Mitchell game shots of 132-122-102 and a 16 darter.

There will have been more top finishes and big scores but if the information does not get passed on it cant be reported can it, so come on guys and gals, LETS GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE.


Wednesday Night Report

The  Premier league in the Murrayfield bar in Edinburgh had some mixed results for our local players this week, Jamie Banks went down 3-7 but in a terrific match up with the league leader and at 3-3 this was anyone’s match, Stephan Colthart went down 0-7 but surely a win must be on the cards for him as he is not playing badly just his opponents are missing very little!, Martin Deegan our Dechmont Hobbit or is that Womble certainly moved up his league placing with two fine win’s 7-3 the results in both matches, Gillian Bell one of the three lady players in the league was up against another lady and came away with an excellent 7-0 victory with some superb finishing making very few mistakes at the latter part of the matches. Mitchell came away with a 7-0 win in a closer match than the score line says his opponent on a finish in every leg however Mitchell never game him a shot at a double!

Monday Review!

Well a fabulous turn out for the Four Person Team event with 25 teams entering the competition, and once again our newest member of the committee Connie Bamburry our Match secretary had everything under control and running smoothly ably assisted by the League secretary John McDonald, and with six boards in constant use the competition was played down to a final four teams and it was all done and dusted by 10.30pm, well done Connie, long gone are the days of almost midnight before we were finished. Now the four teams left to play off to see who is crowned champion next week are, The Almondale Pirates, Logan Lea Colliers and two teams from the Volunteer Highway Men their A+ and B – teams.

The format for this competition is cut throat 2 singles of 1 x 501 then the two players who did not play the singles play the first double, and then the two singles players play a doubles match, and if it should go to 2-2 a one of final game of 1001 team event will decide the winner, basically first to 3 takes the plaudits.

So best of luck to the remaining finalists and lest us see where the trophy ends up!


Can I just confirm that the SDA have been in contact with the committee of the W.C.D.D.L. this week, and players from the W.C.D.D.L. are not affiliated members of the county and unless they are members of another league, they will not be able to play for the county as required under SDA rules, and I am led to believe that the Bathgate Friday night league are also not registered with the SDA as well!

Also please if you are playing counties and have registered with another league, It can not be a Monday night league as you are not allowed to play for two different Monday night leagues, that has always been the case in the W.C.D.D.L. and you will be banned from league matches and competitions, this is not a new ruling and has been done in the past where players were expelled(if that is the correct wording) from being part of our set up.

So please think carefully about where and when you sign! However if you are a registered player in another league , I wish you all the very best for the season ahead, counties can be a cracking day out at the darts. 


Billy Stirling ran a competition on Sunday night and it was decided that with 14 players a doubles round robin event would be the right competition to do!

So every team would play 6 matches each match the same as the league format 3 x 501, And it saw Denise Bird and her partner Jim Mitchell take top spot, in second place there was another bird this time Graeme and his partner Mandy, and though Martin Deegan rattled in 4 x 180;s during the competition, the high light of the evenings play had to be when Mandy and Graeme had 324 left in one match and they throw some scintillating arrows a score of 180 by Graeme then a 140 from Mandy and Graeme taking out the required double not bad 324 in 8 darts. Great atmosphere from start to finish and a cracking night of darts, (Once again many thanks to Billy Stirling for running this tourney)



Friday saw a gathering of some of the counties finest arrow smiths descending on Coppies bar in Armadale for the Bathgate Leagues 301 Double start double finish singles competition and saw the committee of Danny Kirkland & Spencer McDonald keep the competition running very smoothly indeed with all three boards in constant use. But once the chalk dust had settled the two players left standing to toe the ocky for the privilege to be crowned champion were both players from the Bentswood Inn in Stoneyburn, and they were Jim (Old Man) Mitchell and William (Bridges) Borland, Both players had some terrific tussles on the way to the final, Bridges edging out James (Pelter) Graham in one semi final and Mitchell taking out his team mate Graeme (Bird Man) Bird in the other semi final. Both finalists had been on good form of late with William a former Scottish youth number one ranked player and just recently and also claiming the M.O.M award for the W.L. County in their last match against Ayrshire. Mitchell had also been in good form of late, last season being West Lothian’s  top player in the S.D.A. averages. So with the final being the best of 9x301 it saw Mitchell throwing first and coming away with a 9 dart leg after just narrowly missing double 19 for a 6 darter! Bridges was not to be outdone and fired in a 9 darter of his own in the second leg via 116 game shot, the next two legs went with throw, then William broke Mitchell’s serve and then went on to hold his own throw and open up  4 legs to 2 lead in this race to 5. But Mitchell who has won this title twice before in back to back seasons then held the throw and managed to break the Borland throw so here it was 4 games to 4 in the grand final, so after three and a half hours of match play darts one leg of 301 would decide who was going to pick up the title of 301 Singles Champion. And it was the Jim (Old Man) Mitchell who just edged out his Bentswood team mate William (Bridges) Borland  by the tightest of score lines 5 games to 4. Congratulations must go to both players for a cracking final. Commiserations to the two semi finalist Graeme Bird and James Graham who played superbly well and on any other night may well have been the finalist themselves. Once again many thanks to the committee of Danny Kirkland and Spencer McDonald for a well run tournament and to Coppies Bar for sponsoring the Bathgate league.


Kieran Bird still on top form after his trip to Hull

Only West Lothian’s top two ranked youth made the trip over to Fife yesterday to play in the Scottish youth Grand Prix 3, Kieran Bird & Jamie Banks. Kieran still on top form playing some brilliant darts and making it all the way through to the grand final, but running into Scotland’s number one ranked player Craig Johnston in the final, but Kieran was unlucky and managing to take two legs of the Scotland number one, before going down by four games to two but picking up a massive twenty points. Jamie Banks making it through to the last sixteen and picking up five valuable points, this now puts Jamie on 47 points and ranked 11th in the new Scottish rankings. Kieran now on 72 points and ranked 9th still the goal is to be in the top sixteen, with just three competitions remaining hopefully they are both still on course to achieve this.   


The grand final saw Gary Scott of the Volunteer in Uphall defeating Alan Gardener of the 32 Club from Shott's in the final.

No other news available at moment! 



A massive well done to East Calder’s , Kieran Bird who plays for the Cawburn Assassins in the West Calder & District Monday night league and the Bentswood Inn on a Friday in the Bathgate and District dart league. Kieran making it through to the quarter finals down in Hull, before bowing out, however a fantastic run in this event which saw him collect a cracking £250 for his excellent effort, well played young man. His run to the last eight saw him fire in a 15 darter, along with 3 x 17 dart games , 4 x 18 dart legs and 3 x 180's, matches went like this 3-0.3-0.3-0.3-1.0-3.


Premier & Championship League Reports.

The Commercial Inn or otherwise known as the Nomad’s hosted the Highway Men from the Volunteer in Uphall, and not one of the players on the night would ever have predicted the score line of this match up, which is always to close to call for either team, and it was the travelling Highway Men who came away with a 9 games to 0 win and those valuable two points. Some excellent scoring and it all started as John Charleston got the visitors of to a flyer with a fabulous 156 game shot to take the first match.

Kirknewton Inn Keepers continue their good run with their second win of the season, two from two this team may take a bit of watching, and anyone who thought these new kids on the block might be there for the taking had better think again.

Stephan Patton from the Nomads joins the maximum Hitters league table with a 180.


Doo Club Open Ladies Singles

While the men’s competition was being played the Ladies also had a their own singles championship taking place downstairs, one reason for the split was that the youth players who had entered the men’s comp were allowed upstairs in the function hall and not in the downstairs bar, AND as I don’t believe there were any ladies present who might just have been on the 18 and under age bracket! They decided to have their own championship in the bar (not so far to walk for a drink!!?) here are the results from the quarter finals, Kathy Henderson 3-1 Karen, June McCallum 3-1 Daisy Heeps, Jillian Speirs 3-1 Avril Bird, Gillian Bell 3-0 Natasha, Ladies semi finals saw June McCallum3-2 Kathy Henderson, Gillian Bell 3-0 Jillian Speirs, and in the Grand Final it saw Lanarkshire county Player June McCallum come away with a fine 3-0 victory over Gillian Bell good match up with June just missing a maximum on the wire in the second leg , and the match could have been closer Gillian missing her favourite double 16 and double 8 which would have made the match 1-1 but after that there was no stopping June who claimed the title in style. Well played the ladies.


Doo Club Open Men’s Singles

Cracking turn out for this event which was very well run and organised by Gary Christie and official score recorder Stephan Colthart, and just goers to show with enthusiasm and commitment and common sense what can be done at such short notice! Gary looking at the darts calendar saw that there was nothing happening round about so he quickly put out the word about a comp and low and behold players came from Edinburgh in the East and Lanarkshire in the west and even Greater Glasgow so just show's what can be done with the the right commitment and of course the sponsorship of the Doo Club and with five boards in use in the upstairs function hall youth players can enter as well, very well organised and don’t care if I repeat myself (it was)!

Anyway here are the results from the last 8 who all received prize monies. William Borland 4-0 Chris Forsyth, Graeme Bird 4-3 Colin Nicol, A Silky (Mr Alphabet) 4-1 S Harrison, Gordon Bruce 4-1 Martin Deegan, losers all receiving £10 each. Semi Finals Graeme Bird 5-3 William Borland, A Silky 5-3 Gordon Bruce, losers £35 each (perhaps £40 not sure) Grand Final saw A Silky 6-3 Graeme Bird, close encounter and at 3-3 it was anyone’s match but Mr Alphabet just managed to close out the legs that one dart ahead of Graeme and so both players receiving a fabulous round of applause from the many who stayed on to watch the final, well done.

Some statistics from the ocky’s go like this. Martin (I’m in trouble from the missus!) Deegan games finished in 16-17-18-18 darts along with 96-100 game shots and a maximum 180, George (Jukebox) Thorburn turning on the style and at his age as well firing in a 18 dart leg against perhaps the only player in the hall smaller than himself Stevie Duncan (George you bully!.) Kieran Bird cracking 18 darter finishing on a 68 game shot, Paul Weir yet another maximum 180, Pete Hastings game shot of 78 and recording a 18 dart game, Graeme Bird 90 and 103 and 113 game shots along with 16-17 dart games, Gordon Bruce rock solid play once again from this Brigand of the Paraffin Lamp tribe firing in 2x180’s along with games finished in 14-16-16-17-18-20 darts plus 2x x 80 game shots and a 96 finish. William Borland games finished in 16-17-18-19-20-20 darts some excellent finishing with game shots pf 88-100-118. Colin Nicol magical maximum 180, Mitchell 14-17-18 darters and a 96 game shot. Now I realise there were more cracking scores recorded but mainly I was looking out for the local dart players who play in the West Lothian area, so apologies to the travelling players if you are not mentioned it is not intentional, cheers Jim M.



K.O. Cup Finals.

Excellent darts thrown by the four teams reaching the semi finals, however there has to be winners and losers! and on board one it saw the Assassin's defeat the KirkNewton Inn Keepers by 4 games to 1, on board three the same score line with the defending champions  the Nomads getting the better of the  Almondale Pirates also by 4 games to 1. So the grand final saw the Cawburn Sports Bar Assassins last seasons league champions up against the holders of the trophy the Commercial Inn Nomads. And in a cracking final it saw the Assassins under the leadership of Big Tam Laird their team captain take the title by 4 games to 1, this was a close encounter and quite simply the match that had everyone on their feet clapping was when Daive Aitken and Paul Weir shook hands after Pauls superb 17 dart game of 701, and it takes two to make a real match up and Davie in the middle of the leg fired in three consecutive ton's him self, superb match up and quite rightly both players got a fabulous round of applause. However it was the next match which sealed the title for the Assassins when William Harraughty took the title to Pumpherston the home of the Cawburn with a double 10. And that folks is the first competition of the season now safely tucked away. Roll on the next one!

Bliiny Open in Shotts.

Finals saw Daz Grey defeat William Borland in a cracking final.

Other scores saw Stephan Colthart scoring a magnificent 174 and then following it with a 99 game shot, also on the maximum trail it saw Brucefield Farmers Jamie Banks rattling the red lipstick once again  to record yet another superb maximum 180.

Wishing all the local Monday night players all the best if they are taking part in the Wednesday night Premier League in Edinburgh,

Results for those players will be updated weekly.


Paraffin Lamp Finals Night

The final four men left standing in the league saw John Charleston from Uphall who plays for the Volunteer Highway Men get the better of Davie Aitken from the Commercial bar Nomads in West Calder by a score line of 6 games to 4. The second semi final was a real close affair with both players from the Brigands who ply their darting trade from the Paraffin Lamp and it was Arran Edwards who just edged out fellow team mate Gordon Bruce by the odd leg in 11 by a score line of 6 games to 5.

  So after many weeks of competitive match play it saw the finals being contested between Arran Edwards and John Charleston, and it was the man from Craigshill, Arran Edwards who claimed the title with a 7 games to 4 victory over John Charleston from Uphall.

  The prize fund paid out saw the champion receiving £300, £150 for the runner up, both semi finalists receiving £75 each and the quarter finalists being paid £25 for their efforts on the ocky.

  Top shots from the nights play saw no fewer than 5 players recording maximum 180’s and they were, Gordon Bruce 4x180’s, Arran Edwards 3x180’s, Martin Deegan, Scott Cameron, Pete Hastings all firing in 1 x 180 apiece. Top finish came from TWO PLAYERS with John Kirk and Gordon Bruce both hitting a 118 game shot Gordon also firing in a 100 take out.

  Fast games saw Arran Edwards 2 x 13 darters, Gordon Bruce 13 darter plus a 16 and 2 x18 dart games.

  So with only the Brucefield Farmers summer league finals to be played out that ladies and gentlemen of the ocky almost concludes the summer league fixtures.

  If anyone has more news of competitions being played please drop me a line and let’s give( CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE)


Once again a member of the W.C.D.D.L. has achieved a perfect finish.

John Charleston has joined Bunny Forrest, William Borland and Stevie Duncan in recording the highest finish in the sport of darts a magnificent 170. You can go a long time without even hearing or seeing one of these perfect shots, but here we are in the summer leagues and there have been four recorded in different leagues, Fabulous shooting from these marksmen of the W.C.D.D.L.



Bentswood Open

Saturday 15th August.

Once again the Bentswood Inn, in the heart of Stoneyburn did darts proud sponsoring another open tournament with substantial prize money on offer for the brave players who were willing to give it a go!

Perhaps not the biggest turnout for one of these events, but a very good quality field were in for the action, players from the Borders, Musselburgh, Tranent, Shotts and and good to see BIG Callum Russell from Forth also taking to the ocky (who said he was past it!) and a large contingent from Edinburgh took to the ocky, however only a few local players, wondered what happened to a lot of the usual suspects!

Anyway once the draw was done and the chalk dust settled it saw Lothian county player Joe Bata and Livingston’s Jim Mitchell take their places in the grand final, not much in it with Mitchell taking the first leg and then Joe claiming the second and wonder what would have been the outcome if he had hit tops for the third to break Mitchell’s throw, however he did not, and it then saw the local Livingston player go on to take the title by a score line of 4 games to 1.

Fastest recorded game of the day a 12 darter from the winner with scores of 60-140-180-121 g.s.

Many thanks to the organisers and the sponsors who did a cracking job all afternoon in running the tournament smoothly. The break bown in prize monies went like this £200 for the winner, £100 for the runner up, £60 for both semi finalists, and £20 for each of the quarter finalists, so once again many thanks to John Reidy mine host of the Bentswood Inn for supporting local darts, and hope to see more of you at the next one which is already in the pipe line for next year!



Well the usual suspects were there yes the trip to the Granit City saw a host of West Lothian players make the journey North on Friday.

With many of the counties favourite darting sons and daughters in attendance, here is a rundown of the most news worthy items, Kieran Bird &William Borland taking the scalp of The Rocket man Ronnie Baxter in the men’s doubles on Sunday fabulous performance with William putting in the finishing touches with bull’s eye treble 15 and double twenty cracking arrows from these stars of the ocky. John Skippy Charleston playing awesome darts and winning his board convincingly before bowing out in the last 32 and receiving £50 for his gallant effort, only double trouble costing him in his last match. Mitchell just one game better making the last 16 and receiving £100 for his days work on the ocky. Congratulations go to Andy Boulton on winning the event overall against Jamie Bain in the grand final 8-5. Also to Deta Headman who once again kept the crown on her head winning the title for I believe the fifth time some player this lady. Gary Stone & Allan Chuck Norris taking the doubles title over Harry Todman & Ryan Murray in the men’s pairs.

Couple of photo’s to follow, but for now a couple of days with no alcohol and boy do I need it?




Well after a brief period for holiday commitments the final’s night had arrived and with 15 of the finalists in attendance and with only young gun Jamie Banks unable to attend due to a double booking he was playing Dave Chizzy Chiznel in an exhibition match down the far distant west well Ayrshire to be truthful!

So john Somerville and Shaun Robertson played off for the right to play in the final draw and it was John Somerville who came through to claim a place against William Harraughty.

So with some absolutely fabulous matches with the games being best of 9x501 at the start here are the results remembering there was a redraw after each round which was overseen by Tam Laird and Christopher Mitchell. On the night only two match boards were used with two boards closed as not to interfere with play and this then left two boards for practise.

Callum Wilkinson 3 v 5Kieran Bird. Martin Deegan 5 v 3 Wullie Jack.

Jimmy Johnston 2 v 5 Rex Brady.  William Borland 5 v 2 Paul Weir.

Derek Bird 5 v 2 Graeme Bird.  Stevie Duncan 1 v 5 Graham Borland.

William Harraughty 5 v 1 John Somerville. Gary Christie 0 v 5 Jim Mitchell.

And so to the redraw for the quarter finals.

Graham Borland 4 v 5 Jim Mitchell. William Borland 5 v 3 Derek Bird.

Kieran Bird 3 v 5 Rex Brady. Martin Deegan 0 v 5 William Harraughty.

And once again the redraw for the semi finals which now saw the matches extended to 11x501.

Jim Mitchell 6 v 3 Rex Brady. William Harraughty 6 v 5 William Borland.

And ladies and gentlemen we now had after twelve weeks of league play and their final knock out section we had the finalists and the format now the best of 13x501.

Jim Mitchell 7 v 1 William Harraughty.

So the breakdown of prizes went like this

Jim Mitchell £210/ William Harraughty £155/Rex Brady & William Borland £100 each/ Graham Borland-Derek Bird-Kieran Bird-Martin Deegan £75 each/ Callum Wilkinson-Wullie Jack-Jimmy Johnston-Paul Weir-Graeme Bird-Stevie Duncan-Jamie Banks-Gary Christie receiving £50 each.

This brought the total paid out to £1265 for the last 16 players. However just before leaving the house to go to the venue a envelope containing a registration payment from Frank Crook was put through the letter box, so thanks to Frank Crooks money being received it was decided that with all the envelopes being made up with the prize fund there would be £15 for the fastest leg and £15 for highest finish.

Here are the results of fast games high finishes and maximums recorded on the nights play.

Wullie Jack 20 darter plus a 92 game shot. Martin Deegan 2x18 darters plus finishes of 84 and 96.

Paul Weir 1 x 180. Graeme Bird 16 darter. Graham Borland 1x180 along with finishes of 114 and 72 game shots plus games finished in 1x16-2x18and 1x19 darts. Derek Bird finishing games in 16-17-18 darts. John Somerville 17 darter. Rex Brady 180 plus 2x17darters 18 darter and a 20 dart game. William Borland with 4x180’s plus games finished in 3x16 darts a 15 darter a 20 dart game and a 13 darter and finishes of 88 and a 120 claiming both the extra prizes on offer on the night.

William Harraughty finishes of 76-96 and 113 also firing in 2x17 darters and 3x19 dart games plus a maximum 180.

Jim Mitchell 5x180’s plus games finished in 1x14, 3x15, 1x16, 5x17, 5x18, 2x19 and games shots of 72-80-84-91-99-110. And that ladies gentleman of the ocky was the finals of the Cawburn Premier Friday night league. So many thanks to Malky for the sponsorship and also doing the presentation for us, without the sponsorship of darting venues like this these competitions could not take place so many thanks to the bar staff and management of the Cawburn for giving us a great place to play darts. THANK AGAIN APPRECIATED.




Well not really, however the first Summer League Champions have been crowned, Playing in the West Lothian Mixed Doubles League which was a brand new venture this year, where by all the players were put into an open draw and partners were then picked to play as a team. The format for this new event was 5x501 with a double start format. Each leg had to be played and was worth one point but there were ten points for winning the match so simply put win 3-2 the winners received 13 points and the losers 2 points.

Now this was played in a league format where each team played each other once so every match played was critical as there was no return game!

And the pair that managed to claim the title and be the first to have their names engraved on the brand new trophy was Connie Bamburry and Jim Mitchell who finished the league with 129 points and also received £200 for their efforts.

In runners up spot it saw Karen Heeps and Graham Bird with 103 points and receiving £120 for second place. And in third only two points behind Karen and Graeme were Kathy Henderson and Ian Stevenson on 101 points. All the teams received cash money for their efforts. And a huge thank you to the East Calder Doo Club for sponsoring this event with £500 paid out to the twelve teams who took part and of course as Aldo said one week hey it is almost like a cake club! Thanks to Gillian Bell who brought homemade sponge cakes topped with butter icing and cream to keep all our energy levels boosted during the matches when half time was called. Much appreciated.

Now on our last night Monday 2oth July it was decided to have a flyer with once again the format being mixed doubles and names once again pulled out the hat at random, And after some superb throwing it saw Avril Bird and Jim Mitchell toe the ocky against a pairing who came out together again Karen and Graeme Bird, Karen and Graeme took the first leg in this best of 5x501 final showdown but back came Avril and partner to secure the title winning the next 3 legs to claim the money on offer£50 and a final score line of 3-1. Many thanks to our organiser Connie Bamburry and her trusty side kick (Rocky1)

Back on Line.

After a problem with the keyboard, it did not like the bath I gave it with my morning coffee, we have now replaced it with a brand new shiny one!




Welcome to Bunny Forrest from the Bruce Field Farmers dart team on joining the ranks of the 170 check out club. Cracking darts from a player who was and still I believe is the only player to win the Bathgate Friday night league singles two consecutive years back to back (80's), a while ago now but remember there were three divisions of twelve teams and the competition was fierce back in those days with Scottish Masters champions, Scottish Singles champions, and Internationals all playing in the league. Well played again.



  Well what a fabulous night of arrows with three competitions being held all at the same time, the Ladies singles championship, the Delegates championship and the Champion of Champions championship.

  First to the ladies title and what a cracking competition they had, The semi final line up saw  Avril Bird a three time ladies champion up against the reigning West Lothian summer league champion Kathy Henderson and in a real nail biter of a match it saw Kathy progress to the final. The second semi final saw two times ladies champion Denise Bird just edging past Fiona Laird in a match with only Denise’s finishing power the difference between these two experienced players. And so to the grand finale would we have a new champion or would Denise make it her third singles title win, well in a superb match it saw Kathy Henderson take the ladies crown to go along with her win last week end in the George Thorburn memorial competition and her summer league titles this certainly is a lady in top form well played, unlucky Denise so at the moment Lydia Barrowman still holds the most ladies titles with four, Avril Bird with three and Denise Bird and Lena Gallagher with two titles each, and in single figure we have Yvonne  Wilson , Julie Marshall and now joining these exceptional dart players we have Kathy Henderson, Well played the ladies.

   The Delegates competition was a hard fought affair with some shocks in store along the way the players from the quarter finals onwards were as follows, John Charleston bt Graeme Bird, Davie Smith bt Stuart Tait, Kathy Henderson bt Stevie Scott (said there were some shocks!)Jim Mitchell bt John Kirk. The semi finals saw Charleston bt Davie Smith and Mitchell bt Kathy Henderson. And so to the grand finale, and though the score line does not do justice to the match it saw Jim Mitchell retain the Delegates title for the second year and his tenth in total by a score line of 4-0 over John Charleston also from the Volunteer Highway Men.

  The Champion of Championship competition saw some of the finest exponents of darting skill in the league take part as you would expect for this prestige’s event. Results from the quarter finals go like this, Derek Bird bt Davie Yule, Pete Hastings bt Gordon Bruce, Wullie Jack bt Alan Wilson, Davie Aitken bt Jim Mitchell, so the semi final stages were set and it saw Derek Bird bt Pete Hastings, Davie Aitken bt Wullie Jack both these matches were close fought affairs with very little between the combatants! And to the grand finale, In a match which swung one way then the other it saw the defending champion just get over the winning line first, congratulations to Davie Aitken who now jointly holds the record for three consecutive championship wins and has put himself into poll position to become the first player to win the title next year for four consecutive times,commiserations to a very gallant runner up in Derek Bird who throw some absolutely fantastic darts on the night.

  So your winners are

  Kathy Henderson Ladies Champion, Jim Mitchell the Delegates champion,  Davie Aitken your C.O.C. Champion.

   Well done to all who took part and a special thanks to Match Secretary Mr John Kirk who kept the competitions running very smoothly indeed. A late night and one which with more people now taking part in these events perhaps a look next season on how to run them as it was the witching hour before the final arrow hit the flock and with travelling time etc some players may not have hit the pillow before 1am (or maybe I’m just getting old!)

West Calder & District Darts League Doubles results from Monday.

(Report from Match secretary Mr John Kirk)
After a turnout of 40 pairs with all games running smoothly , it came down to quarter-finals being
J.Mitchell/M.Deegan beating W.Harraughty/W.Borland
R.Brady/J.Woods beating S.Bryson/ M.Currie
B.Mairs /G.Finlayson beating Ducket / K.Gilmour...

G.Bruce / S.Scott beating J.Charleston/G.Scott

Mitchell/Deegan beating Brady / Woods
Bruce / Scott beating Mairs / Finlayson

After a final where some struggled to get going consistently , but having a partners to back them up , this made this final to be a close encounter. Bruce / Scott failing to convert first leg of which they had the chance to take advantage with, put Mitchell / Deegan slightly in driving seat. This was to be the difference between these pairs , after all other legs kept levelling up with the former always just keeping themselves in front. game finishing with final game of seven in disfavour of the pairing of runners up
Steven Scott and Gordon Bruce of the Paraffin Lamp .
A huge well done to all and especially finalists who played in the spirit of the game
Winning 4 games to 3
League Doubles WINNERS 2014 - 2015
Jim Mitchell and Martin Deegan of the Volunteer



Monday night Triples or to give it its politically correct name the Three Person Team!

Cracking turn out with both the upstairs and downstairs dart boards in use. Some tremendous matches on all the boards and when you consider this is a cut throat event with the format being a three person team playing 1x1001, a doubles playing 1x701, and the player who did not play in the doubles playing 1x501 in the singles, so no room for error in any of these games. When the semi finals were about to toe the ocky it saw the Murray Bar Juniors, the Doo Club Flyers and two teams from the Volunteer take to the ocky’s. And it was the two Volunteer Highway Men teams that somehow battled their way through to the finals after some very close matches. This was a repeat of the last four man team competition where the Highway Men had entered two teams and both played off against each other in the Grand finale. So it goes to show how tough this league on a Monday night is, the Volunteer are many points adrift of the Cawburn Assassins who have led for just about all off the season in the league and are two points adrift of the Brigands from the Paraffin Lamp who sit in second place just on the heels of the Assassins. So with so many good teams in both leagues the competition is extremely tough for everyone. (The way it should be)

Winners Volunteer Highway Men – Martin Deegan captain, Gary Scott, Jim Mitchell.

Runners up Volunteer Highway Men- Rex Brady captain, Shaun Robertson, Stevie Duncan.

W.C.D.D.L. Four Person Team Finals.

Well the semi finals of the league Fours saw some superb action as the four teams involved were trying like gladiators of ancient Rome to win the laurel leafs ok (the trophy)

Cawburn Sports Bar Assassins, Paraffin Lamp Brigands, Volunteer Highway Men 1&2. 

On board one we had the Volunteer Highway Men (1) up against the Paraffin Lamp Brigands. And this was a match that ebbed and flowed one way then the other! Colin Robertson edged out Craig Agnew to put the men from Uphall 1-0 up but back came the Brigands with two excellent wins with Gordon Bruce and Stevie Scott getting the better of Jim Mitchell and Gary Scott, so 1-2 for the Paraffin Lamp Brigands, Last game of the singles saw Martin Deegan coming out by 2 legs to 1 over Arran Edwards in superbly high scoring encounter and so after four singles matches score stood at 2-2. The first doubles pairing saw the Brigands team of Gordon Bruce and Arran Edwards winning 2 legs to 1 over Martin Deegan and Gary Scott, so with a 3-2 advantage it was now or nothing for the men from Uphall and it saw the pairing of Robertson and Mitchell keep the match alive edging out Scott and Agnew to take the match into overtime. Now it was a four man 1001 leg which would decide who claimed a grand final spot. And quite simply with absolutely nothing between the teams it saw a double six annexed for the Highway Men which saw them through to the final by the tightest of score lines 4-3.

The semi final on board three saw the Volunteer Highway Men (2) up against the league leaders at the moment from the Cawburn Sports bar or known as the Cawburn Assassins.

Once again a cracking match up which saw the team of Rex Brady, Stevie Duncan, John Fulton and Shaun Robertson taking a 3 games to 1 lead in the singles over William Borland, Paul Weir, Graeme Bird and William Harraughty. A fight back looked on the cards however the match was decided in the final pairs with the Highway Men taking the tie by 4 games to 2.

So the final saw the two teams from the Volunteer line up against themselves, needless to say the Volunteer Highway Men were crowned League Fours champions. So congratulations to Colin Robertson, Jim Mitchell, Gary Scott, Martin Deegan, John Charleston, Shaun Robertson, Rex Brady, Stevie Duncan, John Fulton. To the team from the Volunteer Arms on both teams making it through some tough matches well played the Highway Men from Uphall.

  Some top shooting from the night saw Maximums recorded by Arran Edwards of the Brigands, Stevie Duncan and Gary Scott from the Highway Men, and Colin Robertson with a cracking maximums score of 171 on the treble nineteen bed. Good finishes came from Stevie Duncan superb 121 via 60-11-bulls eye, William Borland with 114 and 77 game shots for the Assassins, Rex Brady 110 game shot, Martin Deegan rock solid 75 take out. Fast games came by way of Colin Robertson 19&20 arrows, Stevie Duncan 18 darter, Stevie Scott 18 dart game, Martin Deegan 17 &20 dart games, Mitchell 19 arrow leg.

  Once again many thanks to the Doo Club our sponsors of the W.C.D.D.L. and Mr John McDonald our League secretary for overseeing the proceedings on the night.



Family Borland Sweep the Board!


The annual 301 Double start double finish singles competition was held on Monday night.


And the league’s elite turned out to do battle to try and lift the title of D Martin 301 championship. And what a field of players with over 80 players putting their name into the draw the competition was to say the least fierce with no quarter given and none excepted. 

And once the chalk dust had settled the two men left toeing the ocky were the Graham and William Borland from the Cawburn Assassins dart team who are sitting top of the league table. It was the more senior one of the brothers who took the title but quite simply a fabulous achievement to have two siblings in the grand final. Graham Borland a top county player for the men’s A team and William Borland who last year in the under 18’s was ranked at number one in Scotland for the youth tour.


Well played both men and congratulations to you both. Once again a an extremely well run competition with from the League and Match secretaries (Mr John Kirk & Mr John MacDonald)

at the helm , And a big thank you to our league sponsors the East Calder Doo Club.

Thanks to John Kirk for match stats. 

   C.AGNEW      BEAT       K.BIRD.                          W.BORLAND    BEAT       K.GORDON

                          G.BORLAND    BEAT       R.BRADY.
                          A.EDWARDS    BEAT       J.QUINN

semis         G.BORLAND       BEAT        A.EDWARDS          W.BORLAND     BEAT       C.AGNEW

Cracking final,fast and furious checking in ,great scoring,markers delight

G.Borland ( 180....120c/o.....116c/o.....12d......9d......8d.....)
P.Hastings ( 112c/o )                 S.Morrans ( 110c/o......9d  ) 
A.Edwards ( 87c/o ......12d .....12d .)
J.Quinn ( 72c/o )
M.Balfour ( 100c/o .....94c/o .....76c/o )
K.Gordon ( 126c/o .....101c/o ......78c/o ......9d )
J.Mitchell ( 160c/o .....9d )
S.Baker ( 119c/o )
G.Bruce ( 116c/o .....174 score )
C.Hamilton ( 99c/o )
S,Coulter ( 94c/o ......12d .....12d. )
G,Baker ( 11d .)
W.Borland ( 104c/o .)

Monday Night darts
The Quiet Men take the Title and the rest of us chalk the board!

Well with the second half of the season now underway it saw the normal league matches stop for a week, not that meant there were no darts being played Monday was the staging of the leagues Two Person Pairs competition the Match play doubles this is a competition where it is played over five legs of 501 with each player in a team playing the members of the opposition and should the score be 2-2 after the four singles legs a sudden death leg of 501 doubles would decide the outcome!
Now this competition is highly regarded to be one of the toughest competitions on the darting calendar to compete in.

Well 44 two person teams turned up to register and so with six boards in use for over three and a half hours the standard was to say the least explosive with many players turning on the style.
Big finishes which are the main stay of all good players were being recorded by many of the league’s top arowsmiths and here are the ones that were recorded on the night,

Jamie Fleming 92 game shot, Jim Quinn from Harthill 113 game shot, Mid Calder’s John Hanlon 98 take out, East Calder Hit Man Stevie Scott rock solid 78 game shot, Craig Agnew finding form with two good finishes off 75 & 80 match shots,
Rex Brady from Pumpherston 80 take out, Gary Finlayson cracking 102 kill, Brian Mairs one of the most underrated dart players in the league cracking 109 take out and a player you must take very seriously indeed.
Darters finding the red lipstick of the treble twenty saw Saun Robertson, Sandy Coulter, Gordon Bruce along with
Rex Brady firing in maximum 180’s also finding a maximum was Kirk Gordon with a superb 171 via the treble nineteen’s.

Now games finished in extra quick time saw some superb efforts put in and here are the ones reported!
West Calder’s Martin Balfour rock solid 20 darter, Scott Cameron (welcome back)! And Stevie Scott also with 20 darters however Stevie then went 3 better and fired in a nice 17 arrow leg, Rex Brady just one adrift of that score with a fine 18 arrow game, Brian Mairs 19 darter, Arran Edwards three excellent legs of darts 2x16 darters and a 19 leg game, Gordon Bruce 2 x14 dart games and a 15 darter, Saun Hanlon nice 18 arrow game, Mitchell a 15 darter.

Well once the first couple of hours of intense competition on the ocky were over we had eight worthy quarter finalists lined up and here are the results!

B Mairs & G Finlayson bt S Scott & C Agnew, The Fabulous Baker boys (brothers) bt M Deegan & R Brady.  S Duncan & S Robertson bt G Bruce & A Edwards, G Borland & G Bird bt J Devlin & J Grant.
Semi finals saw S Duncan & S Robertson bt G Borland & G Bird, B Mairs & G Finlayson bt The Baker Boys.
And then to the final which saw the pairing of Gary Finlayson and his long time darting partner Brian Mairs who represent the Uphall Station Chalkers from Uphall Station claim the title over the team of
Stevie Duncan & Saun Robertson of the Volunteer Highway Men from Uphall.

Congratulations go to the team of Brian and Gary this seasons Match Play Champions, commiserations to Stevie and Saun well played both teams.

For information we have at the moment teams picking up trophies at our end of season bash we have the
Cawburn Assassins, Volunteer Highway Men, Uphall Station Chalkers, Paraffin Lamp Brigands all on the trophy list and with the league so tight in both divisions and with so many teams now having extremely strong teams anyone from the top four in each league could quite simply put take the titles! And remember the teams just outside these positions will have a lot to say who and where the silver ware will end up come the final round up, should be some very exciting times ahead on a W.C.D.D.L. Monday night darts events!


George Thorburn Memorial Sports Day.

The venue for this inaugural competition was Gladstone’s bar in Leith and with 50 plus entries a great day out was had by all.

Report from the instigator of this competition George Jukebox Thorburn goes like this.


Billy Suttie beats Chris Forsyth 3-1 in the grand final.

S/f was Davie Nisbet and Gary Scott.

Ladies championship saw East Calder’s Kathy Henderson beat Rose Thorburn in the final 2-0.

Dominoes championship went to Ryan Markem who got the better of Davie Nisbet 5-3 in the final.

So from what I can gleam an excellent day at Gladstone’s bar, Well done to Jukebox George for putting this competition up in memory of his dad.

 George Fleming Memorial 9.5.2015 

 A great turn-out of 44 dart players for this annual event, with some fantastic darts thrown and everyone enjoying themselves to the max.

After the initial rounds had passed it left the quarter-finals looking like this,

Callum Wilkieson bt Jimmy Johnstone, Ducket Aitken bt Disco Aitken, Scott Gardiner bt William Borland, Jamie Banks bt Colin Nicol and £25.00 each going to the losers at this stage.


Ducket Aitken bt Callum Wilkieson & Scott Gardiner bt Jamie Banks and a well earned £50.00 to the losers here.

Which leaves the Final with Ducket Aitken emerging victorious over Scott Gardiner, with Scott picking up £100.00 and the Champion on the day Ducket picking up £200.00 and the title for 2015.

K. Bird 98 c/o, G. Bird 180, Lewis Court 180, C. Wilkieson 18, 2x 19 and 3 x 20 dart legs, 180. Disco Aitken 20 darts, 180. C. Hamilton 99 c/o 15 darts, 18 darts. S. Gardiner 2 x 180, 2 x 12 dart legs. Jamie Banks 78 c/o, 19 dart leg. S. Duncan 126 & 112 c/o's, 15 dart leg. Niel Dempsey 2 x 180. G. Christie 76 c/o. W. Borland 110 c/o. Ducket Aitken 12, 19 & 20 dart legs, 134 c/o.

I'm sure there was many other great shots from the day but these are the ones recorded so a big well done to all who took part, Jamie Fleming for instigating the competition and Brian and Margaret Guest and all the staff at the Commercial Inn for hosting the event. 




Aberlady Bowling Club, Darts Open Doubles

Saturday 7 March

Good venue and this competition certainly brought out some of the finest talent from round and about with five pairs from West Lothian in attendance the local area was well represented.

Format was 5 x 501 for the early rounds with the final 7x501. The winners on the day were Ryan Murray and Gary Watt from Edinburgh who took the title by 4 games to 1 over Colin Robertson and Jim Mitchell from West Lothian. It was closer than the result shows with Colin and Jim both missing doubles and as we all know that is the part of the game that gets you over the winning line!!!!

Well played Ryan and Gary commiserations to Colin and Jim.

An excellent run tournament with very good prize monies with the s/f picking up £50 per team r/up £130 and winners a lot more!!!!!

A good day out by the seaside was had by all.

Final League positions Bo'Ness Friday night singles league.

Darts News!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well after a busy week end on the darting circuit it has seen county captain William Harraughty add the prestige’s Bathgate League 301 double start double finish competition to his impressive c.v.

Also on the winning trail it saw the pairing of Colin Robertson & Jim Mitchell on their travels, these two doubles partners made the journey down to North Berwick and came away with the Open Pairs title which was held in the Auld Hoose in North Berwick, Colin and Jim both recording maximum scores on the day with Colin on the treble nineteen’s and his partner in crime on the more traditional way!



Royal British Legion Bathgate

Open Singles on Saturday 21st February.

Quite simple from the central belt of Scotland they came Glasgow in the West and Edinburgh in the East and all points in-between. Quite simply put an exceptional strong field of arrowsmiths came to try and annex this prestige’s event and there were some fabulous games from the start from when the first toe touched the ocky when players took up their stance!

                                Here are the last 32 names etc

G Bruce bt G Scott. G Anderson bt J Cummings. F Quinn bt D Thomson. S Clow bt L Hayhurst.

D Jamieson bt D Burt. C Hendry bt M Duncan. J McGeary bt A Whyte. M Deegan bt Helen! D Morton bt A Hayhorst. S Carty bt J Johnston. A Jamieson bt W Tarr. J McMillan bt M Duncan. J Charleston bt Irene McInnes. G Thorburn bt M rice. D Innes bt J Kennedy. J Mitchell bt W Borland.

And so to the last 16.

Gordon Bruce bt Graham Anderson. Frank Quinn bt S Clow. David Jamieson bt C Kennedy. Jim McGeary bt Martin Deegan. David Morton bt Stephan Carty. Alan Jamieson bt Jim McMillan. John Charleston bt George Thorburn. Jim Mitchell bt D avie Innes.

And the Quarter Finals read like this with all the remaining players more than capable of lifting the title!

Gordon Bruce bt Frank Quinn. Jim McGeary bt Davie Jamieson. David Morton bt Alan Jamieson. Jim Mitchell bt John Charleston.

Semi final line up results is as follows.

Gordon Bruce 3-2 Jim McGeary. Jim Mitchell 3-1 David Morton.

Grand Final the best of 7x501

Saw a fabulous high scoring contest between two old adversaries’! And it was Mitchells finishing power that took the title with a 4-0 win Mitchells dart average for the final was 29.45 with games won in 15-16-16-21 darts which included highest finish of the day a 160 when Gordon was sitting on a double! Ouch double ouch.

Congratulations to both finalists as they fought themselves through some very hard matches and a very high calibre of entries, and of course nice that though they came from all along the corridor of the M8 it was two local West Lothian players in the final.

Well done the organisers, well run tournament everything ran like clockwork with never a an empty board, Also a very BIG THANK YOU to the Royal British Legion in Bathgate for putting up the Perpetual Shield plus the prize monies on offer a cracking club with friendly bar staff and I personally hope they continue to run many more such tournaments, an excellent venue. T.Y.

Some of the reported top shots from the days play will be many more missing but can only report on the ones mentioned!

Jim McGeary 2x13 darters plus games finished in 15 & 17 darts on the day! Also for good measure no fewer than 4 yes 4 maximum 180’s hit by this top Lanarkshire county captain. David Jamieson from that darting family dynasty firing in a cracking 15 darter plus a 143 game shot. Frank Quinn one of the county’s top youth players back in the day! Showing his class on the ocky is still there 15 darter plus a maximum 180. John Charleston Uphall’s favourite darting son maximum 180. Gordon (THE) Bruce 124 along with 115 and 96 game shots and games finished in 15-16-18-18-18-18- darts rock solid arrow chucking a man on form without any shadow of a doubt. Jim (Old Man) Mitchell 2x180’s along with games finished in 14-14-15-16-16-18 darts and finishes of 80-102-160. As stated there will be more top games but if players don’t tell the organisers at the control desk not a lot anyone can do about reporting them is there and I know that Michelle and Johnny did try to keep informed of all the top shots, so darters it really is up to you to keep them informed!

Prize monies paid out on the day went down to the last eight, q/f £10 each, s/f £20 each, r/up £80, winner £150.

And special prize to furthest lady player of £50 to Carol Kennedy...


Cawburn Sports Bar = Not the Scottish Open championship!

Ladies champion Denise Bird, Runner up Jillian Speirs. 

Men's champion Colin Robertson, runner up Pete Hastings.

more info will follow when it gets to me!!! 

Bentswood Open Tournament

Stoneyburn (Saturday 31 January)

X Factor takes the title!

Some of the finest exponents in the art of darts came to try and claim the title of Bentswood Open singles champion, They descended upon the Bentswood Inn in Stoneyburn from as far afield as Ayrshire in the West, Berwickshire in the south and from across the water! (The Forth) plus a host of local west Lothian players came to try and annex the title of Bentswood Open Champion.

And with Professional and International players alongside top county stars and of course the one night a week player the standard was red hot right from when the first arrow hit the flock of the board!

Maximum 180 hitters were plentiful and here are some of the recorded 180 hitters, Darren Walls 3x180’s, Other players recording one maximum apiece were Richard Baillie, Calum McKay, Andy Ovens, M Cowe, Dougie Hogg, Andy Boulton, there will be more but without the information getting to me I can’t report it can I!

Fast games came thick and fast and recording them were, Graeme Bird 14 darter, Darren Walls 17 & 20 dart games, John Donaldson 13 dart game, Calum McKay 14 darter, Mitchell 17&19&4x20 dart games, William Harraughty fired in no less than seven sub 20 darters 2x14 &16 & 2x17  2x19., Andy Boulton also in superb form recording 2x13 & 14 &16&17& 19 & 20 dart games and in the final he recorded a plus 30 per dart average superb form from a man who is definitely on top form.

Top finishes came from Ross Black (youth) with a cracking 121 game shot, Mitchell 100&98 finishes. Alan McDonald 83 game shot.

However the top two players on the day were without question William Harraughty and Andy Boulton who made it to the final. Congratulations to the man they call the X Factor Andy Boulton and also congratulations to William Harraughty who made it to the final well played both players.

Paraffin Lamp Festive Open Singles Competition

Well what a turn out with players looking for a game of darts, arowsmiths from many of the leagues teams descended on the home of the Brigands who ply their darting skills form the Livingston centre, they came from the Almondvale Pirates, Uphall Station Chalkers, Doo Club Flyers, The Highlanders and Assassins form the Cawburn, Volunteer Highway Men along with the Cowboys and Indians from the Stirrup Stane in Craigshill, From the west they came from the Murray bar Nomads in Polbeth and the Rebellious ones from the Central Inn of  West Calder fame and notoriety and of course the home teams of the Brigands and the Oilers of the Paraffin Lamp.  

Well with so many talented darting enthusiasts in the draw all four boards had to used and the first couple of rounds had to be played over the cut throat best of 3 x 501 the reason such a terrific turn out for this competition, the quarter finals became the best of 5 x 501 the semi finals 7 x 501 and the grand final 9 x 501, so with so many of the area’s top echelon of dart players in attendance the competition was fiercely contested from when the first arrow thudded into the flock of the treble twenty.

Maximums recorded on the night were hit by Derek Bird from East Calder Flyers 1x180, Peter Hasting of the Highlanders recording 2x180’s, Paraffin Lamp Brigand Gordon Bruce 1x180. Volunteer Highway Men’s Stevie Duncan 1x180.  Frank Begley firing in a magnificent 171 on the treble nineteen’s. Arran Edwards of the Brigands 5x180’s. Jim Mitchell 3x180’s plus a 174 score to leave a double. Top finishes belonged to Peter Hastings 94 & 108 game shots. Kirk Gordon cracking 100 take out. Arran Edwards finishes off 89 7 98 & 121 on the bulls eye.
Jim Mitchell recording finishes of 80 twice & 98 & 100 game shots.
Matches finished in fewer than 20 arrows or less for a plus 25 per dart average were scored by
Derek Bird 16 darts. Peter Hastings 14 &17&18 darts. Stevie Duncan 17 darter. Jim Quinn 19 darts.
However the fast games recorded were scored by the two finalists with Arran Edwards firing in
2 x 12 darters plus games finished in 15darts twice along with 2x17 darters plus an 18 darter.
And Old Man Mitchell showing that age may not yet have caught up with him also on target firing
in 13-15-16-17-18 dart games.
So when all said and done it saw the Captain and organiser of this open tournament Stuart Tait of the Paraffin Lamp Brigands hand out the prize monies to the last four players left standing it saw, Derek Bird and Pete Hastings !! I think receive the semi finalist purses.
The runner up and a young man in tremendous form Arran Edwards take home the runners up purse,
And the eventual winner of the tournament on the night Jim Mitchell receive the first prize.
And so with that competition now over and I believe it to be the last of the year a
to the Paraffin
Lamp and their committee for running this end of the year tournament.
Folks have a good one where ever you may be May the New Years gods smile upon you in your future endeavours.

Christmas CHARITY Singles.

The annual charity bash took place on Monday before the festivities get really under way!
And 66 players took to the ocky even with the threat of late Christmas shopping and pressie wrapping to be done these hardy men and woman of the ocky turned up at the home of the West Calder leagues darts sponsors the Doo Club in East Calder. (Let’s hope none of them get the cold shoulder when returning home!)

Now this competition see’s every player put a pound yes dart players charity knows no bounds and the monies collected go to the nominated charity of the winner! (Not sure yet which one it is but sure we will be told in due course)
So on the night the games started off as the best of 3x501 then at the last 16 stage 5x501 and if you were lucky or good enough to the grand final where a match over 7x501 would decide the winner.
Matches from the last eight players left standing are as follows,

Martin Deegan 3-1 John Hanlon. Jamie Fleming 3-2 Arran Edwards.
Jim Quinn 3-2 Ryan Little. Gordon Bruce 3-0 Colin Robertson.

The semi finals were both highly entertaining and fast flowing and not without a few twists and turns but it saw Gordon Bruce just edge out Jim Quinn and Martin Deegan getting past Jamie Fleming and so to the final.
And in this best of seven encounter it saw Gordon Bruce come away with a 4 games to 2 victory over Martin Deegan a cracking match up with both players finding the treble twenty and a pleasure to watch as many players stayed back to support both these fine dart players.
It always helps when players at the ocky know that their efforts are being cheered on by a sporting audience.
So it see’s Gordon Bruce now just one Christmas singles title behind the most win’s in this competition.
However with so many players now looking at all the single titles on offer with hungry eyes it may be a whole new! Lot of names being engraved on the trophies in the year ahead.
 Always good for any sport when new blood comes on the scene it makes for exciting times on the ocky.

Well played Gordon Bruce and also well played to the runner up Martin Deegan.
Merry Christmas to you both!

Open Tournament in the Volunteer Arms
Christmas Open George (Jukebox)Thorburn co-ordinating.

Some excellent players came to the Volunteer in Uphall to try and annex the Christmas singles open.

Players from the professional ranks alongside players who have represented their country and of course inter county players plus league players.
When the chalk dust had settled the last eight who were to battle it out for the title it saw,
Peter Hastings edge out George Thorburn 3 games to 1, Garry Scott just getting past county captain William Harraughty by 3 games to 1, This year’s West Lothian Grand Prix champion defeating Edinburgh and Lothian county player Charlie Burns by 3 games to 0, Jim Mitchell edging out his good friend and team mate Martin Deegan 3 games to 0.
And so to the semi finals and it saw in the first semi final match up former Scottish International Gary Scott defeating Peter Hasting from the Cawburn Highlanders in a cracking high scoring match up 3 games to 0. The second semi final saw Jim Mitchell getting the better of Gordon Bruce by 3 games to 1 with both players firing in maximum 180,s in this superb high scoring encounter. The final saw two players in top form face off against each other in the shape of local man Jim Mitchell who represents West Lothian and Gary Scott who represents Lothian in the Scottish Inter counties league, It was Mitchell who took the title with a 3games to 1 victory and with both players receiving a very boisterous round of applause after the final was played.
On the day some terrific scoring and here are a few of the statistics that were recorded.
Gordon Bruce 2 x 180’s plus an 87 game shot. Martin Deegan from Dechmont firing in 16-18-19 dart games.
Rex Brady of Pumpherston a maximum 180 plus a 15 dart game. County captain William Harraughty maximum 180. Andrew Davidson from Edinburgh 17 darter. Colin Robertson of Uphall cracking maximum on the treble 19’s
with a 171 score. International and semi professional player Gary Stone 13 darter. Whitburn player and a man making a name for himself on the ocky in recent tournaments Callum Wilkinson with a maximum 180 plus a 20 darter. Former International player Gary Scott highest finish of the day a magnificent 151 game shot. However on the day the eventual champion Jim Mitchell recorded 2 x 180’s plus games finished in 13-15-15-18-18-19-20 darts to claim the title and the £100 first prize. Once again many thanks to the sponsors the Volunteer Arms in Uphall.

Other snippets of information.

The Bo’Ness Friday night league saw Mitchell of Livingston winning 11-1 with games finished in 19-18-17-15-12 darts plus a maximum 180 alongside some top finishing with game shots of 121-114-92 and 80. Now that may seem pretty impressive but it does not stand up to professional player Alan Chuck Norris who the previous week in 24 games of darts remembering that each match is 12 games of 501 Alan recorded no fewer than 21 games finished in either 18 darts or less! Now that is darts of the highest standard and I know that all the local darting community will wish him the very best in the forth coming B.D.O. darts world championship where last year he was the runner up, so come on Alan we are all behind you let’s see your name on trophy this year!

The Chalkers from the Pumpherston Station bowling club recorded a convincing 7 games to 2 win over the Tower bar Knights who were last season’s Championship winning team in the Monday night West Calder & District darts league.

Monday Night Darts

The Four Person Team.

This competition has a few intricate twists to it, when playing what happens is that two players play one game of 501 and then the two players who did not play in the singles play a doubles match once again one game of 501 then the two players who played in the singles come back and play a doubles match as well, should the score then be two games apiece the teams will play a four man 1001 game so simply put first to three is the winner.

Now on the night the weather was freezing outside however the darts were absolutely sizzling inside the Doo Club in East Calder the home and the sponsors of the Monday night league.

Maximum 180’s were recorded by five players with Arran Edwards rattling in 3 x 180’s, this was followed very closely by Graham Borland who registered 2 x 180’s, Other players on target on the red lipstick were Stevie Morrans, Gordon Bruce, and Craig Agnew, Another top shot saw Rex Brady firing in a superb 174 score. Top finishes were hit by Jim Aitken of the Nomads from Polbeth with a 90 game shot, Jim Purse from the Juniors in Polbeth a cracking 128 game shot, From deepest darkest Mid Calder we had John Two Hands Hanlon finishing a cracking 121 game shot, Gary Finlayson rock solid 86 finish, Paul Gausden from the Cawburn Highlanders shanghai on the twenty bed for a 120 take out, Fast games were in abundance as well with Gordon Bruce finishing two games in 15 & 20 arrows, Craig Agnew 20 dart game, Graham Borland 17 darter, Jim Mitchell with the fastest of the evening with a 13 darter via 59-140-140-130-32 plus a 16 arrow game.

Now the night saw some tremendous tussles on the ocky but when all said and done the last four teams left standing were, Cawburn Highlanders v Volunteer Highway Men and the Paraffin Lamp Brigands verses the Cawburn Assassin’s. Some close match ups but it was the Highway Men and the Assassins’ who went through to the grand final.  The final saw the score tied at 1-1 after the two singles matches however the Cawburn team made no mistakes in the doubles and came away worthy winners by 3 games to 1, Congratulations to the Assassin’s and commiserations to the Highway Men. Once again a well run tournament thanks to League secretary Mr John MacDonald and Match secretary Mr John Kirk who kept the games going all night so no one was left waiting on a match. Also many thanks once again to the Doo Club for hosting this event a big thank you to the committee of the Doo Club who sponsor the league.

Final Grand Prix of 2014

Mitchell wins double header!

The last in a series of eight grand prix events was held in the Paraffin Lamp in Livingston this week end. And though the championship was already decided at the penultimate stage with Gordon Bruce having accrued more points than his nearest rivals there was still a lot to play for on the day.
It was decided that there would be a double entry so simply put if you were lucky enough to win both sections of the competitions you could quite possibly meet yourself in the final and claim both the winners and runners up purses!

Some superb performances on the day from many players results are a follows from the last 16 stages with winners names first remembering that some players were in the last eight of both sections!
J Mitchell bt G Bruce, R Brady bt P Size, I Campbell bt J Hanlon, M Rice bt W Harraughty ,

M Rice bt  D Allan, G Bruce bt I Campbell, W Harraughty bt W Borland, J Mitchell bt R Brady.
So the quarter finals with players now in the money stages saw some superb matches taking place results are,
G Bruce bt M Rice, J Mitchell bt W Harraughty, M Rice bt I Campbell, J Mitchell bt R Brady.
And so to the semi finals with Jim Mitchell in both sections of the draw after some very hard fought matches it saw him first edge out Gordon Bruce and then Micky Rice and so it was that Jim Mitchell claimed both the winners and the runners up prizes on the day.
Top games and scores are as follows,
Gordon Bruce game shots of 103 and 126 plus games finished in 16-18-18-18-20 darts.
Kirk Gordon 18 and 20 dart games plus a cracking 108 game shot. Rex Brady maximum 180 plus a 78 game shot.
Graeme Bird 105 game shot and games finished in 17 and 18 darts. Micky Rice 16 darter.
William Harraughty finishing games in 18-18-19 darts plus 98 and 84 game shots.
John Hanlon maximum 180 plus a 20 darter.
William Borland cracking 120 game shot plus maximum 180 and two games finished in 14 and 19 arrows.
Ian Campbell a maximum 180.
However on the day the man who took the title Jim Mitchell fired in a maximum 180 and game shots of 144 via 60-60-24 plus a 76 game shot but more importantly 16 sub 20 dart games
with them being 15-16-17-17-18-18-18-18-18-18-18-19-19-20-20-20 dart games .

So on the day it saw £210 being paid out with Mitchell receiving £130 for the grand final.

But without a shadow of a doubt the best player over the whole season of the Grand Prix competitions was
Gordon Bruce
Congratulations go to your West Lothian Grand Prix champion for 2014,
 Gordon Bruce.
And once again many thanks to our sponsors over the season with The Doo Club in East Calder, The Murray bar in Polbeth, The Volunteer Arms in Uphall and the Paraffin Lamp in the Livingston centre. Without theses sponsors this event could not have happened so on behalf of all the dart players who participated many thanks go to these publicans you made it happen and without your support this event now in its sixth season could not have happened,
Thank You.

K.O. Cup Final

Well after two months of darting action on the ocky’s it saw the final four teams converge on the home of West Calder darts the Doo Club in East Calder.

And with three of the main contenders for the league this season plus last season’s league winners in the mix there was certainly no place to hide on final’s night!

And with the format now changing from 3 x 501 which was played on a home and away bases upto this point with aggregate score deciding who would progress through the rounds now it was a different matter the matches would be just 1 x 701 for the singles and doubles with six singles matches and three doubles first to five the winner simple really!

The first semi final saw the Murray bar Nomad’s were up against the Paraffin Lamp Brigands and the results are as follows.

Colin Hamilton 1-0 Frank Begley, Jamie Fleming 0-1 Gordon Bruce, Jim Quinn 0-1 Craig Agnew, Paul Grieg 1-0 Colin Kelly, Kyle Gilmour 0-1 Brian MacIntyre, Disco Aitken 1-0 Stuart Tait. So 3-3 after the singles and the doubles next,

J Fleming & D Aitken 1-0 S Tait & B MacIntyre, P Grieg & K Gilmour 0-1 G Bruce & C Agnew, C Hamilton & J Quinn 1-0 F Begley & C Kelly. So the Nomads just edging this match by the tightest of margins 5 games to 4 for John Bruton’s Nomads from Polbeth.

The other semi final saw Volunteer Highway Men up against the Cawburn Assassins and the results are as follows,

Jim Mitchell 1-0 William Borland, Shaun Robertson 1-0 Callum Wilkinson, John Charleston 0-1 Graham Borland, Jimmy Woods 1-0 William Harraughty, Rex Brady 1-0 Graeme Bird, Martin Deegan 0-1 Paul Weir. So 4-2 for the Highway Men and to the doubles, J Mitchell & S Robertson 1-0 G Borland & P Weir,
and the Highway Men went through by 5 games to 2.

And so to the grand final, The Murray bar Nomads v the Volunteer Highway Men.

K Gilmour 0-1 J Mitchell, C Hamilton 1-0 S Robertson, P Grieg 0-1 J Charleston, J Quinn 1-0 J Woods, J Fleming 1-0 R Brady, D Aitken 0-1 M Deegan. 3 games each and down to the doubles and the Murray bar got it right taking the first two pairs to claim the title with wins for Kyle Gilmour & Paul Grieg over Mitchell and Robertson plus taking the title it saw Jamie Fleming and Disco Aitken edging out Charleston and Woods good match few missed doubles by the Highway Men and then it was over the Murray Bar Nomads were crowned champions. A well deserved victory after two hard months of Knock out matches and quite simply the best team on the night took the trophy home (Murray)

And as I said a month or two back the three teams that I thought would be fighting out for the league title this season were all in action in the semi finals of the cup (Murray bar Nomads-Paraffin Lamp Brigands-Cawburn sports bar Assassins) and the team that I said might be the team that decide where the title ends up last year’s winners the Volunteer Highway Men, so let’s see if my prediction is wrong all the chasing pack have to do is prove me wrong! Go on go for it.

Congratulations to the Champions of the league K.O. Cup the Murray bar Nomads, Commiserations to the runners up the Volunteer Highway Men. Well played to all four finalists.

Captains Claim Title

The grand final of the Cawburn Sports Bar Wednesday night league came to a conclusion this week.

After many hard weeks of dart play the final eight teams lined up to play for the first prize of £200 which was sponsored by the Cawburn bar. Organiser of the event Mr Kirk Gordon got the proceedings under way by making an open draw which would also happen in the next round as well, this was to add some extra spice to the proceedings as you did not know who you would be drawn against!

Once the quarter finals were played the last four teams left standing it saw William Harraughty & Jim Mitchell up against top county players in the shape and form of Graeme Bird & Graham Borland this was a classic match with all four players representing the county in the inter counties league there were very few mistakes and when chances came round they were taken the final score saw Harraughty & Mitchell take the tie by 5 games to 3. The second semi final saw the East Calder duo of Stevie Morrans & Paul Weir with Paul being another top county player (retired) up against Peter Hastings’s & Lorne Mitchell a close affair with both teams firing out the big shots but it was the East Calder pair who just did enough and crossed the winning line by the tightest of margins in this best of nine encounter 5 games to 4. So to the Grand Final and with the match being the best of 11 x 501 the standard was extremely high from the moment the first arrow hit the dart board. Weir & Morrans took the first leg against the darts only for Harraughty & Mitchell to do the same in the second, The next four legs were shared so with the score at 3-3 it then saw a surge from the pairing of Harraughty & Mitchell and they came away 6 games to 3 winners in a very hard but well played final against two excellent opponents with only the doubling out being the difference in this match up. So champions and claiming the title it saw West Lothian’s county captains William Harraughty for this season and last season’s county captain Jim Mitchell take the title. Top maximum hitter on the night was Paul Weir with 3 x 180’s also William Harraughty 1 x180 and Stevie Morrans with a magical maximum as well. Top finishes saw Mitchell with 112 plus two game shots of 93 and 90 for the highest finishes of the evening. A big thank you to Kirk Gordon for running the tournament and a special mention to the Cawburn for sponsoring the event without the Cawburn support this event could not have happened, and one final note thank you to our long suffering barman Kenny see you at the next comp!

(hopefully in one piece!)

Yes those intrepid dart players from West Lothian would have started to make the arduous journey north after a week end of darting extravaganza in the olde English town of Berwick upon Tweed.

Now a few facts from the week end apart from everyone enjoying themselves were players who scored on the dart board!

Stevie Duncan with a maximum on the nineteen’s 1 x 171, Jim Mitchell 3x180’s along with some reasonable fast games 5 in under 20 darts, Colin Hamilton a nice round figure finish 90 game shot, Pete Hastings’s 1 x 180, Arran Edwards also on the maximum trail 1x180 plus a cracking 14 dart game,

Now all the darting stuff aside there were perhaps two memorable things that came to ones attention Yes Big Gary Christie can dance as he wandered his way with his partner round the dance floor to win a bottle of champagne (well done)

Now the other piece of knowledge is one I would not recommend any of you to do!

Martin Deegan thought this one up, Why not if you want to charge your phone and not lose it, we’ll just pop it into the microwave! Perhaps this is one idea we should not try.

Anyway hope everyone got back safe and sound, and as the saying goes, see you at the ocky if not the bar!

Only news of interest from the ocky is I believe Michelle McLay got to her board final in the ladies tournament!

Jim Mitchell made the quarter finals of the men’s tournament.

Ballroom Open 2014-11-02

(Formerly Riley’s Edinburgh)

This event was in Morningside in Edinburgh and a collection of county and top league players entered to try and annex the first open competition and get their non de plume on the trophy always nice to be the first name on a perpetual trophy!

West Lothian players Graeme Bird and Jim Mitchell entered the fray and they met in the last 16 in a titanic tussle which saw both players missing doubles Mitchell in the early games and Graeme in the final legs of this best of 7 x 501 encounter it saw Mitchell progress by the tightest of margins 4-3.

The semi final draw Mitchell then edge out Joe Bata a Lothian county player by 5 games to 1 in the semi which was an extremely high scoring encounter. The final saw Edinburgh player Scott Gardener take a 3-1 lead over Mitchell in a race to 6 in this a best of 11 encounter, However Mitchell pulled it back to 3-3 and then went on to annex the championship by a final score of 6-3 to collect the trophy and the first prize of £200. An excellent run competition which had Ralph Hirst making sure that once again the competition ran smoothly. A fabulous venue with four boards in use and one I would recommend for players to go to if future competitions are on the go!

Mitchell on the day recorded games finished 10 times in fewer than 20 darts but more importantly finishes of finishes of 92-96-96-107-116-121 along with 3x180’s.

Have heard that Ian Robertson & Alan Chuck Norriss representing the Crown bar have won the Bathgate pairs on Friday night congratulations to both players.
Also top finish on the night came from Dougie Hogg a long standing member of the 32 Club in Shott's with a superb 153 game shot via 60-57-36 cracking finish.

Stoneyburn Open 2014 championship

The Bentswood Inn held their annual open championship on Saturday and the quality of players who turned up was from the top drawer, with players who have represented their country from both North and South of the border in attendance, along with more county players than you can shake a stick at! Quite simple with three boards in use and a practise board in the lounge for those having to await their turn at the ocky where ever you looked there were some amazing contests on the ocky taking place.

Setting the standard early doors it saw Jimmy Johnston from Whitburn firing in finishes of 86 & a superb 157 via 57-60-40. However that stood only for a short time before Davie Sharp went even better firing in a fabulous 160 game shot via 60-60-40 and when you consider his opponent Dougie (Boss man) Hogg was on a double and the match was 2-2 this was a superb effort form Mr Sharp.

Also on form on the day was local West Calder man from the Murray Bar Nomads in Polbeth who was living up to his nickname of (Fire) Jamie Fleming firing in finishes of 95-92 twice and a classic 12darter superb game along with 2x20 dart games, His team mate and good friend !!! Disco Aitken finishing with check outs of 92 and 86 however friend ship had to be put on hold as in the last 16 it saw Disco take a 2-0 lead in the race to 3 but the man on fire took the next three legs to book his place in the quarter finals cracking match. Calum Wilkinson from west Lothian’s county team firing in a brace of 19 dart games however double trouble was his down fall!

East Calder man Graham Bird nice 17 darter and a maximum 180 to add to his tally for the year. Fra Smith from Stoneyburn an excellent 138 game shot doing it the way that former world champion Keith Deller made famous via 60-54-24 cracking finish.

And so after 6 hours if intense play from an original field of over 60 battle hardened players who travelled from the Borders and the central belt of Scotland we were down to the semi finals. First semi final saw Uphall’s Colin Robertson up against Scottish International Harry Todman from Edinburgh and what a classic encounter this was with the match going the distance it saw Harry just edge out Colin by the odd leg in 7 by the tightest of margins 4-3 both players receiving a well deserved round of applause Colin on the day recorded the highest finish of the day with a magnificent 164- via 60-54-bulls eye, Colin the man they call the Marshall also fired in for the records a magical maximum 180 along with games finished in no less than 9 sub 20 dart games on the day and they were finished in 14&15&16&2x17&2x18&2x19 darts.

The second semi final saw mine host of the Bentswood Inn big Fra Smith who had gone about his business on the day with rock steady darts and never once looking flustered as he showed that he has lost none of his class which made him such a deadly opponent a few years ago facing him across the ocky was one of the counties more senior players who first donned a West Lothian shirt in the county colours back in 1982-83 season so to say his youth full years were behind him might not be an understatement Old Man Mitchell was Big Fra’s opponent, a rock solid match with neither player making many mistakes both annexed maximum 180’s however it was Mitchell who claimed the tie 4-0 with no double being missed with more than one arrow!

So seven hours of captivating dart play and the final two players took to the ocky Scottish International Harry Todman and Livingston man Jim Mitchell, things looked rosy for Mitchell at the start the bull hit to have the honour of throwing first in the odd legs a always a bonus and a treble twenty with the first dart thrown unfortunately some plan’s just don’t work out and once you see Harry in action you understand why he plays for the Scotland team superb accuracy on the treble twenty bed and finishing of the highest quality Harry on the fired in at least 8 x 180’s and so many sub 18 dart games as to make the game look almost to easy throughout the days play, The final score saw the Stoneyburn Open Championship go to the best player on the day Harry Todman a superb champion and quite simple without a shadow of a doubt the best player on the day by the score line of 4 games to 1. Mitchell can consol himself with 3 x 180’s hit on the day and 12 games finished with stats of 17&2x18&4x19&2x20 and finishes of 76 and 88.

A superb competition run well and with good prize monies Champion picking up a cool £300, r/Up £100, £50 for the semi finalists, £25 for the quarter finalists, Look forward to the next one!

Your Champion Mr Harry Todman, (well played)
Some stats from the days play top games fired in by Jamie Fleming 12 darts, Davie Sharp 13 darts, Colin Robertson 14 darts,
Maximums galore Harry Todman with the most say no more, Big finishes Colin Robertson 164, Davie Sharp 160, Jimmy Johnstone 157.
Now I realise some stats will be missing and I do rely on players giving me information so if you are not on this report it is not done on purpose just with three boards on the go can only report on what I see or hear!
Jim M

Intrepid Enthusiasts!
Well a small but very eager group of West Lothian darters travelled to the beautiful gem of the Borders! Yes we were at Peebles for the Open darts tournament held in the Ex-Service men’s club in the heart of the town. And a top class field turned out for this the first running of the Open competition which was being run and organised by Mr Ralph Hirst and well run it was with five boards in use and everything running smoothly it was a joy to take part in. Here is the way things panned out for your roving darts ambassadors for West Lothian.
Whitburns favourite darting son William Harraughty fell at the last 16 going down 4 games to 3, on the day William fired in a superb 174 score to leave a finish also quick games finished in 3x16 & 19 darter.
Uphall’s peace keeper Colin the Marshall Robertson went one round better making it through to the quarter finals on the way the Marshall fired in a maximum 180 along with games finished in 16&2x18&20 darts.
Mitchell who has had a some success of late fought out a tremendous semi final where he just managed to get through by the tightest of margins with a 5-4 victory. In the final he faced Lothian county player John  (Fat cat) McCafferty who also went through his semi finals by 5 games to 4, so in a best of 11 x 501 contest to see who would claim the title,

John went into a 5-3 lead and it looked curtains for Mitchell until a 129 game shot via 57-36-36 brought him back into the game and with throw in the next leg it saw the final sitting at 5-5 and to the deciding leg of darts it went John throwing first having secured the throw at the bulls eye at the start of the match was going to prove decisive, Mitchell on 61 left after 12 darts must have though got a chance, however John McCafferty proved what a superb marksman he is taking out a superb 127 game shot via 60-17-bulls eye to claim the title by 6 games to 5.

Mitchell fired scores in on the day of 111 g.s. 129 g.s. 86 g.s.,maximum 180, 3x18 darters unfortunately no one was keeping score of the rest but hey ho such is life!
Superbly run competition and an excellent venue, so big thanks to Ralph and his team for making this a very well run competition indeed.

Travelling West Lothian darters.

Week end just gone saw a cracking band of intrepid county players both junior and senior members of the county make the journey to take part in the Granite City Open, and here are a few of the facts from this adventure. First off congratulations to Jamie Banks jnr making it to the semi finals of the under 18’s and receiving a envelope with cash which I know he will of course spend on his parents by treating them to a meal! OK truth be told it’s his and he earnt it well done Jamie Banks.

Other players from the youth saw Calvin Fleming just being edged out 1-3 in his match but he had shots at finishes so a close match.

However certainly making a statement was William Borland firing in 4 x 180,s plus a superb 13 dart game as well, he may not have got to the finals but he let people know he is not to be under estimated in any competition he enters.

Stephan Colthart and Mitchell both managed a more modest one maximum 180 as well.

Colin Hamilton 18 and 20 dart games before bowing out to Alan Small of Fife (international)

Colin Robertson going through his first round match with consummate ease before finding double trouble in his next game! Mitchell just edged out Ronnie Sharp of Ayrshire 4-3 before finding trebles easier to hit than doubles in his next match and that was his singles competition at an end. John Charleston perhaps the player with the best shirts fared not much better and that was that for the singles competition. The pairs on the Sunday saw William Borland and Stephan Colthart make the last 32 and when you consider the calibre of players in the event that was good going. The old pairing of Robertson and Mitchell made it through to a fourth match with results being w3-0 w3-2 w3-1 L2-3 at the last 16 stage.

Top finishes from the week end Colin Robertson 116 finish, Mitchell 154 via 60-54 40.

But on a more important note darts can be serious and also fun to play perhaps in the opposite way round to what I have said, but people are more important and at the moment we have two west Lothian players who are not to well to put a finer point on things.

So on behalf of all of us in the sport of darts we wish Shug Rice and Shaun Robertson both hopefully a full and speedy recovery! At times we may all fall out and not see things the same way, but we are all part of the dart family hope to see both of you at the ocky sooner rather than later.

Jim Mitchell

Westersider Open Singles

Saturday 13th September saw two of West Lothian county players Jim Mitchell and Colin Robertson

Travel the short distance to Edinburgh to enter this competition. One reason they were there was simple the Scottish qualifiers for men’s and ladies doubles were being held in the Ridge Inn for local county players however Mitchell if he managed to qualify would not be able to take part in the Scottish finals as holiday commitments would not allow it! On October the 18th as he would not be back in time, and I believe if you don’t go to a final that you have qualified for you can be fined or left out of the next Scottish event!

Anyway onto the darts news from the West sider Open, A very strong field of players with county and local league players taking to the ocky and with matches being the best of 5 x 501 up to the quarter finals where they became 7 x 501 then the grand final 9 x 501.

Colin (the Marshall) Robertson made it through to the semi final stages where he came up against his travelling companion Old Man Mitchell and though the score of 4-0 for Mitchell looks good Robertson had his chances. Mitchell made it to the final where he came up against Lothian county star Joe Bata and in an superb match where Mitchell started to miss doubles it saw Joe take a 4-1 lead with no games over 20 darts, however West Lothian grit came into being and the next three legs won in 16-15-14 for the old man saw the score levelled at 4-4, Joe had the advantage of throwing first in the final leg courtesy of winning the bull up! And with Bata sitting on 76 after 12 darts and Mitchell on 106 after 12 darts it saw Joe hit 5-51- and wire the double 10, so pressure shot was now on and Mitchell took a step back then walked to the ocky and hit 60-14-32 to claim the title and the first prize a superb match up with no leg longer than 20 darts from the 9 legs played. This was a superbly well run competition and a cracking set up with three boards in use and a practise board apart from the match boards, very well organised and one I would suggest players if they get the chance they should go to.

This for information was Old Man Mitchell’s eleventh single’s final in the past 12 months and his ninth win, giving him just under £,2000 in prize monies collected, So here is one of West Lothian’s longest serving players and some may think he is well worth the old tag! Still managing to get lucky, SO come on you West Lothian county players get out there and grab some titles if Old Man Mitchell can do it SO CAN YOU.

Colin Robertson recorded on the day’s darting scores of 1x180, 1x171, and games finished in 17&18 darts. Old Man Mitchell fired in 3x180’s and 10 games finished in under 20 arrows with legs finished in 2x14,2x15,16,17,2x18,2x19, top finish being 106.

Tap ‘O’ Toon Singles Final’s
The spectrums Youth and Ancient (the way I felt this morning back to work)
The grand finals of this prestige’s competition saw players from the length and breadth of the country taking part in this tournament. Internationals, semi professionals, county players and just good old fashioned dart players take to the ocky.
Representing West Lothian we had William Borland in the under 18’s competition where his scoring power was absolutely fantastic 13 -14 17 dart games, but just a few missed doubles in the end cost him as he had to settle for the runners up position in this fiercely competitive competition great showing once again for this young player from East Calder.
In the men’s tournament there was only one competitor from the county and that was Old Man Mitchell, in the first round he got past a very difficult opponent in Jim McGeary of Lanarkshire by 4 games to 2 with the help of 117 take out plus a brace of 15 darters, Next game saw Gary Watt go down 5-0 to the Old Man, Mitchell firing in 4 sub 18 darters to win this one Then to the semi finals and John Robertson the opponent in Mitchells way and what an opponent he was as with the score at 3 games apiece he never gave the Old Man a shot at a finish taking out tops twice with one arrow and that as they say was that.The other semi final saw Craig Baxter winning 5-3 over Richard Baillie from Renfrewshire.The final was a classic affair with loads of big scores as you would expect from these two Scottish internationals. Craig eventually winning by 6 games to 4, to take the first prize in a superb match up.A superbly well run competition and mainly due to the commitment and hard work of one or two people Harry Todman and like many great double teams (Batman & Robin) (Dell Boy & Rodney) he had Mr  or should that be Dr darts Andy To help him out!


Friday the 25th July saw dart players converge on Lanark to take part in the open doubles which was hosted by Jim Ash, And the Lanark Thistle Bowling Club. This competition saw Professional players, plus Scottish Internationals and Scottish champions both past and present take to the ocky alongside top county players and local dart enthusiasts.

However when the the title was annexed it was the pairing from West Lothian of William Harraughty of Whitburn and Old Man Mitchell from Livingston who took the plaudits and the first prize of £200. Runners up were Jim Brown and William Kerrigan (hope names are spelt right)

Cracking night of darts and an excellent venue with four boards in use. Lanark Thistle bowling club quite simple a great set up and run extremely well.

Murray bar Open Singles.

Saturday saw some superb darting talent take to the ocky in Polbeth in yet another tournament sponsored by the Murray bar!

The players from the quarter finals with scores are as follows with winners names first. Gordon Bruce 3-2 Colin Hamilton. Jim Mitchell 3-1 William Harraughty. Derek Cunningham 3-0 George Hay. Lynn Cowan 3-0 Jim McGeary.

Semi finals saw, Gordon Bruce 4-0 Jim Mitchell. Derek Cunningham 4-1 Lynn Cowan.

Final Derek Cunningham 5-4 Gordon Bruce.

Top scores from the days play are as follows.

Maximum hitters William Borland 1 x 180, Micky Rice 1 x 180, Gordon Bruce 3 x 180, Jim McGeary 1 x 180, Jim Aitken 1 x 180.

Good finishes Jamie Banks (youth academy) 85 & 78 game shots. Colin Hamilton 104 &101 game shots. Derek Cunningham 121 game shot.

Quick games finished in 20 darts or less for averages above 25 per dart.

Martin Deegan 18 darter. Colin Hamilton 16 & 2 x 18 dart games. Jim McGeary games finished in 17 & 20 arrows. Jim Mitchell 20-16-13 darters. Gordon Bruce 16-17-3 x 18 dart games. Derek Cunningham 12-13-17-17-18-18 dart games.

Tap 'O' The Toun Competition.
This week end it saw a band of intrepid dart enthusiasts travel through to Loanhead on the outskirts of Edinburgh to try and win one of the available places on the finals day!
With two players qualifying each week the darting talent in the venue was very impressive indeed as is the venue three boards in use and a practise board for those who need it!
William Harraughty of Whitburn found the scoring part of his game solid enough however the doubles are like Jimmy Woods horses still running!
Calum Wilkinson won 3-1 in his first round match before going down 1-3 in his second game of the day. Martin Deegan once again a player firing in treble twenties with consummate ease however 3 x 180's sounds grand in three legs but when you lose 0-3 it is small consolation great scoring power though! Martin bowing out in the third round.
Jim Mitchell however never really hit the heights in scoring power of his illustrious travelling companions but doubles he did hit and with wins of 3-0, 3-0, 3-0 and 3-2 it saw Mitchell claim a grand final place with a cracking win over Richard Baillie from Renfrew with a 14 darter in the final leg 180-100-80-81-60 out in two darts.
Top scores from the day saw Callum Wilkinson 18 darter, Martin Deegan 3 x 180’s, Mitchell 14-17-18-20 dart games 108 game shot plus a lonely 180.
So Mitchell claims a place in the main competition, Along with William Borland who has already qualified in the under 18's tournament the question now is will another West Lothian player join them, Remember you need to be in it to win it!

Cawburn Inn Opening Darts Championship.
Sunday saw the opening of a new darts venue with six dart boards all in symmetry!
And with a cracking mixture of youth and senior players in attendance it saw some excellent marksmanship from a lot of players. Fast Games and check outs are as follows,
Rex Brady 17&18 dart games along with a superb 174 score, Jimmy MacMillan rock solid 16 dart game,
Shaun Robertson firing in a maximum 180, William Borland a maximum 180 plus a 96 game shot,
Graeme Bird 17 darter, Martin Deegan from Dechmont 19 darter plus finishes of 85 and and a superb 130 take out on the bulls eye 20-60-50, along with a 177 plus a 180 excellent shooting from this senior county player.
Top finish of the day and claiming the highest checkout prize went to Rex Brady with a magnificent
158 game shot 60-60-38.
Fastest game prize going to Jim Mitchell with 2 x 14 dart games.
Mitchell also recording 2 x 180’s plus games finished in 2 x 14 & 16 darts and 5 x 17 darters.
The semi finals saw four players on form.

William Borland a top under 18s singles champion just being edged out by Martin Deegan in a high scoring encounter 3 games to 0 with absolutely nothing in the match apart from the doubles!. Jim Mitchell got past the young man Kieran Bird who annexed the under 21’s title in Arbroath on Saturday by 3 games to 0 but a much closer game than the score line suggests. So to the final which saw Mitchell just edge out his good friend Martin Deegan in a highly competitive match by 3 games to 1.

League Singles.
The final competition of the season saw some terrific action taking place on all six boards in the Doo Club in East Calder, with some superb talent on show there were matches of the highest quality taking place where ever you looked.But when all said and done the last four players left standing were,
Scott Baker (Central bar Rebels from West Calder) 3-0 Davie Aitken (Murray bar Nomads from Polbeth)
William Harraughty (Doo Club Flyers) 3-1 Graham Borland (Doo Club Flyers)
And so after three hours of intense action it saw William Harraughty claim the title of League singles champion
for 2014 final score was William Harraughty 4-1 Scott Baker.
Cracking match and well played to both players who decimated their opponents on the night,
Some of the top scores recorded were hit by Davie Aitken 3 x 180’s, Tam Laird 1 x 180, Stevie Duncan 1x180,
Graham Borland 1x180, Andy Price 1 x180,
Top finishes saw Jim Mitchell 2 x 100 game shots, William Harraughty 93 game shot, Gary Christie 85 game shot,
Graham Borland a magnificent 140 finish via 60-60-20, Graeme Bird 110 game shot, Scott Baker 116 finish,
Fast games and I am sure there were more but these are the ones recorded,
Davie Aitken 15-16-17-18-18-19 darters,
 Jim Mitchell 16-17-18 dart games, Ryan Little 16 darter, Graham Borland 12 darter, Colin Hamilton 17 darter,
Scott Baker 18 dart game, William Harraughty 15-16-17-18  dart games.
And the one thing the two finalists did was they hit more doubles than anyone else!
Congratulations to the Champion William Harraughty and commiserations to the gallant runner up Scott Baker.
To the rest of us better luck next year!

The charity darts competition held in the Cross Tavern in Whitburn saw a mixture of local dart players and regulars along with a smattering of league and county players take to the ocky, On the night every player had to make at least a £10 donation to enter this very worthwhile cause,  To say this event touched people’s hearts is an understatement when you realised there were somewhere in the region of 30 raffle prizes so the people of West Lothian have certainly taken this charity to their hearts.The picture below is of the semi finalists, 
Report below is from the committee who ran this competition, Taken from the internet.
Last night's winners were;
1st Jim Mitchell (middle left)
2nd David Rice (middle right)
3rd Micky Rice (right)
4th Iain Campbell (left)
The winner won money and vodka for highest check out of the night (112). 2nd won a bottle of Ardmore whiskey. 3rd won a half bottle of whiskey. 4th won a half bottle of vodka. Each player put up a good fight, except me, I was s**te £426.96 was raised in total x.
 But the truth is simple there was only one true winner on the night and that is why we were all there.
(The Jayden Nicol Charity) and with many hundreds of pounds raised this will go towards the funds to send Jayden to America with his mum Angela for treatment very soon.
Huge thank you has to go to all concerned our hats are tipped to you!

Ladies Singles Championship 2014-06-16
Well the ladies title was a very hard fought affair with past champions battling it out alongside players who were looking to capture the crown for the first time,
In the semi finals it saw Yvonne Wilson edge out Kath Henderson in a very close match by 2 games to 1.
The second semi final saw a battle of champions with Denise Bird and Avril Bird going head to head with these two ladies having won the title no less than five times between them.
This time of asking it was Denise Bird who claimed her place in the final with another very close match up
between these two champions Denise 2 Avril 1.
So the final for the ladies championship for 2014 with the matches now the best of 5 x 501,
It saw a very evenly matched contest but Yvonne took a 2 games to 1 lead and Denise had chances to level the score,
but  it was the lady from Craigshill who hit the vital winning double to raptures applause from the crowd who had watched with baited breath as both players had chances and were waiting with anticipation to see who
would claim the title, But here we have her a brand new Ladies Singles Champion and she is Yvonne Wilson who plays for the Stirrup Stane in Craigshill congratulations go to Yvonne a worthy champion and commiserations to Denise Bird who will have to wait for next year to try and get her third singles title.

Champion of Champions 16-06-2014
Well the great and the good were on show for this event with champions from the leagues teams taking part this was always going to be a superb competition.The defending champion Davie Aitken was in scintillating form throughout the competition and stormed his way through to the final where waiting for him was the quiet man from the Uphall Station Chalkers Brian Mairs jnr! And in a terrific match it saw David Aitken take the title for the second consecutive season but only just as it went down the wire with David edging out Brian by the odd leg in seven,
superb match and a great way to finish of the competition.
Results from the Quarter finals with winners names first,
Brian Mairs 2-1 Ian Mitchell, Graham Borland 2-1 Chris Fawcett, Davie Aitken 2-0 Jim Mitchell,
Craig Forrest 2-1 Stevie Duncan.
Semi finals, Brian Mairs 3-1 Graham Borland, Davie Aitken 3-0 Craig Forrest,
Grand Final, D Aitken 4 B Mairs 3

Delegates Trophy 16-06-2014
Another top quality field of players taking part in this tournament,
And results from the Quarter finals are as follows,
Davie Cluness 2-1 Stevie Duncan, Colin Hamilton 2-1 Graham Smith, Colin Robertson 2-0 Joe Devlin,
J Mitchell 2-0 Graeme Bird,
Semi finals saw Colin Hamilton 3-1 Davie Cluness, Mitchell 3-2 Colin Robertson,
Grand Final Mitchell 4-2 Colin Hamilton.

And so after some four hours of top quality action your
Ladies Champion, Champion of Champion’s, and Delegates Champion were decided.
Yvonne Wilson, Davie Aitken and me!
Some of the players on the night playing well were,
Graham Smith 105 game shot, Graham Borland 16-18-19-20 dart games, Stevie Duncan maximum 180 and a 20 darter, Craig Forrest cracking 16 dart game, Colin Robertson 2 x 180’s and games finished in 14 & 18 darts,
Mitchell 2 x 180’s games done in 17-19-20 arrows, Colin Hamilton 17 & 18 darters plus a rock solid 83 game shot,
Brian Mairs 17 darter plus finishes of 100 & 91 game shots and a nice maximum 180 thrown in as well,
Davie Aitken 14-14-19 dart games along with a superb 177 score and an 82 game shot.
All in all some superb shooting from a lot of very good dart players and when you consider the conditions
to say it was humid would have been the understatement of the year so far,
it was absolutely stifling hot not just on the ocky but in the club its self wow who would ever think that dart players would complain about the heat!!!!
Well played to all who took part and it was exceptionally good to see so many players and supporters staying
back to applaud their champions from the nights competitions.
Once again many thanks to the League Secretary Mr John McDonald and Match Secretary Mr John Kirk for running the competitions so well and many thanks to the Doo Club for their hospitality.
Especially George behind the bar!

FINALS NIGHT (Friday night league)

Pre Summer Classic

And what a night of high drama and some exceptional accuracy from the final 16 players, who made it through to the grand final.

The last 16 match ups saw the number one seeds from their respective leagues play the number 8 seed from the opposite league etc, However once the first round was played there is a redraw every round after that, the first round matches which were the best of 7 x 501 the results are as follows,

Gordon Bruce 4-0 Rex Brady, Colin Robertson 4-0 John Kirk, Sean Hanlon 4-2 Derek Bird, Stephan Morrans 4-2 William Harraughty, Micky Rice 4-3 Paul Weir, Graham Borland 4-2 Graeme Bird, Martin Deegan 4-1 Ryan Little, Jim Mitchell 4-0 Jimmy Woods.

And so to the quarter finals which now saw the matches 9 x 501 results are as follows,

Jim Mitchell 5-4 Sean Hanlon, Graham Borland 5-1 Martin Deegan, Gordon Bruce 5-2 Colin Robertson, Micky Rice 5-1 Stephan Morrans.

And once again a redraw and with four top quality arowsmiths left in the competition quite simply if you were a betting man any of the aforementioned players was quite capable of lifting the title.

With the matches now 11 x 501 the games were of the highest quality as you would expect results are, Gordon Bruce 6-1 Micky Rice, Jim Mitchell 6-3 Graham Borland.

And with the last two men left standing both being undefeated in the league stages with 100% records and both ranked number one seeds in their respective leagues this was a show down to match all show downs with the match now 13 x 501 there was no quarter given and none asked for!

Mitchell and Bruce share the opening two legs to before Gordon Bruce took the next two legs to go 3-1 ahead Mitchell annexed the next to 2-3 but once again Bruce went ahead through a superb 131 game shot, But back came Mitchell and at 4-4 it was anyone’s match , Once again Bruce opened up a convincing lead and at 6-4 and with only one more leg needed to win the title it looked all but over However no one told Mitchell and yes five minutes later it was all square at 6-6 and after 7 weeks of toeing the ocky it came down to one game of 501 to take the title and it was the man they call Be-Bad Jim Mitchell who took the title by the tightest of margins 7-6 a superb match with both players firing out all the shots, On the night Gordon Bruce recorded 4 x180’s finishes of 131-96-90 and 7 sub 20 dart games with games finished in 15-17-18-18-18-19-19 darts. Jim Mitchell recording 6 x 180’s along with a 146 game shot via 57-57-32 and 96 and 80 game shots, Mitchell also recorded 7 sub 20 dart games being finished in 14-14-15-15-16-17-18.

Also on the night Colin Robertson fired in 17 & 20 darters plus a 90 game shot and a maximum 180, Sean Hanlon 18-18-19 dart games and a maximum 180, Derek Bird 19 darter plus a 180, William Harraughty 2 x 180’s, Stephan Morrans 19 & 20 darters, Micky Rice 17-18-18 dart games a superb 130 take out on the bulls eye and a maximum 180. Graham Borland fired in 2 x 180’s as well so all in all 18 x 180’s hit on the night plus some superb finishes 146-131-130-and I know there will be games missing from the record sheets so please if you know of any missing ones drop me a line and they will be added.

The prize fund presented on the night was Champion £200, Runner up £105, semi finalists £50 each, Quarter finalists £25 each, last 16 each received £20 a piece.

Many thanks to the Doo Club for hosting this event and two the Ladies whose leagues we played under! Fiona’s Ruffians & Avril’ Scallywags.


Stirrup Stane Player of the Year competition.
(Report just in by way of Pony Express !)

On Monday it was that time of year again when the Cowboys from the Stirrup Stane face off against one another to decide the player of the year. The early casualties saw in the matches which were  (best of 5) saw Stephen Colthart going out 3-0 against an in form Chris Fawcett and team veteran Archie Wilson bowing out also  3-0 to Allan Howie. With the defending champion still being in the competition the games were about to go up a notch! And so to the semi finals and with the Cowboys all fully loaded and weapons of mass destruction at the ready it first saw chris Fawcett v gary Christie and Allan Howie v Edwin grieve. So here it was four gunslingers all looking to be Top Gun and of course the bragging rights that go with the territory With defending champion gary Christie eager to retain the title it was sure to be a good match but Chris kept his nerve in taking a sketchy 3-1 victory. The 2nd match was a closely contested one with both Edwin and Allan hungry for the honours but it was Allan who had the better of Eddie with a 3-1 win. And so to the final. A best of 7 encounters between Chris Fawcett and Allan Howie. It was a very scrappy contest but after taking the 1st two legs Chris took advantage of the lead and went on to win the match 4-0 and taking the title for a 2nd time with a maximum 180 and a 108 and 74 check outs thrown in as well.

Uphall's favourite darting son John Charleston alias (Skippy) win's Gladstone’s Open and a nice £150 first prize to go along with a cracking silver cup on the way to collecting the first prize Skippy fired in 3x180's in his semi final match. Also been told through the grapevine that East Calders Graeme Bird made the semi finals not sure though? as only a wee whisper was where my information came from!
Airdrie Open saw mixed fortunes for the travelling band of West Lothian players, Colin Robertson loses in first round 3-1 Colin’s winning leg finished in 12 darts with a136 game shot however his opponent Michael Malone goes out in 14-15-15! Cracking match up. Stephan Colthart also a early casualty losing 3-1 also, The leaning tower of Craigshill known as Gary Christie or Melman fires in 3 x 180's and finishes of 104-80 and 72 but bows out in his second match, Jim Mitchell wins five matches before going out in the semi finals on the day 4 x 180's followed by 14 and 3 x 15 and 2 x 17 darters with finishes of 106 and a nice 90 via big 20 big 20 and the bull when his opponent was sitting on tops, Mitchell receiving £100 for his troubles.

Fife Open Report
Players from West Lothian making the short trip to Glenrothes met with limited success!In the Men’s tournament it saw Colin Robertson make it to the last 16, In the Ladies tournament it was Denise Bird who shone through before bowing out at the quarter finals stage, And in the under 18’s tournament it once again saw a great showing from William Borland who went out in the semi final stages.Champions were in the Men’s singles Craig Baxter, Ladies champion Lynn Cowan,

Murray Bar Juniors Champion of Champions play offs
Semi Final results and Final scores.

J Purse 3 v 2 M Meeks. J Somerville 3 v1 D Yule.And so to the final which was a titanic battle with both players looking to qualify for the leagues Champion of Championship finals. And with very little between these experienced players it saw Jim Purse just edge out John by the odd leg in five winning 3 games to 2.On the night Jim Purse recorded 2 x 18 darters while John Somerville recorded 18 & 20 dart games plus the highest finish of the nights play with a superb 104 take out.

Murray bar Open Singles Tournament.
Saturday 14th June

Saturday saw players converge on Polbeth from as far afield as Renfrewshire in the west and Edinburgh in the east and all points in-between, and with so much darting talent on show there was always going to be some superb match ups!Players who were on fire early on with fast games saw Martin Deegan of Dechmont firing in 18-19-20 dart games before bowing out, Uphall’s Colin Robertson a cracking maximum 180 however that was only stopping the inevitable as he went down 3-1 to big firing Neil Dempsey from Greater Glasgow who took control of this match from the start.
Dempsey on the day also fired in a cracking 112 game shot. Big firing Richard Bailey the number 2 ranked player in the Scottish South Rankings found it hard going as well as he went out to travelling player Dougie Logan in the quarters as well.
Colin Nichol from Greater Glasgow throw just about everything including the kitchen sink at local man Jim Mitchell a cracking 118 and also a 90 game shots at one stage, In one leg Mitchell had fired of 4 consecutive tons he missed double 8 with his next throw and had to stand back and admire as Nichol took out a superb 118 under pressure but he just fell short as Mitchell made no mistakes in the next leg. Colin Nichol just falling falling short at the quarter finals.
Player’s results from the last 16 are as follows with winners names first.
Kyle Gilmour 3-1 George Hay, John Kirk 3-1 Jamie Banks jnr, Jim Mitchell 3-0 William Borland,
Colin Nichol 3-1 Calum McKay, Rex Brady 3-2 Jamie Fleming, Colin Hamilton 3-1 Martin Deegan,
 Richard Bailey 3-1 Neil Dempsey, Dougie Logan 3-1 Ralph Hirst,
And so the quarter finals where the matches now became the best of 7 x 501,
Kyle Gilmour 4-2 John Kirk, Jim Mitchell 4-2 Colin Nichol,
Colin Hamilton 4-2 Rex Brady, Dougie Logan 4-2 Richard Bailey,
Semi final matches now got longer with a best of 9 x 501 and 5 chalks now needed to make the final!
Jim Mitchell and local man Kyle Gilmour went toe to toe in a a big scoring match with Mitchell just shading
the doubles part of the match to come away a 5-2 victor Kyle Gilmour firing in on the day
16 & 17 darters and finishes off 100 and 104.
The second semi final was once again a close fought affair with Dougie Logan coming away with a 5-3 win
over another local county player from Polbeth Colin Hamilton and this was tremendous match up.
 As Logan needed a twelve darter in the game to blast his way past a very inform Colin Hamilton who fired in 4 x 18 darters on the day plus finishes off 96&94.
And to the match where all players would like to play in the grand final.
Once again the best of 9 x 501,
With Mitchell having the advantage of throwing first in the odd legs it was an advantage he never gave up and with Logan firing in some real heavy scoring it also saw Mitchell reply in kind,
 on the day Dougie Logan fired in two maximum 180’s along with a superb 126 game shot and an 80 game shot
 he also finished games in 12-14-16-19 darts. However the eventual champion Jim Mitchell equalled those cores with a maximum 180 of his own along with a 131 game shot 60-39-32 and games finished in 15-16-16-17-19-20 darts.
Final score Mitchell 5-1 Dougie Logan.
Big thank you to the Murray bar for once again sponsoring an open tournament.

Charity Singles Competition
Stirrup Stane in Craigshill.
Former Scottish Youth International claiming the darts title,
Congratulations go to local man Arron Edwards   from Craigshill.

East Calder Doo Club Charity Singles
The Doo Club from East Calder once again held a competition to raise money for charity (McMillan Nurses)
and once again the generosity of the members was exceptional they put up over £700 in prize monies, And on the day all proceeds from entries and raffles and there were many went to McMillan Nurses.
Some of the sponsors from the members of the club were,
Fiona Clark, Rab Laird, Jack Ness, Jim Ireland, Ian Carmichael, Gus Evans, Graham Ramsey, Andy Fairweather, Irene Burke, Alex Cruikshank, Graham Pieray, Lawrence Dick, Now these are the sponsors names I know off and if I have spelt your non deplume wrong my apologies, However the one thing I will say is WELL DONE and I tip my hat to you, It just goes to show what a very caring organisation you belong to once again well done. A great cause to support.
Winner of the darts on the day was Michael Malone, who beat the defending champion
 Andy Boulton in the final 5-4,
But truth be told it was charity who came out way ahead off anything else.
Many thanks to the committee and members of the Doo Club for running this event and raising the prize money to make this event happen.

George Fleming Memorial Trophy
The second annual running of this event was held in the Murray bar in Polbeth, And once again the good and the optimistic came to take part in this competition which included no fewer than twelve current or former county players in the mix which was played over 5 x 501 in the early stages then as the competition progressed the matches became longer with 7 x 501 in the semi finals and 9x501 in the grand final.
Players making it to the last eight and now in the prize monies with each match now earning them more of their share in the prize fund saw the scores are as follows.
John Somerville 3—0 Wullie Burns. Jim Quinn 3-2 Jim Aitken.
William Harraughty 3-0 Colin Robertson. Jim Mitchell 3-2 Davie Aitken.
The semi finals saw John Somerville 4-2 Jim Quinn, Jim Mitchell 4-3 William Harraughty.
With Mitchell winning the grand final and claiming the George Fleming Trophy along with the first prize of £150 getting the better of his opponent John Somerville 5-0 in the final though John did take home a well earned £80 for his gallant efforts.
Other players earning monies saw William Burns, Jim Aitken, Colin Robertson
and Davie Aitken each receive £10 apiece,
Semi finalist collecting £40 each were
Jim Quinn of Harthill and William Harraughty from Whitburn.
Top games recorded on the day saw William Harraughty, Colin Robertson, Colin Hamilton,
Jim Quinn, and Neil Dempsey all firing in maximum 180’s.
Top finishes came by way of William Harraughty 87-100 and a cracking shanghai on the twenties for a 120 game shot. Colin Robertson finishes of 106 and 117 to his credit.
Jim Aitken finishes of 75 and 97 take outs. Polbeth’s Colin Hamilton cracking 76 and a
superb 133 finishes. Neil Dempsey from Greater Glasgow fired in a superb 123 game shot
via 57-34-32 superb shooting. Mitchell 80-81-85 and 101 game shots.
Quick games with darts being used having to be under 20 arrows or less saw,
William Harraughty 17-18-18-19 darters, Colin Robertson 15-15-20-20 dart games,
Colin Hamilton 2 x 18 darters. Whitburns Callum Wilkinson rock solid 19 dart game,
Harthills Jim Quinn 19 darter, Polbeth’s top arrow smith Davie Aitken 19 and 20 dart games,
Mitchell 14-15-16-17-18 dart games.
Once again big thank you to the Murray bar from Polbeth for hosting this annual event, and of course the Fleming family for putting up the memorial shield in memory of Mr George Fleming a well respected member of the community and business man in the local area.

Web Site Readers
(and I know there are two of you)

To the West Calder & District Darts League for their financial support on the upkeep of this web site.
At the delegates meeting there were many teams who came with financial support. However at the meeting it was proposed by the captain of the Murray bar Nomads Mr John Bruton that perhaps the league should pay for the subscription costs. This was passed unanimously and so thanks to the generosity of the Monday night league this web site stays open.
Jim M.

So dart players if you have news from league matches, cup games, in-house competitions, Charity event, Players getting hitched! Or perhaps a player being crowned your player of the season drop a line and let’s gives credit where credit is due! anything which involves the art of dart throwing please send in your reports and we and I did say we will do whatever we can to report  these facts and events as they happen throughout the area.

Murray bar Christmas
Saturday the 28th December.
What a turn out with 48 players in attendance and with over half of the players entering all having played at the top inter county level of darts in Scotland and also semi professional players in the mix the standard of play was quite awe inspiring to say the least.After 3 hours of tungsten chucking we had the last 16 players left in the draw and all had their eyes set firmly on the first prize of £200.Winners names first Alan Norris 3-1 Colin Robertson. John Charleston 3-2 Kenny Balfour.William Harraughty 3-1 Jim McGeary. Jim Mitchell 3-1 Graeme Bird. Jim Pelter 3-1 Dougie Hogg. Stuart Tinto 3-1 Disco Aitken. Richie Smith 3-1 Rab Townsend. A Michael 3-2 Graham Borland.So to the quarter finals and with all the players now receiving prize money and with every match won worth double your money there was a lot to play for.Winners names first. Alan Norris 3-1 John Charleston. Jim Mitchell 3-1 William Harraughty. Stuart Tinto 3-Jim Pelter. A Michael 3-1 Richie Smith.So the semi final line was this Alan Norris 3-1 Jim Mitchell. A Michael 3-1 Stuart Tinto.Now the final match of the day saw Alan Norris winning 4 games to 1 over A Michael in a classic encounter of heavy treble twenty hitting but it was Norris who had the sharper finishing power on the night. So Champion Alan Norris (Bo'Ness)who we wish all the very best when he plays at the Lakeside in Frimley Green this week coming in the B.D.O. World darts championship. Alan being not only a top world ranked player but also a superb exhibition player as well. And for those who don’t already know Alan and Robbie (King Kong) Green are both booked for the West Calder & District darts annual exhibition in February the tenth consecutive season the league has held one the venue of course the that venue of darting excellence the Doo Club in East Calder.

SEE you there!

Charity Christmas Singles
Well 56 brave souls decided to enter the last official league competition of the year and braving the wrath of husbands, wives and partners this was a brave thing to do especially when Christmas gift wrapping most likely still had to be done!
Well after some superb performance it saw the quarter finalists facing off against each other and with four of the counties men’s ‘A’ team players in the mix the testosterone levels were of an all time high!
Winners names first Gordon Bruce 3-1 Ryan Little, Stevie Scott 3-1 Rex Brady, Jim Mitchell 3-1 Chris Dodds, Graham Borland 3-1 Graeme Bird.
Semi final line up saw four of the league’s top exponents’ of arrows toe the ocky and in the first semi final it saw East Calder’s Stevie Scott edge out Gordon Bruce in a cracking match by 3 games to 2.
The second semi final was also to close to call but Jim Mitchell edged out Graham Borland once again in a five set match.
So to the grand final and with the entrance fee on the night going to the winner’s charity both players agreed it should go the society for the blind.
But when all said and done it was East Calder’s Stevie Scott who brought the crowd to its feet with a 4 games to 2 victory over Jim Mitchell.
Top games on the night came by way of Kyle Gilmour 1 x 180. John Charleston 20 darter. Graeme Bird 15 dart game and a maximum 180. Jimmy Woods 2x 180’s and 19 dart game.
William Harraughty 17 dart game and a 180. Graham Borland 118 game shot.
Stevie Duncan one of the league’s top treble nineteen hitters registering a cracking 171 score. 
Matt Heeps 86 game shot and a 180. Derek Bird 17 & 20 dart games along with an 87 take out. Rex Brady 18&19 dart games and a 90 check out. Sandy Coulter fabulous 156 finish via 60-60-36.
Colin Robertson 2x17 dart games and a180. Derek Mairs maximum 180.
Gordon Bruce 14-15-17-17-18-18 dart games plus 110 and 118 game shots superb shooting from this Paraffin Lamp Brigand.Jim Mitchell 14-15-18-19-19- dart games  2 x 180’s and finishes of 101 and 121 via 20-51-bull. Stevie Scott 17 darter 80 game shot and a maximum 180.Well done to all who turned up and braved the wrath of the ones left at home doing the final pressie wrapping!

Cheers Jim M.

Polbeth was the setting for the Murray bar sponsored open tournament this Sunday.

And with a superb quality field entering this competition it saw both the reigning Ladies and Men’s Scottish masters’ champions in the venue. However so strong was the field of players on the day when the final four players were left standing it saw Colin Robertson from Uphall up against his team mate on a Monday, John Papa ‘J’ Charleston also from Uphall take to the ocky and a great match with superb scoring from both players it saw with scores sitting at 2-2 a vital missed dart at double top with the dart going into the double one just clipping the wire from Papa ‘J’ this was all Robertson the man they call the Marshall needed and with a last dart in his next visit to the ocky he claimed his place in the grand final. The next semi final saw youth International Arran Edwards up against  Jim McGeary of Airdrie, And once again top darts from both players but the experience of the veteran McGeary saw him just edge out Arran to claim his final place as well. So to the final a best of 7 x 501 encounters and it saw both players on top form hitting the treble twenty with superb consistency. Robertson took a commanding lead and at 3-2 up it looked like the game was up for Jim McGeary but a missed doubles from the Marshall was all it took for McGeary to level the match at 3-3 so down the wire it went and after a tremendous tussle it saw Jim McGeary take the plaudits with a 101 take out via 60-9-32 for a superb 4-3 fighting win, Commiserations to Colin Robertson who had his chances but the man from Airdrie took his and that was the difference.

Great match to watch.  Other top scores on the day players hitting maximums Gary Stone, Graeme Anderson, Colin Nichol, Dougie Hogg, Davie Nisbet, Arron Edwards 2 x 180, Jim Mitchell, Jim McGeary,

Top class finishes were recorded by, Charleston 2 x 76 & 2x 80 game shots, Graeme Anderson 85 finish, Davie Nisbet 84 take out, Jim Mitchell 81&120 finishes, Cameron Menzies 76 game shot, Colin Robertson 76 & 90 finishes, William Harraughty 115 game shot, David Aitken 103 game shot, John Somerville 79 & 97 game shots. Davie Jamieson 112 finish.

Quick games which were numerous these are the ones recorded. Gary Stone 15 darters. John Charleston 2 x 14-2 x 17-2 x 18 dart games. Graeme Anderson 13-16-17- darters. Lorraine Hyde 17 & 20 dart games. Davy Nisbet 13 & 19 dart legs. Arron Edwards 13 & 18 darters. Jim Mitchell 17& 2 x 18 darters. Kyle Gilmour 19 & 2 x 20 dart games. Cameron Menzies 17-18-20 darters. Rab Townsend 20 darts. Colin Robertson 17 & 2 x18 dart games. William Harraughty 18 darter. David Aitken 2 x 15 & 18 dart games. Jim McGeary 14-15-18-19 dart games. John Somerville 18-19 dart legs.

All in all some superb matches and there will be games not recorded but if you don’t say you can’t be reported!

This SATURDAY THE 7TH September saw the Innerleithan Open take place.

This major singles competition saw a prize fund with over £700 up for grabs.

And in the draw it saw players from not only the Borders toe the ocky with players from the Lothian and West Lothian along with a parcel of very talented Glaswegians take to the ocky.

And it saw Whitburns Micky Rice from West Lothian first to toe the ocky and Micky was in mood to take it easy as he dispatched the reigning champion by the score of 3-1 in a high scoring encounter.

Next up saw Davie Rice take the scalp of a local player progressing 3-1. Next it saw the British Legion Champion last week Hurricane Harraughty lose out with many missed darts at a double the difference a week makes make! Micky Rice then fell away as well going down 1-3 in a cracking match as did Dave Rice who let a 2-0 lead disappear losing out 2-3.

So left standing was one of the counties old stalwarts Jim Be-Bad Mitchell. Now with the form of late nothing was expected from this old timer of West Lothian darts but oh how the form book changes after a fighting 3-2 win in the first match against top Lothian county player Gus Santana it saw Mitchell switch into over drive! And with four maximum 180’s alongside game shots of 86-94-100-106 finishes and with games finished in 15-17-17-18-20 arrows it saw Mitchell progress to the grand finale with wins of 3-2, 3-1, 3-0, 3-2. The final saw the match being the best of 7 x 501 and with over £500 at stake it saw no game take more than 19 darts Mitchell winning the first two in 17 and 15 only to find himself on a pummelling from his opponent who went out in 16-18-19 to take a 3-2 lead in this the best of seven encounter. But Mitchell claimed the next in 18 arrows to fight back and with it now a race to the death it was nip and tuck and with 50 left after 15 darts it saw the man called locally as Be-Bad take the title with a single 14 single 18 and last dart at double 9 to claim the title of Innnerleithan Open Single champion of 2013 in a an absolutely superb match from his opponent who was sitting on a double himself. On a matter of principal as a league and competition co-ordinator myself can I say what a fantastic job the committee did on the day running thing so smoothly and leaving no board un used a cracking bit of organisational skill. And to the Sponsors the Union Club in Innerleithan who supported this competiton along with local sponsors. From me myself I can I say thank you. And to all the very well behaved and vocal spectators who gave both players in the final the very best of support a well done it s always nice for players making the finals to know that they have people behind them. Once again thank you all and I look forward to trying and hopefully defending the title next year. Jim Be-Bad Mitchell.

Royal British Legion Open Singles.
William Harraughty from Whitburn  cleans up in dramatic style. Getting the better of Gordon Bruce of Livingston by 4 games to 1 in the grand Final.

Polbeth Championship Summer League

Sponsored, by the Murray Bar Polbeth.

David Aitken wins the title in style getting the better of Ian Crawford in the final by 5 games to 1.

Ian Crawford got the better of Jim Purse in the semi finals by 4 games to 2, While Davie Aitken put out Jamie Fleming by 4 games to 1 in their semi final.

Players who were on form and the champion certainly led by example rattling in 7 x 180’s along with games finished in 12-15-15-16-17 arrows.

John Brett fired in 2 x 180’s along with 111 game shot. Disco Aitken was also firing out the big scores with a 180 and two excellent finishes of 96 and 101 along with 2 x 17 dart games.

Kyle Gilmour just back from holiday started to find his form again and had a 15 dart game followed by 2 x 20 dart legs. Willie Wilson 3 x 15 darters and a16 dart game. Colin Hamilton two top finishes of 96 game shots along with 6 sub 20 dart games these were finished in 2 x 17-2 x 18 -19 and 20 darters. Jamie Fleming knocked in 2 x 180’s and recorded 2 x 19 dart legs and a cracking 119 game shot. Jim Aitken 180 and a 118 finish to add to his resume. Ian Crawford 2x 180 and a 90 checkout. Jim Purse getting in on the act with a maximum 180. And Chris Size with games finished in 18-20 arrows. Darren Grey 120 check which was the highest recorded. John McCormack 180 and a 19 darter along with 114 finish.

In the second chance tournament it saw

Scott Aitken beat Derek Yule 3-1 in final.

European Open held in Airdrie.
This event which is one of the biggest events in Scottish darts saw both pub players toe up alongside International and professional players alike all wanting to take the crown of European champion and of course the two thousand pound first prize.

Players from West Lothian taking to the ocky were with their respective results and fast games etc alongside their names. All matches being the best of 7 x 501.

Graeme Bird from East Calder losing 2-4 in the first round. Kyle Gilmour from Polbeth going out 3-4. Mark Paterson from Craigshill losing 1-4. Also from Craigshill was Stephen Colthart going down 0-4. Gary Christie winning 4-0 before going down 2-4 with his two winning games being in 18&19 darts. Alan Howie a 1-4 loser. Hugh Rice also going out in the first round 1-4. Alan Hendry also a first round casualty 2-4.

Colin Hamilton from West Calder winning 4-2  and 4-0 before succumbing 1-4 Colin recording a maximum 180 and an 19 darter.

Gary Christie from Craigshill going through to the second round winning 4-0 before going down 2-4 with his two winning games being in 18&19 darts.

  Jim Mitchell survived 4-1 4-0 4-1 to progress to the board final he went down 3-4 in a classic match of missed doubles at 0-2 down it looked bleak but Mitchell crawled back into the game and in the fifth game of the match took out a 150 check out to go 3-2 ahead however his opponent squared the match and a last leg decided was to see who would be on the big stage Mitchell had a dart at the bull from 132 finish but it was off target and his opponent made no mistake taking out double 11 to seal Mitchells fate. The one thing to come out of this was the support the man they call Be-Bad received from the West Lothian combatants in this cracking competition, And after the match even the supporters of his opponent were shaking his hand. An unusual for Mitchell to be so popular but one he won’t forget for a long time to come. On the day Mitchell fired in 15-16-16-17-18-18- dart games and 2 x 180’s along with a 150 finish via 60-54-36.

On the day one of Scotland’s rising players took the title Ryan Hogarth from the Borders was crowned champion.

Bentswood Open Stoneyburn West Lothian.
Well with a quality field gathering for this competition it saw players from as far afield as Dunbar and Musselburgh along with players from Forth, Whitburn and the usual local contingent.

Once the early rounds were past we had the last 16 players left standing and with winners names out first these are the scores on the door. C Menzies 3-0 G Higgins.  G Carruthers 3-1 M Harley.

F Smith 3-0 A Lamb. W Harraughty 3-0 C Russell. D Beveridge 3-0 B Boyle. P Alexander 3-1 D Colligan. M Rice 3-2 J Stewart. D Nisbet 3-2 J Mitchell
Quarter final saw. C Menzies 3-0 G Carruthers. W Harraughty 3-1 F Smith. D Beveridge 3-1 P Alexander. D Nisbet 3-2 M Rice.
And so to the final four men left standing and in the first semi final it saw Cameron Menzies and William Harraughty have a tremendous battle but it was the inform Cameron Menzies who came out a 4 games to 2 winner to book his place in the final.
Darren Beveridge just edged out Davie Nisbet by the odd leg in seven winning 4 games to 3 in another match which could have gone either way.

So to the final and what a performance by both players with no game going over 18 darts it saw Cameron Menzies claim the title by 5 games to 4 over Darren Beveridge in a titanic battle of big hitting scores and terrific finishing. On the day some superb performances but the champion was indeed the best player on the day recording no fewer than 9 x 180,s and 11 sub 18 dart games which included 3 x 12 darters, 13 darter, 3 x 15 dart games and 16-17-18 dart games and to cap it all a magnificent 161 take out absolutely magnificent shooting from this Armadale darting super star who has also played for the Scottish Youth Internationals surely it can’t be long before the big team give him a chance for a full Scotland call up! Darren Beveridge also played some wonderful darts on the day recording 4 x 180’s and 6 sub 18 dart games quickest being a 13 darter.

For us mere mortals these are some of the scores recorded by players on the day.

Calum Wilkinson 82 check out along with a 20 dart game. William Harraughty 13-15-18-20 dart games plus 2 x 180’s and finishes of 110 and 120. Big Gee McMillan 119 game shot. Callum Russell from the Forth came a visiting and knocked in 2 x 18 dart games a cracking 138 game shot. Davie Rice maximum 180. George Podge Carruthers 2 x 180’s.  Micky Rice 2 x 14 dart games and a 180. Jim Mitchell 17 along with 3 x 18 dart games and a brace of maximum 180’s and a 76 game shot.


Friendly Match from the Bathgate League saw the Coppies Bar from Armadale edge out the Cross Tavern from Whitburn by the odd game in nine 5-4. Top games coming from W Harraughty with 15 and 17 dart legs.


West Lothian Darts
Well this week end saw many of the county’s top darts players heading North on their annual pilgrimage to the Granite City Open in Aberdeen. With some of the world’s top arrow men and women in attendance the standard was of the highest quality.

With a starting line up of over 500+ it saw the counties first casualty being Knightsridge player Chris Forsyth who went down 0-4, Peter McIntosh from Uphall fared no better but when you consider this was his first tournament in three years having taken a quite substantial sabbatical time out though he did have chances to win three of the games. Colin Robertson managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory losing 3-4 but with many chances going a begging. However the biggest disappointment had to be Hugh Rice from Armadale who had something in common with Tony O’Shea this year’s runner up at the World championship in Frimley Green both these players were two minutes late in checking in for their respective matches and both were timed out by the officials a hard stance but the same for everyone. Peter Hastings got off to a flyer winning his first leg but then disaster struck and four legs later he went down 1-4. David Nisbet seemed to hit the floor running winning his first round match 4-1 before double trouble settled in and a 1-4 defeat was registered on his copy book. Jim Mitchell however seemed in reasonable form winning his first and second round matches with ease disposing of is opponents by two 4-0 score lines, However he then also found the doubles elusive and after nine missed darts at a double he was unceremoniously dumped out 0-4 himself.

But the one success story had to be of Armadales Cameron Menzies who was in stupendous form not only playing exceptional darts but he also took out the world master and defending champion on his way to making the semi finals before losing out to eventual champion Gary Robson, For his troubles though Cameron received over £750 pounds not a bad days work at all.
One would hope that in time Cameron Menzies one of the top players in Scotland at the moment may one day look at joining up with the local county team who knows we can but live in hope!

Polbeth Open Pairs Championship
(Venue Murray Bar Polbeth)
This was new venture for the Murray bar in putting on a doubles competition and there were some very serious dart players on show showing of their darting prowess.
The results from the quarter finals on were.
G Stone & D Jameson 4 -2 W Harraughty & M Rice.
J Mitchell & C Robertson 4-2 J Hanlon& G Bruce. S Rice & A Edwards 4-2 W Wilson & F Crook.
K Bird & J Kirk 4-2 W Steward & J Walker.
Semi Finals were G Stone & D Jameson 5-3 J Mitchell & C Robertson, S Rice & A Edwards 5-2 J Kirk & K Bird.

And so to the final and with the reigning and newly crowned Scottish Masters Champion in one team and Scottish youth International in the other there should have been some real firework on show in this best of 11x501 showdown. But without question it was Gary Stone the Scottish master and his partner Davie Jameson who got out the starting gate at full speed and with games finished in 12-18-15-19-20-24 darts the pairing of Arron Edwards and Shug Rice were always chasing.
So Congratulations to Gary and Davie commiserations to Shug and Arron.
Thanks again to the Murray bar for putting this competition on but the burning question has to be where were the murray bar players two teams and not many of them turned up strange if no one minds me saying so. There again could have been a few sore heads after the darts presentation. Did hear a story that one young man stotted into his mum & dads house at 8.30 in the morning now thats is partying it (oh to be young again)

Bathgate Friday night league singles titles were played for and it saw Mary Walker winning the Ladies title with a stunning 2 games to 1 win over her daughter Elizabeth Scott. The men’s title went to Darryl Gregg who got the better of his team mate Billy Duncan in the final both players play for the Crown Bar. The finals were held in Wee Alecs in Fauldhouse.

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