Well in the words of that great man

Mr Robert Zimmerman, ok for you that may be to young to know Bob Dylan, THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING!

Tonight we publish the last ever report from the Rant From The Cab by our very own Gabby Cabby.

Yours in sport

Jim M.


To our very own man in the cab, thank you for all the reports over the years,

they have been read by many and are very much appreciated and will be missed by many. T.Y. 


 Time has come for me to take my leave from the darting scene (bar one pub) but before I do, a few last words on what’s happening (or not) in the world of darts.

Sorry but 1st has to be the BDO. I will give the world Masters coverage a miss and say at least it got some live coverage albeit to a very limited audience. Then you have the new Commercial partnership with Sportotal ltd who has a director form their former media partner on the board! BDO Events, remember them? Thought as much but they lost a reputed 300k over 2 events the last time. So my question is? Why would you go back into something if you’d dropped a serious wedge of cash previously? Although this time you’ll be getting a fair sized chunk of anything brought in (note not any profit). Their pitch to me is just the same as BDO Events just polished up and presented in a different way. I really hope that the contract with Ch4 and BT is a good one financially and that the money could be invested back into the game and not on directors going on their jolly’s to tournaments outside the UK (Turkey and Spain to name but 2).

 The Board have been in place now for long enough and personally |I think it’s in a worse state now that when Olly was in charge and that’s saying something. Are the board doing what is best for darts and ALL that play the game or are they basically helping the select few? (I was going to use a sooty and sweep theme for the last part but don’t think many of you would remember them J ). The squabbling that is going on at times between so called BDO representativesand members of the darting community is like being back in the playground and “my dad’s bigger than your dad” scenario. They have also fiddled about with the rules on social media etc. which has brought up concerns about player’s image rights and I know a few players have asked for clarification on this matter.  It’s time for change and time to move forward, just what do the BDO do that cannot be done by the WDF along with the members like the EDO, SDA, WDO and the Dutch etc., apart from costing you money ? Take the World Master and put it out to tender the UK isn’t the only place where a Major can be held. Look for another venue for the World finals (nope not kidding) Lakeside is a great place but it’s a tired looking place now and that comes across on the TV. Mind you I bet old Potter man has a pretty tight deal with the BDO as the only 2 real majors (from their side of the game) are already held at his place! If so please use some of that profit Mr Potter and redecorate and while you’re at it get decent food and beer as people complaining about the standard of these at the Masters. Please believe me when I say I don’t want the BDO to fail and go belly up. No I want to see a successful BDO with Tournaments back on TV, a good County system (it does need a good over overhaul) independent big opens not ones already ran by the SDA, WDO or the likes. Unfortunately I can’t see this happening with the currentboard or the hangers on; it’s up to you to let your county rep know that things have got to change and for them to act on it but it seems like it’s the same old story everybody talks about change then come the BDO meetings somebody stands up and makes a fair point and they are quickly shot down and turn round to see the so called fellow darters sitting looking the other wayfarer saying we will back you up. If everybody keeps doing nothing then I see no light at the end of the tunnel.

 Well as much as I admire the PDC (no secret there lol) I must say the monster that they have created in the guise of supporters at the World Championship, call yourself darts fans I’ve seen better behaved drunk folk on the local high street after a all-day session on the looney juice. It’s the same old songs, the same old chants from the table to the stands and vice versa but what really grinds my gears is the constant oohing as a player is going for the double. Now don’t get me wrong yes it’s originally a pub game you can expect a fair bit of noise but the football like crap has got to be toned down a bit as in my opinion it’s having a effect on the outcome of games. Apart from that I can’t really pick the bones out of anything bad in the PDC. Granted that naughty man Barry Hearn has announced a total prize fund increase to 11.7 million over the next 12 months in the form of 2 new players championships for the 128 lucky enough to have a full tour card, 4 more Challenger tour events and a few development tour additions as well as a couple of Euro tour events with a a bit extra cash and this time not at the top end.

 I’ve been following the Q School entries with interest and who’d have thought that the likes of Ronnie Baxter to name but one in there. Goes to show that the guard is definitely changing, with that in mind I hope that the ones lucky enough to be going, have taking into account the cost of doing even just the UKpart of the PDC tour ? I know that some going have backing for the tour through one route or another but the ones that don’t and are maybe self-funding or only have a smaller sponsorship if you plan in advance and utilise the internet for hotels etc. car share, hotel share ! Are you seeing a common denominator yet? SHARE the cost and it will make things go a wee bit further. There’s NO EXCUSE for not booking ahead as the full PDC diary is out for the next 12 months including all levels of the tour so even if you’re doing the Challenger or development you have no excuse. The PDC is only going to from strength to strength with more being done for the undercard tours to keep the supply of fresh talent coming through. If you’re going I wish you luck and you better pray that you’ve practiced dammed hard because if not your dreams could become the stuff of nightmares with the pummelling you’ll take. If you get a card then the hard work starts happy darting wherever you choose to play.

 Lastly I’d like to thank the people who got in touch through the various forms of communication and talking to me personally after I spoke out about mental health issues, it’s something I’ve had to deal with all of my life and only a couple of people actually knew. I won’t bore you with details but I will say that I now have to basically rebuild a lot of my life and unfortunately darts are a part of that right now, I’m on the right path but I won’t make the same mistake as last time thinking everything was alright, getting things wrong is not an option, so with that I leave you but if ever somebody wants to talk just listen sometimes that’s all that’s needed.

 One last thing since I’ve no longer got my ear to the ground I would like to offer a chance to somebody who certainly has kept me reading the guest book that person goes by the name of Vesuveous, come on nobody knows who you are and by the sounds of it you have your ear close to the ground and most definitely on the local scene? How about it webmaster could this be done??

 Until I see you at the bar take care folks and try and be nice to each other J

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